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Capucine is a Actor French born on 6 january 1928 at Saint-Raphaël (France)


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Birth name Germaine Hélène Irène Lefèbvre
Nationality France
Birth 6 january 1928 at Saint-Raphaël (France)
Death 17 march 1990 (at 62 years) at Lausanne (Suisse)

Capucine (6 January 1928 – 17 March 1990) was a French fashion model and actress known for her comedic roles in The Pink Panther (1963) and What's New Pussycat? (1965). She appeared in 36 films and 17 television productions between 1948 and 1990.


On the set of Rendez-vous (1949), she met Pierre Trabaud; they married the next year. The marriage lasted only eight months, and Capucine never married again.

She had an affair with Charles K. Feldman, who produced her films What's New Pussycat?, The 7th Dawn and The Honey Pot.

Capucine met actor William Holden in the early 1960s. They starred in the films The Lion (1962) and The 7th Dawn (1964). Holden was married to Brenda Marshall, but the two began a two-year affair. After the affair ended, she and Holden remained friends until Holden's death in 1981.

Best films

Song Without End (1960)
Red Sun (1971)
Le Triomphe de Michel Strogoff (1961)
Incorrigible (1975)

Usually with

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Filmography of Capucine (40 films)

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Delirium: Photo of Gioia, 1h45
Directed by Lamberto Bava
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Serena Grandi, Daria Nicolodi, George Eastman, Capucine, Sabrina Salerno, Corrado Pani
Roles Flora
Rating56% 2.8035452.8035452.8035452.8035452.803545
A former prostitute is in charge of a successful men's magazine. An obsessed admirer systematically slaughters her models (which also increases the magazine's sales) and supplies the mistress with pictures of their disfigured corpses taken in front of her semi-nude posters visible in the background. The more he kills, the closer the killer gets to slaughtering his obsession.
Sins (TV miniseries), 5h20
Directed by Douglas Hickox
Origin USA
Actors Joan Collins, Timothy Dalton, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Marisa Berenson, Steven Berkoff, Joseph Bologna
Roles Odile
Rating73% 3.6771153.6771153.6771153.6771153.677115
Helene Junot is a successful businesswoman and a leading name in the world of fashion. In 1980s New York, she attends a reception for the launch of her new magazine, "Woman Of Today", which could make or break her publishing company. Meanwhile, several people from Helene's past are conspiring to destroy her.
Noces de souffre, 1h26
Directed by Raymond Vouillamoz
Genres Thriller, Crime
Actors Agnès Soral, Jean-Luc Bideau, Jean Bouise, Capucine, Michèle Gleizer, Claude-Inga Barbey
Roles La veuve Castagner

André Letellier, modeste employé de banque à La Chaux-de-Fonds, vient de dérober la coquette somme d'un million de francs suisses. Déterminé à placer son butin en sécurité, il prend la fuite à bord de son automobile. Mais un dérapage incontrôlé sur une route très enneigée l'envoie au fond d'un sombre ravin. L'homme et l'argent s'envolent en fumée. Annette, sa femme, et Thérèse, sa maîtresse, se connaissent bien. Toutes deux sont déterminées à découvrir la vérité...
Curse of the Pink Panther, 1h49
Directed by Blake Edwards
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Comedy thriller, Crime
Actors David Niven, Robert Wagner, Herbert Lom, Joanna Lumley, Capucine, Robert Loggia
Roles Lady Simone Litton
Rating44% 2.2023952.2023952.2023952.2023952.202395
While investigating the theft of the Pink Panther diamond (in the previous film Trail of the Pink Panther), Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers), hailed as France's greatest detective, disappeared at sea during a plane crash. His former superior, Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom), is pressured to oversee Operation Paragon and utilize Interpol's fictitious Huxley Huxley 600 computer Aldous to find the world's greatest detective to solve the crime.
Stray Bullets, 1h31
Directed by Jean-Louis Comolli
Origin France
Genres Thriller, Crime
Actors Andréa Ferréol, Maria Schneider, Serge Valletti, Capucine, Micky Sébastian, Alexandre Arbatt
Roles Madam Teufminn
Rating61% 3.064263.064263.064263.064263.06426
Sam doit se marier avec Véra, sa collègue de bureau. Maryvonne découvre que son patron diamantaire a été assassiné, et fait appel à Sam pour mener l'enquête.
Aphrodite (1982)
, 1h28
Directed by Robert Fuest
Origin France
Genres Drama, Erotic
Themes Seafaring films, Films about sexuality, Transport films, Erotic films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Horst Buchholz, Valérie Kaprisky, Delia Boccardo, Capucine, Catherine Jourdan, Daniel Beretta
Roles Susan Stanford
Rating44% 2.2313752.2313752.2313752.2313752.231375
Ce film, dont l'histoire se passe avant la Première Guerre mondiale, a pour fil directeur le vol d'un plan militaire secret.
Trail of the Pink Panther, 1h36
Directed by Blake Edwards
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Comedy thriller, Crime
Actors Peter Sellers, David Niven, Herbert Lom, Richard Mulligan, Joanna Lumley, Capucine
Roles Lady Simone Litton
Rating50% 2.5027652.5027652.5027652.5027652.502765
When the famous Pink Panther diamond is stolen again from Lugash, Chief Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) is called on the case despite protests by Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom). While on the case, Clouseau is pursued by the Mafia. Clouseau first goes to London to interrogate Sir Charles Lytton (having forgotten that he lives in the South of France). Traveling to the airport, he accidentally blows up his car, but mistakenly believes it an assassination attempt, and disguises himself in a heavy cast on the flight, which causes complications in the air and on land and leads to an awkward introduction to the Scotland Yard detectives at Heathrow. Meanwhile, Dreyfus learns from Scotland Yard that Libyan terrorists have marked Clouseau for assassination; but permits him to continue.
Arabian Adventure, 1h38
Directed by Kevin Connor
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Fantasy, Adventure
Actors Christopher Lee, Oliver Tobias, Milo O'Shea, Peter Cushing, Capucine, Puneet Sira
Roles Vahishta
Rating58% 2.9051652.9051652.9051652.9051652.905165
Un magicien adepte de la magie noire, Alquazar, obtient des forces du mal, en échange de son âme, le secret pour devenir le maître du monde. Mais les deux héros, le jeune Majeed et le prince Hasan, vont tout faire pour l'en empêcher.
From Hell to Victory, 1h39
Directed by Umberto Lenzi
Origin Espagne
Genres War, Action
Actors George Peppard, George Hamilton, Horst Buchholz, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Capucine, Anny Duperey
Roles Nicole Levine
Rating52% 2.621142.621142.621142.621142.62114
In 1939 six friends take drinks in a suburb of Paris and promise each other to meet again once World War II is over. Two of them are French, two others are Americans, one is a German and another one is British. All of them fight in the war and after the Liberation of Paris only three of them live to keep their promise.
Jaguar Lives!, 1h36
Directed by Ernest Pintoff
Origin USA
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Action, Spy, Martial arts
Themes Spy films, Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Christopher Lee, Donald Pleasence, Barbara Bach, Capucine, Joseph Wiseman, Woody Strode
Roles Zina Vanacore
Rating43% 2.188452.188452.188452.188452.18845
After his partner is killed, a secret agent and karate expert (Joe Lewis) sets out to defeat an international drug cartel.
Nest of Vipers, 1h45
Directed by Tonino Cervi, Ronald Chammah
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Senta Berger, Ornella Muti, Mattia Sbragia, Capucine, Paolo Bonacelli, Stefano Patrizi
Roles Amalia Mazzarini
Rating65% 3.2854853.2854853.2854853.2854853.285485
The film is set in the Venice of the 1930s, against a background of rising fascism. A music-student, Matthias, mixes with the town's bourgeoisie and falls in love with a mature teacher, Carla, the mother of his friend Renato, and then with his young colleague, Elena. The themes include blackmail, betrayal, seduction, and eventually murder.
High Rollers, 1h45
Directed by Sergio Corbucci
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Crime
Themes Buddy films, Heist films
Actors Anthony Quinn, Adriano Celentano, Capucine, Corinne Cléry, Attilio Dottesio, Renzo Marignano
Roles Belle Duke
Rating75% 3.7905753.7905753.7905753.7905753.790575
Southern France, in the Roaring Twenties. Philip Bang, a notorious master con man serving his time in prison, is relocated to a high security facility for hard labor after causing an uproar at supper. This, however, is actually part of a plan to spring him from prison, arranged with the aid of his former wife and partner, Belle Duke (propietor of a casino yacht and herself a con woman), and his daughter, Charlotte. But on his way to a transit prison facility, as Bang prepares to vacate the train via a wagon restroom, he suddenly finds himself the unwilling escape aide of another con man, young Italian "Felix", who leaves Bang in the soup.