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Arthur Bauer is a Actor Autriche-hongrie born on 30 march 1878

Arthur Bauer

Arthur Bauer
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Birth name Arthur Richard Bauer
Nationality Autriche-hongrie
Birth 30 march 1878 (143 years)

Arthur Bauer né Arthur Richard Bauer (Vienne, 30 mars 1878 - (date inconnue)) est un acteur autrichien du cinéma muet américain.

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Filmography of Arthur Bauer (4 films)

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Arms and the Girl, 50minutes
Directed by Joseph Kaufman
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Billie Burke, Thomas Meighan, J. Malcolm Dunn, Arthur Bauer

As described in a film magazine, during August 1914 Ruth Sherwood (Burke), an American traveling through Belgium with her parents, is left behind in Beaupre will sending a message to her fiance in Paris. She is compelled to seek shelter at the Hotel Tete d'Or as there are no more trains that day. Here she meets another American, Wilfred Ferrers. Ruth's passport is stolen by Olga Karnovitch (Bates), a Russian spy, who leaves her Russian passport in Ruth's hands. The town is invaded by Germans who are headed towards Paris, and they make the inn their headquarters. Ferrers is discovered destroying the Russian passport and is ordered to be shot at once. Ruth comes to his assistance by claiming that he is her fiance. The German officer is skeptical, and he orders that they be married at once. The ceremony is held beneath the upheld swords of the Germans, and an embarrassing night follows as the couple retire to their room. Ferrers overcomes the sentinel at their door, dons his uniform, and forces the General (Trimble) at the point of a gun to give them a pass to get through the German lines into France. In the meantime, Jack Martin (David), Ruth's fiance, arrives, but she says that he is her chauffeur. Ferrers gives Jack the pass, but Ruth refuses to leave Ferrers, having fallen in love with her "husband." The Germans receive orders to move on and as Ferrers enters the inn to urge Ruth to depart at once, he is shot by the outraged General. Ruth borrows a smock from the innkeeper and with Ferrers makes her escape across the boarder into France.
The Woman in White
Directed by Ernest C. Warde
Genres Drama
Actors Florence La Badie, Richard Neill, Arthur Bauer, Wayne Arey, Claude Cooper
Rating70% 3.523493.523493.523493.523493.52349
As described in a film magazine review, Laura Fairlie (Florence La Badie) marries Sir Pervival Glyde (Richard R. Neill) as a result of her father's last request. Shortly after her marriage, Ann Catherick (also played by Florence La Badie), known as the "woman in white" and who resembles Laura, comes to Laura and tells her of Glyde's past, making Laura unhappy. Marian (Gertrude Dallas), Laura's half sister, learns from Laura the true state of affairs and decides to keep an eye on Sir Pervival. Through the efforts of Marian, Laura is saved from an unhappy fate.
A Dog's Love, 11minutes
Directed by Jack Harvey
Origin USA
Genres Fantastic, Fantasy
Themes Films about animals, Films about dogs, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Helen Badgley, Arthur Bauer
Roles Helen's Father
Rating64% 3.2282853.2282853.2282853.2282853.228285
The film opens with an inter-title that reads "Poor little rich girl has no one to play with" and cuts to Baby Helen with her doll, looking out the window. A group of children play Ring a Ring o' Roses in the yard. Next, Baby Helen goes to tea party set up on the yard and holds her doll, all by herself, with a lonely expression. The neighbor's dog, Shep comes out of his dog house and barks, and Baby Helen rises with a joyful expression. She takes a piece of a muffin and tosses it through the boxwood hedge separating the two yards. Shep eats the muffin and Helen invites him to her tea party. Shep runs along the hedge and passes through to join her. Helen instructs Shep with her finger and Shep barks in understanding, Helen takes her seat and shares a muffin with Shep. An inter-title announces that a week later, Helen is out on an errand. Helen passes through the hedge and skips down the sidewalk and Shep barks at her. As Helen crosses the street, she is struck by a passing automobile and Shep races to the rescue. He tugs at her dress at the waist and finding that he is unable to move her, runs to Helen's home and jumps against the screen door, barking repeatedly. As Helen's parents are summoned, Shep leads them to Helen, where a passerby has scooped up Helen from the middle of the street. All three depart and the scene changes to a dimly lit room with Helen laid on a bed, seemingly dead. Her parents watch over her, with sad faces as a doctor inspects her and folds her arms across her chest. Beyond saving, her parents bury their heads in the pillow next to Helen as the doctor pens a note. Then Shep is shown resting against the side of the door in a feeble and sorrowful looking position.