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Fred MacMurray is a Actor and Producer American born on 30 august 1908 at Kankakee (USA)

Fred MacMurray

Fred MacMurray
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Birth name Fredrick Martin MacMurray
Nationality USA
Birth 30 august 1908 at Kankakee (USA)
Death 5 november 1991 (at 83 years) at Santa Monica (USA)

Frederick Martin "Fred" MacMurray (August 30, 1908 – November 5, 1991) was an American actor who appeared in more than 100 movies and a successful television series during a career that spanned nearly a half-century, from 1930 to the 1970s.

MacMurray is well known for his role in the 1944 film noir Double Indemnity directed by Billy Wilder, in which he starred with Barbara Stanwyck. Later in his career, he became better known worldwide as Steve Douglas, the widowed patriarch on My Three Sons, which ran on ABC from 1960–1965 and then on CBS from 1965–1972.


MacMurray was married twice. He married Lillian Lamont (legal name Lilian Wehmhoener MacMurray, born 1908) on June 20, 1936, and the couple adopted two children, Susan (born 1940) and Robert (born 1946). After Lamont died of cancer on June 22, 1953, he married actress June Haver the following year; he and Haver adopted two more children, twins Katherine and Laurie (born 1956). They remained married until his death.

In 1941 MacMurray purchased land in the Russian River Valley in Northern California and established MacMurray Ranch. He spent time there when not making films, engaging in, among other things, the raising of prize-winning Aberdeen Angus cattle. MacMurray wanted the property's agricultural heritage preserved, and it was thus sold in 1996 to Gallo, which planted vineyards on it for wines that bear the MacMurray Ranch label. Kate MacMurray, daughter of Haver and MacMurray, now lives on the property (in a cabin built by her father), and is "actively engaged in Sonoma's thriving wine community, carrying on her family's legacy and the heritage of MacMurray Ranch."

He was a staunch supporter of the Republican Party. He joined Bob Hope and James Stewart to campaign for Richard Nixon in 1968.

Best films

The Absent-Minded Professor (1961)
The Apartment (1960)
The Rains of Ranchipur (1956)

Usually with

Hans Dreier
Hans Dreier
(25 films)
Claude Binyon
Claude Binyon
(15 films)
Edith Head
Edith Head
(17 films)
Victor Young
Victor Young
(11 films)
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Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, 1h28
Directed by Carl Reiner
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Comedy thriller, Action, Crime, Romance
Actors Steve Martin, Rachel Ward, Carl Reiner, Alan Ladd, Reni Santoni, Barbara Stanwyck
Roles (in "Double Indemnity") (archive footage)
Rating68% 3.44883.44883.44883.44883.4488
In the opening scene, John Hay Forrest (George Gaynes), noted scientist and cheesemaker, dies in a single-vehicle car accident (represented by the car wreck scene from Keeper of the Flame). In the next scene, private investigator Rigby Reardon (Steve Martin) is reading a newspaper when Forrest's daughter, Juliet (Rachel Ward), enters his office and faints when the paper's headline reminds her of her father's death. Upon coming to, she hires Rigby to investigate the death, which she thinks was murder. In Dr. Forrest's lab, Rigby finds two lists, one titled "Friends of Carlotta" and the other "Enemies of Carlotta", as well as an affectionately autographed photo of singer Kitty Collins, whose name appears on one of the lists. His search is interrupted by a man posing as an exterminator (Alan Ladd, in This Gun for Hire), who shoots Rigby in the arm and frisks the lists from the seemingly dead investigator.
The Swarm
The Swarm (1978)
, 1h56
Directed by Irwin Allen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, La fin du monde, Natural horror films, Films about insects, Disaster films, American disaster films, Film de catastrophe animalière
Actors Michael Caine, Katharine Ross, Richard Widmark, Richard Chamberlain, Olivia de Havilland, Ben Johnson
Roles Clarance Tuttle
Rating45% 2.255372.255372.255372.255372.25537
A group of soldiers led by Maj. Baker (Bradford Dillman) is ordered to investigate a basement level station which they believed was attacked. After Baker contacts his commander, Gen. Slater (Richard Widmark), they begin to investigate who drove a civilian van into the base. It is revealed to be owned by a scientist named Dr. Bradford Crane (Michael Caine), the only survivor of the attack. Slater orders two helicopters to check for a black mass (revealed to be bees), but the two helicopters are swarmed by the bees and crash, killing the pilots inside. Crane insists to Slater that the base was attacked by the same African killer bees that destroyed the helicopters. Helena Anderson (Katharine Ross), one of the base's doctors, supports Crane's story.
Charley and the Angel, 1h33
Directed by Vincent McEveety, Christopher Hibler
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Themes Children's films
Actors Fred MacMurray, Cloris Leachman, Harry Morgan, Kathleen Cody, Kurt Russell, Scott Kolden
Roles Charley Appleby
Rating61% 3.050073.050073.050073.050073.05007
Charley Appleby is a hardware store owner whose frugality and commitment to his job have enabled his family to avoid poverty during the Great Depression and Prohibition. However, his relationship with his children and wife Nettie (Cloris Leachman) is strained. They especially want to go to see the Chicago World's Fair. His growing sons Willie and Rupert (Vincent Van Patten and Scott Kolden) manage to find work in a junkyard owned by a man named Felix with ties to bootleggers, and his teenage daughter Leonora (Kathleen Cody) decides to elope with a young man named Ray (Kurt Russell), who seems untrustworthy.
The Happiest Millionaire, 2h24
Directed by Norman Tokar
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Fred MacMurray, Tommy Steele, Greer Garson, Gladys Cooper, Geraldine Page, Hermione Baddeley
Roles Anthony J. Drexel Biddle
Rating68% 3.44673.44673.44673.44673.4467
The story begins in Autumn of 1916, and follows an Irish immigrant named John Lawless (Tommy Steele) as he applies for a butler position with eccentric Philadelphia millionaire Anthony J. Drexel Biddle (Fred MacMurray). Even though the family is a bit strange, Lawless soon learns that he fits right in. Mr. Biddle takes a liking to him immediately. For the rest of the film, Lawless serves as the narrator/commentator.
Follow Me, Boys!, 2h11
Directed by Norman Tokar
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about children, Scoutisme, Children's films
Actors Fred MacMurray, Vera Miles, Donald May, Lillian Gish, Charles Ruggles, Elliott Reid
Roles Lemuel Siddons
Rating71% 3.5929653.5929653.5929653.5929653.592965
In 1930, Lemuel "Lem" Siddons (Fred MacMurray) is a saxophonist in a traveling band who dreams of becoming a lawyer. When the band's bus reaches Hickory, a small town, Lem suddenly decides to leave the band and settle down, finding a job as a clerk in the general store.
Kisses For My President, 1h53
Directed by Curtis Bernhardt
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Political films
Actors Fred MacMurray, Polly Bergen, Eli Wallach, Arlene Dahl, Edward Andrews, William Walker
Roles Thad McCloud
Rating54% 2.711652.711652.711652.711652.71165
The United States elects its first female President in the form of Leslie McCloud. She and her first gentleman, Thad, move into the White House with their daughter Gloria and son Peter.
Son of Flubber, 1h40
Directed by Robert Stevenson, Joseph L. McEveety, Tom Leetch, Arthur J. Vitarelli
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Romance, Comic science fiction
Themes Films about education, Comedy science fiction films, Children's films
Actors Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson, Keenan Wynn, Ed Wynn, Elliott Reid, Tommy Kirk
Roles Prof. Ned Brainard
Rating61% 3.0517653.0517653.0517653.0517653.051765
Professor Ned Brainard's discovery of Flubber has not quite brought him or his college the riches he thought. The Pentagon has declared his discovery to be top secret and the IRS has slapped him with a huge tax bill, even if he has yet to receive a cent. He thinks he may have found the solution in the form of "Flubbergas," (the "son" of Flubber) which can change the weather. His wife Betsy becomes fed up with all the stress and starts separating from him, and the professor's old rival Shelby starts trying to woo her again. Brainard's experiments continue, by making it rain inside people's houses, as well as in Shelby's car too while he's driving, which causes him to get into an accident with a police car. It also helps Medfield College's football team to win a game, but it also has one unfortunate side effect: It shatters glass, which eventually places Brainard on the lam. At home, his wife Betsy is jealous of the attention lavished on him by an old high school girlfriend. On trial, Ned's future seems hopeless, until a farmer shows the court that his crops grew extra large because of Ned's experiment, which the farmer names "Dry Rain", and the professor is acquitted, and he and Betsy are reunited.
Hollywood Without Make-Up
Directed by Ken Murray
Origin USA
Genres Documentary
Themes Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry, Documentary films about cities
Actors Kirk Douglas, Ken Murray, Cary Grant, June Allyson, George K. Arthur, Eddie Albert
Roles himself
Rating72% 3.6192453.6192453.6192453.6192453.619245
The film consists of archive footage of famous Hollywood stars, mostly home movies showing the stars as themselves instead of playing a role in front of the camera.
Bon Voyage!, 2h10
Directed by James Neilson, Joseph L. McEveety
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Fred MacMurray, Jane Wyman, Deborah Walley, Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, Georgette Anys
Roles Harry Willard
Rating58% 2.9054352.9054352.9054352.9054352.905435
Le film met en scène la famille Willard dans un voyage en Europe. La famille traverse l'océan Atlantique à bord du SS United States.
The Absent-Minded Professor, 1h37
Directed by Robert Stevenson
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Comic science fiction
Themes Films about education, Sports films, Comedy science fiction films, Basketball films, Children's films
Actors Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson, Keenan Wynn, Leon Ames, Wally Brown, Elliott Reid
Roles Prof. Ned Brainard
Rating67% 3.3987453.3987453.3987453.3987453.398745
Professor Brainard (pronounced BRAY-nerd) is an absent-minded professor of physical chemistry at Medfield College who invents a substance that gains energy when it strikes a hard surface. This discovery follows some blackboard scribbling in which he reverses a sign in the equation for enthalpy to energy plus pressure times volume. Brainard names his discovery Flubber, which is a portmanteau of "flying rubber." In the excitement of his discovery, he misses his own wedding to Betsy Carlisle, not for the first time. Subplots include another professor wooing the disappointed Miss Carlisle, Biff Hawk's ineligibility for basketball due to failing Brainard's class, Alonzo Hawk's schemes to gain wealth by means of Flubber, the school's financial difficulties and debt to Mr. Hawk, and Brainard's attempts to interest the government and military in uses for Flubber.
The Apartment, 2h5
Directed by Billy Wilder
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Films about the labor movement, Musical films
Actors Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray, Ray Walston, David Lewis, Jack Kruschen
Roles Jeff D. Sheldrake
Rating82% 4.149534.149534.149534.149534.14953
Calvin Clifford (C. C.) "Bud" Baxter (Jack Lemmon) is a lonely office drudge at a national insurance corporation in a high-rise building in New York City. In order to climb the corporate ladder, Bud allows four company managers, who reinforce their position over him by regularly calling him "Buddy Boy", to take turns borrowing his Upper West Side apartment for their various extramarital liaisons, which are so noisy that his neighbors assume that he is bringing home different women every night.
The Shaggy Dog, 1h44
Directed by Charles Barton, Arthur J. Vitarelli
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Themes Films about animals, Films about dogs, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Fred MacMurray, Jean Hagen, Tommy Kirk, Annette Funicello, Tim Considine, Cecil Kellaway
Roles Wilson Daniels
Rating64% 3.2479053.2479053.2479053.2479053.247905
Wilbur "Wilby" Daniels is a boy who is misunderstood by his father, Wilson. Wilson thinks Wilby is crazy half the time because of his elder son's often dangerous inventions. As a retired mailman who often ran afoul of canines, he is allergic to dogs, and he simply cannot understand why his younger son, Montgomery "Moochie" would want a dog.
Good Day for a Hanging, 1h25
Directed by Nathan Juran
Origin USA
Genres Action, Western
Themes Films about capital punishment
Actors Fred MacMurray, Robert Vaughn, Margaret Hayes, Joan Blackman, James Drury, Stacy Harris
Roles Marshal Ben Cutler
Rating62% 3.149913.149913.149913.149913.14991
Eddie Campbell (Robert Vaughn) watches a stagecoach as it rides toward a Nebraska town. Other members of his gang are waiting there to rob the bank. Ben Cutler (Fred MacMurray), owner of the stage line, is on board, and is returning home to be wed to Ruth Granger (Margaret Hayes).
Face of a Fugitive, 1h21
Directed by Paul Wendkos
Origin USA
Genres Action, Western
Actors Fred MacMurray, James Coburn, Alan Baxter, Myrna Fahey, Gina Gillespie
Roles Jim Larsen (aka Ray Kincaid)
Rating65% 3.2850453.2850453.2850453.2850453.285045
Bank robber Jim Larsen is handcuffed to Deputy Marshal George Allison (Francis De Sales) who is taking Larsen aboard a train to begin a 5–10 year prison sentence. Without animosity, Larsen tells the deputy that he will use his time in prison to plan more bank robberies. This new robbery would be foolproof as Larsen feels that he was only caught by using a partner; the next time will be singlehanded. Boarding the train, Larsen overpowers the deputy, takes his pistol and handcuffs one of his arms to the guardrail on the rear car of the train. Suddenly, Larsen's younger brother Danny (Ron Hayes) unexpectedly comes from the train to free Larsen, even though Larsen was handling his escape fine. The elder Larsen chides Danny that he does not need help from anyone.
The Oregon Trail, 1h26
Directed by Gene Fowler Jr.
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Fred MacMurray, Nina Shipman, Gloria Talbott, Henry Hull, Elizabeth Patterson, John Carradine
Roles Neal Harris
Rating53% 2.673892.673892.673892.673892.67389
En 1846, un journaliste du New York Herald se joint à un wagon de train à destination du territoire de l'Oregon. Il espère confirmer une rumeur que le président Polk envoie des soldats déguisés en colons afin de renforcer les revendications américaines au territoire.