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Garfield Morgan is a Actor British born on 19 april 1931 at Birmingham (United-kingdom)

Garfield Morgan

Garfield Morgan
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Birth name Thomas Timothy Garfield Morgan
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 19 april 1931 at Birmingham (United-kingdom)
Death 5 december 2009 (at 78 years) at London (United-kingdom)

Garfield Morgan (19 April 1931 – 5 December 2009) was an English actor who appeared mostly on TV and occasionally in films.

Born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, Morgan was apprenticed as a dental mechanic before going to drama school. He started his acting career with the Arena Theatre, Birmingham. He then went on to be Director of Productions at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury from 1957 to 1958 and then at Manchester's Library Theatre 1959 to 1960. He was Associate Director of Northgate Theatre 1976 to 1978 and Associate Director of the Nottingham Playhouse in 1978. He featured in many plays like The Pumpkin Eater, The Story of Private Pooley and Perfect Friday.

Entering TV in 1955, he made hundreds of appearances in many shows. He played Detective Chief Inspector Gwyn Lewis in the first series of the BBC police series Softly, Softly, but his best remembered role was as Detective Chief Inspector Frank Haskins in the Euston Films/Thames Television's British crime series of the 1970s, The Sweeney. Morgan appeared in all four series of the programme. He appeared in "The House on Haunted Hill" episode of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) in 1969. He continued to perform in character roles on TV, most recently in The Bill. He appeared on Hallelujah!, No Job for a Lady and Shelley. His film roles included The Odessa File and 28 Weeks Later.

He appeared on Z-Cars, The Bill, The Likely Lads, Dr. Finlay's Casebook, No Hiding Place, Callan, Redcap, Paul Temple, The Persuaders!, The Avengers, On the Buses, Dixon of Dock Green, Special Branch, Sutherland's Law, George and Mildred, The Gentle Touch, Lovejoy, Bad Girls, Heartbeat, Crown Court, The Saint, Minder, Shelley, Public Eye, The Troubleshooters and Holby City.

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28 Weeks Later, 1h31
Directed by Danny Boyle, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Andrew Macdonald
Origin Espagne
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Themes La fin du monde, Medical-themed films, Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Catastrophe épidémiologique, Political films, Dystopian films, Children's films, Disaster films
Actors Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Lee Renner, Harold Perrineau, Jr., Garfield Morgan, Catherine McCormack
Roles Geoff
Rating68% 3.4478553.4478553.4478553.4478553.447855
During the original outbreak of the Rage Virus, Don, his wife Alice, and four other survivors hide in a barricaded cottage on the outskirts of London. They hear a terrified boy pounding at their door, and let him in. A few minutes later, they discover that the infected have followed the boy to them. The infected attack and kill most of the survivors, while Don, Alice, and the boy are chased upstairs. Don is separated from Alice and when the boy is seen hiding in the closet. Alice rushes to get the boy, while Don tells her to just leave him. Soon the infected break into the room and after Alice pleading with Don to "help us", he decides to leave, abandoning them. Don desperately sprints to a nearby motorboat and narrowly escapes.
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, 1h39
Directed by Christopher Monger
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Hugh Grant, Ian McNeice, Tara Fitzgerald, Colm Meaney, Kenneth Griffith, Ian Hart
Roles Davies the School
Rating65% 3.297543.297543.297543.297543.29754
The film is set in 1917 (with World War I in the background), and revolves around two English cartographers, the pompous Garrad and his junior, Anson. They arrive at the fictional Welsh village of Ffynnon Garw ("Rough Fountain" or "Rough Spring" in Welsh) to measure its "mountain" – only to cause outrage when they conclude that it is only a hill because it is slightly short of the required 1000 feet in height. The villagers, aided and abetted by the wily Morgan the Goat and the Reverend Mr Jones (who after initially opposing the scheme, grasps its symbolism in restoring the community's war-damaged self-esteem), conspire with Morgan to delay the cartographers' departure while they build an earth cairn on top of the hill to make it high enough to be considered a mountain.
Deceptions (1985)
, 3h1
Directed by Melville Shavelson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Jumeaux ou jumelles
Actors Stefanie Powers, Barry Bostwick, Jeremy Brett, Sam Wanamaker, Fairuza Balk, Fabio Testi
Rating71% 3.5953.5953.5953.5953.595
Lassée par son quotidien familial, Stephanie échange sa place avec sa sœur jumelle Sabrina, directrice d'une galerie d'art à Londres. Mais ce jeu va s'avérer dangereux…
George & Mildred, 1h29
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Actors Yootha Joyce, Brian Murphy, Stratford Johns, Norman Eshley, Sheila Fearn, Kenneth Cope
Roles Bridges
Rating58% 2.936632.936632.936632.936632.93663
Mildred decides that she and George will celebrate their wedding anniversary in style at a swanky London hotel - however unhappy George might be at the cost involved. "I'm a traffic warden, not Aristotle Onassis", he tells her. But on arrival, George is taken for a ruthless hit-man by a shady businessman (Stratford Johns), who wants a rival eliminated. Mildred meanwhile remains in blissful ignorance throughout the resulting chaos.
The Odessa File, 2h3
Directed by Ronald Neame
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Spy
Themes Films about writers, Spy films, Films about journalists, Political films
Actors Jon Voight, Maximilian Schell, Maria Schell, Derek Jacobi, Peter Jeffrey, Mary Tamm
Roles Israeli General
Rating69% 3.496773.496773.496773.496773.49677
On 22 November 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Peter Miller, a young freelance reporter, pulls over to the curb to listen to a radio report of the event in a district in Hamburg, West Germany. As a result he happens to be stopped at a traffic signal as an ambulance passes by on a highway. He chases the ambulance and discovers it is en route to pick up the body of an elderly Jewish Holocaust survivor who had committed suicide, leaving behind no family. The reporter obtains the diary of the man, which contains information on his life in the Second World War Riga Ghetto, and the name of the SS officer who ran the camp, Eduard Roschmann.
Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World, 1h28
Directed by Joseph McGrath
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Comedy, Adventure, Horror
Themes L'adolescence, Films about animals, Films about education, Films about children, Comedy science fiction films, Films about dogs, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère, Films about school violence
Actors Jim Dale, Spike Milligan, Angela Douglas, Norman Rossington, Victor Spinetti, Molly Urquhart
Roles Rogerson
Rating54% 2.701022.701022.701022.701022.70102
The story is about an Old English Sheepdog who accidentally drinks a liquid growth formula (a form of experimental fertilizer), and expands to gigantic proportions. Two criminals then steal Digby, and sell him to a circus. Digby, however, escapes by breaking his chains, and running at will across the countryside of the United Kingdom. The boy who owns Digby, as well as the scientist who worked on the growth formula, both realize that Digby is constantly increasing in size, and will soon cause enormous damage unless something is done immediately. The scientist finds out he has created a chemical that might reverse the growth formula. The British military, however, is attempting to solve the problem of the oversized sheepdog in their own way: by use of bombs and artillery.
Henry VIII and His Six Wives, 2h5
Directed by Waris Hussein
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Themes Politique, Political films, Films about royalty
Actors Keith Michell, Charlotte Rampling, Donald Pleasence, Jane Asher, Brian Blessed, Frances Cuka
Roles Gardiner
Rating67% 3.389053.389053.389053.389053.38905
On his deathbed, Henry VIII reflects upon his long reign, and especially the crucial part his six marriages have played. The bulk of the film is depicted in flashback, while the elderly Henry VIII is surrounded by his family and courtiers waiting for him to die.
Catch Me a Spy, 1h34
Directed by Dick Clement
Origin France
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Spy
Themes Spy films, Political films
Actors Kirk Douglas, Marlène Jobert, Trevor Howard, Tom Courtenay, Patrick Mower, Bernadette Lafont
Roles The Husband
Rating52% 2.612932.612932.612932.612932.61293
A young British schoolteacher heads to the Eastern Bloc to try to locate her husband who has gone missing, and soon turns out to have been detained by Soviet intelligence as a spy.
Perfect Friday, 1h35
Directed by Peter Hall
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Crime
Themes Heist films
Actors Ursula Andress, Stanley Baker, David Warner, T.P. McKenna, Joan Benham, Julian Orchard
Roles 1st Airport Official
Rating63% 3.197823.197823.197823.197823.19782
The story revolves around three people -- Lord Nicholas Dorset and his wife Britt, for whom luxury is a necessity, and their bank manager Mr. Graham. Over the years, Mr. Graham has devised a plan to rob his own bank. His clients' desperate financial straits make them ideal accomplices in his eyes, but to ensure their loyalty he makes love to Britt after sending her husband away, then bribes Nick with a retainer.
Our Mother's House, 1h44
Directed by Jack Clayton
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Films about families
Actors Dirk Bogarde, Mark Lester, Pamela Franklin, Phoebe Nicholls, Yootha Joyce, Anthony Nicholls
Roles Mr. Moley
Rating71% 3.5948653.5948653.5948653.5948653.594865
The seven Hook children, whose ages range from five to fourteen, live in a dilapidated Victorian house in suburban London. The older children help to care for their invalid single mother, whose chronic illness has led to her to convert to fundamentalist religion and refuse all medical help. When their mother dies suddenly, the children realise that they may be split up and sent to orphanages, so they decide to conceal their mother's death and carry on with their daily routine as if she were still alive. They secretly bury their mother in the back yard at night, and convert the garden shed into a shrine to her, where they periodically hold seances to communicate with her spirit.
A Fear of Strangers, 1h
Directed by Herbert Wise
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Actors Stanley Baker, Earl Cameron, Garfield Morgan, Peter Williams
Roles Detective Sergeant Miller

The Informers, 1h45
Directed by Ken Annakin
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Crime
Actors Nigel Patrick, Katherine Woodville, Colin Blakely, Derren Nesbitt, Harry Andrews, John Cowley
Roles 2nd Inspector (uncredited)
Rating68% 3.439163.439163.439163.439163.43916
Filmed at Pinewood Studios and on location in London, the story concerns the somewhat uneasy relationship between a Scotland Yard Detective, Johnoe (Nigel Patrick) and the Squad Chief, Bestwick (Harry Andrews) over the use of paid informants. Despite orders not to use informants and to adopt more scientific principals of detection, Johnoe continues on until one of his informants is murdered. Immediately he finds himself in a frame for corruption and with few friends left on his own side of the law his only option is to enlist the help of the murdered man's brother (Colin Blakely).
A Prize of Arms, 1h45
Directed by Cliff Owen
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Films set in Africa, Political films, Heist films
Actors Stanley Baker, Helmut Schmid, Tom Bell, John Phillips, Patrick Magee, John Westbrook
Roles Military Policeman with Dog
Rating66% 3.339683.339683.339683.339683.33968
Three criminals have hatched a plan to rob an army barracks. The troops are about to be dispatched to take part in a war in the Middle East and there is believed to be a large amount of pay on the premises, to be shipped out with them.