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Eric Blore is a Actor British born on 23 december 1887 at London (United-kingdom)

Eric Blore

Eric Blore
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Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 23 december 1887 at London (United-kingdom)
Death 2 march 1959 (at 71 years) at Hollywood (USA)

Eric Blore (23 December 1887 – 2 March 1959) was an English comic actor. Blore was born in Finchley, Middlesex, England.


Aged 18, Blore worked as an insurance agent for two years. He gained theatre experience while touring Australia. Originally enlisting into the Artists Rifles he was commissioned in the South Wales Borderers in World War I. Eventually he appeared in several shows and revues in England. In 1923 he went to the United States and began playing character roles on Broadway. After the death of his first wife, Violet Winter, he married Clara Mackin in 1926. His stage work in the musical Gay Divorce with Fred Astaire earned him a role in films.

He moved on to film and appeared in over eighty Hollywood films. Blore, in his role as an English butler, appeared more frequently than any other supporting player in the series of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals at RKO Radio Pictures, five of ten. Some of his most memorable on-screen moments took place in Top Hat (1935) and Shall We Dance (1937). He reprised this role with Astaire for a final time in The Sky's the Limit (1943), delivering the line: "If I were not such a gentleman's gentleman, I could be such a cad's cad". Other memorable roles included Sir Alfred McGlennan Keith in the Preston Sturges film The Lady Eve (1941) with Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda, a small part as Charles Kimble in the second of the seven Bing Crosby-Bob Hope "Road" films, Road to Zanzibar (1941), and from 1940 to 1947 in eleven Lone Wolf films as Jamison the butler.

Blore died of a heart attack at age 71 on 2 March 1959 in Hollywood, California. He was entombed in Glendale's Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery.

His death caused an unexpected stir, quite independent of his fame. The British critic Kenneth Tynan, writing for The New Yorker, had recently made a mistaken reference to "the late Eric Blore", and this error passed by the normally vigilant checking department. When Blore’s lawyer demanded a retraction, the editor had no choice other than to refer this demand to Tynan, pointing out in a fury that this was the first retraction ever to appear in that uniquely authoritative magazine. In disgrace, Tynan prepared a major apology, to appear prominently in the next issue. On the eve of publication, when the edition was printed and ready for delivery, Blore died. So next morning, the daily papers announced Blore’s death, while The New Yorker apologised for any insult to Mr. Blore’s feelings through their erroneous report of his demise.

Best films

Swing Time (1936)

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Bess Flowers
Bess Flowers
(9 films)
J. Roy Hunt
J. Roy Hunt
(6 films)
John Tribby
John Tribby
(5 films)
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Filmography of Eric Blore (78 films)

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Bowery to Bagdad, 1h4
Directed by Edward Bernds
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, David Gorcey, Bernard Gorcey, Benny Bartlett, Jean Willes
Roles Genie of the Lamp
Rating67% 3.386453.386453.386453.386453.38645
Sach buys a magic lamp containing a Genie. A group of gangsters see the boys using the lamp and steal it. However, the boys had made a wish that only the Slip and Sach could request wishes from the Genie so he is unable to grant the gangsters wishes. The gangsters decide that if the two of them were dead then the Genie would have no choice but to obey their commands. The Genie has taken a liking to the boys and helps them escape, but they are transported back to Baghdad where the true master of the lamp resides, leaving Slip and Sach without any more wishes. The Genie, feeling sorry for them, grants them one more wish, which Sach uses to "wish I had the nerve to sock him (Slip) in the chin", which the Genie grants.
Fancy Pants
Directed by George Marshall
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre, Romantic comedy, Musical, Romance, Western
Actors Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Bruce Cabot, Eric Blore, John Alexander, Norma Varden
Roles Sir Wimbley
Rating65% 3.296563.296563.296563.296563.29656
A B-grade stage actor is convinced to play the role of a butler for a Western family who are about to host President Theodore Roosevelt.
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, 1h8
Directed by Clyde Geronimi, James Algar, Jack Kinney
Origin USA
Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, Musical, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Eric Blore, Bing Crosby, J. Pat O'Malley, Basil Rathbone, Claud Allister, Campbell Grant
Roles Mr. Toad (voice)
Rating69% 3.4955053.4955053.4955053.4955053.495505
La Mare aux grenouilles Inspirée du Vent dans les saules de Kenneth Grahame (1908) , la première partie du film raconte l'histoire de Crapaud baron Têtard dont la passion débordante pour les automobiles inquiète grandement ses amis Taupe, Rat et Blaireau, surtout quand Crapaud échange son manoir ancestral à des fouines contre un bolide volé... Crapaud se met rapidement à flâner sans but sur les routes, jusqu'au jour où sa drôle d'escapade le mène derrière les barreaux. Ses amis s'acharnent à prouver son innocence en allant chercher des preuves dans son ancien manoir occupé par des bandits.
Love Happy
Love Happy (1949)
, 1h25
Directed by Leo McCarey, David Miller
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre
Actors Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Groucho Marx, Ilona Massey, Vera-Ellen, Marion Hutton
Roles Mackinaw
Rating59% 2.9505452.9505452.9505452.9505452.950545
Private detective Sam Grunion (Groucho Marx) has been searching for the extremely valuable Royal Romanoff diamonds for eleven years, and his investigation leads him to a troupe of struggling performers, led by Mike Johnson (Paul Valentine), who are trying to put on a musical revue called Love Happy.
La Mare aux grenouilles, 30minutes
Directed by Clyde Geronimi, James Algar, Jack Kinney
Origin USA
Themes Children's films
Actors Basil Rathbone, Eric Blore, J. Pat O'Malley, Campbell Grant, Claud Allister, John McLeish
Roles J. Thaddeus Toad (Crapaud)

Inspirée du Vent dans les saules (1908) de Kenneth Grahame, La Mare aux grenouilles raconte l'histoire de Crapaud Baron Têtard dont la passion débordante pour les automobiles inquiète grandement ses amis Taupe, Rat et Angus McBlaireau, surtout quand Crapaud échange son manoir ancestral à des fouines contre un bolide volé... Monsieur Crapaud se met rapidement à flâner sans but sur les routes, jusqu'au jour où sa drôle d'escapade le mène derrière les barreaux. Ses amis s'acharnent à prouver son innocence en allant chercher des preuves dans son ancien manoir occupé par des bandits.
Romance on the High Seas, 1h39
Directed by Michael Curtiz, Busby Berkeley
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre, Romantic comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Jack Carson, Janis Paige, Don DeFore, Doris Day, Oscar Levant, S.Z. Sakall
Roles Ship's Doctor
Rating69% 3.4952953.4952953.4952953.4952953.495295
Elvira Kent (Janis Paige) and her husband Michael (Don DeFore) suspect each other of cheating. For their wedding anniversary, Elvira books an ocean cruise to Rio de Janeiro but her husband claims that unexpected business will prevent him from going. Seeing an opportunity, Elvira pretends to take the trip alone, but in fact sends singer Georgia Garrett (Doris Day), a woman she'd met at the travel agency, in her place and under her name. By secretly staying behind, Elvira hopes to find out if Michael is indeed sneaking around behind her back. Michael, however, is suspicious over Elvira's supposed willingness to go on the trip alone, and so hires private detective Peter Virgil (Jack Carson) to see if she is sneaking around behind his back.
The Lone Wolf in London, 1h8
Directed by Leslie Goodwins
Origin USA
Genres Crime
Actors Gerald Mohr, Eric Blore, Nancy Saunders, Evelyn Ankers, Richard Fraser, Queenie Leonard
Roles Claudius Augustus Lucius Jamison
Rating58% 2.912922.912922.912922.912922.91292
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The Lone Wolf in Mexico, 1h9
Directed by D. Ross Lederman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure, Crime
Actors Gerald Mohr, Eric Blore, Sheila Ryan, Jacqueline deWit, Bernard Nedell, John Gallaudet
Roles Jamison
Rating63% 3.1795253.1795253.1795253.1795253.179525
Former jewel looter Michael Lanyard (The Lone Wolf), who has since been working as a private investigator, is accused of murdering Leon, a Mexican casino operative at the El Paseo joint. This incident is succeeded by another murder, this time of Sharon, a jeweller's spouse and gambling addict. The Lone Wolf seeks to clear his name by tracking the mastermind down once and for all. Before he can, he is arrested but manages to escape. The film ends with a largely unresolved mystery.
The Notorious Lone Wolf, 1h4
Directed by D. Ross Lederman
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime, Romance
Actors Gerald Mohr, Eric Blore, Janis Carter, John Abbott, William B. Davidson, Mark Roberts
Roles Jameson
Rating57% 2.8666852.8666852.8666852.8666852.866685
Having left the Army, reformed jewel thief and current detective Michael Lanyard (Gerald Mohr), or the Lone Wolf, returns to New York to find his lover Carla Winter (Janis Carter). On the way, he is tipped off by Inspector Crane (William Davidson) of the looting of the Shalimar, a diamond co-owned by the Prince of Rapur (Olaf Hytten) and Lal Bara (John Abbott). It is revealed that the jewel thief is Stonely (Don Beddoe), owner of a bar.
Abie's Irish Rose, 1h36
Directed by A. Edward Sutherland
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Michael Chekhov, Joanne Dru, J. M. Kerrigan, George E. Stone, Emory Parnell, Art Baker
Roles Stubbins, Asst. Hotel Manager
Rating55% 2.7933652.7933652.7933652.7933652.793365
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Kitty (1945)
, 1h43
Directed by Mitchell Leisen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical, Romance
Actors Paulette Goddard, Ray Milland, Patric Knowles, Reginald Owen, Cecil Kellaway, Constance Collier
Roles Dobson, Sir Hugh's servant
Rating70% 3.537053.537053.537053.537053.53705
In 1783, Kitty (Goddard) is caught trying to pick the pocket of the painter Thomas Gainsborough (Kellaway). He offers to pay her more to sit for a portrait for him. There, she attracts the attention of Sir Hugh Marcy (Milland) and the Earl of Carstairs (Knowles). Sir Hugh, upon finding out her real social status, offers her a job as a scullery maid. Kitty learns that he is impoverished, having lost his post in the foreign office due to a scandal.
The Captain from Köpenick, 1h11
Directed by Richard Oswald
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Albert Bassermann, Mary Brian, Eric Blore, Herman Bing, George Chandler, Luis Alberni
Roles Obermueller, the Mayor
Rating73% 3.670633.670633.670633.670633.67063
Shoemaker Wilhelm Voigt is released from prison after many years of hard labor. His freedom is new to him and, as he tries to navigate this strange new world, he promptly finds himself in the midst of a Prussian catch-22: To get a residence permit (passport), he must have a job, but he can only get a job if he has a residence permit. No one in the Prussian-German bureaucracy feels compelled to help him, everything must go by the book. To escape this vicious circle, out of desperation Voigt breaks into a police station to forge the much needed permit.
San Diego I Love You, 1h23
Directed by Reginald Le Borg
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Jon Hall, Louise Allbritton, Edward Everett Horton, Eric Blore, Buster Keaton, Irene Ryan
Roles Nelson, Butler
Rating68% 3.4162653.4162653.4162653.4162653.416265
Philip McCooley, a widowed high school teacher in small-town California. believes that he has discovered a new self-inflating life raft. He is persuaded by his eldest daughter Virginia to travel to San Diego to apply for funds from a developmental agency, and takes his four younger sons along as well. On the train journey they encounter and offend John Thompson Caldwell IV by taking his compartment, little realizing that he is extremely wealthy and the head of the agency that the McCooley's need the support of. With their last savings, the family buy a house in the city, which comes with an unusual butler and a very confused lodger.
Forever and a Day, 1h44
Directed by Cedric Hardwicke, Frank Lloyd, Victor Saville, Robert Stevenson, René Clair, Edmund Goulding, Herbert Wilcox
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Transport films, Aviation films, Political films
Actors Kent Smith, George Kirby, Ruth Warrick, Merle Oberon, Ray Milland, Reginald Gardiner
Roles Charles
Rating72% 3.6373853.6373853.6373853.6373853.637385
In World War II, American Gates Trimble Pomfret (Kent Smith) is in London during the Blitz to sell the ancestral family house. The current tenant, Leslie Trimble (Ruth Warrick), tries to dissuade him from selling by telling him the 140-year history of the place and the connections between the Trimble and Pomfret families.
Heavenly Music, 22minutes
Directed by Josef Berne
Origin USA
Genres Fantasy, Musical
Actors Steven Geray, Fritz Feld, Eric Blore, Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas
Roles Mr. Frisbie
Rating61% 3.057723.057723.057723.057723.05772