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Fiona Fullerton is a Actor British born on 10 october 1956 at Kaduna (Nigeria)

Fiona Fullerton

Fiona Fullerton
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Birth name Fiona Elizabeth Fullerton
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 10 october 1956 (64 years) at Kaduna (Nigeria)

Fiona Elizabeth Fullerton (born 10 October 1956) is a Nigerian-born British actress and singer.

She is perhaps best known for her role as KGB spy Pola Ivanova in the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill and as Alice in the 1972 film Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


Elle fut repérée à 11 ans dans une école de ballet par un agent et commence sa carrière cinématographique en 1969, avec le film Run Wild, Run Free de Richard C. Sarafian, puis le film Nicolas et Alexandra (1971) de Franklin J. Schaffner. En 1972, elle obtient le rôle d'Alice dans Alice au pays des merveilles. Elle jouera aussi dans La Guerre des otages (1979), Gauguin the Savage (1980) et surtout Pola Ivanova dans Dangereusement vôtre (1985) aux côtés de Roger Moore.

Fiona Fullerton joua aussi pour la télévision dans les séries Angels (1975-1976), A Taste for Death (1988). En 1982, elle joua au théâtre aux côtés de Richard Harris dans la comédie musicale Camelot ou encore avec Keith Michell dans Henry VIII.

Depuis, Fiona Fullerton s'est retirée du cinéma, elle dirige sa propre société immobilière et a écrit plusieurs livres sur l'immobilier. Elle vit avec sa famille dans le Gloucestershire.

En 2013 elle participe à Strictly Come Dancing 11.

Elle a été mariée à Simon MacCorkindale (10 juillet 1976, divorcée en 1981) et à Neil Shakell en décembre 1994. Ils ont deux enfants.

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A Hazard of Hearts, 1h30
Directed by John Hough
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Diana Rigg, Edward Fox, Helena Bonham Carter, Marcus Gilbert, Fiona Fullerton, Christopher Plummer
Roles Lady Isabel Gillingham
Rating70% 3.544123.544123.544123.544123.54412
Compulsive gambler, Sir Giles Staverley, is tricked into gambling away his home by his old adversary Lord Harry Wrotham. As Staverley is distraught and desperate, Wrotham gives him one last chance - he will gamble everything Staverley has lost against Staverley's daughter's hand in marriage and her trust fund of 80,000 guineas. Staverley agrees and loses once again, but unable to face his daughter, Serena, he kills himself. Lord Justin Vulcan, a notoriously cool, clear-headed gambler, challenges Wrotham for the house and the girl and, much to Wrotham's disgust, wins. Justin now finds himself in possession of the house and Serena, but has no idea of what to do with them. After meeting Serena and realising that she is much younger and more attractive than he had imagined, he installs her as a guest at Mandrake, his family home, despite the opposition of Justin's mother, Lady Harriet Vulcan. As Lady Vulcan attempts to marry Serena off to anyone except her son, Serena and Justin become friends and he teaches her about Mandrake, the home he loves. A crisis forces Serena and Justin to confront their feelings for each other.
The Secret Life of Ian Fleming, 1h40
Origin USA
Genres Biography, Documentary, Adventure
Themes Spy films
Actors Jason Connery, Kristin Scott Thomas, Joss Ackland, Joseph Long, Patricia Hodge, David Warner
Roles Lady Caroline
Rating61% 3.0961253.0961253.0961253.0961253.096125
Élevé selon des principes austères, le futur créateur de James Bond commence sa propre carrière d'espion à la veille de la Seconde Guerre mondiale sous les ordres de l'amiral Godfrey, chef des services secrets
A View to a Kill, 2h11
Directed by John Glen
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure, Spy
Themes Films about children, Spy films, Films about terrorism, Political films
Actors Roger Moore, Tanya Roberts, Grace Jones, Patrick Macnee, Christopher Walken, Patrick Bauchau
Roles Pola Ivanova
Rating63% 3.1978853.1978853.1978853.1978853.197885
MI6 agent James Bond is sent to Siberia to locate the body of 003 and recover a microchip originating from the Soviet Union. Upon his return Q analyses the microchip, establishing it to be a copy of one designed to withstand an electromagnetic pulse and made by government contractor Zorin Industries.
The Human Factor, 1h54
Directed by Otto Preminger
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Spy, Politic
Themes Spy films, Politique, Political films
Actors Richard Attenborough, Derek Jacobi, John Gielgud, Iman, Nicol Williamson, Robert Morley
Roles Elizabeth
Rating60% 3.049273.049273.049273.049273.04927
Maurice Castle (Nicol Williamson) is a mid-level bureaucrat in MI6 whose life seems completely without peculiarity, peccadillo, or any highlighting quality to suggest he’s anything but a dull bureaucrat, except for the interesting, casually introduced detail that he has an African wife, Sarah (Iman), and son, Sam (Gary Forbes). Meanwhile, the company regime, represented by corpulent, bluffly cheery Dr. Percival (Robert Morley), who’s actually an expert in assassinations and biological toxins, and grey eminence Sir John Hargreaves (Richard Vernon), advise newly appointed security chieftain Daintry (Richard Attenborough) that, thanks to a source they have cultivated in their Moscow enemy headquarters, they believe they have a traitor at the MI6 African desk. The duo determine that the mole must be quietly killed, rather than be allowed publicity in a trial or a flight to Moscow. They determine quickly that the most likely candidate for the traitor is Arthur Davis (Derek Jacobi), Castle’s playboy office partner. Actually, Castle is the mole, but the information he leaks is entirely unimportant financial documents. He became involved in leaking to the Soviets when he was an MI6 agent in South Africa, seven years earlier: he met and fell in love with Sarah, and when their affair was discovered by the authorities, Castle was all but thrown out of the country, and he entrusted Sarah’s smuggling out of the country to a mutual communist acquaintance. Ever since, he’s been repaying the favor by filtering insignificant data to the Soviets. Castle makes one last informational drop to his communist handlers and he is summarily whisked off to Moscow for protection. However, Castle's primary problem is that he is not a communist, is not a communist sympathizer, and has absolutely no interest in politics, socialism, the Russian language, Slavic history or culture, geopolitical power plays, Moscow nor the Soviet Union. His only interest is in his wife and his son, who are left in London — where they will remain separated from him.
Nicholas and Alexandra, 3h9
Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, War, Biography, Historical, Romance
Themes Politique, Political films, Films about capital punishment, Films about royalty
Actors Michael Jayston, Janet Suzman, Roderic Noble, Ania Marson, Lynne Frederick, Candace Glendenning
Roles Anastasia
Rating71% 3.596953.596953.596953.596953.59695
The story begins with the birth of Tsarevich Alexei on 12 August 1904 during the Russo-Japanese War. Tsar Nicholas (Michael Jayston) is warned by the Prime Minister Count Witte (Laurence Olivier) and his uncle Grand Duke Nicholas (Harry Andrews) that the war is futile and costing too many lives. They tell him the Russian people want representative government, health care, voting and workers' rights, but Nicholas wants to maintain the autocracy. Meanwhile, underground political parties led by Vladimir Lenin (Michael Bryant), Joseph Stalin (James Hazeldine) and Leon Trotsky (Brian Cox) have formed.
Run Wild, Run Free, 1h40
Directed by Richard C. Sarafian
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Themes Films about animals, Medical-themed films, Films about horses, Films about psychiatry, Films about disabilities, Films about autism, Children's films
Actors John Mills, Mark Lester, Gordon Jackson, Fiona Fullerton, Sylvia Syms, Bernard Miles
Roles Diana
Rating63% 3.1975553.1975553.1975553.1975553.197555
"Philip (Mark Lester) is a troubled autistic 10-year-old boy who has been fleeing the confines of his family's home since babyhood. Like some wild animal, Philip refuses to be penned up. Even more frustrating for his devoted mother and more irritable father, Philip has refused to speak since the age of three. Run Wild, Run Free (1969), directed by Richard C. Sarafian, is occasionally graced with experimental, art film touches, as when, at one point the internal thoughts of Philip's mother (Sylvia Syms) describing her fatigue and inability to love her son can be heard as voice-over as they drive to a therapist appointment.