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Bibi Andersson is a Actor Suédoise born on 11 november 1935 at Stockholm (Suede)

Bibi Andersson

Bibi Andersson
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Birth name Berit Elisabeth Andersson
Nationality Suede
Birth 11 november 1935 at Stockholm (Suede)
Death 14 april 2019 (at 83 years)
Awards Litteris et Artibus

Bibi Andersson ([ˈbɪ.ˈbɪ ˈandɛˈʂɔn]; born 11 November 1935) is a Swedish actress.


In 1996, she published her autobiography Ett ögonblick (A Moment, or, literally, A Blink of the Eye). She has been married (1960, divorced) to the director Kjell Grede with whom she has a daughter, Jenny, and, secondly (1978, divorced), to the politician and writer Per Ahlmark. Since 29 May 2004, Andersson has been married to Gabriel Mora Baeza. In 2009 she suffered a massive stroke. An article from 2010 says that she had since been hospitalized, unable to speak.

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Arn: The Kingdom at Road's End
Directed by Peter Flinth
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Historical
Themes Political films
Actors Joakim Nätterqvist, Sofia Helin, Morgan Alling, Stellan Skarsgård, Bibi Andersson, Milind Soman
Roles Mother Rikissa
Rating65% 3.2979253.2979253.2979253.2979253.297925
The plot of the film loosely follows the book of the same name – the third volume of the Crusades trilogy, spanning the period of about 1187 to 1205.
Arn: The Knight Templar, 2h19
Directed by Peter Flinth
Origin Suede
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Politique, Political films, Films about royalty
Actors Joakim Nätterqvist, Sofia Helin, Stellan Skarsgård, Simon Callow, Vincent Pérez, Bibi Andersson
Roles Mother Rikissa
Rating65% 3.2982153.2982153.2982153.2982153.298215
À la suite d'un accident alors qu'il est encore un jeune enfant, Arn est grièvement blessé. Alors qu'il guérit, sa famille, ayant prié Dieu si fort, estime qu'il est de leur devoir de confier Arn aux moines. Il sera élevé dans une foi profonde, tandis qu'un moine, le frère Guilbert, un ancien templier, lui enseigne l'honneur et le maniement des armes. Très vite le jeune Arn développe des talents insoupçonnés, devenant un homme de grande valeur, tant morale que physique.
The Lost Prince
Directed by Stephen Poliakoff
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Documentary
Themes Political films
Actors Matthew James Thomas, Miranda Richardson, Tom Hollander, Rollo Weeks, Bill Nighy, Gina McKee
Roles Queen Alexandra
Rating76% 3.8440353.8440353.8440353.8440353.844035
John suffered from epileptic seizures and an autism-like developmental disorder, and the Royal Family tried to shelter him from public view; the script shied away from presenting the Royal Family as unsympathetic, instead showing how much this cost them emotionally (particularly John's mother, Queen Mary). Poliakoff explores the story of John, his relationship with his family and brother Prince George, the political events going on at the time (such as the fall of the House of Romanov in 1917) and the love and devotion of his nanny, Charlotte Bill.
Elina: As If I Wasn't There, 1h17
Directed by Klaus Härö
Genres Drama
Actors Bibi Andersson, Björn Granath
Roles Tora Holm
Rating69% 3.49433.49433.49433.49433.4943
In the 1950s, nine-year-old Elina lives with her younger siblings and her mother in the Torne Valley in the north of Sweden, near the Finnish border. Her father, whom she loved dearly, died of tuberculosis a few years ago. Elina finds consolation in wandering out on the dangerous marshlands to have imaginary conversations with her dead father. Elina also contracted tuberculosis, but recovered. Because she was ill for so long, Elina is obliged to repeat a whole year at school. However, since she missed so much schooling as a result, she has been put in a new class with a different teacher, the strict Tora Holm. Tora Holm sees it as her mission to protect her pitiable charges from the pitfalls of life, believing that only those who speak perfect Swedish have any chance of a happy and successful life. Elina's family belongs to a Finnish-speaking minority frowned upon by a staunch schoolmistress who starts hounding Elina for speaking Finnish in class and questioning her authority. Elina's mother, sister, and a liberal young male teacher all try to mediate the ensuing battle of wills between Elina and Miss Holm. Especially when Elina exercises the sense of justice she learned from her father and stands up for one of her schoolmates. Although nobody is willing to take her side, little Elina proves far stronger than teacher Tora Holm reckoned. The conflict comes to a head when Elina flees to the dangerous moor.
Creditors (1988)
, 1h58
Directed by Keve Hjelm
Actors Bibi Andersson, Keve Hjelm
Roles Tekla
Rating48% 2.445622.445622.445622.445622.44562
Babette's Feast, 1h42
Directed by Gabriel Axel
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Cooking films
Actors Stéphane Audran, Birgitte Federspiel, Jarl Kulle, Bodil Kjer, Bibi Andersson, Ghita Nørby
Roles Svensk hofdame
Rating77% 3.89553.89553.89553.89553.8955
The elderly and pious Protestant sisters Martine (Birgitte Federspiel) and Philippa (Bodil Kjer) live in a small village on the remote western coast of Jutland in 19th-century Denmark. Their father was a pastor who founded his own Pietistic conventicle. With their father now dead and the austere sect drawing no new converts, the aging sisters preside over a dwindling congregation of white-haired believers.
Wallenberg: A Hero's Story, 3h20
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about religion, Political films, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Richard Chamberlain, Alice Krige, Kenneth Colley, Melanie Mayron, Stuart Wilson, Bibi Andersson
Roles Maria 'Maj' Wallenberg
Rating72% 3.6327953.6327953.6327953.6327953.632795
Raoul Wallenberg est un fonctionnaire suédois qui s'illustre pendant la Seconde guerre mondiale. Alors que les déportations de juifs sévissent dans toute l'Europe, Wallenberg se sert de sa position diplomatique pour délivrer de faux passeports à des dizaines de milliers de juifs leur évitant ainsi la Shoah.
Exposed (1983)
, 1h40
Directed by James Toback, Alain Tasma
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Musical
Themes Films about terrorism
Actors Nastassja Kinski, Rudolf Nureyev, Harvey Keitel, Ian McShane, Iman, Bibi Andersson
Roles Margaret
Rating51% 2.55852.55852.55852.55852.5585
A college girl from Wisconsin whose professor has romantic designs on her, Elizabeth Carlson packs up and moves to New York City, finding a job as a waitress while she attempts to launch a career as a fashion model.
Svarte fugler, 1h30
Origin Norvege
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Bibi Andersson, Anouk Ferjac, Henri Serre, Keve Hjelm, Minken Fosheim, Élisabeth Hardy
Roles Simone Cambral

Simone et Stein se rencontrent à la Foire du livre de Francfort, en Allemagne, et sont attirés l'un envers l'autre. Simone Cambral est franco-suédoise et travaille à Paris en tant que rédactrice, tandis que Stein Carlsen est employé chez l'éditeur Aschehoug à Oslo. Ils sont amoureux l'un de l'autre et se rencontrent régulièrement pendant une semaine, qui s'avère chaude et intense. Mais un mois plus tard, ils ne se voient plus et ont très peu de contacts téléphoniques ensemble. Stein décide donc d'aller retrouver Simone à Paris, mais celle-ci se dit incapable d'entamer une relation concrète avec lui ; elle se plaint également de cauchemars à répétition, dans lequel elle voit des oiseaux noirs, ce qui la plonge dans un état de dépression et de désillusion. Steinar, déçu, rentre chez lui en Norvège, mais ne parvient pas à chasser Simone de ses pensées au fil du temps, et décide de repartir une seconde fois en France pour aller la retrouver, mais elle a depuis sombré dans une dépression. C'est la dernière fois que Steinar voit Simone. De retour en Norvège, il tente de la joindre par téléphone, mais ses appels demeurent sans réponse. Un an après sa rencontre avec Simone, Steinar retourne à la foire du livre de Francfort, où il essaye de la retrouver, mais en vain ; Simone a en réalité mis fin à ses jours.
Marmalade Revolution, 1h33
Directed by Erland Josephson
Origin Suede
Genres Drama
Actors Erland Josephson, Bibi Andersson, Marie Göranzon, Jan Malmsjö, Ulf Palme, Kristina Adolphson
Roles Anna-Berit
Rating54% 2.705812.705812.705812.705812.70581
Le professeur Karl Henrik Eller, ramenant un sac de courses à la maison, en sort notamment un pot de marmelade d'abricots, au grand dam de son épouse Maj qui a toujours préféré la marmelade d'oranges. S'ensuit une dispute après laquelle le professeur quitte le domicile conjugal pour emménager à l'hôtel...