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Denholm Elliott is a Actor British born on 31 may 1922 at Ealing (United-kingdom)

Denholm Elliott

Denholm Elliott
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Birth name Denholm Mitchell Elliott
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 31 may 1922 at Ealing (United-kingdom)
Death 6 october 1992 (at 70 years)
Awards Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Denholm Mitchell Elliott, CBE (31 May 1922 – 6 October 1992) was an English film, television and theatre actor with more than 120 film and television credits. He trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. In the 1980s, he won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in three consecutive years (his first for Coleman in Trading Places), the only actor ever to have achieved this. He is perhaps best known for portraying Dr Marcus Brody in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and as "Coleman" in Trading Places (1983).


Privately bisexual, Elliott was married twice; first to actress Virginia McKenna for a few months in 1954, and later, in an open marriage, to American actress Susan Robinson (7 March 1942–12 April 2007), with whom he had two children, Mark and Jennifer. Jennifer committed suicide by hanging in 2003.

Elliott was diagnosed with HIV in 1987 and died of AIDS-related tuberculosis at his home in Santa Eulària des Riu on Ibiza, Spain, on 6 October 1992 at the age of 70. Tributes were paid by actors Sir Donald Sinden and Sir Peter Ustinov, playwright Dennis Potter and former wife Virginia McKenna. Sinden said: "He was one of the finest screen actors and a very special actor at that. He was one of the last stars who was a real gentleman. It is a very sad loss." Ustinov said: "He was a wonderful actor and a very good friend on the occasions that life brought us together." Potter commented: "He was a complicated, sensitive and slightly disturbing actor. Not only was he a very accomplished actor, he was a dry, witty and slightly menacing individual. As a man, I always found him very open, very straightforward and very much to the point." McKenna added: "It is absolutely dreadful, but the person I am thinking of at the moment more than anybody is his wife. It must be terrible for her." Ismail Merchant described Elliott as "an all-giving person, full of life ... He had an affection and feeling for other actors, which is very unusual in our business."

His widow set up a charity, The Denholm Elliott Project, and collaborated on his biography. She worked closely with the UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and AIDS. Susan Robinson Elliott died on 12 April 2007, aged 65, following a fire in her flat in London.

Best films

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
Trading Places (1983)
A Room with a View (1986)
The Sound Barrier (1952)

Usually with

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 2h3
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about extraterrestrial life, Political films, Children's films, Films about extraterrestrial life, Arme nucléaire
Actors Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf, Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen, Ray Winstone, John Hurt
Roles Marcus Brody (archive footage) (uncredited)
Rating61% 3.0984753.0984753.0984753.0984753.098475
In 1957, Indiana Jones and his partner George "Mac" McHale are kidnapped in Nevada by Soviet agents under Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko. The Soviets infiltrate warehouse labeled "Warehouse 51" and force Jones to locate an alien corpse with a crystal skull, recovered ten years earlier. Upon its discovery, Mac reveals he is a double agent working for the Soviets. Jones escapes, unsuccessfully attempts to retrieve the skull, and in a fight with Spalko's sadistic henchman, Colonel Antonin Dovchenko, they both fall onto a rocket sled, which ignites and speeds them away. Jones staggers away and, still pursued, arrives in a model town at the Nevada Test Site, minutes before an atomic bomb test, and takes shelter in a lead-lined refrigerator. Jones is rescued, decontaminated, and arrested by FBI agents, who suspect him of working for the Soviets; and though freed on the recommendation of General Ross, who vouches for him, he is put on indefinite leave of absence from Marshall College.
Noises Off..., 1h43
Directed by Peter Bogdanovich
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Michael Caine, Carol Burnett, Denholm Elliott, Julie Hagerty, Marilu Henner, Mark Linn-Baker
Roles Selsdon Mowbray / The Burglar
Rating73% 3.697273.697273.697273.697273.69727
The film follows the concept of a play within a play, in this case a dreadful farce called Nothing On — the type of production in which many doors continually open and shut. The setting has been transplanted from English provincial theatre to Des Moines, Iowa, where a second-rate theatrical troupe is preparing to perform the Broadway-bound play under the direction of Lloyd Fellowes.
Scorchers (1991)
, 1h21
Directed by David Beaird
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Faye Dunaway, Denholm Elliott, James Earl Jones, Emily Lloyd, Jennifer Tilly, Luke Perry
Roles Howler
Rating56% 2.8021252.8021252.8021252.8021252.802125
Scorchers takes place in cajun Louisiana on the wedding night of a young woman named Splendid (played by Emily Lloyd). Splendid is scared to death of what will happen in the bedroom with her new husband, Dolan (James Wilder) and her father, Jumper (Leland Crooke), finds himself having to coax his daughter to submit to the groom.
Toy Soldiers, 1h51
Directed by Daniel Petrie Jr.
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about education, Films about terrorism
Actors Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton, Keith Coogan, Andrew Divoff, Mason Adams, Denholm Elliott
Roles Headmaster
Rating65% 3.298853.298853.298853.298853.29885
In Barranquilla, Colombia, a terrorist by the name of Luis Cali has taken over the Palace of Justice with a ruthless team of mercenaries. He demands the release of his drug kingpin father, Enrique Cali, only to be told that his father has already been delivered to the United States for trial. They escape by helicopter and with the weapons and logistics assistance of Luis' second-in-command, an American named Jack Thorpe, they enter the U.S. through Mexico.
Toy Soldiers, 1h47
Directed by Daniel Petrie Jr.
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
Actors Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton, Keith Coogan, Andrew Divoff, R. Lee Ermey, Mason Adams
Roles Headmaster
Rating65% 3.298863.298863.298863.298863.29886
Avec son équipe de terroristes, le colombien Luis Cali essaie d'obtenir la libération de son père, un baron de la drogue. Arrivé aux États-Unis, Cali et ses hommes prennent en otage une école spéciale pleine de fils de sénateurs, de juge ou de PDG mais aussi d'élèves à problèmes, indisciplinés ou allergiques à l'autorité. Cali pose des bombes partout dans l'école et menace de la faire sauter avec tous les élèves si son père n'est pas rapidement libéré. Tandis qu'à l'extérieur, les autorités cherchent un moyen de faire entrer un commando dans l'école, à l'intérieur, le jeune Billy Tepper et sa bande de copains téméraires essaient aussi d'aider les autorités et de neutraliser la bombe.
A Murder of Quality, 1h43
Directed by Gavin Millar
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Spy films, Political films
Actors Denholm Elliott, Christian Bale, Joss Ackland, Glenda Jackson, Billie Whitelaw, Ronald Pickup
Roles George Smiley
Rating62% 3.1422453.1422453.1422453.1422453.142245
George Smiley, at the request of his old wartime colleague Ailsa Brimley, investigates the murder of Stella Rode. A letter had previously come to Brimley from Rode detailing a plot supposedly by her husband, Stanley Rode, who teaches at Carne School, to kill her. Upon investigating, Smiley learns of many secrets that were kept by the victim, and one being that Terence Fielding, a house master at Carne, was being blackmailed by her due to past homosexual activities. Smiley solves the investigation when it is revealed that it was not Stanley Rode who murdered his wife, but Terence Fielding.
One Against the Wind, 1h36
Origin Luxembourg
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Judy Davis, Sam Neill, Anthony Higgins, Christien Anholt, Kate Beckinsale, Denholm Elliott
Roles Father LeBlanc
Rating67% 3.39153.39153.39153.39153.3915
Mary Linden travaille pour la Croix-Rouge française en France occupée pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale et aide les soldats alliés qui ont été abattus à s'échapper vers le côté inoccupé. Ses activités sont compliquées par sa notoriété et l'histoire d'amour de sa fille avec un officier allemand. Basé sur l'histoire vraie.
Return from the River Kwai, 1h41
Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen
Origin USA
Genres War
Themes Seafaring films, Prison films, Transport films, Political films
Actors Timothy Bottoms, Nick Tate, George Takei, Tatsuya Nakadai, Edward Fox, Chris Penn
Roles Colonel Grayson
Rating49% 2.4603352.4603352.4603352.4603352.460335
En 1945, un camp de prisonniers britanniques et australiens situé en Thaïlande doit être évacué vers le Japon quand un bombardement allié sur le pont proche du camp bouleverse la donne. Pendant l'attaque, un avion américain est abattu par les Japonais. Son pilote, le lieutenant Crawford, est recueilli dans la jungle par les partisans commandés par le colonel Grayson qui dirige la guérilla locale. Ensemble ils tendent une embuscade au train qui transporte les prisonniers vers l'Indochine. Mal conçu, le plan échoue et le colonel est tué. Crawford est capturé par les Japonais et intégré au groupe de prisonniers de guerre.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 2h7
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Origin USA
Genres Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Prison films, Transport films, Rail transport films, Motocyclette, Political films, Évasion, Alternate history films, Children's films
Actors Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliott, Julian Glover, River Phoenix, Alex Hyde-White
Roles Marcus Brody
Rating81% 4.097874.097874.097874.097874.09787
In 1912, 13-year-old Indiana Jones is horseback riding with his Boy Scout troop in Moab, Utah. While scouting caves, Indy discovers a group of grave robbers who have found a golden crucifix belonging to Coronado and steals it from them, hoping to donate it to a museum. The men give chase through a passing circus train, leaving Indy with a bloody cut across his chin from a bullwhip and new phobia of snakes. Indy escapes, but the local sheriff makes him return the crucifix. Impressed with Indy's bravery, the leader of the robbers gives Indy his fedora.
Codename: Kyril, 3h28
Directed by Ian Sharp
Origin United-kingdom
Actors Edward Woodward, Ian Charleson, Joss Ackland, Richard E. Grant, John McEnery, Espen Skjønberg
Rating69% 3.491233.491233.491233.491233.49123
In Moscow, Marshal Stanov (Peter Vaughan), the head of the KGB, realizes that there must be a traitor within the KGB Moscow Center who is leaking high-level information to MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service. He secretly sends his most trusted operative, Colonel Ivan Bucharensky (Ian Charleson), as an agent provocateur to the West in order to force the traitor to reveal himself out of fear of exposure.
Hanna's War, 2h28
Directed by Menahem Golan
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Biography
Themes Films about religion, Political films, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Ellen Burstyn, Maruschka Detmers, Anthony Andrews, Donald Pleasence, David Warner, Rade Šerbedžija
Rating61% 3.0972053.0972053.0972053.0972053.097205
Hannah Senesh was a real-life Hungarian Jew who became a martyr to the cause of freedom during World War II. Though safely living in British Mandate Palestine at the start of the war, Hannah volunteers to venture behind enemy lines in Europe knowing that in all likelihood, she will die. She is captured, undergoing horrendous tortures before the Germans execute her.
Stealing Heaven, 1h55
Directed by Clive Donner
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical, Romance
Themes Films about education
Actors Derek de Lint, Denholm Elliott, Kim Thomson, Bernard Hepton, Kenneth Cranham, Rachel Kempson
Roles Fulbert
Rating63% 3.19743.19743.19743.19743.1974
Abelard is a famous teacher of philosophy at the cathedral school of Notre Dame, and a champion of reason, at a time when academics are required to observe chastity. He falls in love with one of his students, Héloïse d'Argenteuil, a sixteen-year-old gentlewoman raised in a convent, who has both intellectual curiosity and a rebellious view of the low status of women in 12th century Europe. When the relationship is suspected, Heloise's uncle Fulbert, who had other plans for her marriage, works with the bishop of Paris to put a stop to it. Nevertheless, Abelard and Heloise have a child together and later are secretly married. Abelard faces a struggle with himself for acting against the will of God and yet loves Heloise too.
The Bourne Identity, 3h5
Directed by Roger Young
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Themes Spy films, Sports films, Transport films, Martial arts films, Political films, Road movies
Actors Richard Chamberlain, Jaclyn Smith, Anthony Quayle, Donald Moffat, Denholm Elliott, Yorgo Voyagis
Roles Dr. Geoffrey Washburn
Rating67% 3.3968453.3968453.3968453.3968453.396845
The film's plot exhibits some differences from that of the novel by Ludlum. The undercover identity of Jason Bourne is simplified. In the book, David Webb, because of his amnesia, believes himself to be Jason Bourne and an assassin called Cain. In the film, the name Cain is left out. In the film, Carlos is shown to be responsible for killing Webb's wife and child, which is not the case in the novel. Alexander Conklin is accidentally shot by his own people when attempting to kill Bourne; in the novel he survives and appears in subsequent novels. In the book's ending, Carlos escapes in the confusion, whereas in the film he is gunned down at the last moment by Bourne/David Webb. Because Carlos is the primary antagonist of the original Bourne trilogy (although only The Bourne Supremacy had been published when the film was produced), this essentially ends the story with one film.
Maurice (1987)
, 2h20
Directed by James Ivory
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors James Wilby, Hugh Grant, Rupert Graves, Ben Kingsley, Denholm Elliott, Simon Callow
Roles Dr. Barry
Rating75% 3.799373.799373.799373.799373.79937
During a trip to a windswept beach, Maurice Hall, an 11-year-old schoolboy, receives instructions about the "sacred mysteries" of sex from his teacher, who wants to explain to the fatherless boy the changes he would experience in puberty.