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Ayşen Gruda is a Actor Turque born on 22 august 1944 at Yeşilköy

Ayşen Gruda

Ayşen Gruda
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Nationality Turquie
Birth 22 august 1944 at Yeşilköy
Death 23 january 2019 (at 74 years)

Ayşen Gruda (born 30 November 1946 in İstanbul) is a Turkish actress and comedian.


Ayşen Gruda was born in Istanbul. Her sisters Ayben and Ayten would also go on to become actors.

Ayşen Gruda appeared in several musicals such as "Mum Söndü", "Deve Kuşu Kabare", "Hababam Sınıfı Müzikali", "Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz". Her role in the sketch Her Domates Güzeli Nahide Şerbet on television, gained her the nickname "Domates Güzeli". She appeared in over 100 films including classics such as Tosun Paşa, Süt Kardeşler, Gülen Gözler, Şabanoğlu Şaban, Hababam Sınıfı and Neşeli Günler.

Usually with

Şener Şen
Şener Şen
(9 films)
Adile Naşit
Adile Naşit
(7 films)
Kemal Sunal
Kemal Sunal
(6 films)
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Filmography of Ayşen Gruda (13 films)

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Bad Cat
Bad Cat (2016)
, 1h26
Directed by Mehmet Kurtuluş
Origin Turquie
Genres Comedy, Action, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about cats, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Uğur Yücel, Demet Evgar, Okan Yalabık, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Okan Yalabık, Ayşen Gruda
Roles Ev sahibi Hasene (voice)
Rating71% 3.59633.59633.59633.59633.5963
The story opens as Shero the bad cat, Rıza the rat and Rıfkı the seagull are getting ready for a barbeque night. This usual looking day will prove otherwise as Shero inadvertently causes the death of a likely lover, gets chased to death by his antagonists, falls in love and finds out that he is father to a son, only to disown him. Little surprise that all these small mishaps upset the great plans for the night.
Paper (2011)

Directed by Sinan Çetin
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Themes Political films
Actors Öner Erkan, Ayşen Gruda, Ahmet Mekin
Rating61% 3.0502153.0502153.0502153.0502153.050215
Emrah is a dreamer who hopes to be a great director, trying to shoot his first feature film. His father Mehdi, a retired customs enforcement officer, believes that Emrah is going to become a pharmacist. Emrah manages to cobble together funding from producers with the help of his friends and his mother Şahane, but is held up by the bureaucracy. The main obstacle between him and his dreams is an endorsement letter he needs from Müzeyyen, the head of the censorship board. But this proves more difficult than he expected...
Ya Sonra?
Ya Sonra? (2011)
, 1h45
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Barış Falay, Deniz Çakır, Ayşen Gruda, Naz Elmas
Roles Safiye
Rating52% 2.603212.603212.603212.603212.60321
Married couple Adem and Didem have been married for seven years and their relationship has started to wear out, turning Didem into an unhappy woman as Adem starts showing his love for Didem less and less each day. The only way out for Didem is to return to her career, which she abandoned years ago for the sake of her marriage. In return for her great sacrifice, Didem wants to see the same selflessness from Adem, whom she still loves with all her heart. However her plans change when the knight of a completely different fairytale comes knocking on her door.
The Honest One, 1h32
Directed by Ertem Eğilmez
Origin Turquie
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Şener Şen, Adile Naşit, Ayşen Gruda
Roles Naciye Öğün
Rating80% 4.046754.046754.046754.046754.04675
Ali Rıza Öğün (Şener Şen) est connu pour son caractère honnête, gagnant honnêtement sa vie comme officier commanditaire. Il est humilié par son entourage à cause de sa naïveté. Un jour, des voleurs dérobent le sac rempli d'argent d'Ali Rıza. Personne ne croit à ce qu'Ali Rıza raconte, les gens croient qu'il a dilapidé cet argent. Tout le monde veut profiter de cet argent d'Ali Rıza -argent qui n'existe pas. Tout le monde s'intéresse alors à Ali Rıza et le respecte, alors il est ennuyé par leur conduite et ne la tolére pas. Ali Rıza décide de se venger d'eux.
Abbas in Flower, 1h27
Directed by Sinan Çetin
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors İlyas Salman, Şener Şen, Ayşen Gruda
Roles Şükriye
Rating80% 4.047634.047634.047634.047634.04763
Smiling Eyes
Directed by Ertem Eğilmez
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Münir Özkul, Adile Naşit, Müjde Ar, Şener Şen, Ayşen Gruda, Halit Akçatepe
Roles Fikret
Rating85% 4.2944254.2944254.2944254.2944254.294425
Yaşar and his wife Nezaket have kept on producing children in the hope of finally getting a male child. But they end up with only daughters instead (who they give masculine names). Now they are stuck with the task of arranging suitable rich husbands for them.
Tosun Pasha
Origin Turquie
Genres Comedy
Themes Films set in Africa
Actors Kemal Sunal, Şener Şen, Adile Naşit, Ayşen Gruda, Müjde Ar, Sıtkı Akçatepe
Roles Tellioğulları'ndan Zekiye
Rating89% 4.497924.497924.497924.497924.49792
The film is set in Ottoman-ruled Egypt in the 19th century. Two noble families are fighting for a lucrative parcel of land called the Green Valley. One family, led by Lütfü (Şener Şen) after his father becomes insane after receiving a harsh blow at the head, fears that they are falling behind in the bidding after the local governor's daughter (Müjde Ar) chooses to wed someone from the rival family, so they get their butler, Şaban (Kemal Sunal), to pretend to be the general-governor Tosun Paşa and turn the tide. Şaban, acting as Tosun Paşa tries to influence the governor into giving the Green Valley to Lütfü's family and have his daughter, Leyla, marry Lütfü. However, after seeing Leyla for the first time Şaban tries to woo Leyla, and after a quarrel with Lütfü, it is agreed that Lütfü keeps the Green Valley and Şaban gets Leyla. Meanwhile, the real Tosun Paşa arrives disguised as his brother Ibrahim Paşa to find out why someone has usurped his name. When all is discovered at the wedding, there is a large and iconic fight between the rival families, guests, and locals.
The Chaos Class, 1h30
Directed by Ertem Eğilmez
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Kemal Sunal, Adile Naşit, Şener Şen, Halit Akçatepe, Tarık Akan, Münir Özkul
Roles Sunucu
Rating93% 4.6979054.6979054.6979054.6979054.697905
A group of lazy, ignorant highschool students, in no rush to graduate, have settled into life at their private school, paid by aloof parents, where they have bonded as a family and are cared for by school attendant Hafize Ana who has accepted them as her real sons. Their kingdom over the school is challenged by a new principal who, despite his warm hearted nature, takes on the role of tough disciplinarian and becomes the butt of their tricks and jokes as he prepares them for life.