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Annette Kellerman is a Actor Australienne born on 6 july 1886 at Sydney (Australie)

Annette Kellerman

Annette Kellerman
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Birth name Annette Marie Sarah Kellerman
Nationality Australie
Birth 6 july 1886 at Sydney (Australie)
Death 6 november 1975 (at 89 years) at Southport (Australie)

Annette Marie Sarah Kellerman (6 July 1886 – 6 November 1975) was an Australian professional swimmer, vaudeville star, film actress, writer, and business owner.
Kellerman was one of the first women to wear a one-piece bathing costume, instead of the then-accepted pantaloons, and inspired others to follow her example. Kellerman's swimming costumes became so popular, that she started her own fashion line of one-piece bathing suits. Kellerman helped popularize the sport of synchronised swimming; and authored a swimming manual. She appeared in several movies, usually with aquatic themes, and as the star of A Daughter of the Gods was the first major actress to appear nude in a Hollywood production. Kellerman was an advocate of health, fitness, and natural beauty throughout her life.


Kellerman married her American-born manager, James Sullivan, on or around 26 November 1912 at Danbury, Connecticut.

A lifelong vegetarian, Kellerman owned a health food store in Long Beach, California later in life. She remained active well into old age, continuing to swim and exercise until a short time before her death. She and her husband returned to live in Australia in 1970, and in 1974 she was honoured by the International Swimming Hall of Fame at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Preceded by her husband in death, Kellerman died in the hospital at Southport, Queensland, Australia, on 6 November 1975, aged 89 and was cremated with Roman Catholic rites. Her remains were scattered in the Great Barrier Reef. She had no children.

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Filmography of Annette Kellerman (5 films)

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Venus of the South Seas, 55minutes
Origin USA
Genres Romance
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Mermaids in film
Actors Annette Kellerman
Roles Shona Royale
Rating60% 3.0391653.0391653.0391653.0391653.039165
The daughter of a man who owns a South Seas pearl business falls in love with a wealthy traveler. Her father dies, leaving her the business, but a greedy ship captain schemes to take the business from her.
National Red Cross Pageant
Directed by Christy Cabanne
Origin USA
Actors Edith Wynne Matthison, Ethel Barrymore, Kitty Gordon, Olive Tell, Howard Kyle, Irene Fenwick
Roles The Mediterranean; Italian episode

Vogue magazine (November 15, 1917) wrote about the production: "In the open-air theatre at “Rosemary Farm,” the Long Island estate of Mr. Roland R. Conklin was given, early in October, a most gorgeous pageant, which proved to be, at the same time, one of the most successful of war benefits. This pageant, which consisted of episodes from the history of each of the Allied nations, and the presentation of the case of each Ally before the bar of Truth, Justice, and Liberty, was organized by actors and actresses of the American stage as their contribution to the American Red Cross. It had been long in preparation, and many noted men and women had given generously of their time and effort, --an effort which found its reward, for this single performance brought a net profit of fifty thousand dollars, and the motion picture films which will carry the pageant all over the country will afford an additional income to the Red Cross for some time to come.
A Daughter of the Gods, 3h
Directed by Herbert Brenon
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Fantasy
Themes Mermaids in film
Actors Annette Kellerman, Stuart Holmes, Jane Lee, Ricca Allen, Barbara Castleton, Katherine Lee
Roles Anitia
Rating67% 3.3612053.3612053.3612053.3612053.361205
A sultan agrees to help an evil witch destroy a mysterious beauty if the witch will bring his young son back to life.
Neptune's Daughter
Directed by Herbert Brenon, Otis Turner
Origin USA
Genres Fantasy
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Mermaids in film
Actors Annette Kellerman, William Welsh, Leah Baird, Herbert Brenon, Edmund Mortimer, Marguerite Courtot
Roles Annette, Neptune's daughter
Rating60% 3.011443.011443.011443.011443.01144
La fille du roi Neptune prend une forme humaine pour venger la mort de sa jeune sœur qui a été capturée dans un filet de pêche. Cependant, elle tombe amoureuse du roi, celui qu'elle considère comme responsable...