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David Mitchell is a Actor, Director and Writer British born on 14 july 1974 at Salisbury (United-kingdom)

David Mitchell

David Mitchell
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Birth name David James Stuart Mitchell
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 14 july 1974 (46 years) at Salisbury (United-kingdom)

David James Stuart Mitchell (born 14 July 1974) is a British actor, comedian and writer. He is half of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, alongside Robert Webb, whom he met at Cambridge University. There they were both part of the Cambridge Footlights, of which Mitchell became President. Together the duo star in the Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show in which Mitchell plays Mark Corrigan. Mitchell won the British Academy Television Award for Best Comedy Performance in 2009 for his performance in the show.

The duo have written and starred in several sketch shows including Bruiser, The Mitchell and Webb Situation, That Mitchell and Webb Sound and most recently That Mitchell and Webb Look. Mitchell and Webb also starred in the UK version of Apple's Get a Mac advertisement campaign. Their first film Magicians was released in 2007.

Mitchell is a frequent participant on British panel shows, being a team captain on Would I Lie to You?, host of The Bubble, and a frequent guest on other panel shows, including QI, Mock the Week and Have I Got News for You. He also hosts the television panel game Was It Something I Said?, the radio show The Unbelievable Truth and the comedy news programme 10 O'Clock Live. As a writer, Mitchell regularly contributes comment articles to The Observer and The Guardian.


Mitchell's father was born in Liverpool of Scottish ancestry, and his mother is Welsh—Mitchell considers himself British rather than English. On 7 August 2014, Mitchell's name appeared—as part of a list of 200 signatories—in support of an open letter to The Guardian opposing Scottish independence prior to the September 2014 referendum on the issue. Mitchell's participation in the open letter follows a May 2011 Observer column, in which he concludes that the "British will have lost their country" if Scotland ever achieves independence.

Mitchell has often joked about his personal life in interviews. In 2005 he stated he had "been in so many situations when I've just said nothing to someone I've fancied." He later added that "I'm sort of all right on my own. I don't want it to be forever, but the fundamental thing is I'm all right alone." For many years he lived in Kilburn, London, as the flatmate of novelist Robert Hudson. In 2007, he was best man at Robert Webb's wedding to Abigail Burdess.

He first met broadcaster Victoria Coren at a showbusiness party in 2007 and was "completely smitten", and although she decided to pursue someone else, he continued to pine for her. In December 2010 they began dating. In March 2012 their engagement was announced in The Times, and they married on 17 November 2012. In May 2015, Victoria announced the birth of their daughter.

He remains interested in history and said in an interview with The Observer that "I can see myself in a few years' time joining the National Trust and going round the odd castle. I think I might find that restful as the anger of middle age sets in." In his interview on Parkinson he stated that if he could go back in time to do one thing, it would be to go to the building of Stonehenge, to ask them "why they were bothering". He is a cricket and snooker fan, and also plays the occasional game of squash and tennis. He is a user of Twitter, and does not drive. He is an agnostic.

Mitchell walks for an hour each day to counter a bad back, and as a result lost weight, but he "probably [has] quite a bad diet" and "probably drinks too much." He is constantly "checking and re-checking things", and describes himself as a worrier. Mitchell is a keen cricket fan and has written on the subject for The Guardian.

His favourite television programmes include The Simpsons, which he called the "best programme ever". He claims that watching new comedy is "very stressful", and cites I'm Alan Partridge, The Office and Monty Python as being among his favourite television programmes. He has also stated a liking for Extras, 30 Rock, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Bleak House, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Terry and June and the television programmes of Adam Hart-Davis.

Beyond the realm of film and television, Mitchell cites Evelyn Waugh as among his favourite authors. He once claimed that he is "not remotely interested in music", but appeared on the radio programme Desert Island Discs. Mitchell has revealed that he owns two CDs, Phil Collins's ...But Seriously and Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream.

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Debbie Isitt
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Greed (2020)

Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Steve Coogan, Isla Fisher, David Mitchell, Asa Butterfield, Sophie Cookson, Shirley Henderson
Rating56% 2.8499852.8499852.8499852.8499852.849985
Une satire sur un homme avide d'argent et sa femme, qui est la seule personne capable de le comprendre.
I Could Never Be Your Woman, 1h37
Directed by Amy Heckerling
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Michelle Pfeiffer, Paul Rudd, Sarah Alexander, Stacey Dash, Jon Lovitz, Fred Willard
Roles David - Writer
Rating59% 2.9992952.9992952.9992952.9992952.999295
Rosie (Michelle Pfeiffer), is a 40-year-old divorced mother who works as a scriptwriter and producer for a TV show You Go Girl. Rosie is insecure about her age, and uses cosmetics to maintain her appearance. She has a very close relationship with her thirteen-year-old daughter, Izzie (Saoirse Ronan), which becomes even closer when she learns that she has fallen for a boy in her class named Dylan (Rory Copus). Despite her ex-husband's urging that she start dating again, she has no man in her life. To the dismay of Rosie and David (David Mitchell), her British co-writer, her boss, Marty (Fred Willard) decides that the show may no longer cover controversial subjects, so Rosie decides to cast a new character for the show. She is taken by Adam (Paul Rudd), a bright and charming young man from one of her auditions, and decides to cast him as a new, nerdy character to fall for the character played by her arrogant and self-centred lead actress, Brianna (Stacey Dash). Adam's character is well received by test audiences, and Rosie persuades Marty to give him a chance.
Magicians (2007)
, 1h30
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films about magic and magicians
Actors David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Jessica Hynes, Paul-Mark Elliott, Sarah Hadland, Peter Capaldi
Roles Harry
Rating60% 3.0006553.0006553.0006553.0006553.000655
Harry Kane and Karl Allen are best friends who work together in a successful and popular magic double act, with Harry's wife Carol working as their assistant. After one show, however, Harry discovers Karl and Carol backstage in a magic box having sex (during an agreement between Harry and the theatre owner about letting the act go on for 4 more weeks and letting them do an act on a cruise ship). During the next show, Carol is locked into a guillotine as part of a climatic trick, only for the blade to decapitate her; it is not immediately clear whether Harry, despite his protestations of innocence, has murdered her or whether she was the victim of a freak accident. Four years later, the act has broken up and the two friends – now bitter rivals – have gone their separate ways; Harry, having given up professional magic, is working in a Wilkinson hardware store, only to be fired after a customer complains when he creates an illusion of him cutting his arm severely with a knife blade during a sales pitch, whilst Karl is attempting to reinvent himself as a Derren Brown-esque magician called the Mindmonger, with limited success. During an unsuccessful impromptu-pitch at a television corporation, the only person he manages to impress is Dani, the tea girl, who Karl immediately gets a crush on much to the jealousy of his incompetent agent Otto, who nurses an unsubtle homosexual crush on him.
Confetti (2006)
, 1h40
Directed by Debbie Isitt
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Documentary, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Felicity Montagu, Jimmy Carr, Jessica Hynes, Martin Freeman, Olivia Colman, Stephen Mangan
Roles Photographer
Rating57% 2.8517852.8517852.8517852.8517852.851785
The prestigious bridal magazine Confetti, owned by the flippant, breezy Antoni Clarke (Jimmy Carr) and managed by the long-suffering, uptight chief editor Vivienne (Felicity Montagu) is holding a competition to see who can hold the most original wedding, with the winners being presented with a new house and a cover shoot for the magazine. Three couples and their proposals are selected to participate: Sam and Matt (Jessica Stevenson and Martin Freeman), a good-natured couple of old-fashioned romantics who have elected to hold their wedding in the style of Busby Berkeley musicals of the 1930s and 1940s, despite the fact that Sam can barely hold a tune; Isabelle and Josef (Meredith MacNeill and Stephen Mangan), a pair of hyper-competitive professional tennis players holding a tennis-themed wedding; and Joanna and Michael (Olivia Colman and Robert Webb), a naturist couple who intend to hold their wedding entirely naked. All three weddings are planned using the services of Gregory and Archie (Vincent Franklin and Jason Watkins), wedding planners and partners in both business and love.


Directed by David Mitchell
Genres Action, Adventure
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Boxing films
Actors Michael Ironside, Margaret Langrick, William Sanderson, Jesse Ventura, M. Emmet Walsh
Rating52% 2.600832.600832.600832.600832.60083
A con-artist meets a tough fighter and sees him as her ticket to a better life. The two make an agreement and head off to New Orleans to arrange a match with "the man" - the mysterious king of bare-knuckled boxing. There are no rules for this man wins when the other dies.


Dead Fish
Dead Fish (2005)
, 1h38
Directed by Charley Stadler
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Adventure
Actors Robert Carlyle, Gary Oldman, Andrew Lee Poots, Kevin McNally, Elena Anaya, Billy Zane
Roles Writer
Rating54% 2.702882.702882.702882.702882.70288
Un tueur à gage réputé, va lors d'une seule et même rencontre, perdre son téléphone portable et tomber amoureux. Toute l'intrigue se noue à la gare ferroviaire, où une jeune-fille enceinte, dont le petit ami, fort insouciant et indécis quant au choix de ses futures responsabilités ; lui prête son téléphone portable. En communication avec sa mère, auprès de laquelle elle envisage son retour, au vu de son état et de la précarité de sa situation ; elle est victime d'un vol à l'arraché. Très réactive, la jeune future mère poursuit son agresseur. Le tueur à gage témoin involontaire de la scène, est subitement subjugué par cette jeune femme énergique, et pour lui venir en aide, il stoppe net l'individu. Mais sous le choc de la collision, son propre téléphone, identique à l'autre, lui tombe des mains et dans la confusion, il le remet à la jeune fille.