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Antonia Campbell-Hughes is a Actor British born on 7 september 1982 at Northern Ireland (United-kingdom)

Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Antonia Campbell-Hughes
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Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 7 september 1982 (41 years) at Northern Ireland (United-kingdom)

Antonia Campbell-Hughes (born 19 September 1982) is a Northern Irish actress of English and Irish descent, best known for appearing in Jack Dee's sitcom Lead Balloon.

After the success of series one of Lead Balloon, Campbell-Hughes went on to be cast in a variety of comedy shows on British television, alongside the likes of Jennifer Saunders and Alex Mcqueen, and went on to create her own one-woman show Bluebell Welch for MTV.


Campbell-Hughes was born in Derry living there until age 2, followed by periods in the United States, Switzerland, Germany and London.

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Glenn Close
Glenn Close
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Filmography of Antonia Campbell-Hughes (14 films)

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Never Grow Old, 1h40
Directed by Ivan Kavanagh
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Western
Actors Emile Hirsch, Déborah François, John Cusack, Danny Webb, Blake Berris, Sam Louwyck
Roles Maria Pike
Rating60% 3.000153.000153.000153.000153.00015
En 1849, pendant la ruée vers l'or, l'Irlandais Patrick Tate (Emile Hirsch), charpentier et de ce fait croque-mort, s'installe à Garlow, ville paisible sur le sentier californien, avec son épouse française Audrey (Déborah François) et ses deux enfants. Une nuit, le hors-la-loi Dutch Albert (John Cusack) débarque chez lui et l'utilise pour s'emparer du saloon, ses jeux d'argent et ses prostituées, créant la terreur dans la ville. Les conflits et les meurtres provoqués par le hors-la-loi vont incidemment faire prospérer les revenus de Patrick Tate. Sous la contrainte, celui-ci entretient une relation très ambigüe avec Dutch Albert. Mais ces liens, dans la violence ambiante, sont très mal vus en ville et rejetés par Audrey qui ne veut pas voir sa famille vivre grâce au sang versé par des bandits.
Paul, Apostle of Christ, 1h46
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Fantasy, Historical
Themes Films about religion, Films based on the Bible, Portrayals of Jesus in film
Actors Jim Caviezel, Olivier Martinez, James Faulkner, Joanne Whalley, John Lynch, Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Roles Irenica
Rating66% 3.3156453.3156453.3156453.3156453.315645
Ce film est basé sur l'histoire de Saül de Tarse, juif citoyen romain, devenu Paulus (Paul) après sa conversion, apôtre du Christ, emprisonné au Tullianum par l'empereur Néron alors que Luc l'évangéliste cherche à le rencontrer. Le prisonnier se remémore sa vie, lorsqu'il s'appelait Saul et qu'il persécutait les chrétiens avant de se convertir au christianisme après avoir rencontré Jésus-Christ ressuscité.
Cowboys (2015)
, 1h54
Directed by Thomas Bidegain
Origin France
Genres Drama
Themes Films about religion, Films about terrorism, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Films about Islam, Road movies
Actors John C. Reilly, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, François Damiens, Iliana Zabeth, Finnegan Oldfield, Agathe Dronne
Roles Emma
Rating66% 3.3428953.3428953.3428953.3428953.342895
En octobre 1994, Alain, Nicole et leurs deux enfants Georges, surnommé Kid, et Kelly coulent des jours paisibles dans l'Ain et s'adonnent à leur passion du dimanche : des fêtes américaines de cow-boys, entre rodéo, musique et danse country. Alors que la fête se termine, ils s'aperçoivent que Kelly a disparu.
Under the Skin, 1h48
Directed by Jonathan Glazer
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Scarlett Johansson, Paul Brannigan, Paul Brannigan, Adam Pearson, Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Roles Shadow Alien (uncredited)
Rating62% 3.1479453.1479453.1479453.1479453.147945
In Glasgow, Scotland, a motorcyclist (Jeremy McWilliams) retrieves an inert young woman (Lynsey Taylor Mackay) from the roadside and places her in the back of a van. A naked woman (Scarlett Johansson) dons her clothes, then goes to a shopping centre and buys clothes and make-up. She drives the van around Scotland, picking up men on the street. In a dilapidated house, she lures a man (Joe Szula) into a black void and he is submerged in a liquid abyss.
The Canal
The Canal (2014)
, 1h32
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Rupert Evans, Steve Oram, Hannah Hoekstra
Roles Claire
Rating57% 2.8988852.8988852.8988852.8988852.898885
Film archivist David has been having a rough time lately, as he suspects that his wife Alice has been cheating on him with Alex, one of her work clients. This stress is compounded when David's work partner Claire gives him a reel of to-be-archived footage that shows that his house was the setting for a brutal murder in 1902. David's fears are confirmed when he follows Alice after work and sees her have sex with Alex. Devastated, David grabs a hammer but, coming to his senses, throws it in a nearby canal. Feeling sick, he rushes to a nearby public bathroom that his son Billy believes to be haunted, where he vomits. A creepy voice whispers unintelligibly to him, and before passing out, David sees what he believes to be a ghostly figure murder his wife.
3096 Days
3096 Days (2013)

Origin German
Genres Drama, Biography, Crime
Themes Films about children, Films about sexuality, Films about pedophilia
Actors Thure Lindhardt, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Trine Dyrholm, Roeland Wiesnekker, Ellen Schwiers, Erni Mangold
Roles Natascha Kampusch
Rating65% 3.272753.272753.272753.272753.27275
The 10-year-old Natascha Kampusch (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) is kidnapped by Wolfgang Přiklopil (Thure Lindhardt) and spends 8 years in captivity until she manages to escape.
Kelly + Victor, 1h34
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, BDSM in films
Actors Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Julian Morris, Claire Keelan, Stephen Walters, Michael Ryan, Mark Womack
Roles Kelly
Rating55% 2.7999752.7999752.7999752.7999752.799975
Kelly and Victor meet on the dance floor of a Liverpool nightclub, both of them on illegal highs. They spend the night together, experiencing an intense sexual relationship. These are two characters struggling to get by as best they can while the people around them are choosing illegal lifestyles; her best mate is a dominatrix prostitute, his pals are aspiring drug dealers. It’s when they get into bed with each other that their darker instincts take over. With a strong sense of location and an astutely chosen soundtrack, Kelly + Victor depicts a young couple embarking on a passionate and transgressive love affair.
Storage 24
Storage 24 (2012)
, 1h27
Directed by Johannes Roberts
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Horror
Actors Colin O'Donoghue, Noel Clarke, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Laura Haddock, Ned Dennehy, Jamie Thomas King
Roles Shelley
Rating45% 2.25042.25042.25042.25042.2504
A military aircraft crashes into central London, releasing its highly-classified contents. Following the crash, a malfunction at the Storage 24 facility causes the security shutters to lock, trapping several people inside: Charlie, his best friend Mark, Charlie's ex-girlfriend Shelley, her best friend Nikki, Nikki's boyfriend Chris, the building receptionist, Jake and a maintenance engineer, Bob. Charlie has arrived at the facility with Mark shortly after the incident, intent on confronting Shelley, who has recently dumped him and is sorting through their belongings with the help of Nikki and Chris. In a brief confrontation, he discovers she has been cheating on him with Mark. Meanwhile, Bob and Jake are attempting to unlock the shutters by checking the electrical distribution boards in the basement. Bob is attacked and mysteriously killed. Jake flees and hides in an open storage room. Chris chances on him and witnesses him being killed by an alien creature.
The Task
The Task (2011)
, 1h35
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Horror
Actors Victor McGuire, Adam Rayner, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Ashley Mulheron, Amara Karan, Tom Payne
Roles Angel
Rating43% 2.156322.156322.156322.156322.15632
Six terrified people, Shoe (Ashley Mulheron), Randall (Marc Pickering), Toni (Amara Karan), Dixon (Texas Battle) and brother and sister Stanton (Tom Payne) and Angel (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), are kidnapped to take part in a new reality show which will see them spending a night in an abandoned prison to win $20,000. Show host, Taylor (Adam Rayner) handcuffs the contestants together, removes their belongings and sends them into the prison.
Albert Nobbs, 1h53
Directed by Rodrigo García
Origin Irlande
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Transgender in film, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films, Cross-dressing in film
Actors Glenn Close, Mia Wasikowska, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Janet McTeer, Pauline Collins, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Roles Emmy
Rating66% 3.346543.346543.346543.346543.34654
Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) is a woman living as a man in order to find work in the harsh environment of 19th-century Ireland. After living as a male for thirty years, Albert, working as a hotel waiter, is known for his extreme dedication to his job, as well as for a very introverted personality. Albert has been secretly saving all his earnings to buy a tobacco shop to gain some measure of freedom and independence.
When Harvey Met Bob, 1h30
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Biography, Comedy
Actors Domhnall Gleeson, Ian Hart, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Paul Rhys, Pádraic Delaney
Roles Marsha Hunt
Rating70% 3.526613.526613.526613.526613.52661
In October 1984, rock musician Bob Geldof is appalled by the plight of starving Ethiopians which he sees on television news. He persuades his pop musician friends to record the million-selling charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?". Determined to stage a massive live concert, Geldof brings in hard-headed rock promoter Harvey Goldsmith who provides a realistic foil to Bob's wish-list of performers. Preparations are fraught with arguments, and Geldof is disappointed to fail to secure Bruce Springsteen. After addressing his old school, and with only five days before the big event, Geldof gets involved with the complicated matters of finance, logistics and co-ordinating international broadcasters. Geldof gets Prince Charles and Princess Diana to attend simply by asking them. Finally the day of the concerts arrives and, as Paul McCartney sings "Let It Be", Harvey and Bob know they have succeeded.
Bright Star, 2h
Directed by Jane Campion
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Biography, Romance
Themes Films about writers, Poésie
Actors Ben Whishaw, Abbie Cornish, Paul Schneider, Kerry Fox, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Edie Martin
Roles Abigail
Rating68% 3.4477053.4477053.4477053.4477053.447705
In 1818 Hampstead, the fashionable Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish) is introduced to poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) through the Dilke family. The Dilkes occupy one half of a double house, with Charles Brown (Paul Schneider)—Keats' friend, roommate, and associate in writing—occupying the other side.
Breakfast on Pluto, 2h9
Directed by Neil Jordan
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about religion, Films about sexuality, Films about terrorism, LGBT-related films, Transgender in film, Political films, Conflit nord-irlandais, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Cillian Murphy, Ruth Negga, Liam Neeson, Stephen Rea, Brendan Gleeson, Gavin Friday
Roles Stripper
Rating71% 3.5995453.5995453.5995453.5995453.599545
The film is divided in over 30 chapters. In the fictional Irish town of Tyrellin, near the border of Northern Ireland in the late 1940s, cartoon robins narrate as Patrick Braden's mother, Eily Bergin, abandons him on the doorstep of the local parochial house where his father, Father Liam, lives. He is then placed with an unloving foster mother. Biologically male, a young Patrick is later shown donning a dress and lipstick, which angers his foster family. Patrick is accepted by his close friends Charlie, Irwin, and Lawrence, as well as by Lawrence's father, who tells Patrick Eily looked like blonde American movie star Mitzi Gaynor.
Shaun of the Dead, 1h35
Directed by Edgar Wright
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Romantic comedy, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Political films, Comedy horror films, Dystopian films, Buddy films, Disaster films
Actors Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis, Nick Frost, Dylan Moran, Bill Nighy
Roles Zombie (uncredited)
Rating78% 3.9475453.9475453.9475453.9475453.947545
Shaun (Simon Pegg) is a 29-year-old electronics shop salesman with no direction in life. His younger colleagues show him no respect, he has a strained relationship with his stepfather, Phillip (Bill Nighy), and a tense one with his housemate Pete (Peter Serafinowicz) because of Ed (Nick Frost), Shaun's other housemate and vulgar, unemployed best friend. Furthermore, Shaun's girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) dislikes their social life as they spend every date at the Winchester, Shaun and Ed's favourite pub. Because Shaun always brings Ed, Liz is always forced to bring her flatmates, David (Dylan Moran) and Dianne (Lucy Davis). After a bad day at work, Shaun forgets to book a table at a nice restaurant, and after suggesting the Winchester again Liz breaks up with him. Shaun drowns his sorrows with Ed at the Winchester. While celebrating at home, an enraged Pete — suffering from a bite wound caused by "some crackheads" — confronts Shaun on his flaws, telling him to sort his life out.