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Daniel Emilfork is a Actor Chilien born on 7 april 1924 at Providencia (Chili)

Daniel Emilfork

Daniel Emilfork
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Birth name Daniel Zapognikof
Nationality Chili
Birth 7 april 1924 at Providencia (Chili)
Death 17 october 2006 (at 82 years) at Paris (France)

Daniel Emilfork-Berenstein (April 7, 1924 – October 17, 2006) was a Chilean stage and film actor.


Emilfork was born in San Felipe, Chile after his Jewish socialist parents from Kiev fled a pogrom in Odessa. At age 25, he left Chile and settled in France, because, according to his friend Alejandro Jodorowsky, he didn't feel comfortable being a homosexual man in Chile.

Emilfork's face was out of the norm and had made him a choice character actor for films such as The City of Lost Children (1995). He specialized in roles of villains. Previously he had played in The Devil's Nightmare (1971), Travels with My Aunt (1972) and Fellini's Casanova (1976), in Roman Polanski's Pirates (1986) and in Taxandria (1994). He carried on acting up until his death, his last film appearing in 2007.

Emilfork's voice and accent when speaking French was extremely striking and unique.

He died in Paris, France.

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Let's Dance, 1h40
Directed by Noémie Lvovsky
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Actors Jean-Pierre Marielle, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Sabine Azéma, Bulle Ogier, Bakary Sangaré, Arié Elmaleh
Roles Army medical officer
Rating58% 2.9044652.9044652.9044652.9044652.904465
Salomon Bellinsky, 80 ans, débordant de vie et de truculence, a une passion : les claquettes. Il se bat pour ne pas être enterré trop vite, entre ses cours de danse et la recherche d'une compagne par le biais des petites annonces. Il rencontre ainsi Violette, professeur d'histoire-géographie, à qui il cache sa véritable situation familiale soit l'existence de sa femme, Geneviève, qui ne rêve que d'une chose : poursuivre tranquillement son infantilisation auprès de son aide ménager, véritable ange gardien, M. Mootoousamy et Sarah, sa fille qui vit avec François et qui a du mal à trouver sa place entre son père qu'elle adore mais qui l'agace et sa mère qu'elle ne comprend plus. Elle apprend qu'elle est enceinte et doit prendre la responsabilité de construire sa vie ainsi qu'une nouvelle famille.
The Soeur Brothers, 1h35
Directed by Frédéric Jardin
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Actors José Garcia, Denis Podalydès, Jackie Berroyer, Édouard Baer, Alexandra London, Jean-François Stévenin
Roles André
Rating45% 2.2561052.2561052.2561052.2561052.256105
Les frères Sœur aimeraient faire du cinéma. Ils ont écrit un scénario épais, complexe et incompréhensible, dont personne ne veut. Chantage, enlèvement… ils sont prêts à tout pour réussir.
Taxandria (1996)
, 1h16
Directed by Raoul Servais
Origin Belgique
Genres Fantastic, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Actors Armin Mueller-Stahl, Elliott Spiers, Julien Schoenaerts, Andrew Sachs, Daniel Emilfork, Cris Campion
Roles First Minister
Rating64% 3.240843.240843.240843.240843.24084
Young prince Jan has been sent to a quiet coastal resort to study for his final exams, but instead he spends most of his time with his new friend, the lighthouse keeper. Jan ignores the warnings of the locals who claim that the loony lighthouse man (Armin Mueller-Stahl) eats seagulls for breakfast. Maybe the lighthouse keeper is crazy, but this does not prevent him from introducing prince Jan to the dreamland Taxandria, a phantasmagorical place devoid of time, memory, and progress. Jan learns that a reason for the lighthouse keeper's notoriety among the locals is that from time to time he hides political refugees from Taxandria from the authorities; in one scene, we see some of these fugitives arrive at the coast in a boat and taken in by the lighthouse keeper. It is however never made clear whether Taxandria really exists or if the viewer only sees what the lighthouse keeper relates to prince Jan, although once Jan is transported to Taxandria simply by looking into the lighthouse's rotating light while the keeper is away.
The City of Lost Children, 1h52
Directed by Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Origin France
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Themes Clonage, Medical-themed films, Films about psychiatry, Films about disabilities, Dystopian films, Steampunk films
Actors Ron Perlman, Daniel Emilfork, Judith Vittet, Dominique Pinon, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Odile Mallet
Roles Krank
Rating74% 3.749253.749253.749253.749253.74925
From an ocean rig, a demented scientist, Krank (Daniel Emilfork), kidnaps children from the nearby, unnamed port city to steal their dreams, as he is incapable of having dreams of his own. Among them is the adopted little brother, Denree (Joseph Lucien), of carnival strongman and former whaler One (Ron Perlman), who sets out to rescue him with the help of a little girl named Miette (Judith Vittet), a member of a thieves' guild composed entirely of orphaned children. They delve into the world of a bio-mechanical kidnapping cult and discover the connection between the scientist and the missing Denree.
Lou Didn't Say No
Genres Drama
Actors Marie Bunel, Manuel Blanc, Harry Cleven, Wilfred Benaïche, Delphine Rich, Jérôme Hardelay
Rating64% 3.2479653.2479653.2479653.2479653.247965
L'idée inspiratrice du film et de son titre est née de la correspondance entre Lou Salomé et Rainer Maria Rilke. Cependant le film décrit des instants de la vie d'un couple d'aujourd'hui
The Tribulations of Balthazar Kober, 1h55
Directed by Wojciech Has
Genres Drama
Actors Michael Lonsdale, Gabriela Kownacka, Emmanuelle Riva, Daniel Emilfork, Jerzy Bończak, Zofia Merle
Roles Le recteur
Rating66% 3.333923.333923.333923.333923.33392
Young alchemy student Balthazar (Rafal Wieczynski) and his master (Michael Lonsdale) are forced to flee their home by the inquisition. The set off on a journey across a plague-stricken Germany, encountering various people including corrupt priests and Kabbalists, not to mention ghosts and even an angel, before ending up in Venice where he falls in love with a young actress.
Pirates (1986)
, 2h4
Directed by Roman Polanski
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Swashbuckler, Adventure
Themes Films set in Africa, Seafaring films, Transport films, Pirate films
Actors Walter Matthau, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Cris Campion, Damien Thomas, Olu Jacobs, Charlotte Lewis
Roles le secrétaire
Rating61% 3.0519053.0519053.0519053.0519053.051905
Captain Thomas Bartholomew Red and his first mate, Frog, are stranded aboard a raft at sea. Close to death from starvation and dehydration, Red tries to kill and eat Frog, but they are rescued by a Spanish galleon and are forced into slavery. Red inspires the slaves to mutiny and takes control of the vessel. Frog falls in love with the niece of a Spanish colonial governor, and unsuccessfully romances her. Red covets a golden throne that the Spanish have taken from an Aztec king. Through several adventures, Red recruits a crew of cutthroats to steal the throne. Despite their efforts, Red and Frog are ultimately stranded on a raft again, where Red sits on his golden throne and urges Frog to "fatten up".
The Passage, 1h40
Directed by René Manzor
Origin France
Genres Drama, Fantastic, Fantasy, Animation
Actors Alain Delon, Christine Boisson, Jean-Luc Moreau, René Manzor, Christian Brendel, Daniel Emilfork
Roles La Mort
Rating48% 2.414452.414452.414452.414452.41445
Séparé de sa femme, un spécialiste du dessin animé est victime d'un accident de voiture avec son fils. La Faucheuse lui propose un marché : s'il réalise un film d'animation de violence, son enfant, dans le coma, survivra.
The Beautiful Prisoner, 1h30
Directed by Alain Robbe-Grillet
Origin France
Genres Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Daniel Mesguich, Gabrielle Lazure, Cyrielle Clair, Daniel Emilfork, Arielle Dombasle, François Chaumette
Roles Inspector Francis
Rating63% 3.197453.197453.197453.197453.19745
Marie-Ange est une jeune femme provocatrice. Elle engage la conversation avec un homme avec qui elle va coucher avant de disparaître. L'histoire nous entraîne dans un univers de recherche neuroscientifique sur fond de milice et de régime totalitaire. Le surréalisme, notamment avec des évocations de tableaux du peintre Magritte, sert de cadre au monde imaginaire du film.
Quarter to Two Before Jesus Christ, 1h37
Directed by Jean Yanne
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Themes Politique, Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Political films, Films about royalty, LGBT-related film
Actors Coluche, Michel Serrault, Jean Yanne, Françoise Fabian, Michel Auclair, Mimi Coutelier
Roles Tatouius
Rating59% 2.962232.962232.962232.962232.96223
Au temps de l'Empire romain, un modeste carrossier de chars se retrouve victime d'une machination politique visant Jules César.
Meurtres A Domicile
Directed by Marc Lobet
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Anny Duperey, Bernard Giraudeau, Daniel Emilfork, Eva Ionesco, Marianne Basler, Charles Berling
Roles Julius Zepernick
Rating56% 2.8015452.8015452.8015452.8015452.801545
Un meurtre est commis dans l'immeuble où habite Aurélia Maudru, inspectrice de la police judiciaire chargée de l'enquête. La jeune femme est donc amenée à interroger et à soupçonner ses propres voisins. Il y a là, Ange Auber, laveur de cadavre. Maurice Courtin, photographe, spécialiste des oiseaux, qui gravement malade, ne sort que rarement. Julius Zepernick, l'étrange et inquiétant propriétaire de l'immeuble. Madame Vianna, voyante, exorciste à ses heures et sa nièce la jeune Pauline. Raoul Queyrat, sculpteur et son frère Max, jeune et talentueux comédien au charme duquel Aurélia Maudru ne demeure pas longtemps insensible.