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Elpidia Carrillo is a Actor Mexicaine born on 16 april 1961 at Parácuaro (Mexique)

Elpidia Carrillo

Elpidia Carrillo
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Nationality Mexique
Birth 16 april 1961 (60 years) at Parácuaro (Mexique)

Elpidia Carrillo (born August 16, 1961) is a Mexican and American actress and director. Her career includes roles in both Latin American and US film and television. She is best known in the United States for her lead role in the iconic action film Predator as well as for winning two Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, ALMA Awards for the films Bread and Roses and Nine Lives. She was also nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead for her performance in Salvador.


Active in social justice issues, Carrillo staged a number of public demonstrations protesting the massacre of 43 innocent students in Ayutzinapa, Mexico in 2014. She also plays an active role in teaching young actors and filmmakers, including lecturing in her native Mexico and worldwide.

She currently lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Best films

Predator (1987)

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Filmography of Elpidia Carrillo (24 films)

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The Tax Collector
Directed by David Ayer
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Shia LaBeouf, Lana Parrilla, Cle Shaheed Sloan, George Lopez, Elpidia Carrillo, Marco Morales
Roles Janet
Rating48% 2.4132352.4132352.4132352.4132352.413235
David Cuevas est un père de famille qui travaille comme collecteur d'impôts pour les gangs de haut rang de Los Angeles. Il fait des collections à travers la ville avec son partenaire Creeper pour s'assurer que les gens paient ou verront des représailles. Une vieille menace revient à Los Angeles qui met en danger tout ce que David aime.
Mother and Child, 2h5
Directed by Rodrigo García
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about adoption, Films about children
Actors Naomi Watts, Annette Bening, Kerry Washington, Jimmy Smits, Samuel L. Jackson, David Morse
Roles Sofia
Rating71% 3.598143.598143.598143.598143.59814
When she was 14, Karen (Annette Bening) became pregnant and gave her daughter up for adoption. The decision to give up her child has always haunted her. Upon meeting laid-back Paco (Jimmy Smits), Karen permits her anxiety and mistrust to get the best of her. She gradually calms her anxiety through the relationship with Paco.
Seven Pounds, 2h3
Directed by Gabriele Muccino
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Fantasy, Melodrama, Romance
Themes Films about suicide
Actors Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, Michael Ealy, Barry Pepper, Fiona Hale
Roles Connie
Rating75% 3.7999553.7999553.7999553.7999553.799955
Tim Thomas (Will Smith), while carelessly sending a text message while driving, veers across the center line into oncoming traffic and causes a multi-car crash in which seven people die: six strangers and his fiancée, Sarah Jenson (Robinne Lee).
Tortilla Heaven, 1h34
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors José Zúñiga, Elpidia Carrillo, Alexis Cruz, Olivia Hussey, Judy Herrera, Lupe Ontiveros
Roles Hermenegilda
Rating54% 2.711622.711622.711622.711622.71162
A tiny town in New Mexico is turned upside down when the image of Christ appears - burned onto a tortilla - in the community's only restaurant, "Tortilla Heaven." Chaos ensues among the townfolk.
Thieves and Liars, 1h54
Genres Drama
Actors Steven Bauer, Elpidia Carrillo, Daniel Lugo, Alba Raquel Barros, Lymari Nadal
Roles Isabel
Rating64% 3.231023.231023.231023.231023.23102
The film is set in the island of Puerto Rico. Because of its central location in the Caribbean, the island has become one of the main ports of drug entry from South America into the United States. The film follows the lives of three families in different levels of society affected by drug trafficking and crime in the island.
Nine Lives
Nine Lives (2005)
, 1h55
Directed by Rodrigo García
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about families, Medical-themed films, Films about sexuality, Films about disabilities, Sign-language films, American Sign Language films, Films about language and translation
Actors Sissy Spacek, Glenn Close, Holly Hunter, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Kathy Baker, Amanda Seyfried
Roles Sandra
Rating66% 3.3475353.3475353.3475353.3475353.347535
Imprisoned Sandra (Elpidia Carrillo) has an emotional breakdown when the broken telephone in her cubicle prevents her from communicating with her daughter on visiting day.
Solaris (2002)
, 1h39
Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Adventure, Romance
Themes Space adventure films, Medical-themed films, Dans l'espace, Films based on science fiction novels, Films about psychiatry, Space opera, Children's films
Actors George Clooney, Natascha McElhone, Viola Davis, Jeremy Davies, Ulrich Tukur, Michael Ensign
Roles Friend
Rating61% 3.09833.09833.09833.09833.0983
Clinical psychologist Dr. Chris Kelvin is approached by emissaries for DBA, a corporation operating a space station orbiting the planet Solaris, who relay a message sent from his scientist friend Dr. Gibarian. Gibarian requests that Kelvin come to the station to help understand an unusual phenomenon but is unwilling to explain more. DBA is unsure how to proceed, as the mission to study Solaris has been sidetracked and none of the astronauts want to return home. In addition, DBA has lost contact with the security patrol recently dispatched to the station. Kelvin agrees to a solo mission to Solaris as a last attempt to bring the crew home safely.
Bread and Roses, 1h50
Directed by Ken Loach
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films about alcoholism, Films about immigration, Films about the labor movement, La précarité, Political films
Actors Adrien Brody, Elpidia Carrillo, Pilar Padilla, Jack McGee, Lillian Hurst, George Lopez
Roles Rosa
Rating69% 3.493823.493823.493823.493823.49382
Le cœur gros, Maya a laissé sa mère a Cuernavaca pour émigrer aux États-Unis. Après bien des péripéties, elle arrive à Los Angeles où vit depuis longtemps sa sœur ainée Rosa. Énergique et décidée, Maya décroche un premier job de serveuse dans un bar de nuit puis obtient de Rosa, employée dans une entreprise de nettoyage, qu'elle la présente à son directeur, Perez. Devenue femme de ménage, Maya se retrouve au milieu d'une armée d'employées de toutes les nationalités, qui travaillent dans des conditions inacceptables. Maya refuse de se soumettre.
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her, 1h39
Directed by Rodrigo García
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart, Kathy Baker, Amy Brenneman, Valeria Golino
Roles Carmen Alba
Rating64% 3.2466953.2466953.2466953.2466953.246695
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her consists of five stories or vignettes, tied together loosely to envision the complexity of incomplete communications about life, family, and love. We glimpse the lives of five women, each facing problems such as loneliness, dissatisfaction, longing, and or desire. Rodrigo García, in his first-time directing, assembled this film with a loaded cast of actresses who can tell you everything you need to know just by their body language and facial expressions. Their individual stories show us what “things you can tell just by looking at her”.
The Other Conquest
Directed by Salvador Carrasco
Genres Drama
Themes Films about religion
Actors Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez, Damián Delgado, Elpidia Carrillo, Diana Bracho, Carlos Torres Torrija
Roles Tecuichpo / Doña Isabel
Rating65% 3.296613.296613.296613.296613.29661
It is May 1520 in the vast Aztec Empire, one year after the Spanish Conqueror Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico. The Other Conquest opens with the infamous massacre of the Aztecs at the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan (what is now called Mexico City). The sacred grounds are covered with the countless bodies of priests and nobility slaughtered by the Spanish armies under Cortés' command. The lone Aztec survivor of the massacre is a young Indian scribe named Topiltzin [toˈpiɬt͡sin] (Damián Delgado). Topiltzin, who is the illegitimate son of the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma, survives the onslaught by burying himself under a stack of bodies. As if awakening from a dream, the young man rises from among the dead to find his mother murdered, the Spanish in power, and the dawn of a new era in his native land - a New World with alien leaders, language, customs... and God. Representing the New Order is the Spanish Friar Diego (José Carlos Rodríguez). His mission is to convert the "savage" natives into "civilized" Christians; to replace their human sacrifices and feathered deities with public Christenings and fealty to the Blessed Virgin Mary. With Topiltzin, Friar Diego faces his most difficult spiritual and personal challenge, for when Topiltzin is captured by Spanish troops and presented to Cortés (Iñaki Aierra), the Spanish Conqueror places Topiltzin's conversion under Friar Diego's care. Old world confronts the New as Topiltzin struggles to preserve his own beliefs, whilst Friar Diego attempts to impose his own.
Un envoûtement, 2h2
Directed by Carlos Carrera
Origin Mexique
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Blanca Guerra, Vanessa Bauche, Elpidia Carrillo
Roles la femme du sorcier
Rating66% 3.332083.332083.332083.332083.33208
Dans les années 1930, sur la côte du Yucatán, le jeune Eliseo, 13 ans, est initié à l'amour par Felipa, sa maîtresse d'école. Felipa doit partir quand la relation est découverte et, arrivé à l'âge adulte, Elizeo se marie par obligation avec une autre femme, sans jamais réussir à oublier Felipa. Dix ans plus tard, Felipa revient.
The Brave
The Brave (1997)
, 2h3
Directed by Johnny Depp
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about films, Medical-themed films, Psychologie, Snuff films in fiction, Films about television, Films about psychiatry
Actors Marlon Brando, Marshall Bell, Frederic Forrest, Elpidia Carrillo, Clarence Williams III, Johnny Depp
Roles Rita
Rating62% 3.148523.148523.148523.148523.14852
The film concerns a Native American man named Raphael who lives with his wife and two children in a remote community near a rubbish dump selling whatever he can to make a living. Raphael, seeing the hopelessness of his situation and his inability to provide for his family, agrees to star in a snuff film for a large sum of money that he hopes will give his family a chance for a better life.
My Family
My Family (1995)
, 2h8
Directed by Gregory Nava
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Jimmy Smits, Edward James Olmos, Esai Morales, Jennifer Lopez, Elpidia Carrillo, Jacob Vargas
Roles Isabel Sánchez
Rating72% 3.6496553.6496553.6496553.6496553.649655
The story is narrated by the family's oldest son, Paco (Edward James Olmos). The film begins with the father of the family, José Sanchez (Jacob Vargas), making a journey that lasts one year on foot from Mexico to Los Angeles. He travels to Los Angeles to meet a distant relative known as El Californio, who was born in the city when it was still part of Mexico. They become fast friends and grew a corn farm together. However, after several years, El Californio nears death. Shortly before dying, El Californio says he wants the following written on his tombstone:
Predator 2
Predator 2 (1990)
, 1h48
Directed by Stephen Hopkins
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Action, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs, Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Children's films, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Kevin Peter Hall, Bill Paxton, María Conchita Alonso, Rubén Blades
Roles Anna
Rating62% 3.149323.149323.149323.149323.14932
In 1997, Los Angeles is suffering from both a heat wave and a turf war between heavily armed Colombian and Jamaican drug cartels. A Predator watches a shootout between the police and Colombians, observing as Lieutenant Michael Harrigan charges into the firefight to rescue two wounded officers and drive the Colombians back into their hideout. While the police are ordered to wait for a federal task force to arrive on the scene, the Predator crashes through a skylight and attacks the Colombians. Harrigan and his police detectives Leona Cantrell and Danny Archuleta enter against orders and find the Colombians have been slaughtered. Harrigan pursues the gang leader onto the roof and shoots him, catching a glimpse of the camouflaged Predator's silhouette, but dismissing him as an effect of the heat. Harrigan is rebuked by his superiors for his disobedience. He is also introduced to Special Agent Peter Keyes, leader of the task force who are purportedly investigating the cartels, and Detective Jerry Lambert, the newest member of Harrigan's team.