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Archie Kao is a Actor American born on 14 december 1969 at Washington, D.C. (USA)

Archie Kao

Archie Kao
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Birth name Archie David Kao高聖遠
Nationality USA
Birth 14 december 1969 (54 years) at Washington, D.C. (USA)

Archie David Kao (born December 14, 1969) is an American actor. He is best known to American audiences for series regulars roles on Chicago P.D., Power Rangers Lost Galaxy as well as long-running hit CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Il a fréquenté l'Université George Mason où il a obtenu un diplôme en communication.

Vie privée
Il est marié à l'actrice et chanteuse chinoise Zhou Xun depuis le 16 juillet 2014.

Usually with

Michael Mann
Michael Mann
(1 films)
James Wong
James Wong
(1 films)
Timothy Tau
Timothy Tau
(1 films)
Quentin Lee
Quentin Lee
(1 films)
Glen Morgan
Glen Morgan
(1 films)
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Ulterior Motive, 1h40
Directed by Arthur Wong
Actors Gordon Lam, Simon Yam, Archie Kao
Roles Ling Feng
Rating45% 2.2949452.2949452.2949452.2949452.294945
Originally living a happy and stable life, things have become clouded for rich heiress Ye Shuang (Qin Lan) after the unexpected disappearance of her husband Ling Feng (Archie Kao) and daughter. After consulting with her father Ye Cheng (Simon Yam), Shuang decides to call the police, where she re-encounters her ex-boyfriend, Yao Jie (Gordon Lam).
Blackhat (2015)
, 2h13
Directed by Michael Mann
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Films about computing, Transport films, Sécurité informatique, Road movies, Cyberpunk films, Chase films
Actors Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Holt McCallany, Tang Wei, Manny Montana, William Mapother
Roles Shum
Rating55% 2.7500852.7500852.7500852.7500852.750085
At a nuclear plant in Chai Wan, Hong Kong, a hacker causes the coolant pumps to overheat and explode. Not long after in Chicago, the Mercantile Trade Exchange gets hacked, causing soy futures to rise. The Chinese government and the FBI determine that the hack was caused by a Remote Access Tool (RAT). A military officer in China's cyber warfare unit, Captain Chen Dawai (Leehom Wang), is tasked to find the people responsible for the attacks, and enlists the aid of his sister Chen Lien (Tang Wei), a networking engineer. He meets with FBI Agent Carol Barrett (Viola Davis) in Los Angeles and reveals the code in the RAT was written by himself and Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth), his college roommate, in their school days years before Hathaway was sent to prison for an unrelated hack. Dawai asks that the FBI arrange for Hathaway to be released from prison, where he is serving a sentence for computer crimes. Hathaway is offered temporary release in exchange for his services.
The Deathday Party, 1h26
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Anita Yuen, Archie Kao
Roles Danny Wong
Rating52% 2.64372.64372.64372.64372.6437
Love Speaks, 1h33
Genres Romance
Actors Jaycee Chan, Amber Kuo (郭采潔), Archie Kao
Roles Shao Dong
Rating63% 3.166573.166573.166573.166573.16657
Keye Luke
Keye Luke (2012)
, 12minutes
Directed by Timothy Tau
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography
Actors Keye Luke, Feodor Chin, Kelvin Han Yee, Archie Kao, David Huynh, Mei Melançon
Roles Edwin Luke
Rating74% 3.711483.711483.711483.711483.71148
The short film is a documentary and narrative hybrid bio-pic focusing on the earlier life and work of Keye Luke during the 1920s-1940s, a pioneering Asian American actor and painter most known for his roles as the Number One Son, Lee Chan, in the popular Charlie Chan films of the 1930s, and as the very first Kato in the 1940s Green Hornet, decades before Bruce Lee. It is to be noted that Luke shares a hometown with Lee (Seattle, Washington) and has several other similarities with Lee as well. Luke also played Detective James Lee Wong in the Phantom of Chinatown (1940), taking over the yellowface role of "Mr. Wong" (played by Boris Karloff) and becoming the first leading Asian American detective character in U.S. cinematic history. This role is covered in the film, as well as Luke's work in films such as Secret Agent X-9. Feodor Chin plays Keye Luke, Archie Kao plays Edwin Luke, the brother of Keye Luke, and Kelvin Han Yee plays Lee Luke, Keye Luke's father. Other actors play various real-life historical figures that were Luke's colleagues or family members, such as Elizabeth Sandy playing Luke's caucasian wife, Ethel Davis Luke.
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, 1h44
Directed by Wayne Wang
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Jeon Ji-hyeon, Li Bingbing (李冰冰), Russell Wong, Vivian Wu, Hugh Jackman, Archie Kao
Roles Sebastian
Rating60% 3.0499453.0499453.0499453.0499453.049945
In nineteenth century China, two girls named Snow Flower (Gianna Jun) and Lily (Li Bing Bing) are forever bonded together as sworn sisters. They are paired as laotong by a matchmaker who is also responsible for arranging their marriages. They are isolated by their families and communicate by writing in a secret sisterly language, Nü shu (a historical practice in China in that period) on a unique Chinese fan that Snow Flower possesses.
The People I've Slept With, 1h26
Directed by Quentin Lee
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Karin Anna Cheung, Wilson Cruz, Archie Kao, Lynn Chen, James Shigeta, Cathy Shim
Roles Jefferson
Rating48% 2.4128952.4128952.4128952.4128952.412895
Angela Yang (Cheung) is a young woman who enjoys sex and has had a number of partners. As mementos, she photographs her lovers and gives each of them a nickname.
The Hills Have Eyes 2, 1h29
Directed by Martin Weisz
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Horror
Themes Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Serial killer films, Rape and revenge films, Arme nucléaire
Actors Cécile Breccia, Michael McMillian, Jacob Vargas, Flex Alexander, Jessica Stroup, Daniella Alonso
Roles Han
Rating51% 2.5551552.5551552.5551552.5551552.555155
A captive woman—forced to breed mutant children—gives birth to a stillborn. She is then killed by mutant leader Papa Hades (Michael Bailey Smith) for being unable to provide healthy offspring. Later, scientists working in the New Mexico desert are attacked by Letch.
Nomad: The Warrior, 1h47
Directed by Ivan Passer, Sergueï Bodrov, Sergei Bodrov, Jr., Talgat Temenov
Origin Kazakhstan
Genres Drama, War, Biography, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Historical
Actors Jay Hernández, Kuno Becker, Marc Dacascos, Ayanat Ksenbai, Jason Scott Lee, Archie Kao
Roles Shangrek
Rating57% 2.896162.896162.896162.896162.89616
Nomad is an historical epic set in 18th-century Kazakhstan. The film is a fictionalized account of the youth and coming-of-age of Ablai Khan, a descendant of Genghis Khan, as he grows and fights to defend the fortress at Hazrat-e Turkestan from Dzungar invaders.
Local Boys
Local Boys (2002)
, 1h43
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about children, Seafaring films, Sports films, Transport films, Surfing films
Actors Jeremy Sumpter, Eric Christian Olsen, Mark Harmon, Stacy Edwards, Giuseppe Andrews, Natalie Ramsey
Roles David Kamelamela
Rating64% 3.2478453.2478453.2478453.2478453.247845
Randy Dobson et son jeune frère Skeet vivent avec leur mère qui est veuve. Avec leurs copains adolescents, ils passent l'été à faire du surf. Pour Skeet qui a 11 ans, c'est le temps de s'y mettre lui aussi, il s'achète une planche mais personne n'a le temps de lui apprendre. Skeet sympathise avec Jim Westley, un quadragénaire qui l'aide à progresser. Randy ne voit pas d'un bon œil cette relation qui devient envahissante, d'autant plus que Jim attire aussi l'amitié de sa mère.
When in Rome, 1h34
Directed by Steve Purcell, Steve Purcell
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Jumeaux ou jumelles
Actors Mary-Kate et Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Julian Stone, Ilenia Lazzarin, Archie Kao
Roles Nobu
Rating48% 2.4402952.4402952.4402952.4402952.440295
Leila (Ashley) and Charli (Mary-Kate) go to Rome for a summer job with four other people. After a few minor accidents, the twins are fired. Both girls are shocked, and so are the other interns. The sisters soon meet Derek Hammond, the owner of the fashion company. He re-hires them and the girls and Jamie stay at Hammond's for a few days. There, Leila meets a bad boy from New York named Ryan (who just so happens to be Derek's nephew). The two soon bond and start to develop feelings for each other while Ryan comes out and tries to kiss her good night. Leila does not respond the same and she pushes him away. It is very clear that she likes him too, but she might have just broken up with her boyfriend back home and was not ready for a new love. The girls soon return to work and do very well. But soon another accident happens and this time it is much more serious. All six interns are fired. Soon after Leila returns with Ryan and the two reveal the plot. They use Charli's designs for the missing clothes. They tell Derek when he returns he already knew about this. They do a photo shoot where Mr. Tortoni comes too he re hires everyone but he is then arrested also the interns and Ryan are very proud of themselves. Jamie and Derek decide to take them all to New York. While Derek and Jamie as well as Charli and Paolo kiss. Ryan tries again with Leila leading to her smiling at him but says she'd rather have a hug. The two hug with huge smiles on their faces, showing that Leila did really like Ryan in that way. The photo shoot is still going on with everyone smiling and laughing.
The One
The One (2001)
, 1h35
Directed by James Wong
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Martial arts, Action, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Jet Li, Delroy Lindo, Jason Statham, Carla Gugino, James Morrison, Dylan Bruno
Roles Woo
Rating59% 2.951562.951562.951562.951562.95156
Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li), once an officer of the "Multiverse Authority" (MVA) that polices interdimensional travel (via detecting wormholes), seeks to hunt down all variations of himself in alternate universes. By killing all 124 of his other selves (becoming the last version) and absorbing their life energies, he believes he will become an immortal godlike being called "The One". Yulaw is briefly captured by MVA agents Rodecker (Delroy Lindo) and Funsch (Jason Statham), only to escape from captivity during the trial sentencing him to life in the Stygian penal colony in the Hades universe.