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Anne Francis is a Actor American born on 16 september 1930 at Ossining (village) (USA)

Anne Francis

Anne Francis
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Birth name Anne Lloyd Francis
Nationality USA
Birth 16 september 1930 at Ossining (village) (USA)
Death 2 january 2011 (at 80 years) at Santa Barbara (USA)

Anne Francis (also known as Anne Lloyd Francis; September 16, 1930 – January 2, 2011) was an American actress known for her role in the science fiction film classic Forbidden Planet (1956) and for having starred in the television series Honey West (1965–1966) which was the first TV series with a female detective character's name in the title. She won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award for her role in the series.


Francis was married to United States Air Force pilot Bamlet Lawrence Price, Jr. from May 1952 through April 1955, and to Robert Abeloff from 1960 through 1964; she never remarried after divorcing Abeloff.

She and Abeloff had one daughter, Jane Elizabeth Abeloff (Mrs. Uemura; born March 21, 1962) Francis later adopted Margaret "Maggie" West in 1970, one of the first adoptions granted to an unmarried person in California.

In 1982, Francis published an autobiography, Voices from Home, subtitled An Inner Journey. On its back cover, she wrote that the book "is my spiritual expose. It is about our essence of being, the inner workings of mind and spirit which contribute to the growth of the invisible and most important part of us.

Best films

Funny Girl (1968)
Susan Slept Here (1954)

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Filmography of Anne Francis (43 films)

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The Double 0 Kid, 1h35
Directed by Dee McLachlan
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Spy
Themes Spy films
Actors Corey Haim, Nicole Eggert, John Rhys-Davies, Brigitte Nielsen, Wallace Shawn, Karen Black
Roles Mrs. Lomax
Rating44% 2.226962.226962.226962.226962.22696
17-year-old Lance Elliot is a summer intern at the Agency. His fantasies of espionage and intrigue turn real when he's ordered to rush a package to L.A. A madman millionaire computer virus designer and his icy henchwoman want that package. It's key to their plot to destroy the environment. Lance stays one step ahead of them, trying to avoid a visit to their "video-game-of-doom" room.
My First Love, 1h33
Directed by Gilbert Cates
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Richard Kiley, Beatrice Arthur, Joan Van Ark, Barbara Barrie, Anne Francis, Richard Herd
Roles Terry
Rating70% 3.543943.543943.543943.543943.54394
The story revolves around an older widowed woman reconnecting with her high school sweetheart after not seeing him for thirty-five years.
Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story, 4h
Directed by Charles Jarrott
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography
Actors Farrah Fawcett, Fairuza Balk, David Ackroyd, Nicholas Clay, Burl Ives, James Read
Roles Marjorie Post Hutton
Rating71% 3.5837753.5837753.5837753.5837753.583775
The film begins in 1917 with the opening of the 1000th Woolworth's store, known as the Woolworth Tower. Barbara is seen with her family as her grandfather, Frank Woolworth, delivers a speech. After the commemoration, Frank expresses his disappointment to his daughter Edna that her husband Franklin was not present to celebrate the opening of the new store. Edna acknowledges that her husband is a philanderer, drunk, and gambler but replies that he still happens to be Barbara's father. Later that night in their apartment at the Plaza hotel, Edna leaves Barbara a note under her pillow, then walks back to her room and drinks poison. Barbara wakes up to find her mother dead.
Return (1985)
, 1h22
Directed by Andrew Silver
Origin USA
Genres Fantasy, Horror, Crime
Actors Anne Francis, Frederic Forrest
Roles Eileen Sedgeley
Rating50% 2.537792.537792.537792.537792.53779
Diana Stoving, after experiencing a premonition, becomes convinced that her mother withheld the truth about her family history. Diana travels to Massachusetts to investigate. She coincidentally meets a woman studying past-life regression; one of her subjects is Day Whittaker, a young man who seems to be possessed by the spirit of Diana's deceased grandfather. Under regression, Day claims he died under suspicious circumstances.
Mazes and Monsters, 1h40
Directed by Steven Hilliard Stern
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Fantasy
Actors Tom Hanks, Wendy Crewson, David Wallace, Chris Makepeace, Lloyd Bochner, Peter Donat
Roles Ellie
Rating41% 2.0563552.0563552.0563552.0563552.056355
The film opens with a scene that is repeated later in the film in which a reporter meets with police searching a cavern. He is told a Mazes and Monsters game got out of hand.
The Young Runaways
Genres Drama, Adventure
Themes Children's films
Actors Anne Francis, Robert Webber, Gary Collins, Richard Bakalyan, Lucille Benson, Sonny Shroyer
Roles Marian Lockhart
Rating67% 3.3622953.3622953.3622953.3622953.362295
"The Young Runaways" are a 12-year-old girl (Alicia Fleer) and her 5-year-old brother (Tommy Crebbs), while on a mission to "kidnap" their brother and sister from a foster home, accidentally become entangled with bank robbers (Anne Francis and Robert Webber) and a precocious, wealthy youngster eager to mastermind the caper.
Haunts of the Very Rich, 1h15
Directed by Paul Wendkos
Origin USA
Actors Lloyd Bridges, Cloris Leachman, Edward Asnere, Anne Francis, Tony Bill, Donna Mills
Roles Annette Larrier
Rating66% 3.3376953.3376953.3376953.3376953.337695
A group of rich tourists and businesspeople fly to a mysterious tropical resort, the Portals of Eden, hosted by Seacrist (Moses Gunn). There, they spend their time relaxing and being pampered in paradise. Following a storm after their first night, the guests suddenly find themselves all alone, with dwindling supplies, without communication with the outside world, and abandoned by the resort staff. The guests discover they have each recently experienced a brush with death, and they trhy to determine what it means.
Vendetta (1971)
, 1h32
Directed by Eugenio Martín
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Western, Spaghetti Western
Themes Political films
Actors Telly Savalas, Clint Walker, Chuck Connors, Anne Francis, José María Prada, Ángel del Pozo
Roles Flo
Rating49% 2.471252.471252.471252.471252.47125
After being double-crossed in an arms deal by a gun merchant McDermott (Luis Dávila) from Columbus, New Mexico, a legendary Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa played by (Telly Savalas) and his US lieutenant Scotty (Clint Walker) decide to take a revenge by first raiding a US Army weapons depot in Columbus, and then seizing McDermott. The title song "We All End Up The Same", music by John Cacavas and lyrics by Don Black, is sung by Telly Savalas.
Mongo's Back in Town, 1h13
Directed by Marvin J. Chomsky
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Actors Telly Savalas, Sally Field, Joe Don Baker, Anne Francis, Charles Cioffi, Martin Sheen
Roles Angel
Rating66% 3.347433.347433.347433.347433.34743
The Lieutenant Pete Tolstad: Telly Savalas, very similar to Kojak. Joe Don Baker is Mongo Nash Professional killer is hired by his brother, a gang boss, to wipe out a rival gangster, The Lieutenant Tolstad: Telly Savalas must stop.
Lost Flight, 1h44
Directed by Leonard Horn
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Themes Transport films, Aviation films
Actors Lloyd Bridges, Bobby Van, Anne Francis, Ralph Meeker, Andrew Prine, Truman Linden Chiles
Roles Gina Talbott
Rating59% 2.957632.957632.957632.957632.95763
Captain Steve Bannerman (Lloyd Bridges) has been asked to fly one last passenger flight from Hawaii to Australia for Trans-Pacific Airline. During a violent electrical storm, he crashes the jet airliner on an uninhabited South Pacific island. Bannerman takes charge of the survivors and teams with Merle Barnaby (Billy Dee Williams), a black marine returning from combat duty in Vietnam, to try to find a way to survive on the island. Among the surviving passengers and crew, they have the support of Gina Talbot (Anne Francis) and Beejay Caldwell (Jennifer Leak) but oil magnate Glenn Walkup (Ralph Meeker), nightclub entertainer Eddie Randolph (Bobby Van) and Jonesy (Andrew Prine) begin to cause trouble.
Hook, Line and Sinker, 1h27
Directed by George Marshall
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Peter Lawford, Anne Francis, Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Jerry Lewis, Jennifer Edwards, Eleanor Audley
Roles Nancy Ingersoll
Rating54% 2.7498852.7498852.7498852.7498852.749885
Peter Ingersoll is about to undergo an operation at a hospital in Chile. Before beginning, the medical staff insists that he explain how his unusual condition came about.
Impasse (1969)
, 1h40
Directed by Richard Benedict
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure
Themes Heist films
Actors Burt Reynolds, Anne Francis, Vic Díaz, Lyle Bettger, Jeff Corey, Rodolfo Acosta
Roles Bobby Jones
Rating50% 2.5289552.5289552.5289552.5289552.528955
Pat Morrison (Reynolds) runs a shady salvage operation in Manila. His latest scheme involves finding $3 million worth of gold bars hidden by the military during World War II. To this end, he needs the help of several former soldiers who were present when the gold was hidden. The first is Jesus (Vic Diaz), a Filipino muslim and Morrison's business associate. The second is Draco (Rodolfo Acosta), a hard-drinking, hot-tempered Apache living on an Indian reservation who answers Morrison's telegram with the promise of finding a wartime lover named Maria Bonita.