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Gene Lockhart is a Actor and Songs Canadien born on 18 july 1891 at London (Canada)

Gene Lockhart

Gene Lockhart
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Birth name Eugene Lockhart
Nationality Canada
Birth 18 july 1891 at London (Canada)
Death 31 march 1957 (at 65 years) at Santa Monica (USA)

Eugene "Gene" Lockhart (July 18, 1891 – March 31, 1957) was a Canadian-American character actor, singer, and playwright. He also wrote the lyrics to a number of popular songs. He became a United States citizen in 1939.


Lockhart was the husband of Kathleen Lockhart, the father of June Lockhart and the grandfather of Anne Lockhart.

Best films

Mrs. Miniver (1942)
Joan of Arc (1948)
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
All That Money Can Buy (1941)

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Jeanne Eagels, 1h48
Directed by George Sidney
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Films about television
Actors Kim Novak, Jeff Chandler, Charles Drake, Agnes Moorehead, Larry Gates, Virginia Grey
Roles Equity Board President
Rating62% 3.1000553.1000553.1000553.1000553.100055
Jeanne Eagels is a Kansas City waitress. After losing a carnival's beauty contest, she asks carny owner Sal Satori for a job. Her dancing in a skimpy costume is accused of being obscene. Sal decides to join his brother in New York and invites Jeanne to join them in an amusement park at Coney Island.
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, 2h33
Directed by Nunnally Johnson
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Children's films
Actors Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones, Fredric March, Ann Harding, Keenan Wynn, Marisa Pavan
Roles Bill Hawthorne
Rating70% 3.546793.546793.546793.546793.54679
Tom and Betsy Rath live in a rundown house in Westport, Connecticut around 1953 (1955 in the movie). They have three television-addicted children (two girls and a boy) and have money problems. Tom is 33 years old, a Harvard graduate. He barely survived as an Army paratroop officer during World War II, having fought in both the European and Pacific combat theaters, during which he had an extramarital affair.
Carousel (1956)
, 2h8
Directed by Henry King
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Films based on plays, Films based on musicals, Children's films
Actors Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Cameron Mitchell, Barbara Ruick, Gene Lockhart, Audrey Christie
Roles Starkeeper / Dr. Selden
Rating65% 3.2970553.2970553.2970553.2970553.297055
The story revolves around Billy Bigelow, a rough-talking, macho, handsome carousel barker, and Julie Jordan, a young, innocent mill worker, both living their busy lives in the small town of Boothbay Harbor, Maine. They fall in love, but both are fired from their jobs for different reasons – Billy because he paid too much attention to Julie and incurred the wrath of the jealous carousel owner Mrs. Mullin, and Julie because she stayed out past the curfew imposed by the understanding but stern mill owner, Mr. Bascombe. Billy and Julie marry and go to live at the seaside spa of her cousin Nettie, but Billy becomes bitter because he is unable to find work, and in his frustration, strikes Julie (this moment is not shown at all in the film). Mrs. Mullin, the jealous carousel owner who is infatuated with him, hears of this and goes to Nettie's to offer Billy his old job back, but will not re-hire him unless he leaves his wife. Billy seems to be considering the idea when Julie asks to talk privately. Julie, fearing he will be enraged, timidly tells him she is pregnant. But Billy is overjoyed and now firmly refuses Mrs. Mullin's offer. However, newly worried about not having enough money to provide for his child, and unskilled at anything except being a carousel barker, Billy secretly agrees to join his pal Jigger Craigin in robbing the wealthy Bascombe.
World for Ransom, 1h22
Directed by Robert Aldrich
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Noir
Themes Political films
Actors Dan Duryea, Gene Lockhart, Patric Knowles, Reginald Denny, Nigel Bruce, Keye Luke
Roles Alexis Pederas
Rating57% 2.8959052.8959052.8959052.8959052.895905
Mike Callahan (Duryea) is an Irish émigré and war veteran working in Singapore as a private detective. He takes on a case from a former flame, now a nightclub singer. She thinks her husband Julian March (Knowles) is involved in criminal activities and asks him to help out.
Confidentially Connie, 1h14
Directed by Edward Buzzell
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about families
Actors Van Johnson, Janet Leigh, Louis Calhern, Walter Slezak, Gene Lockhart, Marilyn Erskine
Roles Dean Edward E. Magruder
Rating57% 2.8562652.8562652.8562652.8562652.856265
Connie Bedloe est amoureuse, mariée et enceinte. Tout irait bien si son obstétricien ne lui prescrivait un régime riche en viande. Or, les revenus du jeune ménage ne lui permettent pas de s'offrir un steak à tous les repas. Connie est pourtant saisie d'une telle envie de protéines animales qu'elle renonce à fumer pour pouvoir s'acheter une côtelette d'agneau. Joe, son mari, un jeune universitaire promis au plus brillant avenir et aux plus ternes rémunérations, accuse le coup. Sa femme ? Obligée d'arrêter de fumer ? De dépit, il accepte l'invitation de son père, un véritable tyran domestique mais aussi un riche éleveur texan...
Down Among the Sheltering Palms, 1h27
Directed by Edmund Goulding
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Musical films
Actors Mitzi Gaynor, William Lundigan, Jane Greer, David Wayne, Gloria DeHaven, Gene Lockhart
Roles Rev. Paul Edgett
Rating56% 2.815782.815782.815782.815782.81578
World War II is coming to an end, but rather than being sent home, Capt. Bill Willoby and Lt. Frank Schmidt, along with their unit, are assigned to Midi Island, formerly held by the Japanese. They receive a friendly welcome there from King Jilouili and many native girls.
Francis Covers the Big Town, 1h26
Directed by Arthur Lubin
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Crime, Romance
Actors Donald O'Connor, Gene Lockhart, Nancy Guild, Larry Gates, Lowell Gilmore, Hanley Stafford
Roles Tom Henderson
Rating62% 3.1438153.1438153.1438153.1438153.143815
Peter lands a job at a big New York City newspaper and while on assignment gets framed for a murder.
Androcles and the Lion, 1h38
Directed by Nicholas Ray, Chester Erskine
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Peplum
Themes Films set in Africa, Films based on plays
Actors Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, Alan Young, Robert Newton, Maurice Evans, Elsa Lanchester
Roles Menagerie Keeper
Rating59% 2.999692.999692.999692.999692.99969
The plot is a more or less careful rendition of George Bernard Shaw's script. Androcles, a fugitive Christian tailor, accompanied by his nagging wife, is on the run from his Roman persecutors. While hiding in the forest he comes upon a wild lion who approaches him with a wounded paw. Androcles sees that the cause is a large thorn embedded in its paw, which he draws out while talking baby language to the lion. His wife had fled, and Androcles is next seen in a procession of Christian prisoners on their way to the Colosseum in Rome. They are joined by the fierce convert Ferrovius who subsequently provides much of the comic entertainment in his struggle to keep his nature in check. Love interest is also introduced by the growing attraction of the Captain to the noble-born convert Lavinia. Eventually the party is sent into the arena to be slaughtered by gladiators, but Ferrovius kills all of them and accepts a commission offered him in the Praetorian Guards. To appease the crowd, one Christian is needed to be savaged by the lions and Androcles volunteers in order to uphold 'the honour of the tailors'. It turns out that the lion is the one that Androcles has helped, and the two waltz round the arena to the acclaim of the people. The Emperor dashes behind the scenes to get a closer look and has to be rescued from the lion by Androcles. He then orders an end to the persecution of Christians and allows Androcles and his new 'pet' to depart in peace.
A Girl in Every Port, 1h26
Directed by Chester Erskine
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Groucho Marx, Marie Wilson, William Bendix, Don DeFore, Gene Lockhart, Dee Hartford
Roles Garvey
Rating52% 2.6084052.6084052.6084052.6084052.608405
Deux marins achètent un cheval de course qui s'avère être un tocard. Ils prennent une permission pour résoudre le problème mais le cheval a un jumeau qui lui est un champion. Ils décident d'établir un plan pour prendre leur revanche.
Hoodlum Empire, 1h38
Directed by Joseph Kane
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Brian Donlevy, Claire Trevor, Forrest Tucker, Vera Ralston, Luther Adler, John Russell
Roles Sen. Tower
Rating59% 2.9543952.9543952.9543952.9543952.954395
Former gangster Joe Gray (Russell) joined the army during World War II and became a hero is now leading a respectable life. When he is called before a grand jury to testify against organized crime activities, his former mobster colleagues prepare to take measures to ensure that he doesn't.
I'd Climb the Highest Mountain, 1h27
Directed by Henry King
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Susan Hayward, William Lundigan, Rory Calhoun, Barbara Bates, Gene Lockhart, Alexander Knox
Roles Jeff Brock
Rating67% 3.392013.392013.392013.392013.39201
William Thompson (William Lundigan) is a minister from the deep South who has recently married Mary Elizabeth (Susan Hayward), a woman from the city. William is assigned a new parish and moves with Mary Elizabeth to a small town in Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains, where he tends to the spiritual and emotional needs of his small flock.