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Florence La Badie is a Actor American born on 27 april 1888 at New York City (USA)

Florence La Badie

Florence La Badie
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Birth name Florence Russ
Nationality USA
Birth 27 april 1888 at New York City (USA)
Death 13 october 1917 (at 29 years) at Ossining (village) (USA)

Florence La Badie /ˌlɑːbɑːˈdiː/ (April 27, 1888 – October 13, 1917) was an American actress in the early days of the silent film era. Though little known today, she was a major star between 1911 and 1917. Her career was at its height when she died at age 29 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.


For a time, she was engaged to a Cadillac salesman named Val Hush. They broke up, and she became involved with Daniel Carson Goodman, a writer who worked on the scenario for Thanhouser's serial Zudora.

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Filmography of Florence La Badie (35 films)

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The Man Without a Country, 1h
Directed by Ernest C. Warde
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Florence La Badie, Holmes Herbert, Carey L. Hastings
Roles Barbara Norton
Rating62% 3.138753.138753.138753.138753.13875
As described in a film magazine, Barbara Norton (La Badie) and her brother Tom (Marlo), orphaned children of a veteran who gave his life for his country, go to live with their uncle Phineas (Howard) and aunt (Hastings) in the city. It is just before the entrance of the United States into the European war and the uncle is a pacifist. He holds meetings at home where Barbara assists him. Barbara's brother is a loyal American and is greatly troubled by the uncle's expectations to count on him. Barbara meets John Alton (Herbert), who wins her promise to be his wife. They are very happy until war is declared and Barbara cannot bear the thought of her future husband not doing service for his country. His "Peace at Any Price" button is the last straw and she gives him a choice of either joining the "colors" or breaking the engagement. John declares that he is a true pacifist and Barbara, believing that a man who cannot support his country is that country's enemy, breaks the engagement publicly. Her fiance becomes very unpopular at his club because of his views and is taken to task by one of his father's friends. Having lost Barbara and his popularity makes him resent the constant references to the United States and his debt to his country, and he curses his native land. Barbara enlists as a Red Cross nurse and her brother as a soldier. Later, an old friend of John's family, Pop Milton (Dundan), gives him a copy of The Man Without a Country and asks him to read it and rise above his treasonous views. He does so, and as he reads the immortal story the patriotic spirit of Barbara comes to him in a vision of Columbia who tells him that in a previous life he was the Philip Nolan of the story. She takes him back to historic times and shows him a succession of scenes from the book. The man of today sees with horror the famous court martial in which he was sentenced to never hear of the United States again, the tragedy of the careful carrying out of the sentence, and the pitiful death of the man, made easier by the humanity of Captain Danforth (Gilmour), who gives him a brief history of the land he learns to bless before he dies. John's spirit returns from the allegorical journey and he responds to the new and vigorous manhood within and enlists at once, thereby winning Barbara, who was at home on sick leave from her nursing work in France.
The Woman in White
Directed by Ernest C. Warde
Genres Drama
Actors Florence La Badie, Richard Neill, Arthur Bauer, Wayne Arey, Claude Cooper
Rating70% 3.5235253.5235253.5235253.5235253.523525
As described in a film magazine review, Laura Fairlie (Florence La Badie) marries Sir Pervival Glyde (Richard R. Neill) as a result of her father's last request. Shortly after her marriage, Ann Catherick (also played by Florence La Badie), known as the "woman in white" and who resembles Laura, comes to Laura and tells her of Glyde's past, making Laura unhappy. Marian (Gertrude Dallas), Laura's half sister, learns from Laura the true state of affairs and decides to keep an eye on Sir Pervival. Through the efforts of Marian, Laura is saved from an unhappy fate.
The Return of Draw Egan, 50minutes
Directed by William S. Hart
Origin USA
Genres Action, Adventure, Romance, Western
Actors William S. Hart, Louise Glaum, Margery Wilson, Robert McKim, Florence La Badie, J.P. Lockney
Roles Townswoman (uncredited)
Rating63% 3.168633.168633.168633.168633.16863
The setting is the American Wild West. The notorious outlaw leader "Draw" Egan (played by Hart) and his gang is chased by a posse of lawmen to his remote mountain cabin, where they are trapped. During a fierce shootout, Egan opens a trapdoor and they escape through a tunnel before the posse can overwhelm them.
Divorce and the Daughter
Directed by Frederick Sullivan
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Florence La Badie, Edwin Stanley, Kathryn Adams
Roles Alicia

Alicia is a poor girl living in the city with her family. When her father receives an inheritance, he is able to follow his dream of becoming an artist and moves his family near an artist's colony in the country. There he falls prey to a scheming widow, and he and his wife separate. Alicia, meanwhile, has become involved with a young man who is the widow's accomplice, and she throws over her former suitor, Dr. John Osborne. The young man is a proponent of free love, but he gets a little too free with Alicia and she beans him with a small statuette. She goes running back to her doctor sweetheart, and her parents decide to reconcile, since their separation obviously isn't doing their children any good.
The Million Dollar Mystery
Origin USA
Genres Adventure
Actors Florence La Badie, Marguerite Snow, James Cruze, Frank Farrington, Sidney Bracey, Lila Chester
Roles Florence Gray Hargreave
Rating60% 3.0261453.0261453.0261453.0261453.026145
A prologue for The Million Dollar Mystery introduced the characters and groups. After the opening title card shows "hundreds of hands" grasping for the money and then a shot of the check for $10,000 the solver of the mystery is shown prior to the beginning of the first reel. Baby Florence is left at a boarding school with a note and half a bracelet instructing that her father will come to take her back upon her eighteenth birthday. Hargreaves, here played by Alfred Norton, is chased by the Black Hundred, but he receives a note and money before attempting to escape by balloon on the top of a building. The balloon is shot down and the first chapter ends.
The Evidence of the Film, 15minutes
Directed by Edwin Thanhouser, Lawrence Marston
Origin USA
Genres Crime
Actors William Garwood, Marie Eline, Florence La Badie, Riley Chamberlin, Mignon Anderson
Roles Sister of Messenger Boy
Rating61% 3.0986553.0986553.0986553.0986553.098655
The Evidence of the Film tells the story of a messenger boy at a film studio who is wrongfully accused of stealing bonds worth $20,000. He is saved by his sister, a film cutter, who comes across some footage of her brother inadvertently walking into a location shot and being knocked down by the real-life villain.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 12minutes
Directed by Lucius Henderson
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Actors James Cruze, Florence La Badie, Marie Eline, Marguerite Snow, Harry Benham, Jane Gail
Roles Jekyll's Sweetheart
Rating59% 2.950962.950962.950962.950962.95096
White-haired Dr. Jekyll has secretly locked himself in his laboratory administering himself with a phial of formula. He slumps into his chair with his head on his chest. Slowly, as the drug takes effect, a dark-haired, taloned beast now appears in the chair. After repeated use, Jekyll's evil alter ego emerges at will, causing Jekyll to murder his sweetheart's father. The evil personality scuttles back to the laboratory only to discover that the antidote is finished and that he will be as Mr. Hyde forever. A burly policeman breaks down Jekyll's door to find that the kindly doctor is dead after taking poison.
Petticoat Camp, 15minutes
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors William Garwood, Florence La Badie
Rating62% 3.1462353.1462353.1462353.1462353.146235
Only lasting 15 minutes, it is a light-hearted comedy about the battle between the sexes as several married couples go on a camp-out together. The women soon realize that the men expect them to do perform all of the work while they relax, leading to several comedic situations.