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Dimitar Panov is a Actor Bulgare born on 18 july 1902 at Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgarie)

Dimitar Panov

Dimitar Panov
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Nationality Bulgarie
Birth 18 july 1902 at Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgarie)
Death 15 november 1985 (at 83 years) at Sofia (Bulgarie)

Dimitar Panov (Bulgarian: Димитър Панов) was a Bulgarian film and theater actor and director, born in 1902, deceased in 1985.
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Filmography of Dimitar Panov (8 films)

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Farsighted for Two Diopters, 1h29
Directed by Petar B. Vasilev
Genres Comedy
Actors Georgi Partsalev, Dimitar Panov, Kiril Gospodinov
Roles Dyado Pano
Rating77% 3.863283.863283.863283.863283.86328
Dimo Manchev (Partsalev), a 50-year-old head of family, has a conservative notion of upbringing and morality. Being familiar with his disposition, the Manchev's daughter Lili (Bratanova) married his sweetheart Plamen (Gadzhokov) in secret. The young couple cast about how to announce the marriage all the more that they are both still students studying in university. The hesitation grows when the father shows strictness even though they present their relation as some university friendship. Lili and Plamen find a cordial welcome by the Lili's grandfather and Manchev's father - Old Pano (Panov). The culmination advances when they are caught in the Old Pano's house by the accidentally passing through the village Manchev. Gradually, Dimo Manchev starts accepting their relationship and even become the main (and the only) organizer of the wedding day ceremony. The young couple are horrified at the prospect of some old-fashioned wedding banquet with a great number of guests. They own to having signed and that actually they are already husband and wife. Manchev is devastated but doesn't give up, especially after learning that the Plamen's parents were also initially against this marriage. Being respected dentists in a small town, they look down on Manchev's working-class background. He cannot swallow the insult and declares willingness to take charge of the newly married couple. Finally, there is a happy end the more so as a baby is born and the Old Pano' words remain: "...Dimo, Dimo, they can be without you, but you can't be without them.
Little Hedghogs Have No Quills, 1h24
Directed by Dimitar Petrov
Genres Comedy
Actors Dimitar Panov
Roles Dyadoto, koyto zhivee sam
Rating85% 4.258694.258694.258694.258694.25869
Whale (1970)
, 1h16
Directed by Petar B. Vasilev
Genres Comedy
Actors Georgi Kaloyanchev, Dimitar Panov, Grigor Vachkov, Georgi Partsalev, Stoyanka Mutafova, Evstati Stratev
Roles Kalcho Kalchev
Rating77% 3.8652353.8652353.8652353.8652353.865235
A small fishing ship after an unsuccessful quest for some draught got not more than a single fish on top of everything the smallest one - a sprat. Despite the miserable catch the captain (Vachkov) reports through the transmitter to the superior of the fishing base Petrov (Nikolov). Of course he mentions a bigger species of fish and doesn't particularize the quantity. After months without any production from the enterprise, the superior of the base in his turn reports personally to the big local boss Kalcho Kalchev (Panov). One more time the species are enlarged and even the presence of a considerable shoal is entangled. Sitting to the table the two men have a drink or two of some cognac to celebrate the occasion. They don't stop and decide to specify the catch as a draught of dolphins as more massy kind of sea creature.
The Fountain of Love, 1h23
Directed by Ernst Hofbauer
Origin Austria
Genres Erotic, Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Ann Smyrner, Eddi Arent, Sieghardt Rupp, Christa Linder, Marianne Schönauer, Balduin Baas
Roles Lars Pogge
Rating48% 2.431042.431042.431042.431042.43104
Le conseil municipal du village idyllique de Jonkborn, dans l'arrière-pays suédois, veut s'ouvrir au tourisme afin d'exploiter une nouvelle source de revenus. Le ministère du tourisme a déjà promis un soutien financier si certaines conditions sont remplies. L'expert publicitaire Leif doit conseiller la commune. Le maire Nils Hansen apprécie l'idée d'étendre l'attraction dans la source forestière voisine, surnommée par la population la "source d'amour". Une affiche est vite conçue, qui montre une dame nue en se baignant et sur on lit : La source d'amour de Jonkborn donne de la force à la beauté des hommes et des femmes !
We Were Young, 1h50
Directed by Binka Zhelyazkova
Genres Drama, War, Romance
Actors Dimitar Buynozov, Georgi Georgiev-Getz, Dimitar Panov, Anani Yavashev
Rating74% 3.7070753.7070753.7070753.7070753.707075
Based in the days of the Bulgarian Resistance during Second World War the film deals with a young anti-fascist underground group combat operating in Sofia. Veska and Dimo are central characters. Their love affair ends because they are apprehended by the police and jailed. Veska is tortured to death and Dimo is burnt alive cruelly. The little photographer girl, Tzveteto, also meets with a violent death, as do all other members of the group. Soon afterwards another group of courageous youth is being formed. Some of them will perhaps not live to enjoy their youth.