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Arthur Lowe is a Actor British born on 22 september 1915 at Hayfield (United-kingdom)

Arthur Lowe

Arthur Lowe
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Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 22 september 1915 at Hayfield (United-kingdom)
Death 15 april 1982 (at 66 years) at Birmingham (United-kingdom)

Arthur Lowe (22 September 1915 – 15 April 1982) was an English actor. His career spanned over thirty years, including starring roles in numerous theatre and television productions. He is best known for playing Captain George Mainwaring in the British sitcom Dad's Army from 1968 until 1977. He was nominated for seven BAFTAs and became one of the most recognised faces on television.

Lowe began his working life shortly before the Second World War (1939–1945) and he featured in many theatrical performances. It was not until he landed the part of Leonard Swindley in the British television soap Coronation Street that he became a household name. He played the character until 1966, while continuing film work. In 1968 he took up his most famous role, in Dad's Army, written by David Croft and Jimmy Perry. His success as this character led to considerable television and theatrical work, which put pressure on his health. Lowe's final years were dominated by alcoholism and illness and he died on 15 April 1982, aged 66.

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Britannia Hospital, 1h56
Directed by Lindsay Anderson
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Comedy, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films
Actors Malcolm McDowell, Leonard Rossiter, Fulton Mackay, Joan Plowright, John Moffatt, Robin Askwith
Roles hospital patient
Rating63% 3.1531853.1531853.1531853.1531853.153185
A new wing at Britannia Hospital is to be opened, and the Queen Mother – referred to as HRH – is due to arrive. The administrator of the hospital, Potter (Leonard Rossiter), is confronted with demonstrators protesting against an African dictator who is a VIP patient, striking ancillary workers (opposed to the exotic gastronomic demands of the hospital's private patients) and a less-than-cooperative Professor Millar (Graham Crowden), the head of the new wing. Rather than cancel the royal visit, Potter decides to go out and reason with the protestors. He strikes a deal with the protest leader — the private patients of Britannia Hospital are to be ejected and, in return, the protestors allow a number of ambulances into the hospital. However, unbeknown to the protestors, these ambulances actually contain the Queen Mother and her entourage.
The Lady Vanishes, 1h35
Directed by Anthony Page
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Spy, Crime
Themes Spy films, Transport films, Rail transport films, Film se déroulant dans un train
Actors Elliott Gould, Cybill Shepherd, Angela Lansbury, Herbert Lom, Arthur Lowe, Ian Carmichael
Roles Jeremy Charters
Rating60% 3.0025453.0025453.0025453.0025453.002545
In August 1939, a motley group of travellers find themselves in a small hotel in Bavaria, awaiting a delayed train to Switzerland. They include a "much married madcap American heiress", Amanda Metcalf-Midvani-Von Hoffsteader-Kelly, and Robert Condon, a wise-cracking American photographer.
The Plank
The Plank (1979)
, 30minutes
Directed by Eric Sykes
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Actors Eric Sykes, Arthur Lowe, Lionel Blair, Bernard Cribbins, Harry H. Corbett, Diana Dors
Roles Shorter Workman
Rating73% 3.683413.683413.683413.683413.68341
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, 1h35
Directed by Bill Meléndez
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about religion, Films about lions, Children's films
Actors Sheila Hancock, Arthur Lowe, Leo McKern, Leslie Phillips, Beth Porter, Richard Dempsey
Roles Mr. Beaver (voice)
Rating70% 3.54523.54523.54523.54523.5452
When four children Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy stumble into an old Wardrobe they find themselves in a magical land called Narnia with talking animals, fauns, hags, the Wicked White Witch and the great lion Aslan. There they meet the friendly Mr and Mrs Beaver, who help them on their quest to find Aslan the great lion. Only he can help save Lucy's friend Mr Tumnus (the faun) from the White Witch.
The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It, 56minutes
Directed by Joseph McGrath
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Crime
Themes Sherlock Holmes films, Buddy films
Actors John Cleese, Arthur Lowe, Ron Moody, Connie Booth, Holly Palance, Denholm Elliott
Roles Dr. John H. Watson
Rating63% 3.197343.197343.197343.197343.19734
The film begins aboard a luxury aircraft as Dr. Gropinger (Ron Moody) (an obvious parody of Henry Kissinger) travels on a goodwill tour. He misplaces his diary and is thrown into a panic as, without the diary, he no longer knows where he is or is supposed to be next. Stepping off the plane, he is shot dead after extending greetings in Hebrew to a congregation of Arabs. Soon after, the U.S. President (Joss Ackland in a caricature of Gerald Ford) receives a threatening letter signed only "Moriarty", claiming responsibility for the death. The letter also claims Moriarty has set in motion a plan that will allow him to gain control of the world. The president dispatches a top agent to London to work with the world's top law enforcement officials and find a strategy to combat Moriarty.
O Lucky Man!, 3h3
Directed by Lindsay Anderson
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Fantasy, Musical
Actors Malcolm McDowell, Ralph Richardson, Rachel Roberts, Arthur Lowe, Helen Mirren, Graham Crowden
Roles Mr. Duff / Charlie Johnson / Dr. Munda
Rating77% 3.8955553.8955553.8955553.8955553.895555
The film opens with a short fragment outside the plot but clearly related on repeated viewings. Grainy, black-and-white, and silent, a title "Once Upon a Time" leads to Latino labourers picking coffee beans while armed foremen push rudely between them. One worker (McDowell with black hair and moustache) pockets a few beans ("Coffee for the Breakfast Table") but is seen by a foreman. He is next seen before a fat Caucasian magistrate who loses some saliva as he removes his cigar only to say "Guilty." The foreman pulls his machete and lays it across the unfortunate laborer's wrists, bound to a wooden block, revealing that he is to lose his hands for the theft of a few beans. The machete lifts, descends, and we see McDowell draw back in a silent scream. The scene blacks out, the word NOW appears onscreen and expands quickly to fill it.
Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall, 1h42
Directed by Norman Cohen
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Political films
Actors Jim Dale, Arthur Lowe, Bill Maynard, Tony Selby, Geoffrey Hughes, Spike Milligan
Roles Maj. Drysdale
Rating59% 2.9516052.9516052.9516052.9516052.951605
Aspiring jazz musician Terence "Spike" Milligan reluctantly obeys his call-up and joins the Royal Artillery regiment at Bexhill-on-Sea, where he begins training to take part in World War II. But along the way Spike and his friends get involved in many amusing - and some not-so amusing - scrapes.
No Sex Please: We're British, 1h31
Directed by Cliff Owen
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Actors Ronnie Corbett, Ian Ogilvy, Susan Penhaligon, Beryl Reid, Arthur Lowe, Deryck Guyler
Roles Mr Bromley
Rating53% 2.667832.667832.667832.667832.66783
Runnicles, a clerk in a small-town British bank (openly depicted in the film as the branch of Barclays Bank in Windsor High Street), is horrified when a package arrives containing pornography rather than the new calculator he expected. His efforts to dispose of it, while avoiding detection, turn into a farcical series of events including a bank inspector, the police and a local criminal to whom the pornography actually belongs.
Theatre of Blood, 1h44
Directed by Douglas Hickox
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Serial killer films, Films based on plays, Films based on works by William Shakespeare, Comedy horror films
Actors Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, Ian Hendry, Harry Andrews, Rachael Stirling, Coral Browne
Roles Horace Sprout
Rating71% 3.5975253.5975253.5975253.5975253.597525
Shakespearean actor Edward Lionheart (Vincent Price) appears to have committed suicide by diving into the Thames, after being humiliated at an awards ceremony. But he has been secretly rescued by vagrants, who welcome him into their circle. Weakened by meths-addiction, they prove to be a docile crew, that he will use in a campaign of revenge on the drama-critics who failed to salute his genius.
The Ruling Class, 2h34
Directed by Peter Medak
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Théâtre, Musical films, Films based on plays
Actors Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim, Arthur Lowe, Harry Andrews, Michael Bryant, William Mervyn
Roles Daniel Tucker
Rating74% 3.745993.745993.745993.745993.74599
Following the death from accidental asphyxiation of Ralph Gurney, the 13th Earl of Gurney (Andrews), Jack Gurney (O'Toole) becomes the 14th Earl of Gurney. Jack, a paranoid schizophrenic, thinks he is Jesus Christ and shocks his family and friends with his talk of returning to the world to bring it love and charity, not to mention his penchant for breaking out into song and dance routines and sleeping upright on a cross. When faced with unpalatable facts (such as his identity as the 14th Earl), Jack puts them in his "galvanized pressure cooker" and they disappear. His unscrupulous uncle, Sir Charles (Mervyn), marries him to his mistress, Grace (Seymour), in hopes of producing an heir and putting his nephew in an institution; the plan fails, however, when Grace falls in love with Jack. Jack gains another ally in Sir Charles' wife, Lady Claire (Browne), who hates her husband and befriends Jack just to spite him. She also begins sleeping with Jack's psychiatrist, Dr. Herder (Michael Bryant), to persuade him to cure Jack quickly.
Dad's Army
Dad's Army (1971)
, 1h35
Directed by Norman Cohen
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy
Themes Military humor in film, Political films
Actors Arthur Lowe, Clive Dunn, John Le Mesurier, John Laurie, James Beck, Arnold Ridley
Roles Capt. George Mainwaring
Rating68% 3.417453.417453.417453.417453.41745
1940 - Operation Dynamo has just taken place. From the newly conquered French coastline, a Wehrmacht colonel looks out over the English Channel with powerful binoculars. Surveying the white cliffs of Dover, he spies Godfrey emerging from a lavatory. Godfrey joins the rest of his platoon, who are defiantly waving the Union Flag. The colonel fumes contemptuously, "How can the stupid British ever hope to win?!"
Fragment of Fear, 1h34
Directed by Richard C. Sarafian
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Crime
Themes Films about writers
Actors David Hemmings, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Gayle Hunnicutt, Flora Robson, Adolfo Celi, Zakes Mokae
Roles Mr. Nugent
Rating61% 3.0513.0513.0513.0513.051
Tim Brett (Hemmings) is a former drug addict who has written a book about his experience and has been published. He has been clean for about a year. He had recently become acquainted with his aunt (Robson), a philanthropist who expresses interest in helping some of Tim's former acquaintances. She is found murdered soon after. Tim starts a relationship with Juliet (Hunnicutt), the woman who found his aunt's body, and they are soon engaged.