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Elsie Ferguson is a Actor American born on 19 august 1883 at New York City (USA)

Elsie Ferguson

Elsie Ferguson
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Birth name Elsie Louise Ferguson
Nationality USA
Birth 19 august 1883 at New York City (USA)
Death 5 november 1961 (at 78 years) at New London (USA)

Elsie Louise Ferguson (August 19, 1885 – November 15, 1961) was an American stage and film actress.


Très active au théâtre, Elsie Ferguson joue notamment à Broadway (New York), où elle débute en 1901 dans la comédie musicale The Liberty Belles, avec Harry Davenport. Outre trois autres comédies musicales de 1902 à 1905, elle s'illustre régulièrement au théâtre new-yorkais jusqu'en 1929, dans vingt-quatre pièces (dont des productions de Charles Frohman ou Henry B. Harris). Parmi ses partenaires à Broadway, mentionnons Frederick Worlock — son troisième époux de 1924 à 1930 (divorce) — dans deux pièces, dont une adaptation de La Grande Duchesse et le Garçon d'étage d'Alfred Savoir (avec également Basil Rathbone) en 1925.

Accaparée par cette carrière théâtrale, Elsie Ferguson apparaît au cinéma dans seulement vingt-six films muets américains (dont des productions Famous Players-Lasky Corporation), la plupart réputés perdus à ce jour. Les deux premiers, sortis en 1917, sont La Délaissée (avec Lumsden Hare et Pedro de Cordoba) et Les Étapes du bonheur (avec Elliott Dexter), réalisés par Maurice Tourneur. Mentionnons aussi deux réalisations de George Fitzmaurice, The Witness for the Defense (1919, avec Warner Oland et Wyndham Standing) et Forever (ou Peter Ibbetson, 1921, avec Wallace Reid et Montagu Love), ainsi que Sacred and Profane Love de William Desmond Taylor (1921, avec Conrad Nagel) — adaptation de la pièce éponyme d'Arnold Bennett qu'elle venait de créer à Broadway en 1920 —.

Après The Unknown Lover de Victor Halperin (avec Mildred Harris), son dernier film muet sorti en 1925, elle revient à l'écran pour son seul film parlant, Scarlet Pages de Ray Enright (avec Marian Nixon, John Halliday et Grant Withers), produit par Warner Bros. et sorti en 1930.

Scarlet Pages est l'adaptation de son avant-dernière pièce (même titre) à Broadway en 1929, aux côtés de Jean Adair et Claire Luce. Elle retourne sur les planches new-yorkaises pour une ultime prestation de novembre 1943 à janvier 1944, dans Outrageous Fortune de Rose Franken , avec Margaret Hamilton et Maria Ouspenskaya.

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Scarlet Pages, 1h6
Directed by Ray Enright
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Crime, Romance
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Elsie Ferguson, John Halliday, Grant Withers, Marian Nixon, William B. Davidson, Wilbur Mack
Roles Mary Bancroft
Rating60% 3.013693.013693.013693.013693.01369
In the prologue to the film(taking place in 1911) we learn that, being unable to care for her baby, Mary Bancroft (Elsie Ferguson), had to give her up for adoption. Years later(in 1930), we find Bancroft as a successful female lawyer in New York. She refuses to marry District Attorney John Remington (John Halliday), because she doesn't want to tell him about her unfortunate past. Bancroft and Remington go to a nightclub one night where Nora Mason (Marian Nixon) works as a singer and dancer. Nora Mason is actually Bancroft's biological daughter but neither of them knows it. Although Nora is tired of the work she is doing and wants to settle down and marry Robert Lawrence (Grant Withers), her adoptive "father" Dr. Henry Mason (played by Wilbur Mack) has other plans for her. Dr. Mason wants to sell Nora to Gregory Jackson (William B. Davidson), who promises to star Nora in a show that will bring in lots of money, as long as she gives herself to Jackson. When Nora hears of this sordid deal from the lips of Dr. Mason, she kills him with a gun her adoptive "mother"(Charlotte Walker) has recently bought. Lawrence, with a friend who is an acquaintance of Bancroft's, goes to the office of Bancroft to ask her to defend Nora. At first reluctant, Bancroft finally decides to take the case. Nora at first refuses to tell the reasons for killing her adoptive father Dr. Mason until it comes out in court that she has been adopted. Nora then informs the jury the entire details of what had occurred prior to the murder; it is obliquely stated that she had been molested by Dr. Mason. When Bancroft finds out her client is actually her own daughter she passes out in court. Nora is acquitted and eventually forgives her real mother for abandoning her as a child.
Outcast (1922)
, 1h10
Directed by Chester Withey
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Elsie Ferguson, David Powell, William Powell, Mary MacLaren, Charles Wellesley, Teddy Sampson
Roles Miriam

As described in a film publication, Valentine Moreland (MacLaren) has married her husband for money and jilted Geoffrey Sherwood (Powell). He feels her rejection keenly, and his friend Tony Hewlitt (David) finds Geoffrey alone in his apartment drinking. Miriam, abandoned by her husband and whose child had died from neglect, has been forced out on the street when her room's rent becomes overdue. Tony sprays some soda water out the window and hits Miriam. Miriam is invited in and Tony offers to compensate her for her hat. She tells Geoffrey her story, and he sees that he is no worse off than other people. Miriam works with Geoffrey in his South American business and he helps her get an apartment. She loves him and tries to win his affection, but he is held back by his memory of Valentine. Valentine has become weary of her elderly husband and seeks Geoffrey at his apartment. Miriam arrives and, seeing that Geoffrey is infatuated with Valentine, resolves to leave. Valentine glances out the window and, seeing her husband John (Wellesley) entering the house, panics. Miriam hides Geoffrey and Valentine in the next room, and, when John comes in, convinces him that she is Geoffrey's mistress and the only woman there. After John leaves, Valentine decides to rejoin her husband. Miriam leaves and, after sending a letter to Geoffrey indicating an intent to kill herself, leaves on a boat for South America. Geoffrey pursues her in a seaplane and rescues her when she jumps of the ship. They are married and honeymoon in Rio.
Forever (1921)

Directed by George Fitzmaurice
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Elsie Ferguson, Wallace Reid, Montagu Love, George Fawcett, Elliott Dexter, Dolores Cassinelli
Roles Mimsi

Peter Ibbetson (Reid) is an orphan raised by his uncle, Colonel Ibbetson. When the Colonel insults his dead mother, Peter attacks him and is ordered from the house. Then the young man runs into his childhood sweetheart, Mimsi (Ferguson), and their romantic feelings are rekindled.
Sacred and Profane Love
Directed by William Desmond Taylor
Origin USA
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Elsie Ferguson, Conrad Nagel, Thomas Holding, Helen Dunbar, Winifred Greenwood, Forrest Stanley
Roles Carlotta Peel

As described in a film publication summary, Carlotta Peel (Ferguson), brought up by a maiden aunt with maiden ideas, secretly attends a concert by Emilie Diaz (Nagel). After the concert she meets the pianist and later succumbs to the strains of "Samson and Delilah" played by Emilie. Carlotta spends the night with Emilie and returns home the next morning to find her aunt dead. She does not see Emilie again, and after several years she is a well known novelist who is loved by her publisher, Frank Ispenlove (Holding). The publisher's wife Mary (Greenwood) commits suicide because of her husband's affair with Carlotta. Frank then kills himself. After some time and at a different locality, Carlotta finds Emilie, a victim of absinthe. She nurses him back to health and his musical gift is restored. She is now happy with her first love.
Footlights (1921)

Directed by John S. Robertson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Elsie Ferguson, Reginald Denny, Marc McDermott
Roles Lisa Parsinova/Lizzie Parsons

Lady Rose's Daughter
Directed by Hugh Ford
Origin USA
Actors Elsie Ferguson, David Powell, Frank Losee, Holmes Herbert, Ida Waterman, Warren Cook
Roles Lady Maude/Lady Rose Delaney/Julie Le Breton

Eyes of the Soul
Directed by Émile Chautard
Origin USA
Genres Romance
Actors Elsie Ferguson, Wyndham Standing
Roles Gloria Swann

As described in a film publication, Gloria Swann (Ferguson) is driving Judge Malvin's (Backus) automobile when she nearly runs down Larry Gibson (Standing), a blind soldier in a wheelchair. The two meet often thereafter, with Gloria reading to him and taking him on wheelchair outings. Gloria falls in love with him. Judge Malvin, who loves Gloria, tries to dissuade her, calling the soldier a "blind wreck." When Larry's finances get low, Gloria takes some songs he has written to a music publisher, and, being a cabaret singer, performs them at the Palm Garden club. The songs are a hit, and Larry signs a contract with the publisher. Instead of a mansion with the judge, Gloria ends up living in a boarding house with Larry, but they are happy. Larry is reconciled to the loss of his sight, for he sees through "the eyes of his soul.
The Marriage Price
Directed by Émile Chautard
Origin USA
Actors Elsie Ferguson, Wyndham Standing, Lionel Atwill
Roles Helen Tremaine

As described in a film magazine, Helen Tremaine (Ferguson) is an extravagant daughter of a wealthy New York man, but becomes impoverished by his death and disillusioned when her friends leave her, save Frederick Lawton (Standing), a man of power and wealth. She does not love Lawton and prefers Kenneth Gordon (Atwill), but he says he is too poor to marry her. She attempts to support herself, but even fails at a job as a film actress. Nearly starving, she marries Lawton as a last resort. He tests her by making her financially independent through a pretend heritage of hers that he claims to have discovered, but she remains a girl of her word. All is well until her former love shows up to win her with a scheme that will enrich him while ruining her husband. The deal goes through, but it is a trap set up by her husband to show her the type of man her former love was. She now sees the nobility in her husband with happy results.
A Society Exile
Directed by George Fitzmaurice
Origin USA
Actors Elsie Ferguson, Julia Dean, Warburton Gamble, Zeffie Tilbury, Henry Stephenson
Roles Nora Shard

Based upon a plot summary included in a film review in a film publication, Nora (Ferguson) is an American heiress who is courted by Lord Bissett (Gamble) while visiting England. She overhears Bissett discussing with his sister the need of Nora's money to replenish his fortune, so she leaves him and moves into a nearby