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Bob Clark is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter and Producer American born on 5 august 1939 at New Orleans (USA)

Bob Clark

Bob Clark
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Birth name Robert Clark
Nationality USA
Birth 5 august 1939 at New Orleans (USA)
Death 4 april 2007 (at 67 years) at Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles (USA)

Benjamin "Bob" Clark (August 5, 1939 – April 4, 2007) was an American actor, director, screenwriter and producer best known for directing and writing the script with Jean Shepherd to the 1983 Christmas film A Christmas Story. Although he worked primarily in the United States, from 1973 to 1983 he worked in Canada and was responsible for some of the most successful films in Canadian film history such as Black Christmas (1974), Murder by Decree (1979), Tribute (1980), and Porky's (1982).


Il a passé l'essentiel de sa carrière au Canada et a tourné des films dans des genres très variés : films d'horreur avec Black Christmas (1974) et Le Mort-vivant (1974), thriller avec Meurtre par décret (1979), comédies avec Un fils pour l'été (1980), Porky's (1982) et A Christmas Story (1983), etc.

Bob Clark a été tué le 4 avril 2007, avec son fils de 22 ans Ariel, dans un accident d'automobile à Pacific Palisades, en Californie, provoqué par un conducteur qui circulait, ivre et sans permis de conduire, en sens interdit.

Best films

Porky's (1982)

Usually with

Alan Ormsby
Alan Ormsby
(5 films)
Dan Monahan
Dan Monahan
(5 films)
Art Hindle
Art Hindle
(4 films)
Jean Shepherd
Jean Shepherd
(2 films)
Nancy Parsons
Nancy Parsons
(5 films)
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Filmography of Bob Clark (31 films)

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A Christmas Story, 1h34
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Christmas films, Santa Claus in film
Actors Peter Billingsley, Darren McGavin, Melinda Dillon, Jean Shepherd, Ian Petrella, Zack Ward
Roles Swede
Rating79% 3.998273.998273.998273.998273.99827
Nine-year-old Ralphie Parker wants only one thing for Christmas: a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and "this thing which tells time", a sundial. Ralphie's desire is rejected by his mother, his teacher Miss Shields, and even a department store Santa Claus, all giving him the same warning: "You'll shoot your eye out".
Black Christmas, 1h38
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin Canada
Genres Thriller, Horror, Slasher
Themes Pregnancy films, Christmas films, Films about sexuality, Serial killer films
Actors Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, John Saxon, Marian Waldman, Andrea Martin
Roles Prowler Shadow / Phone Voice
Rating71% 3.598193.598193.598193.598193.59819
A disoriented man climbs up into the attic of a sorority house while the occupants hold a Christmas party. Jess Bradford (Olivia Hussey) receives an obscene phone call from "the moaner", a man who has recently been calling the house. After she calls sorority friends Barb Coard (Margot Kidder), Phyllis Phyl Carlson (Andrea Martin), Clare Harrison (Lynne Griffin) and the several other girls to listen, he starts saying perverted things to them, until Barb provokes the caller, to which he replies, "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU." Barb and Clare argue about the things she said to him, and Clare leaves. She is then attacked and killed; her body is carried up into the attic, where the killer places her in a rocking chair and puts a doll in her lap.
Dead of Night, 1h28
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, War, Action, Horror, Slasher
Themes Medical-themed films, Politique, Vampires in film, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Political films, Disaster films
Actors Richard Backus, John Marley, Lynn Carlin, Henderson Forsythe, Arthur Anderson, Arthur Anderson
Roles Officer Ted
Rating66% 3.3478653.3478653.3478653.3478653.347865
In Vietnam, US soldier Andy Brooks is shot by a sniper and falls to the ground. As he dies, he hears his mother's voice calling out, "Andy, you'll come back. You've got to. You promised." The voice becomes sinister and muffled as Andy's eyes close. Sometime later, his family receives notice of his death in combat.
The Grand Duel, 1h38
Genres Western
Actors Lee Van Cleef, Marc Mazza, Klaus Grünberg, Anna Maria Gherardi, Antonio Casale, Remo Capitani
Rating64% 3.2442853.2442853.2442853.2442853.244285
Phillip Wermeer has escaped from prison where he serves a sentence for the murder of Saxon, the patriarch of Saxon city, who in his turn is believed to be behind the murder of Wermeer’s father. Wermeer is holed up in Gila Bend by a swarm of bounty killers, who want his $3.000 reward, posted by Saxon's three sons David, Eli and Adam.
Man with the Steel Whip, 2h47
Directed by Franklin Adreon
Origin USA
Genres Action, Adventure, Western
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about disabilities, Personne sourde ou muette, Zorro
Actors Lane Bradford, Mauritz Hugo, Pat Hogan, Roy Barcroft, Stuart Randall, Edmund F. Cobb
Roles Mack
Rating62% 3.1458453.1458453.1458453.1458453.145845
In a version of a standard western plot, the saloon owner Barnett wants the land under the local Indian Reservation for its gold deposits. In order to drive off the people living on the reservation, he forms a gang to attack the local ranchers and frame the Indians. Rancher Jerry Randall opposes him using the legendary masked identity of "El Latigo", friend to the Indians.


Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, 1h28
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Themes Children's films
Actors Jon Voight, Scott Baio, Vanessa Angel, Skyler Shaye, Justin Chatwin, Peter Wingfield
Rating19% 0.9522150.9522150.9522150.9522150.952215
Following on from the plot of the last movie, four babies can communicate with each other using 'baby talk', and have knowledge of many secrets. The baby geniuses become involved in a scheme by media mogul Bill Biscane (Jon Voight), later revealed to be known as Kane, who kidnaps children everywhere. Helping the geniuses is a legendary superbaby named Kahuna (he became powerful due to drinking a special chemical, much to the envy of his brother Kane), who stops Biscane's plots and saves children from being kidnapped by Biscane and his minions. He joins up with several other babies in an attempt to stop Biscane, who intends to use a state-of-the-art satellite system to control the world's population by brainwashing them and forcing people to not be active and watch TV the rest of their lives.
The Karate Dog, 1h24
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Films about animals, Sports films, Martial arts films, Films about dogs, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Jon Voight, Simon Rex, Jaime Pressly, Pat Morita, Chevy Chase, Nicollette Sheridan
Rating29% 1.4718351.4718351.4718351.4718351.471835
A talking dog named Cho Cho teams up with a police detective named Peter Fowler to solve the murder of his owner Chin Li.
Maniac Magee
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Michael Angarano, Orlando Brown, Kyla Pratt, Orlando Bloom, Rip Torn, Garret Morris
Rating51% 2.5748952.5748952.5748952.5748952.574895
Twelve-year-old Jeffrey Lionel Magee is an orphan. Jeffrey's parents were killed by a drunk driver just after his father told him that he would show him his infamous "stopball." After his parents' funeral, a couple tells Jeffrey to "come with them." However, Jeffrey teaches himself to fly and learns how to run, running especially fast on railroad tracks. After a year of running, he arrives in the town of Two Mills, where racial tensions are extremely strong. Hector Street divides Two Mills by race: blacks on East End, whites on West End. Jeffrey is confused by racial biases; to him, the people are simply people - heterogeneous, but with much in common, such as both kindness and cruelty.
Now & Forever, 1h41
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Adam Beach, Mia Kirshner, Gordon Tootoosis, Simon Baker, Simon Baker (acteur canadien), Theresa Russell
Rating62% 3.148973.148973.148973.148973.14897
Against a backdrop of clashing cultures, John Myron (Adam Beach) and Angela Wilson (Mia Kirshner) find each other and over the years form a powerful bond. One tragic night, John rescues Angela from a wicked act of betrayal. Faced with its aftermath, Angela flees town, unaware that she has put into motion a dramatic and intense string of events that will forever change the course of their lives. Harboring a secret, John guides Angela to a shocking realization that will uncover the past. It is a dramatic contemporary love story combining elements of spirituality, heart and integrity.
I'll Remember April, 1h30
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Themes Political films, Children's films
Actors Pat Morita, Trevor Morgan, Pam Dawber, Haley Joel Osment, Mark Harmon, Paul Dooley
Rating62% 3.1006953.1006953.1006953.1006953.100695
Four children capture a Japanese soldier who washes ashore during the Second World War.
Baby Geniuses, 1h37
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy
Themes Children's films
Actors Kathleen Turner, Christopher Lloyd, Peter MacNicol, Kim Cattrall, Dom DeLuise, Ruby Dee
Rating26% 1.306051.306051.306051.306051.30605
Two scientists, Dr. Elena Kinder (Kathleen Turner) and Dr. Heep (Christopher Lloyd), use genius-baby studies to fund BabyCo's theme park "Joyworld". According to Dr. Kinder's research on toddlers/babies, babies are born possessing vast, universal knowledge and speak a secret yet impossible-to-translate baby pre-language called Babytalk. However at age 2–3, the knowledge and language are lost as the babies cross over by learning how to speak human languages. Most of the babies raised in Dr. Kinder's underground research facility were adopted from the Pasadena City orphanage, transformed into little geniuses through use of the Kinder Method, and then used in experiments to decipher this secret yet impossible-to-translate language used by the 7 baby-geniuses.
My Summer Story, 1h25
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Charles Grodin, Kieran Culkin, Mary Steenburgen, Glenn Shadix, Troy Evans, Al Mancini
Rating57% 2.852712.852712.852712.852712.85271
The film has several plot lines, one each for Ralphie, his father and his mother, followed by one involving Ralphie and his dad on a fishing trip. Ralphie's quest for most of the movie is to find a top tough enough to knock a bully's top out of a chalk circle in a game of "Kill". Meanwhile, Ralphie's dad has a series of skirmishes with his hillbilly neighbors, the Bumpuses, and all forty-three Bloodhounds named Big Red. The Old Man calls in Barkley, the family dog, to distract the Bumpuses' hounds when the Old Man comes home from work; when he gets out of the car, he accidentally steps in dog poop. Ralphie's mom would like to finally get something other than a Ronald Colman gravy boat on dish night at the local cinema. Scut, the main bully, is demoted, with a new head bully ruling over him.
Loose Cannons, 1h34
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Crime
Themes Buddy films
Actors Gene Hackman, Dan Aykroyd, Dom DeLuise, Ronny Cox, Nancy Travis, Robert Prosky
Rating49% 2.4545152.4545152.4545152.4545152.454515
A film is found that features young German officer Kirk Von Metz (Robert Prosky) sleeping with Adolf Hitler. Years later, Von Metz is running for chancellor of West Germany and arranges for the murder of anyone who has seen the film. The killings take place in the Washington D.C. area, and police officers MacArthur Stern (Gene Hackman) and Ellis Fielding (Dan Aykroyd) are sent to investigate the crimes.
From the Hip, 1h51
Directed by Bob Clark
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Judd Nelson, Elizabeth Perkins, John Hurt, Darren McGavin, Dan Monahan, David Alan Grier
Rating62% 3.100593.100593.100593.100593.10059
Fresh out of law school, Robin "Stormy" Weathers cannot stand the tedium of case filing and research. Desperately wanting to "practice law" and go to trial, one morning he intentionally withholds the fact that a trial is scheduled to begin that very afternoon to compel his superiors to let him try the case because he is the only one familiar with the facts of the case. During his meeting with the client (the president of a bank who intentionally struck another banker), the banker declares the "simple assault case" to be a no-winner (explaining that he hits people all the time), but wants the one-day trial to somehow be stretched to three days to run up the other banker's court fees.