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Chie Satō is a Actor Japonaise born on 1 july 1964 at Saitama City (Japon)

Chie Satō

Chie Satō
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Nationality Japon
Birth 1 july 1964 (55 years) at Saitama City (Japon)

Chie Satō is a Japanese voice actress who has been featured in a number of anime shows. She is most known for portraying various characters on a number of Pokémon television shows and as Bo-chan in Crayon Shin-chan.

Usually with

Akiko Yajima
Akiko Yajima
(8 films)
Rokurō Naya
Rokurō Naya
(5 films)
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Filmography of Chie Satō (14 films)

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Crayon Shin-chan: Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys ~Ramen Rebellion~, 1h44
Genres Comedy, Adventure, Animation
Actors Toshiyuki Morikawa, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Megumi Han, Yū Mizushima, Chie Satō, Makiko Ōmoto
Roles Bo-chan (voice)
Rating59% 2.9509852.9509852.9509852.9509852.950985
Shinnosuke Nohara participe à un défi de kung-fu dans le chinatown de Kasukabe, surnommée la « ville Aiyā » (アイヤータウン). Il est aidé pour cela de la Force de défense de Kasukabe.
Crayon Shin-chan: Invasion!! Alien Shiriri, 1h43
Genres Comedy, Animation
Actors Toshiyuki Morikawa, Chie Satō, Miyuki Sawashiro, Hiroyuki Miyasako, Mirai Shida
Roles Bo-chan
Rating62% 3.1456253.1456253.1456253.1456253.145625
Un jour, la famille Nohara rencontre un mystérieux étranger venu du lointain espace nommé Shiriri. Touchés par le rayon émis par ce-dernier, Hiroshi et Misae rajeunissent de 25 ans et redeviennent des enfants. Pour pouvoir retrouver leur forme adulte, ils doivent trouver le père de Shiriri qui est au Japon. Cette situation, qui ne concerne d'abord que la famille de Shinnosuke puis ses amis, implique progressivement tout le Japon.
Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie
Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Actors Haruka Tomatsu, Tomokazu Seki, Etsuko Kozakura, Mika Kanai, Hisako Kyōda, Haruka Shimazaki
Roles Bakuroba (Tattletell) / Kanchi Imada (Edward "Eddie" Archer)
Rating55% 2.7905752.7905752.7905752.7905752.790575
Crayon Shin-chan: Very Tasty! B-class Gourmet Survival!!, 1h36
Directed by Masakazu Hashimoto
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Akiko Yajima, Keiji Fujiwara, Satomi Kōrogi, Teiyū Ichiryūsai, Chie Satō
Roles Bo-chan
Rating68% 3.4402053.4402053.4402053.4402053.440205
In the story, Shin-chan and the Kasukabe defence group members were supposed to go to the B-class Gourmet Carnival. But, just then, a mysterious person asked Shin-chan to deliver a sauce to the carnival. But, that sauce was the only legendary sauce which could save B-class gourmet, which would otherwise get eradicated if fallen into the evil hands, and only A-class gourmet would remain. Will the mischievous kindergartener Shin-chan and his friends really be able to deliver the sauce safely to the carnival and save the world's B-grade cuisine?
Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Hero of Kinpoko, 1h33
Genres Animation
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Akiko Yajima, Keiji Fujiwara, Satomi Kōrogi, Yui Horie, Chie Satō, Rokurō Naya
Roles Chan Bo
Rating55% 2.758922.758922.758922.758922.75892
Dark Lord of the sweat duct Don Kurai dark world, was plotting trying to dominate the human world. However, you have to know the dark legend of "Hero" and the darkness Uchiharau "three treasures" is a dash, which is one of the "three treasures" "tak of copper." While trying to take the "shield of silver" and "spear" gold treasure of the remaining two, "shield of silver" and "spear gold" by a man who knew the plot of the dark a little earlier is sent to the human world.
Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior, 1h36
Directed by Tom Wayland, Kunihiko Yuyama
Genres Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Films about video games, Films based on video games, Children's films
Actors Sarah Natochenny, Emily Bauer, Ikue Ōtani, Bill Rogers, Rica Matsumoto, Yūji Ueda
Roles Ogin (voice)
Rating61% 3.060833.060833.060833.060833.06083
After the fateful events of Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai, Shaymin, a hedgehog-like legendary Pokémon, is drawn into a battle between Dialga and Giratina, who drags both Shaymin and Dialga into the Reverse World. A frightened Shaymin uses her powers to escape through a portal back to the normal world, Dialga following after he disables Giratina's ability to venture to Earth by trapping it in an infinite time loop. The battle is witnessed by Newton Graceland, a specialist on the Reverse World, and by the film's antagonist Zero.
Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, 1h45
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama
Genres Animation
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Films about video games, Films based on video games, Children's films
Actors Sarah Natochenny, Michele Knotz, Rica Matsumoto, KAORI, Kayzie Rogers, Fushigi Yamada
Roles Gonbe (voice)
Rating60% 3.003173.003173.003173.003173.00317
The film opens with Jack “Jackie” Walker, a Pokémon ranger undercover, infiltrating Phantom the Pirate’s ship and retrieving a special Pokémon egg to prevent Phantom’s selfish desires. Jackie manages to escape with the help of a Mantine, a water/flying type Pokémon. Sometime later Ash Ketchum along with his Pikachu, Brock, May, and her younger brother Max stumble upon the Marina Group, a traveling family circus consisted of water and psychic-type Pokémon. They meet Elizabeth, the star and daughter of Kyle and Meredith, performers and Kyle’s father Chip, the conductor. They kindly take in Ash and the others who are suffering from dehydration in the wasteland. After a performance at a nearby town, May discovers the same egg shown earlier in the film by the Marina Group’s pet Buizel, a water-type Pokémon. A clown apparently traveling with the group takes away the egg and hands it to Elizabeth. That night, May has a dream with her encountering a temple under the sea and a mysterious Pokémon. That morning she explains it to everyone and it turns out that Marina Group have all had that dream and tell the others about a group of people called the People of the Water, stating that they are in relation with them. Meanwhile, Team Rocket; Jessie, James and Meowth raid the Marina Group’s trailer for the egg and attempt to hand it over to Phantom. They fail when the Marina Group’s clown reveals himself as Jack Walker who captures a Fearow to retrieve it.
Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, 1h40
Directed by Darren Dunstan, Kunihiko Yuyama
Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Films about video games, Films based on video games, Children's films
Actors Veronica Taylor, Ikue Ōtani, Rica Matsumoto, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, KAORI
Roles Gonbe (voice)
Rating68% 3.446693.446693.446693.446693.44669
In the legendary past, before the creation of Poké Balls, an aura-guiding hero Pokémon named Lucario sensed two armies about to clash at Cameron Palace in Kanto. He told his master, Sir Aaron, while he was being attacked by a group of Houndoom. During the battle, Lucario was blinded, and he used his Aura Sphere to eliminate the Houndoom.
Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Kasukabe Boys of the Evening Sun
Genres Comedy, Animation
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Akiko Yajima, Keiji Fujiwara, Satomi Kōrogi, Osamu Kobayashi, Chikao Ōtsuka, Kenji Utsumi
Roles Bo-chan
Rating65% 3.2883753.2883753.2883753.2883753.288375
Shin-chan and his friends discover an abandoned movie theater where some sort of western film is being displayed to an empty room. Shinnosuke's friends mysteriously disappear thus making the Nohara family start searching for them at the location they were last seen. While looking for the other kids, the Noharas inexplicably find themselves taken into the movie being exhibited.
Crayon Shin-chan: Great Adventure In Henderland
Genres Animation
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Akiko Yajima, Keiji Fujiwara, Teiyū Ichiryūsai, Chie Satō, Yuriko Fuchizaki, Hideyuki Tanaka
Roles Bo-chan
Rating69% 3.497253.497253.497253.497253.49725
Shinnosuke and his classmates at Futaba Kindergarten go to an amusement park known as Henderland in Gunma Prefecture. Shin-chan is separated from his group and learns the dark secrets of the amusement park when he befriends a living marionette who entrusts to him a magical set of playing cards. Magical and dark forces are set upon Shin-chan and his family by the lords of the park and he must use the power of the cards and the inner strength and determination of himself, his family, and an unexpected group of friends to save the day.
Crayon Shin-chan: Action Mask vs. Leotard Devil, 1h33
Genres Animation
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Akiko Yajima, Yumi Takada, Keiji Fujiwara, Tesshō Genda, Takeshi Aono, Nachi Nozawa
Roles Bo-chan (voice)
Rating65% 3.2912753.2912753.2912753.2912753.291275
Action Kamen's 'Action Stone' has been robbed by Leotard Devil (Higure Rakshas called in India). Without the Action stone, he can't go to his world. So he chooses Shinchan and his family to get back his stone through the Action Card numbered 99 (the most precious card in the whole set of choco chips.) According to the plan of Action Kamen and Ririko, they make Shinchan's family to move to a beach so they can make them travel to the parallel world so they could help them to defeat the Leotard Devil (Higure Rakshas in India).
Roujin Z
Roujin Z (1991)

Directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Comedy, Animation
Themes Medical-themed films
Actors Chisa Yokoyama, Shinji Ogawa, Chie Satō, Seán Barrett, Takeshi Aono, Jana Carpenter
Roles Nobuko Ohe (voice)
Rating67% 3.395773.395773.395773.395773.39577
Roujin Z is set in early 21st century Japan. A group of scientists and hospital administrators, under the direction of the Ministry of Public Welfare, have developed the Z-001: a computerized hospital bed with robotic features. The Z-001 takes complete care of the patient: it can dispense food and medicine, remove excretory waste, bathe and exercise the patient lying within its frame. The bed is driven by its own built-in nuclear power reactor—and in the event of an atomic meltdown, the bed (including the patient lying within) would become automatically sealed in concrete. The first patient to be "volunteered" to test the bed is a dying widower named Kiyuro Takazawa. He is an invalid who is cared for by a young nursing student named Haruko. The electronic elements within the Z-001 somehow manage to transcribe Takazawa's thoughts through Haruko's office computer, and he uses the communication to cry for help. Although she objects to such treatment of elderly patients, Haruko begrudgingly seeks the aid of a group of computer hackers in the hospital's geriatric ward to create and install a vocal simulation of Takazawa's deceased wife in the Z-001. However, once Takazawa wishes to go to the beach, the Z-001 detaches itself from its moorings and escapes from the hospital with the man in its grasp. Haruko's fears are then justified, as it is discovered that the bed is actually a government-designed, experimental weapons robot.