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Geoffrey Copleston is a Actor and Scriptwriter born on 19 march 1921

Geoffrey Copleston

Geoffrey Copleston
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Birth 19 march 1921
Death 1 january 1999 (at 77 years)

Geoffrey Copleston (born 18 March 1921) is an English actor. He appeared in more than one hundred films since 1956.

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Filmography of Geoffrey Copleston (38 films)

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Willy Signori e Vengo Da Lontano, 1h45
Directed by Francesco Nuti
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy
Actors Francesco Nuti, Isabella Ferrari, Anna Galiena, Alessandro Haber, Novello Novelli, Cristina Gaioni
Roles il direttore del giornale
Rating65% 3.2824153.2824153.2824153.2824153.282415
Willy Signori is a journalist in Milan, bored by his work. One day he is involved in an accident, and the next day he learns that the driver of the car with which he collided died. Girlfriend of the died: Lucia, gets angry with Willy, accusing him of being a murderess. Willy is the calm, and intends to live with her, so that she recovers from shock. Slowly between the two comes a love affair, but is consumed immediately. After a quarrel, Willy leaves for Africa with the handicapped brother for holiday, and there, blatantly, Willy meets Lucia. So love is reborn.
Robot Jox
Robot Jox (1989)
, 1h25
Directed by Stuart Gordon
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action
Themes Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Robot films, Disaster films
Actors Anne-Marie Johnson, Gary Graham, Paul Koslo, Robert Sampson, Jeffrey Combs, Jason Marsden
Roles Confederation Commissioner (as Geoffrey Coplestone)
Rating54% 2.702352.702352.702352.702352.70235
Fifty years after a nuclear holocaust, open war is forbidden by the surviving nations, which have merged into two opposing factions: the western-influenced Market and the Russian-themed Confederation. To resolve territorial disputes, the two sides hold gladiator-style matches between giant robots piloted by "robot jox". In a contest in which Confederation fighter Alexander (Paul Koslo) defeats and kills the Market's Hercules, it becomes clear that the Confederation is receiving information about new weaponry and designs from spies within the Market, resulting in the loss of critical matches and the deaths of several of the Market's best pilots. Market jock Achilles (Gary Graham), supported by robot designer "Doc" Matsumoto (Danny Kamekona) and strategist Tex Conway (Michael Alldredge), the only jock to win all ten of his contract fights, prepares for his tenth and final contracted fight with Alexander. During the battle, Achilles attempts to intercept a wayward projectile launched by Alexander when it careens towards a civilian spectator section, but his robot takes the full impact and collapses on top of the bleachers, killing over 300 spectators. In a post-match conference, both sides reason that their respective fighter was the victor; however, the referees decide that the match is inconclusive, a draw, and schedule a rematch. Achilles, shaken by the incident, insists that the draw was his contractual tenth match and retires, much to the disapproval of his management and fans.
The Belly of an Architect, 2h
Directed by Peter Greenaway
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Actors Brian Dennehy, Chloe Webb, Lambert Wilson, Sergio Fantoni, Stefania Casini, Geoffrey Copleston
Roles Caspetti
Rating68% 3.447943.447943.447943.447943.44794
The American architect Stourley Kracklite has been commissioned to construct an exhibition in Rome dedicated to the architecture of Etienne-Louis Boullée. Doubts arise among his Italian colleagues about the legitimacy of Boullée among the pantheon of famed architects, perhaps because Boullée was an inspiration for Adolf Hitler's architect Albert Speer.
Detective School Dropouts, 1h32
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action
Actors Valeria Golino, Christian De Sica, George Eastman, Mario Brega, Rik Battaglia, Mickey Knox
Roles Mr. Hammelfarm
Rating54% 2.716412.716412.716412.716412.71641
Two bumbling private detectives get themselves hired to find a missing person. They quickly find themselves in the middle of a mob war that takes place between New York City and Rome, when it turns out that the missing person is somebody the mob wants to stay missing.
Madman at War, 1h48
Directed by Dino Risi
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films set in Africa, Medical-themed films, Psychologie, Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Films about psychiatry, Political films, Erotic thriller films, Le désert, Guerre du désert
Actors Coluche, Beppe Grillo, Fabio Testi, Bernard Blier, Franco Diogene, Claudio Bisio
Roles Le commandant allemand
Rating57% 2.860532.860532.860532.860532.86053
At the beginning of World War II a young Italian psychiatrist is sent to troops in Libya. When he learns that his commander is a madman he tries to protect the subordinates from harm.
The Assisi Underground, 2h55
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, War, Historical, Crime
Themes Films about religion, Political films, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Ben Cross, James Mason, Irène Papas, Maximilian Schell, Maurice Poli, Geoffrey Copleston
Roles Police Chief Bertolucci
Rating60% 3.0003653.0003653.0003653.0003653.000365
In 1943 Franciscan priest Rufino Niccacci is charged by the bishop of Assisi Giuseppe Placido Nicolini with rescuing Italian Jews from the Nazis.
Bianco, rosso e Verdone, 1h50
Directed by Carlo Verdone
Genres Comedy
Actors Carlo Verdone, Elena Fabrizi, Angelo Infanti, Mario Brega, Milena Vukotic, Élisabeth Wiener
Roles uomo russo (uncredited)
Rating73% 3.693293.693293.693293.693293.69329
Italian election day in the early '80s. Three men leave to reach their voting places. Furio, a pedantic and chatterbox clerk living in Turin, is with his family on his way to Rome, so are half witted Mimmo with his diabetic grandmother. Pasquale, an Italian emigrant in Germany and married to a local valkyrie-like woman, leaves alone with his Alfasud car to Matera, South Italy.
A Policewoman in New York, 1h53
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Comedy thriller, Action, Sex comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Edwige Fenech, Alvaro Vitali, Aldo Maccione, Enzo Andronico, Renzo Montagnani, Edith Peters
Roles capo della polizia di New York
Rating45% 2.2863152.2863152.2863152.2863152.286315
Mac Caron, un policier new-yorkais stupide et incompétent, veut piéger deux gangs de trafiquants de drogue qui se battent entre eux. Pour l'aider, il fait venir d'Italie Gianna Amicucci et l'agent Tarallo. Les deux remplacent, respectivement, la femme et le garde du corps du patron Big John, doubles parfaits des deux premiers. Finalement, après plusieurs poursuites, malentendus et bagarres, ils résolvent l'affaire.
The Black Cat, 1h32
Directed by Lucio Fulci
Origin Italie
Genres Fantastic, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Films about cats
Actors Patrick Magee, Mimsy Farmer, David Warbeck, Al Cliver, Dagmar Lassander, Bruno Corazzari
Roles Inspector Flynn
Rating58% 2.9043252.9043252.9043252.9043252.904325
Strange things are happening in a small English village starting when a man driving a car suddenly encounters a strange black cat in the back seat and through the mesmerizing stare, the cat causes the man to crash his car into a lamp post, killing him. The black cat travels back to its home, a rambling old house occupied by Robert Miles (Patrick Magee), a morbid and hostile former college professor of the supernatural who is reputed to be a medium. Professor Miles lives alone except for his equally hostile black cat, and spends his time making audio tape recordings at the tombs of the recently deceased. Meanwhile, an American tourist named Jill Travers (Mimsy Farmer), ventures into an open crypt to take photographs for her scrapbook when she discovers a small microphone on the floor of the place. Venturing out, she meets the local police constable Sergeant Wilson (Al Cliver) who tells her not to venture down the crypt against saying that the dead like to be left alone. "They're not very hospitable," says Wilson.
Pumaman (1980)
, 1h40
Directed by Alberto De Martino
Origin Italie
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about music and musicians, Superhero films, Musical films
Actors Donald Pleasence, Sydne Rome, Benito Stefanelli, Silvano Tranquilli, Geoffrey Copleston
Roles Sir George Bradley
Rating22% 1.11151.11151.11151.11151.1115
Thousands of years ago, an alien spaceship visited the Earth and became a god to the Aztecs. The aliens fathered the Pumaman, a man-god with supernatural powers who would guard the people of Earth and transmit his powers to his descendants. The original Pumaman was entrusted a gold mask with the ability to control people's minds.
My Wife is a Witch
Directed by Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia
Genres Comedy
Actors Renato Pozzetto, Eleonora Giorgi, Helmut Berger, Lia Tanzi, Sandro Ghiani, Rita Calderoni
Roles Man Who Returns Invitation Cards
Rating60% 3.036823.036823.036823.036823.03682
The spirit of Finnicella, a witch burned at the stake, is liberated. She immediately goes on the trail of a descendant of the cardinal who ordered his death, Emilio, a stock broker. Nevertheless, her plans for revenge will collide with love.
Lobster for Breakfast, 1h30
Directed by Giorgio Capitani
Genres Comedy
Actors Enrico Montesano, Claude Brasseur, Janet Ågren, Claudine Auger, Silvia Dionisio, Renato Mori
Roles sig. Duchamp
Rating60% 3.0345953.0345953.0345953.0345953.034595
Enrico est un représentant de commerce qui ne réussit pas dans son métier, ce que lui reprochent sa femme et sa fille. Il rate son suicide, et cherche du réconfort auprès d'un de ses amis, qui lui demande un service en échange.