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Elizabeth Peña is a Actor American born on 23 september 1959 at Elizabeth (USA)

Elizabeth Peña

Elizabeth Peña
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Birth name Elizabeth Maria Peña
Nationality USA
Birth 23 september 1959 at Elizabeth (USA)
Death 14 october 2014 (at 55 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

Elizabeth Peña (September 23, 1959 – October 14, 2014) was an American actress known for her work in films such as La Bamba, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Jacob's Ladder, Lone Star, and The Incredibles.


Elizabeth Peña est née le 23 septembre 1959 à Elizabeth, dans le New Jersey, aux (États-Unis).

D'une famille originaire de Cuba, Elizabeth Peña est diplômée en théâtre en 1977. Elle commence sa carrière au cinéma en 1979, avec la comédie dramatique El Súper. Elle apparaît par la suite dans de nombreux seconds rôles : dans Le Clochard de Beverly Hills (1986), Miracle sur la 8e rue (1987), aux côtés de Jamie Lee Curtis dans Blue Steel (1990) ou de Tim Robbins dans L'Échelle de Jacob (1990).

L'un de ses rôles les plus connus est celui de Rosie Morales dans le film La Bamba, en 1987. Elle se fait aussi remarquer en 1998 dans le film Rush Hour (1998).

La comédienne alterne sa carrière entre cinéma et télévision. Elle figure ainsi au générique de nombreuses séries télévisées, telles que NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales, Modern Family, Major Crimes ou American Dad!.

Elle est décédée le 14 octobre 2014 à Los Angeles, en Californie, aux (États-Unis), de sa cirrhose du foie et d'un abus d'alcool, à l'âge de 55 ans.

Best films

Rush Hour (1998)
Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986)
La Bamba (1987)

Usually with

Paul Mazursky
Paul Mazursky
(1 films)
Brad Bird
Brad Bird
(2 films)
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Filmography of Elizabeth Peña (47 films)

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Grandma (2015)
, 1h18
Directed by Paul Weitz
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy
Themes Pregnancy films, Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Transgender in film, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, Marcia Gay Harden, Judy Greer, Elizabeth Peña, Laverne Cox
Roles Carla
Rating66% 3.347663.347663.347663.347663.34766
Divided over six chapters, "Grandma" tells the story of Elle, a lesbian poet coping with the recent death of her long-term life partner. She ends a four-month relationship with a younger admirer, Olivia, before receiving a visit from her 18-year-old granddaughter Sage, who is pregnant and requests $630 for an abortion. As Elle is broke and Sage has had her credit card confiscated by her overbearing mother, the two embark on a road trip to come to terms with their troubles. They visit the father of the child, who is unable to come up with much money. They then visit Elle's ex-husband Karl, who Elle has not seen in years. Elle tells him she needs to borrow the money for rent, and he requests a kiss in return. After an argument over how Elle left the relationship, he agrees to hand over the cash, then refuses when he learns Sage will have an abortion with it.
Ana Maria in Novela Land, 1h28
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Actors Edy Ganem, Michael Steger, Luis Guzmán, Tamara Taylor, Mercedes Masohn, Dyana Ortellí
Roles Sra. Soto
Rating55% 2.759482.759482.759482.759482.75948
Ana Maria (Edy Ganem) is a bored twentysomething living in Los Angeles. After she gets fired from her job, bails on her best friend (Carla Morrison), and blows off her sister’s (Mercedes Masohn) bridal fitting, Ana Maria gets into a fight with her mother (Elizabeth Peña) and father (Nestor Serrano) about where her life is going. Her only solace at the end of a crummy day is watching the telenovela Pasión Sin Limites (Passion Without Limits) which features her favorite bad girl character, Ariana Tomosa (Edy Ganem). In the novela, Ariana has just been blackmailed by the evil lawyer Schmidt (Luis Guzmán) after being caught in a love triangle between the wealthy Eduardo (Juan Pablo Gamboa) and his sexy son Armando (Michael Steger).
Plush (2013)
, 1h39
Directed by Catherine Hardwicke
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Crime, Erotic thriller
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Serial killer films, Erotic thriller films
Actors Emily Browning, Cam Gigandet, Xavier Samuel, Frances Fisher, Dawn Olivieri, Thomas Dekker
Roles Dr. Lopez
Rating52% 2.606252.606252.606252.606252.60625
After losing her band mate and brother to a drug overdose, rising rock star Hayley finds herself in a downward spiral. The second album from her band Plush is received as a critical and commercial disaster. She finds new hope and friendship in Enzo, the replacement guitarist who inspires her to reach new creative heights. But soon their collaboration crosses the line sexually and Hayley, who is married with two children, retreats from Enzo’s advances. As Hayley slowly discovers Enzo’s dark and troubled history, she realizes she may have let a madman into her home and that her mistake may cost the lives of people closest to her.
In the Dark, 1h29
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Samuel Page, Shannon Elizabeth, Elizabeth Peña, Richard Portnow, Elisabeth Röhm, Patrick Muldoon
Roles Dr. Weinette
Rating48% 2.414182.414182.414182.414182.41418
A la suite d'un accident grave, dans lequel elle perd son mari et son enfant, une artiste devient aveugle. Elle reçoit ensuite une aide pour l'assister dans sa vie.
The Perfect Family, 1h24
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, Same-sex marriage in film, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Kathleen Turner, Emily Deschanel, Jason Ritter, Richard Chamberlain, Michael McGrady, Elizabeth Peña
Roles Christina Rayes
Rating55% 2.7989352.7989352.7989352.7989352.798935
The film tells the story of a devoutly Catholic wife and mother Eileen (Kathleen Turner) who has been nominated for one of the church's top awards. She then goes about trying to prove she has the "perfect" family, refusing to accept them for who they are, especially her lesbian daughter Shannon who marries her girlfriend Angela.
Down for Life
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Feminist films, Films about music and musicians, Hip hop films, Political films, Buddy films, Gangster films
Actors Danny Glover, Snoop Dogg, Elizabeth Peña, Laz Alonso, Kate del Castillo, Emily Rios
Roles Mrs. Castro
Rating69% 3.4816553.4816553.4816553.4816553.481655
The film spans one day in the life of Anjelica Soto, aka “Rascal” (played by Los Angeles native Jessica Romero), a 15-year-old Latino gang leader in Watts, as she struggles to survive. Surrounded by escalating violence and racial tensions, Rascal realizes her days in the gang are numbered. Encouraged by her English teacher (Danny Glover) to apply for a writing program in Iowa, Rascal hopes to use the material from her life to write her way out of Watts. The forces around Rascal thrust her into a deadly cycle of violence that seems almost impossible to escape. To leave, she will have to make the dangerous decision to renounce her loyalty to the gang.
Mother and Child, 2h5
Directed by Rodrigo García
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about adoption, Films about children
Actors Naomi Watts, Annette Bening, Kerry Washington, Jimmy Smits, Samuel L. Jackson, David Morse
Roles Lawyer
Rating71% 3.596183.596183.596183.596183.59618
When she was 14, Karen (Annette Bening) became pregnant and gave her daughter up for adoption. The decision to give up her child has always haunted her. Upon meeting laid-back Paco (Jimmy Smits), Karen permits her anxiety and mistrust to get the best of her. She gradually calms her anxiety through the relationship with Paco.
Nothing Like the Holidays, 1h38
Directed by Alfredo De Villa
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Christmas films, Political films
Actors Luis Guzmán, John Leguizamo, Debra Messing, Alfred Molina, Freddy Rodríguez, Melonie Diaz
Roles Anna Rodriguez
Rating61% 3.0516153.0516153.0516153.0516153.051615
At Chicago O'Hare International Airport, a group of Marines have just returned to the US from Iraq. As the Marines leave, one Marine remains and makes his way towards the exit. The Marine's name is Jesse Rodriguez (Freddy Rodriguez). The film cuts to a house where a man, Edy Rodriguez (Alfred Molina) is on a ladder nailing up a welcome home sign for Jesse. The woman, his wife, Anna Rodriguez (Elizabeth Peña) gives him a rather disgruntled look before leaving to prepare for Jesse's return.
A Single Woman, 1h37
Directed by Kamala Lopez
Origin USA
Genres Biography
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Jeanmarie Simpson, Judd Nelson, Patricia Arquette, Cassidy Lehrman, Karen Black, Peter Coyote
Roles Storyteller
Rating57% 2.872762.872762.872762.872762.87276
In A Single Woman, Jeanmarie Simpson portrays the character of Jeannette Rankin, beginning in 1972 and moving backwards in time to Rankin's childhood in 1880s Montana.
Racing for Time, 1h27
Directed by Charles Dutton
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Yaya DaCosta, Elizabeth Peña, Zulay Henao, Saige Thompson, Tiffany Haddish, Charles Dutton
Roles Flores
Rating60% 3.001253.001253.001253.001253.00125
Cleveland "Stack" Stackhouse (Charles S. Dutton) is a guard with the Texas Correctional Youth Authority who witnesses the cycle of destructive choices and racial tensions among female teen offenders and decides to do something about it. He gathers African-American, Latina and Caucasian teens, and organizes a multi-racial track team behind the bars of the prison. Participation in Stack's track team not only breaks down the racial divides between the girls, but puts them on a path to turn their lives around.
Goal! II: Living the Dream, 1h55
Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors Kuno Becker, Alessandro Nivola, Anna Friel, Stephen Dillane, Jaume Collet-Serra, Rutger Hauer
Roles Rosa Maria
Rating58% 2.9018852.9018852.9018852.9018852.901885
The film depicts fictional events in the 2005-06 football season, involving Real Madrid, Newcastle United and other major European clubs like Arsenal, Valencia and Barcelona.
Dragon Wars: D-War, 1h26
Directed by Shim Hyung-rae
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Films about dragons, Giant monster films
Actors Jason Behr, Craig Robinson, Amanda Brooks, Robert Forster, Chris Mulkey, Aimee Garcia
Roles Agent Linda Perez
Rating35% 1.758511.758511.758511.758511.75851
The story follows the adventures of Ethan Kendrick, charged in his childhood by Jack to protect the Yuh Yi Joo, an individual born able to change an Imoogi into a Celestial Dragon. To this end, Jack gives Ethan a medallion formerly belonging to Haram and reveals that the Yuh Yi Joo is Sarah, whom Ethan will find in Los Angeles.
Adrift in Manhattan, 1h31
Directed by Alfredo De Villa
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Heather Graham, Victor Rasuk, Dominic Chianese, Elizabeth Peña, William Baldwin, Marlene Forte
Roles Isabel Parades
Rating55% 2.754732.754732.754732.754732.75473
La vie de trois étrangers solitaires qui se croisent pendant le trajet sur les lignes 1 et 9 du métro de New York .
Love Comes Lately, 1h26
Directed by Jan Schütte
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Films about writers, Films about religion, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Otto Tausig, Rhea Perlman, Barbara Hershey, Olivia Thirlby, Tovah Feldshuh, Elizabeth Peña
Roles Esperanza
Rating55% 2.7599652.7599652.7599652.7599652.759965
Elderly Jewish writer Max Kohn (Otto Tausig) is an Austrian émigré whose mind is constantly working causing a state of perpetual confusion. He's a successful author of short stories who lives in New York City and is so stuck in his old ways that he believes that the only proper way to write is by using a typewriter. Max has several women interested in seducing him, but he spends most of his time with fellow worrier Reisel (Rhea Perlman). During a trip to speak in nearby Hanover Max begins editing his latest story—a wild tale of a Miami retiree who gets himself into various kinds of trouble. It doesn't take Max long to lose himself in his own writings, and pretty soon, he's mixed up in two sexy romances and an unsolved murder.
The Lost City, 2h23
Directed by Andy García
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical, Romance
Themes Mafia films, Seafaring films, Transport films, Political films, Gangster films
Actors Andy García, Dustin Hoffman, Bill Murray, Danny Pino, Inés Sastre, Tomás Milián
Rating64% 3.2482053.2482053.2482053.2482053.248205
Fico Fellove is the owner of El Tropico, a swank nightclub in late 1950s. Fico lives for his family and his music, but the harsh realities of a dictatorial regime threaten to destroy both. His brother Ricardo becomes a revolutionary while his other brother Luis joins the democratic opposition while his father Federico, a well-respected university professor, believes that Batista should be replaced by constitutional means.