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Christopher Fulford is a Actor British born on 1955 at London (United-kingdom)

Christopher Fulford

Christopher Fulford
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Birth name Christopher Fulford
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 1955 (68 years) at London (United-kingdom)

Christopher Fulford (born 1955, London) is a British actor who is best known for his supporting roles in many British TV shows.

In his early career he often appeared in British crime dramas. He was guest star of both the ITV crime series Inspector Morse, in "Driven to Distraction" (1990) and as a killer in the early A Touch of Frost episode "Widows and Orphans" (1994). He also played the role of Castor Van Bethoven in the movie "Immortal Beloved" (1994). In 1993, Fulford also starred in the BBC adaptation of Scarlet and Black alongside a virtually unknown Ewan McGregor and Rachel Weisz. He also appeared as a vigilante in Dalziel & Pascoe and a corrupt footballer in The Fix.also played Mr.Hunter in the TV series Hornblower along with Ronald Pickup.

He has featured as the murderer in the Hollywood film D-Tox (2002, with Sylvester Stallone), and starred as the sadistic schoolmaster Metcalf in the 2002 TV adaptation of Goodbye Mr Chips. He also appeared in Millions (2004) and Pierrepoint (2005) and the television dramas The Last Train and Deceit. He has also appeared extensively on British television, appearing in guest roles in many episodes of series such as Inspector Morse, Cracker, Prime Suspect, Dalziel and Pascoe, Murphy's Law (fifth series), Wire in the Blood (episode "Right to Silence"), Spooks, Judge John Deed, Waking the Dead and The Brief. He recently appeared in the ITV1 dramas Whitechapel and Collision, both alongside Phil Davis. He also played a suicidal Prime Minister in the British TV-series The Last Enemy. Fulford recently performed in 'Crave' for the 'Sarah Kane Season' in Sheffield.

Christopher married actress Camille Coduri in 1992. They have two children, Rosa (born 1993) and Santino (born 1996).

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The Guardian Angel, 1h42
Directed by Arto Halonen
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Pilou Asbæk, Josh Lucas, Rade Šerbedžija, Christopher Fulford, Cyron Melville, Pamela Tola
Roles Thuesen
Rating53% 2.652952.652952.652952.652952.65295
En 1951, à Copenhague, l'inspecteur Olsen est chargé d'enquêter sur une étrange affaire. Lors d'un braquage, avant de fuir, un jeune homme, Palle Hardrup, a abattu deux personnes. Alors qu'il déclare avoir agi seul, des témoins affirment qu'il semblait en transe au moment des faits.
Queen of the Desert, 2h9
Directed by Werner Herzog
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Adventure, Historical
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about writers
Actors Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson, Damian Lewis, Jenny Agutter, Christopher Fulford
Roles Winston Churchill
Rating57% 2.852282.852282.852282.852282.85228
The film chronicles the events of Gertrude Bell's life, a British explorer, traveller, archaeologist and political officer.
Stonehearst Asylum, 1h52
Directed by Brad Anderson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Psychologie, Films about psychiatry, Films set in psychiatric hospitals
Actors Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Michael Caine, Ben Kingsley, Brendan Gleeson, David Thewlis
Roles Paxton
Rating68% 3.400393.400393.400393.400393.40039
In 1899, an Oxford University professor demonstrates a case of female hysteria, Lady (Eliza) Graves (Kate Beckinsale), before his class. Drugged and protesting that she is sane, the professor points out that all mental patients claim to be sane, much as all criminals claim to be innocent, as he ignores her demands that he not touch her to induce a fit for the students to observe. The professor advises his students to believe nothing they hear and only half of what they see.
Bel Ami
Bel Ami (2012)
, 1h42
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, Colm Meaney, Anthony Higgins
Roles Police Commisioner
Rating53% 2.69872.69872.69872.69872.6987
Paris in the 1880s. Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson) is a penniless soldier who has spent the last six months in Paris, barely making a living as an office clerk. At a club he meets an old friend, Charles Forestier (Philip Glenister), with whom he spent three years in the war in Algeria. The friend is well off and invites him to his home where he meets Mrs. Madeleine Forestier (Uma Thurman) and her friends Clotilde de Marelle (Christina Ricci) and Virginie Rousset (Kristin Scott Thomas). Mrs. Rousset's husband is an editor of the conservative newspaper La Vie Française and she helps him to get a job there, initially by publishing his diaries from the war in the paper. Step by step he finds ways improve his social and financial status. He uses his wit and powers of seduction to charm wealthy women, and as he goes from nothing to money all hell breaks loose and things happen and end up looking bad for him.
Tower Block, 1h30
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Sheridan Smith, Jack O'Connell, Julie Graham, Ralph Brown, Russell Tovey, Jill Baker
Roles Kevin
Rating58% 2.949662.949662.949662.949662.94966
Since the Second World War, blocks of flats emerged as places for affordable living, but fell into a breeding ground for crime and violence, leaving re-developers to demolish most of them except Tower Block 31, where only the top floor residents refuse to leave. One night in London, England, the tenants witness the murder of 15-year-old boy, Jimmy (Ralph Laurila). Only one person, Becky (Sheridan Smith), tries to help the boy from his masked attackers, but she is left unconscious. Detective DC Devlin (Steven Cree) and his partners attempt to identity the culprits, but they receive zero leads from all tenants who fear to get involved.
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, 1h38
Directed by Woody Allen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Gemma Jones, Freida Pinto, Lucy Punch
Roles Ray's Friend
Rating62% 3.1468353.1468353.1468353.1468353.146835
Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) and Helena (Gemma Jones) divorce. Helena begins seeing fortune teller Cristal (Pauline Collins) for spiritual advice. Their daughter Sally (Naomi Watts) has a troubled marriage with author Roy (Josh Brolin), who once wrote a successful book, and is now anxiously waiting for response from his publisher about the manuscript of his newest one. Helena helps pay their rent.
Scoop (2006)
, 1h36
Directed by Woody Allen
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Crime, Romance
Themes Films about writers, Films about journalists, Films about magic and magicians
Actors Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Jackman, Ian McShane, Christopher Fulford, Nigel Lindsay
Roles Strombel's Co-Worker
Rating65% 3.2999453.2999453.2999453.2999453.299945
Following the memorial service for investigative reporter Joe Strombel (McShane), Strombel's spirit finds himself on the barge of death with several others, including a young woman who believes she was poisoned by her employer, Peter Lyman (Jackman). The woman tells Strombel she thinks Lyman, a handsome British aristocrat with political ambitions, may be the Tarot Card Killer, a notorious serial killer of prostitutes, and that he killed her when she stumbled onto his secret. The Tarot Card Killer left a card on each murder victim's body.
Joyeux Noel, 1h56
Directed by Christian Carion
Origin France
Genres Drama, War, Historical, Musical, Romance
Themes French war films, Christmas films, Political films
Actors Benno Fürmann, Guillaume Canet, Daniel Brühl, Diane Kruger, Gary Lewis, Dany Boon
Roles The Major
Rating76% 3.845823.845823.845823.845823.84582
The story centers mainly upon six characters: Gordon (a Lieutenant of the Royal Scots Fusiliers); Audebert (a French Lieutenant in the 26th Infantry and reluctant son of a general); Horstmayer (a Jewish German Lieutenant of the 93rd Infantry); Palmer (a Scottish priest working as a stretcher-bearer); and German tenor Nikolaus Sprink and his Danish fiance, mezzo-soprano, Anna Sørensen (two famous opera stars).
Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman, 1h30
Directed by Adrian Shergold
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Themes Films about capital punishment
Actors Timothy Spall, Juliet Stevenson, Eddie Marsan, Simon Armstrong, Tim Woodward, Ann Bell
Roles Sykes
Rating73% 3.696763.696763.696763.696763.69676
The film loosely follows Britain's most prolific hangman, Albert Pierrepoint (Timothy Spall), from the time he is first trained for the job and accepted onto the list of the country's official hangmen in 1932 until his resignation in 1956.
Millions (2004)
, 1h38
Directed by Danny Boyle
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Crime
Themes Films set in Africa, Christmas films, Children's films
Actors Alex Etel, Lewis McGibbon, James Nesbitt, Daisy Donovan, Christopher Fulford, Leslie Phillips
Roles The Man
Rating67% 3.3966953.3966953.3966953.3966953.396695
Millions tells the story of 8-year-old Damian, a Catholic school boy, whose family moves to the suburbs of Widnes after the death of his mother. Soon after the move, Damian's "hermitage" in a cardboard box by the train tracks is disturbed by a bag of money flung from a passing train. Damian immediately shows the money to his brother, Anthony, and the two begin thinking of what to do with it. Anthony wants the money all to himself. Damian, kind-hearted and religious, had recently overheard three Latter-day Saint missionaries lecture other members of the community on building foundations of rock rather than foundations of sand, an old Christian principle which dictates that self-worth should be based on the teachings of Christ rather than any other object of worship such as Money/Mammon or Power. The lecture inspires Damian, who looks for ways to give his share of the money to the poor; at one point he even stuffs a bundle of cash through the missionaries' letter box, having heard about their modest lifestyle and deciding that they too must be poor.
The Aryan Couple, 2h
Directed by John Daly
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Films about religion, Political films, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Martin Landau, Judy Parfitt, Kenny Doughty, Caroline Carver, Danny Webb, Christopher Fulford
Roles Edelhein
Rating63% 3.197123.197123.197123.197123.19712
Joseph Krauzenberg (Martin Landau) is a very wealthy Hungarian Jewish industrial tycoon whose fortune is mirrored in the great palaces he owns. However, by 1944 his important businesses are needed by the Nazis and Hitler's 'Final Solution' is sweeping through Europe.
One of the Hollywood Ten, 1h49
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Themes Politique, Political films
Actors Jeff Goldblum, Greta Scacchi, Ángela Molina, John Sessions, Christopher Fulford, Geraint Wyn Davies
Roles Riffkind
Rating60% 3.049363.049363.049363.049363.04936
The film opens at the 1937 Academy Awards, where Biberman's wife, Gale Sondergaard (Greta Scacchi), wins the first ever "Best Supporting Actress" Oscar. Although the anti-Fascist sentiment in her acceptance speech gets her labelled a "commie" by some observers, she and Biberman (Jeff Goldblum) are placed under contract at Warner Bros.
D-Tox (2002)
, 1h36
Directed by Jim Gillespie
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Horror, Crime
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Sylvester Stallone, Tom Berenger, Charles Dutton, Robert Patrick, Polly Walker, Courtney B. Vance
Roles Slater
Rating53% 2.6529452.6529452.6529452.6529452.652945
FBI agent Jake Malloy is pursuing a serial killer who specializes in killing police officers. Malloy's former partner becomes one of the victims. While Malloy is at his partner's home, the murderer calls Malloy from Malloy's home while Mary, his girlfriend, is there. The killer tells Malloy that he pursued him four years before for a series of prostitute murders; he is holding a grudge and he's going to kill Mary. Malloy rushes home to find Mary dead. When the killer's hideout is found, Seattle police and the FBI blockade the area before Malloy arrives. Malloy pursues the killer only to find that he appears to have committed suicide.
Hotel (2001)
, 1h33
Directed by Mike Figgis
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Salma Hayek, Saffron Burrows, Lucy Liu, Valentina Cervi, Burt Reynolds, George DiCenzo
Roles Steve Hawk
Rating41% 2.056242.056242.056242.056242.05624
While a British film crew are shooting a version of The Duchess of Malfi in Venice, they in turn are being filmed by a sleazy documentary primadonna while the strange hotel staff share meals which consist of human meat. The story expands to involve a hit man, a call girl and the Hollywood producer.