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Anna Louise Hassing is a Actor Danoise born on 17 september 1967 at Horsens (Danemark)

Anna Louise Hassing

Anna Louise Hassing
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Nationality Danemark
Birth 17 september 1967 (51 years) at Horsens (Danemark)

Anne Louise Hassing (born 17 September 1967) is a Danish actress best known for her award-winning roles in the films, The Idiots (Danish: Idioterne) and Pain of Love (Danish: Kærlighedens Smerte).


Hassing is married to Danish musician Peter Hellemann. Hassing practices Nichiren Buddhism with the Buddhist association Soka Gakkai International and credits the practice for relaxing her and relieving anxieties about her career and life.
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Filmography of Anna Louise Hassing (6 films)

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The Hunt
The Hunt (2012)
, 1h55
Directed by Thomas Vinterberg
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama
Themes Films about education, Films about children, Christmas films, Films about sexuality, Films about pedophilia, Auto-justice
Actors Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Alexandra Rapaport, Susse Wold, Lars Ranthe, Anna Louise Hassing
Roles Agnes, Theo's wife
Rating82% 4.14894.14894.14894.14894.1489
Lucas is a member of a close-knit Danish community and works at a local kindergarten. Divorced, he struggles to maintain a relationship with his teenage son, who lives with his ex-wife, but enjoys wholesome interaction with the children at the kindergarten. His coworker Nadja makes advances towards him and eventually moves in as his girlfriend.
Goltzius and the Pelican Company, 1h56
Directed by Peter Greenaway
Origin Pays-bas
Genres Biography, Documentary, Historical
Actors Ramsey Nasr, F. Murray Abraham, Giulio Berruti, Anna Louise Hassing, Vincent Riotta, Francesco De Vito
Roles Susannah
Rating66% 3.347933.347933.347933.347933.34793
The film is based on the life of Hendrik Goltzius, a late 16th century Dutch printer and engraver of erotic prints. He seduces the Margrave of Alsace into paying for a printing press to make and publish illustrated books. Goltzius promises him an extraordinary book of pictures of the Old Testament Biblical stories. Erotic tales of the temptation of Adam and Eve, Lot and his daughters, David and Bathsheba, Joseph and Potiphar's wife, Samson and Delilah, and John the Baptist and Salome. To tempt the Margrave further, Goltzius and his printing company will offer to perform dramatizations of these erotic stories for his court.
The Idiots
The Idiots (1998)
, 1h57
Directed by Lars von Trier
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Black comedy
Actors Bodil Jørgensen, Jens Albinus, Anna Louise Hassing, Troels Lyby, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Louise Mieritz
Roles Susanne
Rating67% 3.3990153.3990153.3990153.3990153.399015
A seemingly anti-bourgeois group of adults spend their time seeking their "inner idiot" to release their inhibitions. They do so by behaving in public as if they were developmentally disabled. The Idiots is not concerned with actual disability, or with distinguishing between mental retardation and physical impairment.
Pain of Love, 1h55
Directed by Nils Malmros
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama
Actors Anna Louise Hassing, Søren Østergaard, Poul Clemmensen
Roles Kirsten
Rating69% 3.486373.486373.486373.486373.48637