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Candy Clark is a Actor American born on 20 june 1947 at Fort Worth (USA)

Candy Clark

Candy Clark
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Birth name Candace June Clark
Nationality USA
Birth 20 june 1947 (76 years) at Fort Worth (USA)

Candace June "Candy" Clark (born June 20, 1947) is an American film and television actress, well known for her role as Debbie Dunham in the film American Graffiti (1973), which garnered her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress category nomination. She reprised the role in for the sequel More American Graffiti (1979).


She dated Jeff Bridges, for several years whom she met on the set of Fat City in 1972. She was married to Marjoe Gortner from 1978 to 1979. She married Jeff Wald in 1987, and divorced him in 1988. As of 2007, she attended many hot rod shows, and enjoys gardening, collecting antiques, and trading memorabilia on eBay.

Best films

American Graffiti (1973)
Blue Thunder (1983)

Usually with

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Cold Moon
Cold Moon (2016)

Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Crime
Actors Christopher Lloyd, Frank Whaley, Josh Stewart, Tommy Wiseau, Robbie Kay, Rachele Brooke Smith
Roles Evelyn Larkin
Rating46% 2.308872.308872.308872.308872.30887
Dans la petite ville de Babylone, en Floride, Margaret Larkin (Sara Kathryn Bellamy), âgée de quatorze ans, disparaît, est retrouvée assassinée dans la rivière, attachée à son propre vélo. La ville est traumatisée par la présence d'un tueur inconnu parmi eux et le tueur lui-même, Nathan Redfield (Josh Stewart), fils d'un éminent banquier de la ville, profite de l'occasion pour mettre son crime sur le compte du directeur du lycée, Walter Perry (Marcus Lyle Brown). Nathan est littéralement hanté par le fantôme de sa victime et ceux d'autres morts dans la rivière, tandis que son père sadique James (Christopher Lloyd) utilise à la fois la culpabilité de son fils et son instabilité mentale croissante pour contrôler tous les mouvements de Nathan avec le but ultime de conduire son fils à tuer à nouveau.
The Informant!, 1h48
Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about psychiatry
Actors Scott Bakula, Matt Damon, Joel McHale, Eddie Jemison, Melanie Lynskey, Tom Papa
Roles Mark Whitacre's Mother
Rating64% 3.2477253.2477253.2477253.2477253.247725
Mark Whitacre, a rising star at Decatur, Illinois based Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in the early 1990s, blows the whistle on the company’s price-fixing tactics at the urging of his wife Ginger.
The Boneyard Collection
Directed by Edward L. Plumb
Genres Comedy, Horror
Actors Forrest J Ackerman, Peter Atkins, George Kennedy, Cassandra Peterson, Candy Clark, Brad Dourif
Roles Jane Torquemada (segment "Cry of the Mummy")
Rating38% 1.913111.913111.913111.913111.91311
The Boneyard Collection
Directed by Edward L. Plumb
Genres Comedy, Horror
Actors Forrest J Ackerman, Peter Atkins, George Kennedy, Cassandra Peterson, Candy Clark, Brad Dourif
Roles Jane Torquemada (segment "Cry of the Mummy")
Rating38% 1.913111.913111.913111.913111.91311
Dog Tags
Dog Tags (2008)

Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Paul Preiss, Bart Fletcher, Candy Clark, Amy Lindsay, Hoyt Richards, Barry J. Ratcliffe
Roles Deb Merritt
Rating58% 2.947862.947862.947862.947862.94786
This is the coming of age story of Nate Merritt (played by Paul Preiss), who stuck in bad relationships with his fiancee and mother decides to enlist in the military, although he is not sure. In the midst of all this turmoil in his life, he meets Andy Forte (played by Bart Fletcher), a carefree gay guy, and the two immediately strike a chord and become soul mates trying to help each other through their dilemmas and troubled youths.
Zodiac (2007)
, 2h37
Directed by David Fincher
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Documentary, Historical, Crime
Themes Films about writers, Films about journalists, Serial killer films
Actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Edwards, Brian Cox, John Carroll Lynch
Roles Carol Fisher
Rating76% 3.848483.848483.848483.848483.84848
On July 4, 1969, an unknown male attacks Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau with a handgun, at a lovers' lane in Vallejo, California. Mageau survives; Ferrin dies.
The Big Empty
Directed by Newton Thomas Sigel
Origin USA
Actors Selma Blair, Elias Koteas, Richard Kind, Hugh Laurie, Gabriel Mann, Richmond Arquette
Roles Mother
Rating70% 3.5335353.5335353.5335353.5335353.533535
A young woman, Alice (Selma Blair), goes to the gynecologist with a mysterious ache inside her. When one doctor can't figure out just what the problem is, she sees another, and still more, until finally one specialist finds that she has an enormous, empty tundra inside of her, the opening of which is her vagina. She is forced into a media parade, brought onto talk shows so that the specialist can talk about his discovery. Alice is treated coldly, like her emptiness is the only thing important about her, and still she aches. A challenge is put forth to see who would be willing to enter the vast tundra and see where it might lead; several men enter and travel for a long time, but find nothing but ice. One young man enters and does not come back out. At the end, Alice goes to a beach and stands by the water. In a rush, the ice from the emptiness inside her flows out, freezing the ocean, and the young man appears beside her.
Cherry Falls, 1h32
Directed by Geoffrey Wright
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror, Slasher
Themes Films about sexuality, Comedy horror films, Films about virginity
Actors Brittany Murphy, Jay Mohr, Michael Biehn, Candy Clark, Gabriel Mann, Jesse Bradford
Roles Marge Marken
Rating52% 2.601442.601442.601442.601442.60144
In the woods outside of Cherry Falls, Virginia, a teenage couple, Rod Harper (Jesse Bradford) and Stacy Twelfmann (Bre Blair) are getting romantic in a car when a black-haired female appears and murders them both. Meanwhile, in town, teenager Jody Marken (Brittany Murphy), the daughter of the local sheriff, is with her boyfriend, Kenny (Gabriel Mann), who thinks it is time to go "see other people." Jody goes back home to find her father, Brent (Michael Biehn), upset that she is out past her curfew. Brent and his deputies begin to investigate the murders the next day. They see that the killer carved the word "virgin" into both victims. At school, Brent sees English teacher Mr. Marliston (Jay Mohr), who urges him to divulge more details of the murder to students and the town so as to eliminate the possibility of secrets.
Niagara, Niagara, 1h33
Directed by Bob Gosse
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Transport films, Road movies
Actors Henry Thomas, Robin Tunney, Michael Parks, Stephen Lang, John Ventimiglia, Candy Clark
Roles Sally
Rating68% 3.4466753.4466753.4466753.4466753.446675
Seth et Marcy se rencontrent par hasard dans un magasin. Lui doit s'occuper d'un père malade. Elle est atteinte du syndrome de Tourette, une maladie qui provoque des tics incontrôlables. Ensemble, ils partent pour un voyage vers Toronto à la recherche d'une poupée Barbie spéciale pour Marcy, et entament une étonnante aventure.
Radioland Murders, 1h52
Directed by Charles Martin Smith, Mel Smith
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Musical, Crime, Romance
Themes Radio, Children's films
Actors Brian Benben, Tom Hanks, Mary Stuart Masterson, Michael Lerner, Scott Michael Campbell, Ned Beatty
Roles Billy's Mom
Rating60% 3.0491453.0491453.0491453.0491453.049145
In 1939, a new radio network based at station WBN in Chicago, Illinois begins its inaugural night. The station's owner, General Walt Whalen, depends on his employees to impress main sponsor Bernie King. This includes writer Roger Henderson, assistant director Penny Henderson (Roger's wife, seeking divorce), page boy Billy Budget, engineer Max Applewhite, conductor Rick Rochester, announcer Dexter Morris, director Walt Whalen, Jr. and stage manager Herman Katzenback. After King commissions rewrites on the radio scripts, the WBN writers get angry, adding to the fact that they have not been paid in weeks.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1h26
Directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Action, Horror
Themes Feminist films, Films about magic and magicians, Sports films, Martial arts films, Vampires in film, Political films, Kung fu films, Comedy horror films, Children's films
Actors Kristy Swanson, Donald Sutherland, Paul Reubens, Rutger Hauer, Luke Perry, Hilary Swank
Roles Buffy's Mom
Rating56% 2.849322.849322.849322.849322.84932
High school senior Buffy Summers (Kristy Swanson) is introduced as a stereotypical, shallow cheerleader at Hemery High School in Los Angeles. She is a carefree popular mean girl whose main concerns are shopping and spending time with her rich, snooty friends and her boyfriend, Jeffrey. While at school one day, she is approached by a man who calls himself Merrick (Donald Sutherland). He informs her that she is The Slayer, or Chosen One, and he is a Watcher whose duty it is to guide and train her. She initially rebukes his claims, but finally becomes convinced that he is right when he is able to describe a recurring dream of hers in detail. In addition, Buffy is exhibiting uncanny abilities not known to her, including heightened agility, senses, and endurance, yet she repeatedly tries Merrick's patience with her frivolous nature and sharp-tongued remarks.
Cool as Ice, 1h31
Directed by David Kellogg
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Hip hop films, Musical films
Actors Vanilla Ice, Kristin Minter, Naomi Campbell, John Newton, Michael Gross, Candy Clark
Roles Grace
Rating29% 1.469051.469051.469051.469051.46905
Johnny Van Owen (Vanilla Ice) is a carefree rapper who drifts from city to city performing. As the film begins, Johnny is performing at a nightclub rapping and dancing with his crew and a club background songstress (Naomi Campbell) playing "Cool as Ice (Everybody Get Loose)". When the club closes for the night, Johnny receives a phone number from a female audience member. They then head out on their motorcycles to their next show.
The Blob
The Blob (1988)
, 1h30
Directed by Chuck Russell
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Horror
Themes Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films
Actors Kevin Dillon, Shawnee Smith, Donovan, Donovan Leitch, Jeffrey DeMunn, Candy Clark
Roles Fran Hewitt
Rating66% 3.300943.300943.300943.300943.30094
A meteorite crashes near Arborville, California. An elderly transient discovers, within the sphere, a massive slime mold-like substance (the Blob) that attaches itself to his hand. Three high school students, Brian, Meg and Paul, take him to a hospital. After Brian leaves, Paul witnesses the lower half of the transient melting from exposure to the Blob. As he calls for help, the Blob drops on top of him. Meg arrives to see Paul being devoured by the growing Blob. While she tries to free him, his arm dissolves off, Meg is thrown against a wall and knocked unconscious, and the Blob oozes out of the hospital.
At Close Range, 1h51
Directed by James Foley
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes Films about families
Actors Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, Mary Stuart Masterson, Chris Penn, Millie Perkins, Eileen Ryan
Roles Mary Sue
Rating68% 3.449553.449553.449553.449553.44955
Brad Whitewood, Sr. (Christopher Walken) is the leader of an organized crime family. One night, his estranged oldest son, Brad, Jr. (Sean Penn), contacts him after a fight with his mother's boyfriend and stays with him at his home in Hulmeville, Pennsylvania. Eventually, he becomes involved with his father's criminal activities, and starts a gang with his half-brother, Tommy (Chris Penn). The boys attempt a daring heist, which results in their arrest. All of them are bailed out except Brad, Jr.