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Donald Pleasence is a Actor British born on 5 october 1919 at Nottinghamshire (United-kingdom)

Donald Pleasence

Donald Pleasence
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Birth name Donald Henry Pleasence
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 5 october 1919 at Nottinghamshire (United-kingdom)
Death 2 february 1995 (at 75 years) at Alpes-Maritimes (France)
Awards Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Donald Henry Pleasence, OBE (/ˈplɛzəns/; 5 October 1919 – 2 February 1995) was an English film, television, and stage actor. His most notable film roles include psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis in most of the Halloween series, the villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, RAF Flight Lieutenant Colin Blythe in The Great Escape, and Cul-de-sac.


Pleasence married four times and had five daughters from his first three marriages. He had Angela and Jean with Miriam Raymond (m. 1941–1958); Lucy and Polly with Josephine Martin Crombie (m. 1959–1970); and Miranda with Meira Shore (m. 1970–1988). His last marriage to Linda Kentwood (m. 1988–1995; his death)

Best films

You Only Live Twice (1967)
Escape from New York (1981)
Fantastic Voyage (1966)
The Great Escape (1963)
Killers of Kilimanjaro (1959)

Usually with

John Carpenter
John Carpenter
(10 films)
Debra Hill
Debra Hill
(7 films)
Michele Soavi
Michele Soavi
(2 films)
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Filmography of Donald Pleasence (149 films)

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Halloween Kills
Directed by David Gordon Green
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Horror, Crime, Slasher
Themes Films about families, Serial killer films
Actors Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Nick Castle, Anthony Michael Hall, Thomas Mann
Roles Dr. Samuel Loomis (archival footage and CGI)
Rating55% 2.762782.762782.762782.762782.76278
Après les évènements de Halloween, Michael Myers, qui a survécu à l'incendie de la maison de Laurie Strode, est de retour.
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, 4h
Directed by Daniel Farrands
Origin USA
Genres Documentary, Horror
Themes Films about films, Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry, Serial killer films, Documentary films about films
Actors Heather Langenkamp, Wes Craven, Robert Englund, Robert Shaye, Lisa Wilcox, John Saxon
Roles Self (archive footage)
Rating85% 4.2821854.2821854.2821854.2821854.282185
Depuis des décennies, Freddy Krueger s'est frayé un chemin à travers les rêves d'innombrables jeunes, effrayant plus d'un demi-milliard de dollars au box-office à travers huit films terrifiants et spectaculaires.
Halloween: Resurrection, 1h30
Directed by Rick Rosenthal
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Horror, Slasher
Themes Films about television, Serial killer films, La téléréalité
Actors Busta Rhymes, Bianca Kajlich, Brad Loree, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Ryan Merriman, Sean Patrick Thomas
Roles Dr. Sam Loomis (Archive Sound/Uncredited)
Rating39% 1.958721.958721.958721.958721.95872
Three years after the events of the previous film, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) had been sent to a psychiatric hospital after it is revealed that she had beheaded a paramedic instead of her brother Michael Myers (Brad Loree); the paramedic had located the body of Myers in the dining hall of Laurie's school, Hillcrest Academy, after the paramedic tried to grab his mask, Myers attacked him, and crushed his larynx so he wouldn't cry out and forcefully switched clothing and his mask. As Laurie drives the coroner's van out of the school, Myers in the paramedic's clothing walks out of the school grounds and goes into hiding for the next three years.
The Thief and the Cobbler, 1h31
Directed by Richard Williams
Origin Canada
Genres Fantasy, Animation
Actors Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Beals, Jonathan Winters, Hilary Pritchard, Vincent Price, Anthony Quayle
Roles Voix supplémentaires
Rating70% 3.548423.548423.548423.548423.54842
The plot summary follows the 1992 workprint version of the film. The film opens with a narrator describing a prosperous city called the Golden City, ruled by the sleepy King Nod and protected by three golden balls atop its tallest minaret. According to a prophecy, the city would fall to a race of warlike, one-eyed monsters, known as "one-eyes", should the balls be removed, and could only be saved by "the simplest soul with the smallest and simplest of things". Living in the city are the good-hearted cobbler Tack, named for the ubiquitous pair of tacks held in his mouth, and a nameless, unsuccessful yet persistent thief. Both characters have no dialogue.
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, 1h28
Directed by Joe Chappelle
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror, Slasher
Themes Films about children, Films about families, Films about sexuality, Serial killer films
Actors Donald Pleasence, Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan, Mitch Ryan, Kim Darby, George P. Wilbur
Roles Dr. Sam Loomis
Rating47% 2.3560552.3560552.3560552.3560552.356055
On October 31, 1989, Michael Myers and his niece Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) have been abducted by a mysterious stranger in black at the Haddonfield Police Station. Six years later, teenager Jamie (J. C. Brandy) has been impregnated and her baby is born on Halloween Eve. The baby is taken away by the "Man in Black" who appears to be the leader of a Druid-like cult. Later, a midwife (Susan Swift) helps Jamie escape with her baby and is soon killed by Michael (George P. Wilbur). Jamie and her baby flee in a stolen pickup. Stopping briefly at a deserted bus station, Jamie makes a call to a Haddonfield radio station to warn them that Michael is about to return home, only to be ignored by the radio D.J. Barry Simms (Leo Geter) who is doing a broadcast on the Haddonfield murders.
The Hour of the Pig
Directed by Leslie Megahey
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Biography, Comedy, Historical, Crime, Romance
Actors Colin Firth, Ian Holm, Donald Pleasence, Amina Annabi, Lysette Anthony, Nicol Williamson
Roles Pincheon
Rating65% 3.2961953.2961953.2961953.2961953.296195
The Hour of the Pig is set in 15th-century France and is based upon the career and case files of Bartholomew Chassenee, an actual lawyer of the time who served as an advocate for animals who were accused of crimes. At the time, animal trials were used to determine if animals were the perpetrators of supernatural mayhem. Animals were subject to the same civil laws and penalties as human beings under French law, 1403–1596.
Shadows and Fog, 1h22
Directed by Woody Allen
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Crime
Themes Circus films, Films about sexuality, Théâtre, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Serial killer films, Films based on plays, Erotic thriller films
Actors Woody Allen, Kathy Bates, John Cusack, Mia Farrow, Jodie Foster, Philip Bosco
Roles Doctor
Rating67% 3.3501653.3501653.3501653.3501653.350165
Kleinman (Allen) is awakened from a deep sleep by a vigilante mob. They claim to be looking for a serial killer who strangles his victims and to need his help. Before he leaves, his landlady who wants to marry him gives him a small paper bag with pepper in it.
Dien Bien Phu, 2h11
Directed by Pierre Schoendoerffer
Origin France
Genres Drama, War
Themes French war films, La colonisation française, Politique, La guerre d'Indochine, Political films, Histoire de France
Actors Donald Pleasence, Jean-François Balmer, Patrick Catalifo, Maxime Leroux, Ludmila Mikaël, François Negret
Roles Howard Simpson
Rating62% 3.1012453.1012453.1012453.1012453.101245
The movie follows the chronological events of the battle. Some of them are shown in situ, from the heart of the battle, at Dien Bien Phu, while others are reported by civilians at Hanoi city or by paratroopers at Hanoi's civilian airport.
Casablanca Express, 1h24
Directed by Sergio Martino
Genres Drama, War, Action
Themes Films set in Africa, Political films
Actors Jason Connery, Francesco Quinn, Jean Sorel, Donald Pleasence, Glenn Ford
Roles Colonel Bats
Rating41% 2.0702752.0702752.0702752.0702752.070275
In 1942 Winston Churchill arrives in Algiers. He plans to travel on to Casablanca where he will meet Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin for the Casablanca Conference. His aides and army commanders strongly advise against travelling by train, but Churchill is adamant.
Buried Alive, 1h27
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Robert Vaughn, John Carradine, Donald Pleasence, Ginger Lynn, Nia Long, Arnold Vosloo
Roles Dr. Schaeffer
Rating44% 2.2102652.2102652.2102652.2102652.210265
A young woman goes to teach at the Ravenscroft Institute, a girls' school overrun by ants and staffed by various ex-mental patients. Spurred on by a series of horrific hallucinations, she begins to investigate the mysterious disappearances of several students.
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, 1h30
Directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Horror, Slasher
Themes Films about children, Serial killer films
Actors Donald Pleasence, Danielle Harris, Wendy Kaplan, Ellie Cornell, Don Shanks, Beau Starr
Roles Dr. Sam Loomis
Rating49% 2.455442.455442.455442.455442.45544
The film begins with the conclusion of the previous film after Michael Myers (Don Shanks) fell down a mine shaft. The state troopers tossed dynamite down the mine to make sure that Michael was dead. But Michael escapes and stumbles into a nearby river, where he is found by a hermit. Michael falls into a coma for one year while in the hermit's care. On October 30, 1989, Michael awakens, kills the hermit, and returns to terrorize Haddonfield, where his young niece Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) continues to live after nearly being killed by Michael the year before.
River of Death, 1h40
Directed by Steve Carver
Origin USA
Genres Action, Adventure
Actors Michael Dudikoffi, Robert Vaughn, Donald Pleasence, Herbert Lom, L. Q. Jones, Cynthia Erland
Roles Heinrich Spaatz
Rating44% 2.211982.211982.211982.211982.21198
Le docteur Manteuffel, a pour ignoble but de trouver un virus qui éliminerait les non-aryens, ou toutes personnes en situation de handicap. Afin de poursuivre ces recherches et expériences en secret, le sinistre docteur s'isole au cœur de la jungle sud-américaine. Seul l'aventurier John Hamilton semble capable de le trouver. Il faudra pour cela traverser l'infernale rivière de la mort...
Paganini Horror
Directed by Luigi Cozzi
Origin Italie
Genres Horror, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Daria Nicolodi, Donald Pleasence
Roles Mr. Pickett
Rating43% 2.1616952.1616952.1616952.1616952.161695
Un groupe de pop composé de jeunes femmes décide de tourner un clip video dans la maison où le célèbre compositeur Paganini a vendu son âme au diable après avoir sacrifié sa fiancée. La musique achetée par le manager du groupe à un individu suspect s'avère être une création inédite du compositeur Paganini. Lors de la répétition, les sons éveillent le diable et le fantôme du compositeur.
Ten Little Indians, 1h38
Directed by Alan Birkinshaw
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Crime
Themes Films set in Africa
Actors Donald Pleasence, Frank Stallone, Brenda Vaccaro, Herbert Lom, Warren Berlinger, Paul L. Smith
Roles Mr. Justice Lawrence Wargrave
Rating47% 2.359662.359662.359662.359662.35966
A group of ten disparate people, strangers to each other, have all been summoned by a mysterious host named Mr. Owen to travel to Africa and join him on a safari he is hosting. Things turn ominous from the beginning, however. First their native guides abandon them, then more natives cut a bridge line across a deep ravine (their only way in and out of camp). As a result, the ten guests find themselves isolated in their hunting camp. In addition, their host, Mr. Owen, is strangely absent. Following their dinner, by means of a gramophone recording, an inhuman voice accuses each person of a murder that they each had caused and escaped justice. Events go from being unsettling to deadly when the guests start dying one by one in the fashion of the English Nursery Rhyme 'Ten Little Indians'. As each death occurs, the ten small Indian dolls that adorn the centre of the dining table disappear as each person dies which leads the guests to realize that they are being executed at the hands of a homicidal maniac among them - and that perhaps Mr. Owen is, in fact, one of them.
River of Death
Directed by Steve Carver
Genres Action, Adventure
Actors Michael Dudikoffi, Robert Vaughn, Donald Pleasence, Herbert Lom, L. Q. Jones
Roles Heinrich Spaatz
Rating44% 2.211982.211982.211982.211982.21198
Un aventurier décide d'aller à la recherche de la cité perdue dans la jungle amazonienne. Une équipe hétéroclite d'autres personnes avec des raisons de leur propre décident de se joindre à lui pour la richesse de la cité perdue. Mais à leur horreur, ils découvrent qu'ils ont peu plus qu'ils ne peuvent mâcher. Qu'est-ce avec un médecin faisant encore ses Nazie expériences sur les gens au même endroit.