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Emily Meade is a Actor American born on 10 january 1989 at New York City (USA)

Emily Meade

Emily Meade
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Birth name Emily Meade
Nationality USA
Birth 10 january 1989 (35 years) at New York City (USA)

Emily Meade (born January 10, 1989) is an American film and television actress. She appeared as a future version of the character Ella Blake in the science fiction series Fringe third season finale.

In 1997, at the age of seven, she sang "Up, over, through and under" (Sottosopra) at the Italian song contest Zecchino d'Oro. The song won the Zecchino d'Argento prize for the best non-Italian song.

She then starred in My Soul to Take, directed by Wes Craven. Co-stars included Max Thieriot and Nick Lashaway. She starred in the 2010 release, Twelve as a drug addicted teenager. Meade appeared in the independent drama, Bluebird, in 2013. She currently has a recurring role in the HBO drama, The Leftovers.


En 1997, à l'âge de sept ans, elle a chanté « Up, over, through and under » (Sottosopra) au concours de chansons italien Zecchino d'Oro. La chanson a remporté le prix Zecchino d'Argento pour la meilleure chanson non italienne.

Elle commence sa carrière d'actrice dans la production allemande The House is Burning, présentée au festival de Cannes 2006. Elle a ensuite joué dans My Soul to Take, dirigé par Wes Craven. Meade est apparu dans le drame indépendant, Bluebird en 2013. Elle joue un rôle récurrent dans la série télévisée de HBO The Leftovers puis en 2017 dans The Deuce. En 2016, elle joue dans le film Nerve aux côtés de Dave Franco et d'Emma Roberts.

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Money Monster, 1h38
Directed by Jodie Foster
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Psychologie, Films about television
Actors Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Jack O'Connell, Dominic West, Caitriona Balfe, Lenny Venito
Roles Molly
Rating64% 3.2491853.2491853.2491853.2491853.249185
Financial TV personality Lee Gates, who offers up stock advice on his hit show "Money Monster," is held hostage by a viewer, Kyle Budwell, who lost all of his money following a bad tip from Lee during his show.
Nerve (2016)

Directed by Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Crime
Actors Dave Franco, Emma Roberts, Kimiko Glenn, Juliette Lewis, Marc John Jefferies, Seth Rogen
Roles Sydney Sloane
Rating65% 3.2619453.2619453.2619453.2619453.261945
Une lycéenne se retrouve plongée dans un dangereux jeu en ligne. Bientôt ses moindres faits et gestes sont observés et manipulés par une communauté...
Nerve (2016)
, 1h36
Directed by Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Adventure, Crime
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Films about television, Transport films, L'usurpation d'identité, Films about automobiles, La téléréalité, Films about video games, Road movies, Chase films, Escroquerie
Actors Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Juliette Lewis, Emily Meade, Miles Heizer, Kimiko Glenn
Roles Sydney Sloane
Rating65% 3.2619553.2619553.2619553.2619553.261955
Nerve est un jeu en ligne sur mobile qui propose deux options : être « voyeur » : payer pour regarder les joueurs accomplir leurs défis et leur en proposer d’autres ou « joueur » : gagner de l’argent en accomplissant des missions. Les joueurs doivent réaliser des défis, de plus en plus dangereux. Vee, une adolescente new-yorkaise timide et effacée, est poussée par ses amis à jouer au jeu pour prendre plus de risques dans sa vie. Son premier défi, un baiser de 5 secondes, va lui faire rencontrer Ian, un autre joueur et gagner 100$. À la suite de multiples demandes de voyeurs, les deux jeunes vont devoir faire équipe pour réaliser leurs défis suivants. Mais plus le jeu avance, plus les défis sont dangereux et louches. Vee et Ian n'auront aucun autre choix que celui de mettre leurs vies en danger, sous les regards de la communauté de spectateurs de Nerve.
Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?, 1h26
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Romance
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Vampires in film
Actors James Franco, Tori Spelling, Emma Rigby, Ivan Sergei, Emily Meade, Nick Eversman
Roles Pearl
Rating39% 1.9980451.9980451.9980451.9980451.998045
Lorsque le major de théâtre Leah, ramène à la maison la personne spéciale dans sa vie à rencontrer sa mère, Julie, la famille est surprise par une surprise lorsque Pearl vient à la porte. Julie essaie d'embrasser l'idée du nouvel amour de Leah, mais elle ne peut pas ébranler le sentiment que quelque chose ne va pas. Les soupçons de Julie mènent à une découverte surprenante à propos de Pearl qui met Leah en grave danger. Julie pourra-t-elle sauver sa fille d'une éternité de chagrin avant qu'il ne soit trop tard?
That Awkward Moment, 1h34
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Zac Efron, Jessica Lucas, Imogen Poots, Miles Teller, Addison Timlin, Michael B. Jordan
Roles Christy
Rating61% 3.050623.050623.050623.050623.05062
Jason (Zac Efron) is sitting on a bench in New York City waiting for someone to arrive. A voiceover explains that he has been waiting for a long time, but to explain why, he needs to go back to the beginning. Jason begins by telling the audience that every relationship reaches the "So..." moment, where someone in the relationship will want to take the relationship to a more serious place. At that point, Jason knows the relationship is over, as he is not ready to start dating.
Gimme Shelter, 1h41
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Pregnancy films, Films about sexuality
Actors Vanessa Hudgens, Brendan Fraser, Rosario Dawson, James Earl Jones, Emily Meade, Stephanie Szostak
Roles Cassandra
Rating64% 3.2021153.2021153.2021153.2021153.202115
Agnes "Apple" Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens) has never had an easy life. She's been in and out of foster care for years, and her mother June (Rosario Dawson) is an abusive addict who only wants her for the welfare money she provides. She decides to run away and go in search of her absent father, Tom Fitzpatrick (Brendan Fraser), whom she discovers is now a wealthy Wall Street broker with a family. He agrees to take her in, but she's quickly forced out again when he and his wife learn she's pregnant and don't agree with her decision to keep the baby.
Sleepwalk with Me, 1h20
Directed by Mike Birbiglia
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Lauren Ambrose, Carol Kane, Mike Birbiglia, James Rebhorn, Lucy DeVito, Cristin Milioti
Roles Samantha
Rating66% 3.3482753.3482753.3482753.3482753.348275
Sleepwalk with Me is a comedy written by, directed by and starring comedian Mike Birbiglia, based on a true story as told in his one-man off-Broadway show and his first book. The film follows the journey of an aspiring comedian in denial about the fate of his relationship, his goals for the future and his emergent rapid eye movement behavior disorder. The longer his feelings of anxiety go unexpressed, the more uproarious and dangerous his sleepwalking incidents become.
Thanks for Sharing, 1h52
Directed by Stuart Blumberg
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about sexuality
Actors Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Joely Richardson, Josh Gad, Patrick Fugit
Roles Becky
Rating63% 3.195993.195993.195993.195993.19599
Set in New York City, Thanks for Sharing centers around three people undergoing a 12-step process to recover from their sexual addiction.
Trespass (2011)
, 1h30
Directed by Joel Schumacher
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Liana Liberato, Cam Gigandet, Ben Mendelsohn, Jordana Spiro
Roles Kendra
Rating53% 2.652732.652732.652732.652732.65273
The film opens with fast-talking businessman and diamond dealer Kyle Miller (Nicolas Cage) speaking to a client over the phone as he returns to his lavish mansion home, his wife Sarah (Nicole Kidman) and his teenage daughter Avery (Liana Liberato). Despite the charming facade, it is immediately clear that the family is dysfunctional and emotionally distant: Avery disrespects her parents and, despite being forbidden to do so, sneaks out of the house to go to a party with her friend Kendra. Sarah appears bored with life as a housewife and yearns for more in her marriage while Kyle seems to harbor a hidden aversion towards his wife. Just as Kyle is about to leave for a business transaction, the house is suddenly invaded by a gang of robbers masquerading as police.
Young Adult, 1h34
Directed by Jason Reitman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Films about writers
Actors Charlize Theron, Patton Oswalt, Patrick Wilson, Elizabeth Reaser, Jill Eikenberry, Collette Wolfe
Roles Denny's Waitress
Rating62% 3.1465753.1465753.1465753.1465753.146575
Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) is a divorced, alcoholic 37-year-old ghost writer of a series of young adult novels, who is on deadline with her editor to finish the last book of the soon-to-be-cancelled series. Mavis receives an e-mail with a picture of the newborn daughter of her high school boyfriend Buddy Slade (Patrick Wilson) and his wife Beth (Elizabeth Reaser). Believing this to be a sign she and Buddy are meant to be together, Mavis leaves Minneapolis and returns to her hometown of Mercury, Minnesota, to reclaim her life with Buddy, under the pretext of overseeing a real estate deal.
Silver Tongues, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance, Erotic thriller
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Erotic thriller films
Actors Lee Tergesen, Tate Ellington, Emily Meade, Adam LeFevre, Johann Carlo
Roles Rachel
Rating66% 3.3402953.3402953.3402953.3402953.340295
Gerry and Joan (Tergesen and Graham) are a middle-aged couple who travel from town to town under false personas to mutilate and change the lives of any and all unsuspecting victims in their paths. Using their immense acting skill, the duo start to fall apart when their relationship strains under the pressure of their performances.
My Soul to Take, 1h47
Directed by Wes Craven
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Slasher
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Max Thieriot, Denzel Whitaker, John Magaro, Raúl Esparza, Shareeka Epps, Zena Grey
Roles Fang
Rating47% 2.359492.359492.359492.359492.35949
Family man Abel Plenkov (Raul Esparza), a sufferer of schizophrenia, accidentally discovers that he is the Riverton Ripper, a local, masked serial killer. After killing his pregnant wife, Sarah (Alexandra Wilson), and then his psychiatrist, he is shot down and carted away in an ambulance, leaving his young daughter Leah and premature son orphaned. On the way to the hospital, a paramedic (Danai Gurira) suggests that Plenkov himself is innocent but that he houses multiple souls, with the Ripper's being one of them. Near death, Plenkov unexpectedly revives, slashing the paramedic in the throat, causing the ambulance car to crash and burn and seemingly escapes.
Burning Palms
Directed by Christopher Landon
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Dylan McDermott, Shannen Doherty, Zoe Saldana, Jamie Chung, Lake Bell, Nick Stahl
Roles Chloe Marx
Rating53% 2.651512.651512.651512.651512.65151
The Green Eyed Monster Dedra Davenport (Rosamund Pike) meets the 15-year-old daughter (Emily Meade) of her fiancé (Dylan McDermott) for the very first time. However, she is soon disturbed by how unhealthy and bordering on incestuous the relationship between the two is.