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Barrie Chase is a Actor American born on 20 october 1933 at Kings Point (USA)

Barrie Chase

Barrie Chase
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Nationality USA
Birth 20 october 1933 (87 years) at Kings Point (USA)

Barrie Chase (born October 20, 1933) is an American actress and dancer originally from Kings Point, New York.

Usually with

Jim Backus
Jim Backus
(5 films)
José Ferrer
José Ferrer
(2 films)
Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly
(3 films)
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Filmography of Barrie Chase (17 films)

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The Flight of the Phoenix, 2h22
Directed by Robert Aldrich, Oscar Rudolph
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure
Themes Films set in Africa, Transport films, Aviation films, Dans un avion, Le désert, Disaster films, American disaster films, Films about aviation accidents or incidents
Actors James Stewart, Richard Attenborough, Peter Finch, Hardy Krüger, Ernest Borgnine, George Kennedy
Roles Farida
Rating74% 3.748143.748143.748143.748143.74814
Frank Towns (James Stewart) is the pilot of a twin-engine Fairchild C-82 Packet cargo plane flying from Jaghbub to Benghazi in Libya. Lew Moran (Richard Attenborough) is the navigator while the passengers are Capt. Harris (Peter Finch) and Sgt. Watson (Ronald Fraser) of the British Army; Dr. Renaud (Christian Marquand), a physician; Heinrich Dorfmann (Hardy Krüger), a German aeronautical engineer; Mr. Standish (Dan Duryea), an oil company accountant; and several oil workers that include Trucker Cobb (Ernest Borgnine), a mentally-disturbed foreman; Ratbags Crow (Ian Bannen), a mean-spirited, sardonic Scot; Carlos (Alex Montoya) and his pet monkey; and Gabriel (Gabriele Tinti). A sudden sandstorm shuts down the engines, forcing Towns to crash-land in the desert. As the aircraft careens to a stop, several oil drums and oil drilling gear break loose and severely injure Gabriel's leg. Two other workers are killed.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, 2h34
Directed by Stanley Kramer, Carey Loftin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Transport films, Films about automobiles, Road movies, Heist films, Chase films, Gangster films, Escroquerie
Actors Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Dorothy Provine, Moe Howard
Roles Sylvester's Girlfriend
Rating74% 3.7479353.7479353.7479353.7479353.747935
"Smiler" Grogan (Jimmy Durante), wanted by police in a tuna factory robbery fifteen years ago and on the run from the police, careens his 1957 Ford Victoria off twisting, mountainous State Highway 74 near Palm Springs in Southern California and crashes. Five motorists stop to help him - Melville Crump (Sid Caesar), a dentist, Lennie Pike (Jonathan Winters), a furniture mover, Dingy Bell (Mickey Rooney) and Benjy Benjamin (Buddy Hackett), two friends on their way to Las Vegas, and J. Russell Finch (Milton Berle), who owns Pacific Edible Seaweed Company in Fresno. Just before he dies, Grogan tells the five about $350,000 buried in Santa Rosita State Park near the Mexican border under a mysterious "big W".
Cape Fear
Cape Fear (1962)
, 1h41
Directed by J. Lee Thompson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Psychologie
Actors Robert De Niro, Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, Nick Nolte, Martin Balsam, Juliette Lewis
Roles Diane Taylor
Rating76% 3.848263.848263.848263.848263.84826
After spending eight years in prison for rape, Max Cady (Robert Mitchum) is released. He promptly tracks down Sam Bowden (Gregory Peck), a Georgia lawyer whom he holds personally responsible for his conviction because Sam interrupted his attack and testified against him. Cady begins to stalk and subtly threaten Bowden's family. He kills the Bowden family dog, though Sam cannot prove Cady did it. A friend of Bowden's, police chief Mark Dutton (Martin Balsam), attempts to intervene on Bowden's behalf; but he cannot prove Cady guilty of any crime.
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras (1958)
, 1h47
Directed by Edmund Goulding
Origin USA
Genres Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Pat Boone, Christine Carrère, Tommy Sands, Sheree North, Gary Crosby, Sheree North
Roles Torchy LaRue
Rating57% 2.874582.874582.874582.874582.87458
A military school cadet (Boone) wins a date with a French movie goddess (Carère) who happens to be the queen of the "Mardi Gras" parade. The two fall in love, but Carère's movie studio wants to capitalize on this newly found love for publicity.
Party Girl
Party Girl (1958)
, 1h39
Directed by Nicholas Ray
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Mafia films, Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Gangster films
Actors Robert Taylor, Cyd Charisse, Lee J. Cobb, John Ireland, Kent Smith, Claire Kelly
Roles Showgirl (uncredited)
Rating69% 3.496133.496133.496133.496133.49613
Slick lawyer Thomas Farrell has made a career of defending Chicago mobsters in court. At a party for mob boss Rico Angelo, he meets chorus girl Vicki Gaye, who accepted $100 to attend the party and another $400 from another gangster, Louis Canetto, from his gambling winnings.
Les Girls
Les Girls (1957)
, 1h49
Directed by George Cukor
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Gene Kelly, Kay Kendall, Mitzi Gaynor, Taina Elg, Jacques Bergerac, Leslie Phillips
Roles Dancer in 'Les Girls' Number (uncredited)
Rating65% 3.298653.298653.298653.298653.29865
En Angleterre, Lady Sybil Wren - épouse de Sir Gerald Wren - publie ses mémoires : avant son mariage, elle faisait partie d'une troupe de « Girls » dirigée par le chorégraphe Barry Nichols. Une autre ancienne membre de cette troupe, Angèle Ducros, lui intente un procès en diffamation. Lors des débats, chacune expose sa version des faits. Retour en arrière : Sybil et Angèle sont, avec Joy Henderson, les vedettes d'un spectacle en tournée de Nichols…
The Opposite Sex, 1h57
Directed by David Miller
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Films based on plays
Actors June Allyson, Joan Collins, Dolores Gray, Jeff Richards, Ann Sheridan, Ann Miller
Roles Specialty Dancer
Rating60% 3.0490153.0490153.0490153.0490153.049015
The story concerns Kay Hilliard (June Allyson), a former nightclub singer who discovers her husband Steven (Leslie Nielsen) is having an affair with showgirl Crystal Allen (Joan Collins). Kay is the last to find out among her circle of gossiping girlfriends. Kay travels to Reno to divorce from Steve who then marries Crystal, but when Kay finds out that Crystal isn't true to Steve she starts fighting to win her ex-husband back.
The Great Man, 1h38
Directed by José Ferrer
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors José Ferrer, Dean Jagger, Keenan Wynn, Jim Backus, Julie London, Ed Wynn
Roles Sexy Secretary
Rating68% 3.437243.437243.437243.437243.43724
Joe Harris (José Ferrer) is a popular, established local radio news reporter covering Broadway entertainment with a wise-guy attitude. Herb Fuller is the network's undisputed star. When Fuller dies in an auto accident, Philip Carleton (Dean Jagger), president of the Amalgamated Broadcasting Network, assigns Harris to prepare a memorial extravaganza, including an elaborate public viewing and a special memorial show featuring interviews with Fuller's radio cast, the "Fuller Family," (based on Arthur Godfrey's cast of "Little Godfreys") and others who knew him. Carleton dangles a chance at Harris becoming Fuller's replacement if he succeeds.
You Can't Run Away from It, 1h35
Directed by Dick Powell
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about writers, Films about journalists, Musical films
Actors June Allyson, Jack Lemmon, Charles Bickford, Paul Gilbert, Jim Backus, Stubby Kaye
Roles Western Union Girl (uncredited)
Rating60% 3.002683.002683.002683.002683.00268
Because she married an international playboy, Ellie Andrews (June Allyson) is kidnapped by her own father, Texas cattleman A. A. Andrews (Charles Bickford). She escapes, managing to evade his nationwide search for her with the help of Peter Warne (Jack Lemmon), a jobless reporter, who sees himself getting the biggest story of the year - until he and Ellie fall in love. When Ellie suspects Peter has sold her out, she returns home. Realizing his daughter really loves the newspaperman, Andrews tries to persuade Ellie to run away again, this time from her own wedding ceremony. Who will Ellie choose, her husband or the man who has stolen her heart?
Daddy Long Legs, 2h6
Directed by Jean Negulesco
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Musical theatre, Romantic comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Dance films, Films about children, Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Films based on plays, Children's films
Actors Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron, Terry Moore, Thelma Ritter, Terry Moore, Fred Clark
Roles Blonde dancer (in "International Playboy") (uncredited)
Rating66% 3.348083.348083.348083.348083.34808
Wealthy American Jervis Pendleton III (Fred Astaire) has a chance encounter at a French orphanage with a cheerful 18-year-old resident, Julie Andre (Leslie Caron). He anonymously pays for her education at a New England college. She writes letters to her mysterious benefactor regularly, but he never writes back. Her nickname for him, "Daddy Long Legs", is taken from the description of him given to Andre by some of her fellow orphans who see his shadow as he leaves their building.
Kismet (1955)
, 1h53
Directed by Vincente Minnelli, Stanley Donen
Origin USA
Genres Musical theatre, Romantic comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Films based on plays, Films based on musicals
Actors Howard Keel, Ann Blyth, Dolores Gray, Monty Woolley, Sebastian Cabot, June Kirby
Roles Harem Girl
Rating62% 3.1480653.1480653.1480653.1480653.148065
In old Baghdad, an impoverished poet goes to the marketplace to sell his rhymes for food. Because the Poet has set up shop in a spot usually reserved for a man named Hajj, some men kidnap the Poet and take him to the desert tent of Jawan, an elderly thief. Jawan, assuming that the Poet is Hajj, orders him to reverse the curse Hajj put on him fifteen years ago, which led to the kidnapping of Jawan's beloved son. The Poet asks for one hundred gold pieces to reverse the curse; Jawan agrees, and returns to Baghdad to look for his son.
Deep in My Heart, 2h12
Directed by Stanley Donen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors José Ferrer, Helen Traubel, Merle Oberon, Walter Pidgeon, Doe Avedon, Paul Henreid
Rating63% 3.1520053.1520053.1520053.1520053.152005
Biographie romancée du compositeur autrichien Sigmund Romberg (1887-1951), auteur de nombreuses comédies musicales à succès sur Broadway au début du XX siècle.
Brigadoon (1954)
, 1h48
Directed by Vincente Minnelli
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Théâtre, Time travel films, Musical films, Films based on plays, Films based on musicals
Actors Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, Cyd Charisse, Elaine Stewart, Barry Jones, George Chakiris
Roles Dancer
Rating67% 3.397863.397863.397863.397863.39786
Americans Tommy Albright (Gene Kelly) and Jeff Douglas (Van Johnson) are on a hunting trip in Scotland and become lost in the woodlands. They happen upon Brigadoon, a miraculously blessed village that rises out of the mists every hundred years for only a day. (This was done so that the village would never be changed or destroyed by the outside world.) If any villager ever leaves Brigadoon, the spell will be broken and the village will vanish forever, and any outsider who wishes to stay must love someone in the village strongly enough to accept the loss of everything he or she knew in the outside world. Tommy falls in love with village lass Fiona Campbell (Cyd Charisse), whose younger sister Jean (Virginia Bosler), is about to be married to Charlie Dalrymple (Jimmy Thompson). When Tommy and Jeff happen upon clues about the village and its people that make no sense, Fiona takes them to see Mr. Lundie, the village schoolmaster, who tells them the story of Brigadoon and the miracle. That evening, Mr. Lundie officiates at the wedding of Jean and Charlie, which Tommy and Fiona attend. Interrupting the wedding, the jealous Harry Beaton (Hugh Laing) announces he is leaving Brigadoon to make everything disappear, since the girl he loves, Jean, is marrying another man. Harry's words cause mass chaos among the townspeople and they all rush to stop him. Harry almost crosses the bridge but is stopped short by Tommy, who is knocked unconscious. With men closing in on him, Harry climbs up a tree to hide but is soon shot accidentally by Jeff, who skipped the wedding to hunt and shot at a bird that flew by Harry. Harry falls dead to the ground and is soon found by the men. Fiona frantically searches to find Tommy. Confessing their love for each other, they decide to marry, allowing Tommy to stay in Brigadoon for good. But while Fiona goes off to find Mr. Lundie, Tommy tells Jeff about his plan. Jeff, drunk and remorseful of accidentally killing Harry, tells Tommy he can't just leave everything in the real world behind for this girl he's only known a day. Fiona returns with Mr. Lundie, but Tommy confesses that he cannot stay. Fiona says she understands but is heartbroken and they say good-bye before Brigadoon completely disappears. Tommy and Jeff cross the bridge and walk away.
White Christmas, 2h
Directed by Michael Curtiz, Robert Alton
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Christmas films, Musical films
Actors Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen, Dean Jagger, Mary Wickes
Roles Doris Lenz (uncredited)
Rating75% 3.7982753.7982753.7982753.7982753.798275
On Christmas Eve, 1944, somewhere in Europe, two World War II U.S. Army soldiers, one a Broadway entertainer, Captain Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby), the other an aspiring entertainer, Private Phil Davis (Danny Kaye), perform for the 151st Division. But word has come down that their beloved commanding officer, Major General Thomas F. Waverly (Dean Jagger), is being relieved of command. He arrives for the end of the show and delivers an emotional farewell. The men give him a rousing send-off ("The Old Man").