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Andrew Hughes is a Actor born on 1 january 1908

Andrew Hughes

Andrew Hughes
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Birth 1 january 1908 (111 years)

Andrew Hughes (アンドリュー・ヒューズ, Andoryû Hyûzu, born January 1, 1908) was a Turkish-born actor and business executive best known for acting in several Japanese films. His most notable roles include that of Adolf Hitler in the 1965 Japanese comedy Crazy Adventure.

Hughes has also appeared in films such as King Kong Escapes (1967), Destroy All Monsters (1968), Tidal Wave (1973), ESPY (1974), and Sayonara Jupiter (1984). He also starred in the Hollywood films The Last Voyage (1960) and Flight from Ashiya (1964) (both partially filmed and set in Japan).

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Sayonara Jupiter, 2h10
Directed by Sakyo Komatsu, Koji Hashimoto
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Adventure
Themes Space adventure films, Films based on science fiction novels, Films set in the future, Space opera
Actors Akihiko Hirata, Tomokazu Miura, Masumi Okada, Andrew Hughes, Hisaya Morishige, Miyuki Ono
Roles Senator Shadllic
Rating43% 2.161382.161382.161382.161382.16138
It's the 22nd Century (2125 AD), and mankind's population has exponentially expanded beyond Earth's handling. Therefore, humans now live throughout the Solar System and the total population has gone well over 18 billion. As a result, there's a severe energy crisis for planets further out from the sun and plans to turn Jupiter into a second sun have been set into motion. However, markings are found on Mars that indicates that alien life lives in Jupiter and the J.S. Project (Jupiter Solarization Project) is put on hold.
Nihon Chinbotsu, 2h20
Directed by Shirō Moritani
Origin Japon
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Action
Themes La fin du monde, Films based on science fiction novels, Disaster films
Actors Keiju Kobayashi, Ayumi Ishida, Hiroshi Fujioka, Tetsurō Tamba, Lorne Greene, Shōgo Shimada
Roles Australian Prime Minister
Rating55% 2.7799452.7799452.7799452.7799452.779945
Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes shake Japan. Firestorms burn beautiful Japanese cities to the ground. A weather survey group discovers that the Japanese Archipelago is moving towards the Japanese Trench, which if left to continue on its collision course, would bring the whole island of Japan under the sea.
Destroy All Monsters, 1h29
Directed by Ishirō Honda
Origin Japon
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Dinosaur films, Space adventure films, La fin du monde, Kaiju films, Films about magic and magicians, Seafaring films, La préhistoire, Transport films, Sur la Lune, Films set in the future, Animaux préhistoriques, Films about spiders, Films about insects, Films about dragons, Films about extraterrestrial life, Les fées, Giant monster films, Space opera, Godzilla films, Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films, Disaster films
Actors Yoshio Tsuchiya, Haruo Nakajima, Yukiko Kobayashi, Kenji Sahara, Akira Kubo, Andrew Hughes
Roles Dr. Stevenson
Rating65% 3.296433.296433.296433.296433.29643
At the close of the 20th century, all of the Earth's kaiju have been collected by the United Nations Science Committee and confined in an area known as Monsterland, located in the Ogasawara island chain. A special control center is constructed underneath the island to ensure that the monsters stay secure, and to serve as a research facility to study them.
Nuages épars, 1h42
Directed by Mikio Naruse
Origin Japon
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Yūzō Kayama, Yōko Tsukasa, Mitsuko Kusabue, Mitsuko Mori, Mie Hama, Daisuke Katō
Roles Canadian Man
Rating78% 3.9266453.9266453.9266453.9266453.926645
Un couple dont le mari est fonctionnaire doit quitter le Japon pour Washington. Mais il est tué par un chauffard. Un relation problématique, complexe se noue entre celui-ci et la veuve.
King Kong Escapes, 1h44
Directed by Ishirō Honda
Origin Japon
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Dinosaur films, Kaiju films, Films about magic and magicians, Seafaring films, La préhistoire, Transport films, Animaux préhistoriques, Films about apes, King Kong films, Giant monster films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère, Robot films, Disaster films
Actors Akira Takarada, Rhodes Reason, Mie Hama, Hideyo Amamoto, Ryūji Kita, Andrew Hughes
Roles Reporter
Rating56% 2.802332.802332.802332.802332.80233
An evil genius named Dr. Who creates Mechani-Kong, a robotic version of King Kong, to dig for a highly radioactive Element X, found only at the North Pole. Mechani-Kong enters an ice cave and begins to dig into a glacier, but the radiation destroys its brain circuits and the robot shuts down. Who then sets his sights on getting the real Kong to finish the job. Who is taken to task by a beautiful female overseer, Madame Piranha. Her country's government is financing the doctor's schemes, and she frequently berates him for his failure to get results.
The Last Voyage, 1h31
Directed by Andrew L. Stone
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action
Themes La fin du monde, Seafaring films, Transport films, Disaster films, American disaster films, Films about seafaring accidents or incidents
Actors Robert Stack, Dorothy Malone, George Sanders, Edmond O'Brien, Woody Strode, Jack Kruschen
Roles Radio Operator
Rating66% 3.347583.347583.347583.347583.34758
The film begins with a view of the SS Claridon, as the narrator (George Furness, who also plays Third Officer Osborne in the film) states, "The SS Claridon, a proud ship, a venerable ship, but as ships go, an old ship. A very old ship. For 38 years she's weathered everything the elements could throw at her. Typhoons, zero-zero fogs, the scorching heat of the tropics. Now she is scheduled for only five more crossings. Then a new ship, a posh, streamlined beauty, will take her place. It is then that the Claridon will pass into oblivion. She has an appointment with the scrapyard. But it's an appointment she'll never keep. For this is her last voyage.
Submarine I-57 Will Not Surrender, 1h44
Genres War
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Submarine films, Political films
Actors Ryō Ikebe, Tatsuya Mihashi, Akihiko Hirata, Akira Kubo, Susumu Fujita, Minoru Takada

In World War II, the commanding officer of a sub, against his will takes on board two Western diplomats, to take them to the Canaries and arrange an armistice. When they get there, peace has been declared, but the sub's crew don't know as their radio has failed. They send their passengers ashore and go out to face a final battle.
Ōgon Bat, 1h13
Themes Superhero films
Actors Sonny Chiba, Yukio Aoshima, Andrew Hughes
Roles Dr. Parl

Professor Yamatone and his family visit present day Egypt, and discover an ancient tomb that apparently belonged to a "god of justice, (and) protector of the weak". When the Professor was later taken captive by "Gorgo", agent of the evil Dr. Erich Nazō (ナゾー) (also known as Dr Zero), the Professor's daughter Mari, pleaded for "the god of justice" to save her father. As she began to cry, her tears fell into the ancient tomb, reviving Ogon Bat, who came to her help. From then on, the little girl would always call on the Ogon Bat to fight against evil - usually in the form of Doctor Zero.