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Colleen Dewhurst is a Actor Canadienne born on 3 june 1924 at Montreal (Canada)

Colleen Dewhurst

Colleen Dewhurst
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Birth name Colleen Rose Dewhurst
Nationality Canada
Birth 3 june 1924 at Montreal (Canada)
Death 22 august 1991 (at 67 years)

Colleen Rose Dewhurst (June 3, 1924 – August 22, 1991) was a Canadian-American actress known most for theatre roles, and for a while as "the Queen of Off-Broadway." In her autobiography, Dewhurst wrote: "I had moved so quickly from one Off-Broadway production to the next that I was known, at one point, as the 'Queen of Off-Broadway'. This title was not due to my brilliance but rather because most of the plays I was in closed after a run of anywhere from one night to two weeks. I would then move immediately into another." She was a renowned interpreter of the works of Eugene O’Neill on the stage, and her career also encompassed film, early dramas on live television, and Joseph Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival. One of her last roles was playing Marilla Cuthbert in the Kevin Sullivan television adaptations of the Anne of Green Gables series and her reprisal of the role in the subsequent TV series Road to Avonlea (marketed as Avonlea in the US).


Elle fut mariée à l'acteur George C. Scott de 1960 à 1965, puis de 1967 à 1972, avec lequel elle a eu deux enfants, dont l'acteur Campbell Scott avec qui elle joue dans le film Le Choix d'aimer.

Best films

Ice Castles (1978)

Usually with

Ken Burns
Ken Burns
(1 films)
Megan Follows
Megan Follows
(3 films)
Nick Castle
Nick Castle
(1 films)
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Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, 2h24
Directed by Kevin Sullivan
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Themes Films about children, Children's films
Actors Barbara Hershey, Shirley MacLaine, Rachel Blanchard, Ron Lea, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Natalie Radford
Roles Marilla Cuthbert (non spoken cameo in flashback)
Rating51% 2.562332.562332.562332.562332.56233
Anne, now a middle-aged woman, is troubled by recent events in her life. Her husband, Gilbert, has been killed overseas as a medical doctor during World War II. (This did not happen in the books.) Her two daughters are preoccupied with their own young families and her adopted son Dominic (a character not featured in the books but invented for The Continuing Story) has yet to return from the war. When a long-hidden secret is discovered under the floorboards at Green Gables, Anne retreats into her memories to relive her troubled early years prior to arriving as an orphan at Green Gables and being adopted by the Cuthberts.
Dying Young, 1h51
Directed by Joel Schumacher
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Melodrama, Romance
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about cancer
Actors Julia Roberts, Campbell Scott, Vincent D'Onofrio, Colleen Dewhurst, David Selby, Ellen Burstyn
Roles Estelle Whittier
Rating60% 3.007773.007773.007773.007773.00777
Hilary O'Neil (Julia Roberts) is a pretty, outgoing yet cautious young woman who has had little luck in work or love. After recently parting ways with her boyfriend when she caught him cheating, Hilary finds herself living with her eccentric mother (Ellen Burstyn).
Bed & Breakfast, 1h37
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Roger Moore, Talia Shire, Colleen Dewhurst, Nina Siemaszko, Jamie Walters, Ford Rainey
Roles Ruth
Rating53% 2.6616352.6616352.6616352.6616352.661635
A charming Englishman (Roger Moore) changes the lives of three generations of women who run a near-bankrupt bed and breakfast. The three women find him out cold on a beach and offer him free board in return for fixing the place up and being the handy man. Claire (Talia Shire), widow of Senator Blake Wellesly, is initially unwilling to let him in the house, partly due to the mystery around him caused by amnesia. Her mother-in-law Ruth (Colleen Dewhurst), recently retired and craving adventure, insists on allowing him inside. Claire's teenage daughter Cassie (Nina Siemaszko), who is rebellious against her mother's old-fashioned behavior most of the time, names him Adam.
The Exorcist III, 1h50
Directed by William Peter Blatty
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Fantastic, Horror
Themes Films about children, Films about religion, Demons in film, Serial killer films
Actors George C. Scott, Ed Flanders, Jason Miller, Scott Wilson, Brad Dourif, Nicol Williamson
Roles Satan (voice) (uncredited)
Rating64% 3.247213.247213.247213.247213.24721
The film begins with the point of view of someone wandering through the streets of Georgetown, a voice informing us "I have dreams... of a rose... and of falling down a long flight of stairs." The point of view shows a warning of evil about to arrive later that night at a church. Demonic growls are heard. Leaves and other street trash suddenly come flying into the church as a crucifix comes to life. It then cuts to Lieutenant William F. Kinderman (George C. Scott) at a crime scene, where a 12-year-old boy named Thomas Kintry has been murdered.
Kaleidoscope, 1h36
Directed by Jud Taylor
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Jaclyn Smith, Perry King, Patricia Kalember, Claudia Christian, Donald Moffat, Terry O'Quinn
Roles Margaret
Rating58% 2.9023252.9023252.9023252.9023252.902325
When wealthy Arthur Patterson (Donald Moffat) finds out that he is dying, he tries to make peace with his past. He looks back to his World War II years, when he was a soldier in France. There, he met a poor French girl, Solange Bertrand (Kim Thomson), whom he fell in love with. Solange married his good friend Sam (Bruce Abbott), though, and they settled in New York City after the War, where Sam worked as an actor on Broadway. Solange gave birth to three girls, who were all separated after the tragic deaths of their parents. Arthur is determined to reunite the girls, with the help from private detective John Chapman (Perry King). John warns the old man for a disappointing outcome, but Arthur remains determined to correct the past.
The Civil War
Directed by Ken Burns
Genres Documentary
Themes Documentary films about war, Documentary films about historical events, Political films
Actors Sam Waterston, Julie Harris, Jason Robards, Morgan Freeman, Garrison Keillor, Arthur Miller
Roles Various
Rating90% 4.548634.548634.548634.548634.54863
"La guerre de sécession" est un film documentaire réalisé par l'Américain Ken Burns sur la guerre de Sécession. Le documentaire dure 11 heures, découpé en neuf épisodes. Episode 1 : La cause Episode 2 : L'impasse sanglante Episode 3 : Libres, à jamais Episode 4 : Un meurtre, tout simplement Episode 5 : L’enfer des combats Episode 6 : La vallée de l'ombre de la mort Episode 7 : Terre sanctifiée Episode 8 : La guerre, c'est l'enfer Episode 9 : Les meilleurs anges de notre nature
Those She Left Behind, 1h36
Directed by Waris Hussein
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Gary Cole, Joanna Kerns, Mary Page Keller, George Coe, Maryedith Burrell, Colleen Dewhurst
Roles Margaret Page
Rating62% 3.142353.142353.142353.142353.14235
The movie stars Gary Cole as Scott Grimes, a man who owns a rising realty business. His wife Sue, played by Mary Page Keller, is pregnant with their first child. So it would seem Scott has everything a man could ever want.
Lantern Hill, 1h51
Directed by Kevin Sullivan
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Actors Sam Waterston, Zoe Caldwell, Sarah Polley, Colleen Dewhurst
Roles Hepzibah
Rating68% 3.4361853.4361853.4361853.4361853.436185
12 year old Jane Stuart (Mairon Bennett) has long been told by her Grandmother Kennedy (Zoe Caldwell) that her father is dead. But when her mother, Robin Stuart (Patricia Phillips) returns home after recovering from a long illness, Jane learns that her mysterious father, Andrew Stuart (Sam Waterston) is still alive. When Jane finally meets her father and travels with him to Prince Edward Island to stay at Lantern Hill, their family home, she discovers that he is a kind man that cares deeply for both her and her mother. Determined to bring her parents back together, Jane enlists the aid of Hepzibah (Colleen Dewhurst), a powerful mystic, to help her solve an old mystery that has torn apart her family.
Hitting Home, 1h42
Directed by Robin Spry
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Romance
Actors Kerrie Keane, Sam Robards, Daniel Pilon, Saul Rubinek, Jenna Elfman, Lynne Griffin
Roles Judge
Rating63% 3.1834253.1834253.1834253.1834253.183425
A Canadian mother and businesswoman Dinah Middleton (Keane) is devastated when her teenage son, Alex (Anderson), is killed by a hit-and-run driver. When the police fail to turn up any suspects, she turns private detective to track the killer down. She traces the murderer to New York, only to discover that the crime is not covered by the extradition treaty between Canada and the US. She becomes obsessed with bringing the criminal to justice.
Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, 2h35
Directed by Kevin Sullivan
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about children, Children's films
Actors Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst, Wendy Hiller, Patricia Hamilton, Frank Converse, Jonathan Crombie
Roles Marilla Cuthbert
Rating83% 4.1957954.1957954.1957954.1957954.195795
The film resumes the story of Anne Shirley, who at 16 had chosen to study for her college degree by correspondence in order to remain at Green Gables to help an aging Marilla, who has eyesight problems, look after the house and farm. Anne now holds a Teacher's Licence after completing the two-year post-secondary course at Charlottetown's Queens Academy in only one year.
The Boy Who Could Fly, 1h54
Directed by Nick Castle
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Fantastic, Fantasy
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about psychiatry, Films about disabilities, Films about autism, Children's films
Actors Lucy Deakins, Jay Underwood, Bonnie Bedelia, Fred Savage, Colleen Dewhurst, Fred Gwynne
Roles Mrs. Sherman
Rating64% 3.2480653.2480653.2480653.2480653.248065
Fourteen-year-old Amelia "Milly" Michaelson (Deakins) and her family move into a new suburban home shortly after the death of her father. Milly makes friends with her new neighbor Geneva, and Milly and her eight-year-old brother Louis (Savage) have difficulty adjusting to their new schools, while their mother Charlene (Bedelia) copes with a demotion at work and her inability to learn how to use a computer. Louis is also plagued by bullies down the street who won't let him get around the block.
Sword of Gideon, 2h52
Directed by Michael Anderson
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Themes Films set in Africa, Spy films, Political films
Actors Steven Bauer, Michael York, Robert Joy, Laurent Malet, Rod Steiger, Lino Ventura
Roles Golda Meir
Rating70% 3.5423853.5423853.5423853.5423853.542385
Avner, an adept Israeli military officer is selected as the leader of a Mossad team of expert agents for a covert mission to avenge the Munich massacre and other recent terrorist acts. They are initially successful in their assassinations but as they progress it becomes harder and harder to find their targets and they themselves are targeted with varying success by their enemies. With Avner and Jean the driver being the only survivors the mission is called off. He wishes to retire from Mossad and rejoin the regular ranks of the IDF, but his case officer is reluctant to let his most valuable asset go.