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Cecilia Roth is a Actor and Costume Design Argentine born on 8 august 1958 at Buenos Aires (Argentine)

Cecilia Roth

Cecilia Roth
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Birth name Cecilia Edith Rotenberg
Nationality Argentine
Birth 8 august 1958 (61 years) at Buenos Aires (Argentine)

Cecilia Roth ([seˈsilja rot]; born Cecilia Edith Rotenberg; August 8, 1956) is an Argentine actress.


Elle est la fille d'Abrasha Rotemberg (né en 1926) un immigrant Juif originaire de l'Ukraine soviétique qui a fui le régime Stalinien. Sa mère Dina Rot a des ancêtres Juifs Séfarades.

Installée en Espagne depuis 1976 où elle a travaillé à plusieurs reprises avec Pedro Almodóvar et d'autres réalisateurs espagnols, elle continue à travailler en Argentine. Elle a été mariée avec le chanteur Fito Páez et elle a un enfant avec lui. Elle fut membre du jury lors de la Mostra de Venise 2001, présidé par Nanni Moretti.

Best films

All About My Mother (1999)
I'm So Excited! (2013)

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Filmography of Cecilia Roth (23 films)

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I'm So Excited!, 1h30
Directed by Pedro Almodóvar
Origin Espagne
Genres Comedy, Musical
Themes Films about sexuality, Transport films, LGBT-related films, Aviation films, Dans un avion, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Javier Cámara, Cecilia Roth, Raúl Arévalo, Lola Dueñas, Hugo Silva, Carlos Areces
Roles Norma Bosch
Rating56% 2.8030452.8030452.8030452.8030452.803045
The film opens as ground technician León (Antonio Banderas) removes the chocks from the wheels of an Airbus A340 for Peninsula Flight 2549. He waves to his wife Jessi (Penélope Cruz ), who is towing a luggage cart across the tarmac. The distraction causes her to crash into another ground technician who was checking Twitter. León checks on his wife to make sure she is okay, and she reveals that she is pregnant.
Empty Nest
Empty Nest (2008)
, 1h31
Directed by Daniel Burman
Origin Argentine
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about religion, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Cecilia Roth, Inés Efron, Jean-Pierre Noher
Roles Martha
Rating64% 3.2479153.2479153.2479153.2479153.247915
The story is centered around a family of five, a father, mother, their two sons, and daughter, revolving around the father. The reality within the diegesis is the one of the father, Leonardo. The film plays with chronology and reality. Leonardo is a well-known writer and playwright, whose his wife left university studies to take care of the family. The film begins with a scene of a dinner in which Leonardo seems uncomfortable because, as is learned later in the film, he is witnessing a possible affair between his wife and an old college friend of hers. The film documents the troubles of the marriage as Leonardo has a brief affair with his dentist shortly after his youngest daughter leaves to Israel with her new husband Ianib. Leonardo's version of reality is, at many times, questionable during the film. He talks to a doctor that researches memory and they talk about the construction of memory and fantasy and it alludes to the self-reflexivity of the film. Leonardo's son in law Ianib leaves behind a book for him to read and asks for his opinion of it. Leonardo takes some time to actually read the book even though he carries it around for most of the film. When he finally reads the book, he is surprised to find out that it is brilliant. This scene is accompanied with a distinct use of lighting that focuses on Leonardo and his absorption within the novel.
Luisa Sanfelice, 3h20
Directed by Frères Taviani
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Laetitia Casta, Adriano Giannini, Cecilia Roth, Marie Bäumer, Emilio Solfrizzi, Lello Arena
Roles Regina Carolina
Rating59% 2.984192.984192.984192.984192.98419
The film is about the life of Luisa Sanfelice, a young member of the Neapolitan nobility who is in love with a republican, Salvato Palmieri. In the wake of the French Revolution a Napoleonic army led by general Jean-Étienne Championnet enters in Naples. Horatio Nelson receives the duty to organise the exile of King Ferdinand to Palermo. After the court has fled the Parthenopean Republic is proclaimed in January 1799. Also Luisa's husband, Cavaliere Luciano Sanfelice, has gone, but she stays. Luisa becomes the symbol of the hatred nobility though she supports the revolution. In June of the same year Naples is taken by the royalist troops conducted by cardinal Fabrizio Ruffo. Ferdinand returns to the town: with his well-known brutality he orders several massacres and the elimination of all opponents. 50000 Neapoletans are left dead. Disregarding the outrage of the population Ferdinand puts Luisa to death on 11 September 1800.
Lucía, Lucía, 1h50
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Adventure, Crime, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Transport films, LGBT-related films, Road movies, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Cecilia Roth, Kuno Becker, Margarita Isabel, José Elías Moreno, Mario Iván Martínez, Javier Díaz Dueñas
Roles Lucía
Rating62% 3.100333.100333.100333.100333.10033
Lucía, a children's book writer, is travelling to Brazil with her husband on vacation, when her husband disappears after going to the airport bathroom. She later learns that he was kidnapped by a group called the People Workers Party that wants 20 million pesos from her. Her husband frantically tells her to find the money in his aunt's safety deposit box. With the help of her neighbours, a Spanish Civil War veteran, and a young musician, Lucía sets out to find his kidnappers. She eventually discovers the truth about his disappearance after learning from the police that her husband is accused of being part of an elaborate embezzlement scam from within the Treasury Department of the government and may have possibly faked his kidnapping.
Talk to Her, 1h52
Directed by Pedro Almodóvar
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Films about animals, Films about sexuality, Sports films, Bullfighting films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Javier Cámara, Darío Grandinetti, Leonor Watling, Géraldine Chaplin, Rosario Flores, Mariola Fuentes
Rating78% 3.9490153.9490153.9490153.9490153.949015
The story unfolds in flashbacks, giving details of two separate relationships that become intertwined with each other.
Kamchatka (2002)
, 1h46
Origin Argentine
Genres Drama
Themes Seafaring films, Politique, Transport films, Political films, Films about Latin American military dictatorships
Actors Ricardo Darín, Cecilia Roth, Héctor Alterio, Leticia Brédice, María Socas
Roles Mother
Rating71% 3.595383.595383.595383.595383.59538
The film is seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy, Harry (Matías del Pozo), who does not know that Argentina's 1976 coup d'état is impacting his life.
Antigua, My Life, 1h50
Directed by Héctor Olivera
Actors Ana Belén, Cecilia Roth
Roles Violeta Dasinski
Rating56% 2.820822.820822.820822.820822.82082
Two upper middle class women from Buenos Aires are trapped in relationships that aren't working well. One is in an abusive relationship, the other is selfish towards her family. The catalyst for change is the murder of the abusive husband by his wife, played by Roth. Her best friend tries to help her through this process, and by doing so has to tackle her own problems.
A Night with Sabrina Love, 1h40
Directed by Alejandro Agresti
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Films about pornography
Actors Cecilia Roth, Giancarlo Giannini, Norma Aleandro, Julieta Cardinali, Carlos Roffé
Roles Sabrina Love
Rating63% 3.196123.196123.196123.196123.19612
The film tells of Daniel (Tomás Fonzi), a coming-of-age seventeen-year-old orphan growing up in a small town in rural Argentina.
All About My Mother, 1h41
Directed by Pedro Almodóvar
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films about writers, Feminist films, Medical-themed films, Films about sexuality, Films about television, LGBT-related films, Transgender in film, Political films, LGBT-related films, HIV/AIDS in film, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Cecilia Roth, Marisa Paredes, Penélope Cruz, Antonia San Juan, Candela Peña, Rosa Maria Sardà
Roles Manuela
Rating77% 3.899333.899333.899333.899333.89933
The film centers on Manuela, an Argentine nurse who oversees donor organ transplants in Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid and single mother to Esteban, a teenager who wants to be a writer.
Second Skin
Directed by Gerardo Vera
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Javier Bardem, Jordi Mollá, Ariadna Gil, Cecilia Roth, Mercedes Sampietro, Pilar Castro
Roles Eva
Rating64% 3.2484153.2484153.2484153.2484153.248415
The film is about a couple from Madrid, Elena (Ariadna Gil) and Alberto (Jordi Molla). They have a happy marriage, professional success and a loving son. But later, Elena finds a hotel receipt in Alberto's pocket and discovers that he has been unfaithful to her. To her surprise, the one who has been involved is another man, Diego (Javier Bardem).
Ashes of Paradise, 1h56
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Héctor Alterio, Cecilia Roth, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Leticia Brédice, Isabel Macedo
Roles Juez Beatriz Teller
Rating75% 3.7925453.7925453.7925453.7925453.792545
The film opens with the fall of the respected judge Costa Makantasis (Héctor Alterio) from the Federal Courthouse. Next, his oldest son Pablo (Leonardo Sbaraglia) is seen dragging the body of young and beautiful Ana Muro (Leticia Brédice) through the house in which he lives with his two younger brothers.
Martin (Hache), 2h5
Directed by Adolfo Aristarain
Origin Argentine
Genres Drama
Actors Federico Luppi, Cecilia Roth, Sancho Gracia, Ana María Picchio, Enrique Liporace
Roles Alicia
Rating76% 3.846783.846783.846783.846783.84678
Martín, known as Hache, is a 19-year-old Argentinian boy who after his girlfriend leaves him has a nearly fatal drug overdose, thought by many to be an attempted suicide. Afterwards, his mother sends him to Madrid to live with his father, Martin.
A Place in the World, 2h
Directed by Adolfo Aristarain
Origin Argentine
Genres Drama, Action
Actors Federico Luppi, Cecilia Roth, José Sacristán, Rodolfo Ranni, Hugo Arana
Roles Ana
Rating78% 3.942163.942163.942163.942163.94216
The story is set in 1974, following the death of Argentine President Juan Perón. While they live their lives, the characters argue about the country's most controversial subjects at the time: religion, politics, and human rights.