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Brian Murray is a Actor born on 10 september 1937 at Johannesburg (South africa)

Brian Murray

Brian Murray
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Birth name Brian Bell
Birth 10 september 1937 (86 years) at Johannesburg (South africa)

Brian Murray (born September 10, 1937) is a South African actor and theatre director who was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 2004.

Best films

Treasure Planet (2002)

Usually with

Tim Robbins
Tim Robbins
(1 films)
Bryan Forbes
Bryan Forbes
(2 films)
John Musker
John Musker
(1 films)
Ron Clements
Ron Clements
(1 films)
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A Bread Factory: Part One: For the Sake of Gold, 2h2
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Tyne Daly, James Marsters, Janeane Garofalo, Nana Visitor, Brian Murray, Glynnis O'Connor
Roles Sir Walter
Rating67% 3.386023.386023.386023.386023.38602
Il y a 40 ans, dans la petite ville de Checkford, Dorothea et Greta ont transformé une usine à pain désaffectée en un espace dédié aux arts : La Bread Factory. Mais un couple célèbre d’artistes-performeurs chinois est arrivé en ville et menace de récupérer les subventions culturelles permettant de faire vivre ce lieu. Non sans humour, les habitants de Checkford tentent de s’adapter aux changements et la Bread Factory de survivre...
A Bread Factory: Part Two: Walk With Me A While, 2h
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Nana Visitor, James Marsters, Tyne Daly, Jessica Pimentel, Brian Murray, Trevor St. John
Roles Sir Walter
Rating66% 3.3313553.3313553.3313553.3313553.331355
Checkford a bien changé depuis l’arrivée des célèbres May Ray : les touristes affluent, l’immobilier flambe… A la Bread Factory, Dorothea et Greta travaillent sur l’adaptation d’Hécube d’Euripide. Mais le vrai spectacle se situe peut-être à l’extérieur. Face à toutes ces transformations dans la ville, la Bread Factory est toujours menacée.
Dream House, 1h28
Directed by Jim Sheridan
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Fantastic, Horror
Themes Films about writers, Ghost films
Actors Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Marton Csokas, Elias Koteas, Gregory Smith
Roles Dr. Medlin
Rating60% 3.001373.001373.001373.001373.00137
The film begins in Manhattan with Will Atenton (Daniel Craig) leaving his job as a successful editor in the city in order to spend more time in the suburbs with his wife, Libby (Rachel Weisz), and their two daughters and write a book. At first, they appear to be living the American dream in an idyllic small-town home they have just moved into. Early in his time at the house, Will notices tension between his neighbor, Anne Patterson (Naomi Watts), and her ex-husband, Jack, who is picking up their teenage daughter. Despite the seemingly perfect house, it soon becomes apparent to Will that something isn't right.
In the Family, 2h49
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about children, Films about families, Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, Homoparentalité, LGBT-related film
Actors Trevor St. John, Park Overall, Brian Murray, Susan Kellerman, Susan Kellermann, Peter Hermann
Roles Paul Hawkes
Rating70% 3.5371353.5371353.5371353.5371353.537135
In the town of Martin, Tennessee, Chip Hines, a precocious six year old, has only known life with his two dads, Cody and Joey. And a good life it is. When Cody dies suddenly in a car accident, Joey and Chip struggle to find their footing again. Just as they begin to, Cody's will reveals that he named his sister as Chip's guardian. The years of Joey's acceptance into the family unravel as Chip is taken away from him. In his now solitary home life, Joey searches for a solution. The law is not on his side, but friends are. Armed with their comfort and inspired by memories of Cody, Joey finds a path to peace with the family and closer to his son.
Treasure Planet, 1h35
Directed by Ron Clements, John Musker
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Musical, Animation
Themes Space adventure films, Seafaring films, Monde imaginaire, Transport films, Time travel films, Sur une planète fictive, Sur la Lune, Pirate films, Musical films, Films about disabilities, Children's films, Films about extraterrestrial life, Robot films, L'Or
Actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brian Murray, David Hyde Pierce, Martin Short, Emma Thompson, Patrick McGoohan
Roles John Silver (voice)
Rating72% 3.6049253.6049253.6049253.6049253.604925
Set in the future, the film's prologue depicts Jim Hawkins as a five-year-old (voiced by Austin Majors) reading a storybook in bed. Jim is enchanted by stories of the legendary pirate Captain Flint and his ability to appear from nowhere, raid passing ships, and disappear in order to hide the loot on the mysterious "Treasure Planet". Twelve years later, Jim (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has grown into an aloof and alienated teenager. He is shown begrudgingly helping his mother Sarah (Laurie Metcalf) run an inn and deriving amusement from "solar surfing" (a hybrid of skysurfing and windsurfing atop a board attached to a solar sail-powered rocket), a pastime that frequently gets him in trouble.
City Hall
City Hall (1996)
, 1h47
Directed by Harold Becker
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Political films
Actors Al Pacino, John Cusack, Bridget Fonda, Danny Aiello, Richard Schiff, David Paymer
Roles Corporation Council
Rating61% 3.0982653.0982653.0982653.0982653.098265
John Pappas is the mayor of New York City and has far more grand ambitions, including the governor's office and the White House. His loyal deputy mayor is Kevin Calhoun, a young man from Louisiana who grew up loving politics.
Bob Roberts, 1h42
Directed by Tim Robbins
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films about films, Films about music and musicians, Documentary films about politics, Musical films, Political films
Actors Giancarlo Esposito, Ray Wise, Gore Vidal, John Cusack, Peter Gallagher, Alan Rickman
Roles Terry Manchester
Rating69% 3.4971253.4971253.4971253.4971253.497125
Bob Roberts takes place in Pennsylvania in 1990. It depicts a fictitious senatorial race between a conservative Republican folk singer, Bob Roberts (Tim Robbins), and the incumbent Democrat, Brickley Paiste (Gore Vidal). The film is shot through the perspective of Terry Manchester (Brian Murray), a British documentary filmmaker who is following the Roberts campaign. Through his lens we see Roberts travel across the state, performing songs about drug users, lazy people and the triumph of traditional family values over the rebelliousness of the 1960s. As the campaign continues, Paiste remains in the lead until a scandal arises involving him and a young woman who was seen emerging from a car with him. Paiste claims that she was a friend of his granddaughter who he was driving home, but he cannot shake the accusations.
Kojak: The Price of Justice, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Telly Savalas, Stanley Tucci, Kate Nelligan, Pat Hingle, Earl Hindman, Jack Thompson
Roles District Attorney Neary
Rating64% 3.2318053.2318053.2318053.2318053.231805
Kojak is on new case, bodies of two young boys are found in Harlem river, their mother (Kate Nelligan) is the main suspect. Soon boys' father (Pat Hingle) kills himself. Kojak and his new assistant (John Bedford Lloyd) have to sort things out and solve the case which isn't going to be straightforward task as it seems.
The League of Gentlemen, 1h56
Directed by Basil Dearden
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Heist films
Actors Jack Hawkins, Nigel Patrick, Roger Livesey, Bryan Forbes, Richard Attenborough, Kieron Moore
Roles Grogan
Rating71% 3.5965853.5965853.5965853.5965853.596585
A manhole opens at night in an empty street and out climbs Lieutenant-Colonel Norman Hyde (Jack Hawkins) in a dinner suit. He gets into a Rolls-Royce and drives home. There, he prepares seven envelopes, each containing an American crime paperback called The Golden Fleece, ten £5-notes cut in half (i.e. £50 in total with the other halves) and an unsigned invitation from “Co-operative Removals Limited” to lunch at the Cafe Royal.