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Bosco Hogan is a Actor Irlandais born on 1949

Bosco Hogan

Bosco Hogan
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Nationality Irlande
Birth 1949 (74 years)

Bosco Hogan (born 1949) is an Irish stage, film, and television actor.

He is well known as the character Dr. Michael Ryan on the television programme Ballykissangel. He appeared in a minor role as convicted felon George Saden in John Boorman's film Zardoz (1973), but his first major film role was as Stephen Dedalus in Joseph Strick's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1977), a film adaptation of James Joyce's novel of the same name. His later film credits include roles in The Outsider (1980), Screamtime (1983), In the Name of the Father (1993), Evelyn (2002) and King Arthur (2004). On television he played Jonathan Harker in the 1977 TV version of Count Dracula with Louis Jourdan; Frederick, Duke of York in Prince Regent in 1979; and Edward Ferrars in the 1981 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. He was a senior policeman for several episodes of the television programme, The Chief (1995).

Hogan appeared in the play A Cry from Heaven by Vincent Woods at the Abbey Theatre in the summer of 2005. He portrayed St. John Fisher in the 2007 season of The Tudors television programme on the Showtime channel. He played a cardinal once again in The Borgias (2011), as Cardinal Piccolomini.

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Terry George
Terry George
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Jim Sheridan
Jim Sheridan
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John Boorman
John Boorman
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Matt Damon
Matt Damon
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Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck
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Filmography of Bosco Hogan (13 films)

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The Last Duel
Directed by Ridley Scott
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Thriller, Action, Historical
Actors Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Ben Affleck, Marton Csokas, Harriet Walter
Roles Priest at Duel
Rating74% 3.700693.700693.700693.700693.70069
Au XIV siècle dans le royaume de France, un chevalier, de retour après une expédition militaire, retrouve son épouse. Celle-ci accuse l'écuyer, et vieil ami du chevalier, de l'avoir violée. L'écuyer se dit innocent. Un « procès par le combat » est décidé entre le chevalier et l'écuyer, pour déterminer la vérité. Si le mari perd le duel, la femme sera également brûlée vive pour fausse accusation.
We Have Always Lived in the Castle, 1h38
Directed by Stacie Passon
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Actors Taissa Farmiga, Sebastian Stan, Alexandra Daddario, Crispin Glover, Paula Malcomson, Peter O'Meara
Roles Old Ned
Rating55% 2.7983652.7983652.7983652.7983652.798365
Mary Katherine Blackwood a dix-huit ans et vit au « château » avec sa sœur Constance. Elle déteste le bruit, les chiens et les êtres humains. Même les membres de sa famille. Mais, en réalité, ceux-ci sont morts. Mystérieusement. On dit qu'ils ont été tous empoisonnés. On dit que Mary Katherine pourrait être la meurtrière. On dit même qu'elle se change parfois en loup-garou. On dit tant de choses. On dit que l'horreur a toujours habité le « château ».
Tara Road
Tara Road (2005)
, 1h37
Directed by Gillies MacKinnon
Genres Drama
Actors Andie MacDowell, Olivia Williams, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Iain Glen, Johnny Brennan, Sarah Bolger
Roles Accountant
Rating59% 2.9986752.9986752.9986752.9986752.998675
Two women trade houses without ever having met. They're both looking for an escape from their problems, but by running away, both come to discover a great deal about themselves.
King Arthur, 2h6
Directed by Antoine Fuqua
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Action, Adventure, Historical, Peplum
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about magic and magicians
Actors Clive Owen, Keira Knightley, Ioan Gruffudd, Mads Mikkelsen, Joel Edgerton, Ray Winstone
Roles Bishop Decoy
Rating62% 3.1497453.1497453.1497453.1497453.149745
Arthur (Clive Owen) is portrayed as a Roman cavalry officer, also known as Artorius Castus, the son of a Roman father and a Celtic mother, who commands a unit of Sarmatian auxiliary cavalry in Britain at the close of the Roman occupation in 467 A.D. Arthur is loyal to Rome and a devout Catholic, but follows the teachings of Pelagianism, which many consider heretical. He and his men guard Hadrian's Wall against the Woads, a group of native Britons who are rebels against Roman rule, led by the mysterious Merlin (Stephen Dillane).
Evelyn (2002)
, 1h33
Directed by Bruce Beresford
Genres Drama
Actors Sophie Vavasseur, Pierce Brosnan, Stephen Rea, Alan Bates, Julianna Margulies, Aidan Quinn
Roles Father O'Malley
Rating69% 3.495273.495273.495273.495273.49527
Nine-year-old Evelyn Doyle's (Sophie Vavasseur) mother has abandoned the family, leaving her out-of-work father Desmond Doyle (Pierce Brosnan) to bring up Evelyn and her two brothers, Maurice (Hugh MacDonagh) and Dermot (Niall Beagan) on his own. Matters are only made worse when Desmond's mother-in-law (Claire Mullan) reports the abandonment of the children to the authorities. Irish law prohibits children from being brought up in a "broken home", and therefore places these children in Church-run orphanages. Desmond also drinks excessively. Although it is shown that the boy's orphanage is very strict, details are examined in Evelyn's orphanage. She is dropped off by her grandfather (Frank Kelly), who, in attempts to comfort the clearly nervous Evelyn, explains to her that rays of light created by the sun shining in a specific spot through the clouds are called "angel rays," and mean that a guardian angel is watching over her. Evelyn, although momentarily comforted, is brought away by the nuns. She is introduced to a dining hall of girls much like herself. It is revealed that many of them have been in the orphanage for many years due to Irish law. While the children are adjusting to the harsh treatments of Catholic orphanages, Desmond has not been doing well. Desmond, finding no hope in the retrieval of his children and unable to afford a lawyer, has gotten very drunk and tried to punch the innocent Father O'Malley. The father instead punches Desmond. Desmond is helped by the local part-time bartender and chemist, Bernadette (Julianna Margulies). Bernadette tells Desmond to go to her brother's office, who happens to be solicitor (a type of lawyer, although he cannot speak in cases such as these) for help. The solicitor, Michael (Stephen Rea), makes it very clear to Desmond though, that he cannot help him until he gets his act together. This means bringing in a regular income and setting a good example for his children. Desmond does get a painting job and spends nights singing for tips with his father in the pub where Bernadette works. Unfortunately at this time, Evelyn had been having problems with Sister Bridget who beat her after she questioned her authority. Evelyn objected to Sister Bridget (Andrea Irvine) beating her friend who forgot Bible scripture, although the Bible scripture stated that "God is merciful," therefore meaning that He wouldn't want Sister Bridget to beat the children for forgetting scripture. Enraged, Desmond goes to find Evelyn after reading this in a letter that she wrote to him. On his way, he finds Sister Bridget and shakes her while threatening her to never touch his daughter again or he will "tear her limb from limb." This leads to a series of drunken rampages which leads to Bernadette refusing to continue her romantic encounter with Desmond on the grounds that he needs to, essentially, shape up. During this time, Desmond also loses his father when he has a heart attack. Desmond does shape up though, including quitting drinking. Unfortunately, their (now the lawyer and speaker, American Nick Barron (Aidan Quinn), and his old mentor and consultant, injured rugby player and rebel lawyer Thomas Connolly (Alan Bates) plea is rejected by the courts leading Desmond and his children heartbroken and separated. But, that night (the same night Desmond quits drinking) a gambler rigs Desmond to win copious amounts of money to pay for his legal bills. With nowhere to go though, the case seems hopeless until Connolly comes up with the idea of bringing an entirely new issue to the Supreme Court on the grounds that the lack of Desmond's custody with his children goes against the Irish Constitution itself. No one has ever successfully made a statement like this and won. Through publicity, Desmond gets a court hearing where they successfully make their case and Desmond makes a compelling speech to the court. The next day, Evelyn is brought to the stand and told that she was lying about Sister Bridget beating her after Sister Bridget exaggerates her run-in with Desmond and tells a false story about Evelyn's black and blue face. Evelyn, although momentarily confused by this change in events, is comforted by "angel rays," she believes are from her grandfather. Evelyn denies this statement and makes rather hilarious comebacks, unknowingly, to the defense and Sister Bridget. She then finishes it off with a beautiful repeat of her prayer asking to forgive Sister Bridget and insure the prospering of Ireland and its people. Moved, two out of the three judges side with Desmond who not only gets his children back, but finally falls in love with Bernadette. They are shown on Christmas day, celebrating as a family. It is then shown that due to these efforts, many children all across Ireland were reunited with their families due to amends in the Irish Children's Act.
How to Cheat in the Leaving Certificate, 1h20
Directed by Graham Jones
Actors Eamon Morrissey, Mary McEvoy, Mick Lally, Joe McKinney, Bosco Hogan
Rating68% 3.4393953.4393953.4393953.4393953.439395
Upon being caught cheating in his Leaving Certificate exam and being banned from sitting the exam for another three years, a young man commits suicide. A close friend of his subsequently plots to cheat in his own Leaving Certificate in order to get revenge against the system. With the help of a rag-tag group of friends this young man organizes a complex scheme to steal copies of the test papers from the Department of Education and, upon winning, show the world he has beaten the system.
Some Mother's Son, 1h52
Directed by Terry George
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Films about terrorism, Political films
Actors Helen Mirren, Fionnula Flanagan, Aidan Gillen, David O'Hara, John Lynch, Tom Hollander
Roles British Captain
Rating71% 3.5946253.5946253.5946253.5946253.594625
Le calvaire de deux meres, Kathleen Quigley et Annie Higgins Higgins, dechirees entre la vie de leurs fils grevistes de la faim et la liberte de l'Irlande.
In the Name of the Father, 2h12
Directed by Jim Sheridan
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Prison films, Films about religion, Films about terrorism, Political films, Films about capital punishment, Conflit nord-irlandais
Actors Daniel Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson, Pete Postlethwaite, John Lynch, Beatie Edney, Corin Redgrave
Roles Defense Counsel
Rating80% 4.049074.049074.049074.049074.04907
Gerry Conlon (Daniel Day-Lewis) is shown in Belfast stripping lead from roofs of houses when security forces home in on the district with armoured cars, and a riot breaks out. Gerry's father, Giuseppe Conlon (Pete Postlethwaite), later saves him from IRA punishment, and he is sent off to London to stay with his aunt, for his own good. Instead, he finds a squat, to explore, as he puts it, "free love and dope". One evening by chance he gains entry to a prostitute's flat and he steals the £700 he finds stashed inside; on that evening in Guildford there is an explosion at a pub that kills four off-duty soldiers and a civilian, and wounds sixty-five others.
Taffin (1988)
, 1h36
Directed by Francis Megahy
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Pierce Brosnan, Ray McAnally, Alison Doody, Jeremy Child, Gerard McSorley, Patrick Bergin
Roles The Builder
Rating56% 2.8025252.8025252.8025252.8025252.802525
The plot concerns Taffin and his methods of executing justice, in order to save a local park in the town of Ballymoran.
Anne Devlin, 2h1
Directed by Pat Murphy
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Bríd Brennan, Bosco Hogan, David Kelly, Ian McElhinney, John Cowley
Roles Robert Emmet
Rating71% 3.575563.575563.575563.575563.57556
The Outsider, 2h8
Genres Drama
Themes Films about terrorism, Political films
Actors Craig Wasson, Sterling Hayden, T.P. McKenna, Patricia Quinn, Niall Tóibín, Gabriel Byrne
Roles Finbar Donovan
Rating67% 3.382243.382243.382243.382243.38224
Un vétéran du Vietnam en colère quitte Detroit pour Belfast et rejoint l'IRA contre les Anglais, comme l'avait fait son grand-père.
Count Dracula, 2h30
Directed by Philip Saville
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Dracula films, Vampires in film
Actors Louis Jourdan, Frank Finlay, Susan Penhaligon, Judi Bowker, Jack Shepherd, Mark Burns
Roles Jonathan Harker
Rating72% 3.6438853.6438853.6438853.6438853.643885
Lucy Westenra's sister Mina bids farewell to her fiancé Jonathan Harker, who is leaving for a business trip. Harker, a solicitor, is travelling to Count Dracula's castle in Transylvania to expedite his purchase of Carfax Abbey and other properties in England.
Zardoz (1974)
, 1h47
Directed by John Boorman
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Action
Themes Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Children's films, Disaster films
Actors Sean Connery, Charlotte Rampling, Sara Kestelman, John Boorman, John Alderton, Bosco Hogan
Roles George Saden
Rating58% 2.901612.901612.901612.901612.90161
In a future post-apocalypse Earth in the year 2293, the human population is divided into the immortal "Eternals" and mortal "Brutals". The Brutals live in a wasteland, growing food for the Eternals, who live apart in "the Vortex", leading a luxurious but aimless existence on the grounds of a country estate. The connection between the two groups is through Brutal Exterminators, who kill and terrorize other "Brutals" at the orders of a huge flying stone head called Zardoz, which supplies them with weapons in exchange for the food they collect. Zed (Connery), a Brutal Exterminator, hides aboard Zardoz during one trip, temporarily "killing" its Eternal operator-creator Arthur Frayn (Niall Buggy).