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Christine Pignet is a Actor French

Christine Pignet

Christine Pignet
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Nationality France

Christine Pignet est une actrice française.

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Filmography of Christine Pignet (11 films)

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Macadam Baby, 1h37
Directed by Patrick Bossard
Origin France
Genres Romantic comedy
Actors François Civil, Camille Claris, Arthur Jugnot, Arthur Dupont, Arsène Mosca, Christine Pignet
Roles La mère de Thomas

Thomas est un écrivain en herbe. Il n’a hélas pas grand-chose à raconter. Et c’est dommage car il le raconte vraiment bien. Il a du style. En venant à Paris et en rencontrant Julie, il va découvrir pour la première fois l'amour avec un grand A. Ce qu'il ignore, c'est que Julie est dans les problèmes jusqu'au cou et qu’en voulant l’aider, il va mettre les pieds dans les emmerdes avec un grand E...
Bas-fonds (2010)
, 1h8
Directed by Isild Le Besco
Origin France
Genres Drama
Actors Ginger Romàn, Gustave Kervern, Valérie Nataf, Christine Pignet, Jean-Paul Bonnaire, François Toumarkine
Roles Mère de Magalie et de Marie-Steph
Rating60% 3.0239153.0239153.0239153.0239153.023915
Trois jeunes filles partagent un appartement insalubre : Magalie la cheffe de meute, Marie-Stéphane sa soeur et Barbara qui est amoureuse de Magalie. Les rapports entre ces jeunes femmes sont tendus, à l'image de la violence qu'elles ont enduré avant de former ce groupe. Elles vivent chichement du travail de Barbara et de larcins.
Dead Tired
Dead Tired (1994)
, 1h32
Directed by Michel Blanc
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about films
Actors Michel Blanc, Carole Bouquet, Philippe Noiret, Josiane Balasko, Christian Clavier, Marie-Anne Chazel
Roles La femme #2
Rating63% 3.1964053.1964053.1964053.1964053.196405
Michel Blanc is a great film actor. However, he was accused of sexually abusing Josiane Balasko, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Mathilda May, had behaved like a cad at Cannes and accept poor seals, such as animations in supermarkets, secretly his agent. The evidence is obvious, but White knows he is innocent. He is assisted by Carole Bouquet to shed light on this matter, and he discovers that he has a perfect double, Patrick Olivier, who, having suffered in his life to be like Michel Blanc, decided to enjoy.
Revenge of the Musketeers, 2h9
Directed by Bertrand Tavernier, Riccardo Freda
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Swashbuckler, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about sexuality, Transgender in film, Histoire de France, LGBT-related film, Cross-dressing in film
Actors Sophie Marceau, Philippe Noiret, Claude Rich, Sami Frey, Jean-Luc Bideau, Gigi Proietti
Roles Sœur Céline
Rating59% 2.9502952.9502952.9502952.9502952.950295
In the autumn of 1654, an escaped slave seeks refuge at a convent in southern France. After the nuns take him in, his pursuers break into the convent and assault the nuns, searching for the slave. After wounding the mother superior (Pascale Roberts), they close in on their prey. One feisty novitiate, Eloise (Sophie Marceau)—the daughter of the renowned swordsman D'Artagnan (Philippe Noiret) of the famed Three Musketeers—stands up to the intruders, but is shoved aside as they ride off after the frightened slave, who escaped from the evil Duke Crassac de Merindol. Eloise finds a blood-stained piece of paper (a simple laundry list) that the slave used to stop a bleeding wound, and believes it holds some secret code. Later, Eloise is with the mother superior when she dies from her wound. Swearing a sacred oath to avenge her and dressed in men's clothes, Eloise sets out for Paris to elicit the help of her father in tracking down the murderers.
Auntie Danielle, 1h50
Directed by Étienne Chatiliez
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Vieillesse
Actors Tsilla Chelton, Catherine Jacob, Isabelle Nanty, Éric Prat, Laurence Février, Neige Dolsky
Roles la chauffeuse de taxi
Rating71% 3.584273.584273.584273.584273.58427
Danielle Billard, aged 82, is a childless widow of an army colonel. She lives in a small-town home in Auxerre with her faithful housekeeper, Odile. Quiet life? Things are not as they appear. Danielle is mean, cruel and malicious. When Odile "accidentally" dies, Danielle divides her estate between her grand-niece and grand-nephew, Jeanne and Jean-Pierre. She then goes to live in Paris with Jean-Pierre and his family. Although the family believes her to be an agreeable elderly lady, they soon discover her true colours!
À deux minutes près, 1h40
Directed by Éric Le Hung
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Actors Charlotte de Turckheim, Jacques Weber, François-Éric Gendron, Bernard Farcy, Ginette Garcin, Annick Blancheteau
Roles La matrone

Virginie qui s'ennuie dans son couple, et Tristan, complexé par une femme trop parfaite, sont malheureux tous les deux dans leur couple respectif, et sont persuadés que le destin les a réuni.
Life Is a Long Quiet River, 1h30
Directed by Étienne Chatiliez
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about children, Films about families
Actors Benoît Magimel, Catherine Hiegel, Daniel Gélin, Hélène Vincent, André Wilms, Christine Pignet
Roles Madame Groseille
Rating68% 3.4433.4433.4433.4433.443
In a maternity clinic two children from families with completely different social backgrounds are switched at birth. One goes on to live in an upper-middle-class family while the other to a poor family. Twelve years later, the mistake is discovered and the child living with the poor family is taken back by his parents, but keeps in touch with his former family and makes them encounter his new brothers and sisters. A series of satirical and comedic scenes follow.
The Two Crocodiles, 1h25
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Bisexuality-related films, LGBT-related film, Striptease
Actors Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jean Carmet, Catherine Lachens, Annie Savarin, Dora Doll, Jean-Paul Muel
Roles la bru de Félicité
Rating58% 2.9111352.9111352.9111352.9111352.911135
Alors qu'il rend visite à sa mère, en Bretagne, Emile fait la rencontre de René, propriétaire d'une boite de strip-tease. Celui-ci propose de lui faire visiter la région.
Fire on Sight
Directed by Marc Angelo
Genres Crime
Actors Laurent Malet, Jean Carmet, Sandrine Bonnaire, Michel Jonasz, Claudia Coste, Christine Pignet
Roles ?
Rating51% 2.583932.583932.583932.583932.58393
Marilyn et Richard vivent de hold-ups et de vols divers, mais un jour le jeu tourne mal et ils se retrouvent auteurs d'un meurtre
First Name: Carmen, 1h25
Directed by Jean-Luc Godard, Richard Debuisne
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy, Crime, Romance
Actors Maruschka Detmers, Jacques Bonnaffé, Myriem Roussel, Christophe Odent, Jean-Luc Godard, Bertrand Liebert
Rating65% 3.2502553.2502553.2502553.2502553.250255
Carmen, in voice over paired with shots of the city and the sea, introduces herself as "the girl who should not be called Carmen." Somewhere a string quartet is rehearsing the late string quartets of Beethoven. The eccentric Jeannot (Godard himself) is living in a sanitarium where the doctor threatens to throw him out if he doesn't start to show signs of real illness. Carmen comes to visit him, and it is revealed he is a washed up filmmaker and her lecherous uncle. After getting her Uncle Jeannot to loan her his seaside apartment, Carmen and some others attempt to rob a bank. During the mayhem of the robbery, Carmen comes face to face with Joseph, a comically inept bank guard, and the two immediately fall in love. The string quartet continues to rehearse, inflecting the scenes of the robbery, and vice versa. The narrative link is that one of the members of the quartet is Claire, who is established earlier in the film as a potential love interest for Joseph.
Un arbre dans la tête, 1h24
Directed by Jean-Pierre Sinapi
Origin France
Genres Drama
Themes La banlieue française
Actors Gérald Thomassin, Stanislas Forlani, Michelle Goddet, Vanessa Lhoste, Emmanuelle Meyssignac, Roland Magdane
Roles La pépiniériste

Dans frères vivent chez leur mère dépassée dans une banlieue défavorisée. L'aîné, Mathias, se tourne vers la violence et la délinquance, alors que Frank, 13 ans, s'évade par la lecture.