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Frankie Shaw is a Actor American born on 11 november 1986 at Boston (USA)

Frankie Shaw

Frankie Shaw
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Birth name Frankie Shaw
Nationality USA
Birth 11 november 1986 (37 years) at Boston (USA)

Rachel Frances "Frankie" Shaw is an American actress, writer, director and comedian. She is best known for her short film SMILF, which she wrote, directed and starred in. SMILF premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and was awarded The Short Film Jury Award for US Fiction. announced that SMILF is now headed to television, attached to Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupinsky and Emily Brecht at Quantity Entertainment, along with Michael London and ABC Signature. Showtime is developing the half-hour comedy, and Shaw is set to write, direct, star and executive produce. As the Deadline article states, the semi-autobiographical SMILF "examines the travails of a young woman (Shaw) who comes to LA as both a struggling actress and a struggling single mom."


Shaw grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts. She graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University with a degree in literature, then moved to Los Angeles where she currently lives.

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Mark Webber
Mark Webber
(3 films)
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
(1 films)
Katie Aselton
Katie Aselton
(1 films)
Chris Romano
Chris Romano
(1 films)
Alan Ritchson
Alan Ritchson
(1 films)
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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, 1h35
Directed by Kevin Smith
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Buddy films
Actors Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Harley Quinn Smith, Shannon Elizabeth, Brian O'Halloran, Jason Lee
Roles Prosecutor
Rating56% 2.800672.800672.800672.800672.80067
Jay et Silent Bob retournent à Hollywood pour empêcher la production d'un reboot du film Bluntman and Chronic (adapté d'un comics inspiré de leurs vies).
Stronger (2017)

Directed by David Gordon Green
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about terrorism, Films about disabilities
Actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Miranda Richardson, Clancy Brown, Frankie Shaw, Carlos Sanz
Roles Gail Hurley
Rating69% 3.451243.451243.451243.451243.45124
Après avoir perdu ses jambes lors du double attentat du Marathon 2013 de Boston, Jeff Bauman tente de remarcher et d'accepter les nouvelles conditions de sa vie.
Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland
Directed by Lev. L. Spiro
Genres Comedy
Themes Sports films
Actors Darin Lee Brooks, Alan Ritchson, Jimmy Tatro, Sam Jones III, Chris Romano, Page Kennedy
Roles Mary Jo Cacciatore
Rating56% 2.8496752.8496752.8496752.8496752.849675
Pour sa troisième année sur le campus, Alex Moran est proclamé Roi de Blue Mountain State par ses pairs, en plus d’être promu pour la deuxième année consécutive quarter-back titulaire de l’équipe de l’université. Cependant, le destin de l’équipe va être chamboulé le jour où le nouveau doyen de l’école met aux enchères leur maison. Déterminés à conserver leur réputation de fêtards et par la même occasion leur propriété, Alex, ses coéquipiers et la mascotte Sammy n’ont plus qu’une seule solution: forcer Thad Castle, ancien capitaine de BMS fraîchement drafté en NFL et nouveau millionnaire, à racheter la maison…
Lullaby (2014)

Directed by Andrew Levitas
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Amy Adams, Garrett Hedlund, Jessica Brown Findlay, Terrence Howard, Richard Jenkins, Daniel Sunjata
Roles Janice
Rating61% 3.050733.050733.050733.050733.05073
Eloigné de sa famille, Jonathan apprend que son père Robert, en plein combat contre la maladie, a prévu de se laisser mourir dans 48 heures.
The Pretty One, 1h30
Directed by Jenée LaMarque
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Zoe Kazan, Jake Johnson, Ron Livingston, Sterling Beaumon, Danny Pudi, John Carroll Lynch
Roles Claudia
Rating62% 3.1487453.1487453.1487453.1487453.148745
Laurel and Audrey are identical twins. Although they look the same on the outside, their personalities are very different. When they get in a severe car crash together, Laurel is taken to the hospital and is informed that her sister has died. Suffering from post-traumatic amnesia, Laurel doesn't remember being who she is at first. The morning of her sister's funeral, she remembers who she is but decides to keep everyone thinking that it was she who had died and not Audrey. She then flies back to the city where Audrey used to live. There, she meets her sister's tenant Basel (Jake Johnson) who is confused about her sudden change of personality, because Audrey was never nice to him before. Living her life posing as her sister, she learns that Audrey had a boyfriend who is married, but broke up with him before the accident. Laurel continues to spend more time with Basel and Audrey's best friend Claudia, who is suspicious about Audrey's change of behavior. Laurel begins a relationship with Basel, and they fall in love. When she finally feels that she is adapting to her new life, she accidentally tells her boss that Charles is her ex-boyfriend, not knowing that Charles is actually her boss's husband, and gets fired immediately. Shortly after this, Basel proposes to Laurel saying that he loved her since he first met her. Laurel, unable to continue deceiving everyone, decides to tell Basel the truth, but he is devastated and breaks up with her.
Someone Marry Barry
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Tyler Labine, Damon Wayans, Jr., Lucy Punch, Hayes MacArthur, Thomas Middleditch, Frankie Shaw
Roles Camille
Rating57% 2.8984552.8984552.8984552.8984552.898455
Trois amis décident de tout faire pour que leur ami Barry, socialement inadapté, trouve l'amour. Mais quand Barry rencontre enfin une femme il s'avère que celle-ci est exactement comme lui. Le petit groupe se retrouve donc avec deux Barry sur les bras... A travers les tribulations de ce drôle de couple, ils vont finalement apprendre beaucoup de l'amitié et de l'amour...
Knife Fight, 1h40
Directed by Bill Guttentag
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Political films
Actors Rob Lowe, Jennifer Morrison, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jamie Chung, Richard Schiff, Julie Bowen
Roles Samantha
Rating52% 2.6048752.6048752.6048752.6048752.604875
Un manager des crises politiques qui joue au base-ball avec ses clients, son assistante qui sait créer des polémiques, une ambitieuse journaliste TV qui couche avec lui pour obtenir des scoops...
The End of Love
Directed by Mark Webber
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Michael Cera, Mark Webber, Amanda Seyfried, Jocelin Donahue, Shannyn Sossamon, Aubrey Plaza
Roles Evelyn
Rating59% 2.951432.951432.951432.951432.95143
Le portrait intime et évocateur d’un père célibataire élevant ses enfants.
The Freebie, 1h20
Directed by Katie Aselton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Dax Shepard, Bellamy Young, Frankie Shaw, Ross Partridge, Katie Aselton, Joshua Leonard
Roles Coffee Girl
Rating51% 2.554112.554112.554112.554112.55411
In Los Angeles, Annie and Darren are a married couple in a comfortable relationship that's lost its spark. They talk constantly, express affection verbally, start the day with high-end coffee, end the afternoon with gelato, shop at the farmer's market, prepare dinner as a team, do crossword puzzles, and talk in bed. Darren wonders if a one-night stand would help bring more sex to their marriage. Soon, the two of them are laying out the ground rules and talking through the mechanics of each finding a lover for one night. They agree to give each other no details about the experience. The night comes.
Falling Up
Falling Up (2009)

Directed by David M. Rosenthal
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Joseph Cross, Sarah Roemer, Snoop Dogg, Rachael Leigh Cook, Claudette Lalí, Joe Pantoliano
Roles Gretchen
Rating55% 2.798952.798952.798952.798952.79895
Nursing student Henry O'Shea (Joseph Cross), who suddenly finds himself the 'head' of his family, after the death of his father, takes a leave from school to support his mother, getting a job as a New York doorman. Soon one of the building's residents, Scarlett Dowling (Sarah Roemer), takes notice of him and soon they become romantically attracted to each other, much to the annoyance of her mother (Mimi Rogers).
Explicit Ills
Directed by Mark Webber
Genres Drama
Actors Rosario Dawson, Paul Dano, Jermaine Crawford, Naomie Harris, Frankie Shaw, Black Thought
Roles Michelle
Rating55% 2.7567852.7567852.7567852.7567852.756785
Le film suit quatre histoires interconnectées autour de l'amour, de la drogue et de la pauvreté à Philadelphie
Just Like the Son, 1h26
Directed by Morgan J. Freeman
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Transport films, Road movies
Actors Mark Webber, Brendan Sexton III, Rosie Perez, Phyllis Somerville, Adrian Martinez, Frankie Shaw
Roles Brenda
Rating66% 3.345893.345893.345893.345893.34589
Just Like the Son tells the story of Daniel Carter, a 20-year-old delinquent who unknowingly finds redemption by helping a six-year-old child, Boone, find a better life. After being sentenced to community service at a lower east-side grade school, Daniel strikes up an unlikely friendship with Boone, who shares his fear of becoming an orphan due to his mother's illness. When Daniel learns that Boone has an older sister living in Dallas, he begins to question the state system that would place a child in foster care rather than engaging in a search for a next-of-kin. Several days later, when Boone does not show up for school, Daniel decides to make it his business to track the boy down and right the societal crime he sees unfolding. After locating Boone in a temporary foster care facility in upstate New York, Daniel is turned down as an adoption candidate. And when he fails to convince his Father to help him gain custody, Daniel decides to rescue Boone from the orphanage and seek out this long-lost sister on his own. Employing all his street smarts, Daniel grabs Boone and they head off to Dallas.