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George Barbier is a Actor American born on 19 november 1864 at Philadelphia (USA)

George Barbier

George Barbier
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Birth name George W. Barbier
Nationality USA
Birth 19 november 1864 at Philadelphia (USA)
Death 19 july 1945 (at 80 years) at Hollywood (USA)

George W. Barbier (November 19, 1864 – July 19, 1945) was an American film and stage actor.


Au théâtre, George Barbier joue à Broadway (New York) dans dix-huit pièces (d'abord au début des années 1900, puis de 1921 à 1931) et une comédie musicale (en 1919). Notamment, en 1928-1929, il participe à la création de The Front Page, pièce de Ben Hecht et Charles MacArthur qui sera plusieurs fois adaptée au cinéma (ainsi, en 1940, sous le titre His Girl Friday — titre français : La Dame du vendredi —).

Bien que venu au cinéma sur le tard, à 65 ans, il participe néanmoins à quatre-vingt-sept films américains (dont plusieurs films musicaux), les deux derniers sortis en 1945, année de sa mort. Il débute dans La Grande Mare en 1930, aux côtés de Maurice Chevalier et Claudette Colbert — déjà croisée à Broadway en 1927, à l'occasion de la pièce The Barker —. Parmi ses films musicaux, trois sont réalisés par Ernst Lubitsch : Le Lieutenant souriant en 1931 (avec le couple Chevalier-Colbert à nouveau), Une heure près de toi — coréalisé par George Cukor — en 1932 (avec Chevalier et Jeanette MacDonald), et La Veuve joyeuse en 1934 (il y retrouve le couple Chevalier-MacDonald). Mentionnons aussi Les Aventures de Marco Polo en 1938, où il personnifie l'empereur de Chine Kubilai Khan, face à Gary Cooper dans le rôle-titre. Et en 1942, dans le film musical La Glorieuse Parade, il retrouve James Cagney, avec lequel il avait joué à Broadway en 1930, dans la pièce Penny Arcade.

Best films

The Merry Widow (1934)
Waikiki Wedding (1937)
The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)
The Big Pond (1930)

Usually with

Travis Banton
Travis Banton
(10 films)
Billy Gilbert
Billy Gilbert
(9 films)
Thomas Little
Thomas Little
(8 films)
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Song of the Islands, 1h16
Directed by Walter Lang
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Betty Grable, Victor Mature, Jack Oakie, Thomas Mitchell, George Barbier, Hilo Hattie
Roles Jefferson Harper Sr.
Rating62% 3.148823.148823.148823.148823.14882
Jeff Harper sails to the tropical paradise Ahmi-Oni with his sidekick Rusty. He is there on behalf of his father to bargain for land with Dennis O'Brien. Jeff however falls in love with O'Brien's daughter Eileen and it is then up to Jeff's father to go to the island and try to break them up. A task easier said than done because Jeff's father also falls under the spell of the beautiful splendor of the islands.
Yankee Doodle Dandy, 2h6
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors James Cagney, Joan Leslie, Walter Huston, Richard Whorf, George Tobias, Rosemary DeCamp
Roles Erlanger
Rating76% 3.846773.846773.846773.846773.84677
In the early days of World War II, Cohan comes out of retirement to star as President Roosevelt in the Rodgers and Hart musical I'd Rather Be Right. On the first night, he is summoned to meet the President at the White House, who presents him with a Congressional Gold Medal (in fact, this happened several years previously). Cohan is overcome and chats with Roosevelt, recalling his early days on the stage. The film flashes back to his supposed birth on July 4, whilst his father is performing on the vaudeville stage.
The Man Who Came to Dinner, 1h52
Directed by William Keighley
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Monty Woolley, Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan, Jimmy Durante, Richard Travis, Billie Burke
Roles Dr. Bradley
Rating75% 3.796113.796113.796113.796113.79611
During a cross-country lecture tour, notoriously acerbic radio personality Sheridan Whiteside (Monty Woolley) slips on the icy steps of the house of the Stanleys (Grant Mitchell and Billie Burke), a prominent Ohio family, and insists on recuperating in their home during the Christmas holidays. The overbearing, self-centered celebrity soon comes to dominate the lives of the residents and everyone else who enters the household. He encourages young adults Richard (Russell Arms) and June (Elisabeth Fraser) Stanley to pursue their dreams, much to the dismay of their conventional father Ernest.
Thunder Birds, 1h18
Directed by William A. Wellman, Phil Rosen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Adventure, Romance
Themes Transport films, Aviation films, Political films, Children's films
Actors Gene Tierney, Preston Foster, John Sutton, Jack Holt, Reginald Denny, May Whitty
Roles Col. Cyrus P. 'Gramps' Saunders
Rating62% 3.147953.147953.147953.147953.14795
Soon after the US enters World War II, Steve Britt (Preston Foster), a former World War I flying ace, arrives at Thunderbird Field, looking for a job as a civilian primary flight instructor. The base commander is an old friend, Lt. Col. "Mac" MacDonald (Jack Holt), working with Squadron Leader Barrett (Reginald Denny, himself a WWI aerial observer), who is in charge of the Royal Air Force cadets at the base.
The Magnificent Dope
Directed by Walter Lang
Genres Comedy
Actors Henry Fonda, Lynn Bari, Don Ameche, Edward Everett Horton, George Barbier, Frank Orth
Roles James Roger Barker
Rating68% 3.4371653.4371653.4371653.4371653.437165
Dwight Dawson is a man with quite some oomph who has come up with a high-faluting system for teaching successful business economics. Unfortunately he and his partner Horace Hunter haven't done their marketing job properly, and their own business is on its knees in the muck. Their chief of marketing, Claire Harris, who is also Dwight's fiancée, comes up with an idea to announce a contest on who is the biggest loser in the country. The prize is $500 and Dwight's course in successful business. The idea is that the contest will draw interest to Dwight's teaching system.
Week-End in Havana, 1h21
Directed by Walter Lang
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda, John Payne, Cesar Romero, George Barbier, Sheldon Leonard
Roles Walter McCracken
Rating65% 3.2946753.2946753.2946753.2946753.294675
Jay Williams (John Payne) is a ship company employee who is going to be sent to a riff in Florida. The ship he is traveling on, gets stuck. Every traveler is happy with the presence of Jay, except for the beautiful Nan Spencer (Alice Faye). Nan thinks her vacation is being ruined. Jay takes her out for a good time and they soon fall in love.
Million Dollar Baby, 1h40
Directed by Curtis Bernhardt
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Priscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn, Rosemary Lane, Ronald Reagan, May Robson, Lee Patrick
Roles Marlin
Rating62% 3.148893.148893.148893.148893.14889
When wealthy American expatriate Cornelia Wheelwright (Robson) is informed by her longtime lawyers that her late father swindled his partner, Fortune McCallister, out of $700,000, she acts decisively. First, because James Amory is the only lawyer in the firm to be outraged by the injustice, she hires him and fires the rest of the firm. His first task is to locate all of McCallister's heirs. It turns out there is only one: granddaughter Pam McCallister (Lane).
Repent at Leisure, 1h7
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Kent Taylor, Wendy Barrie, George Barbier, Nella Walker, Thurston Hall, Charles Lane
Roles Robert Cornelius Baldwin
Rating57% 2.87562.87562.87562.87562.8756
The Return of Frank James, 1h32
Directed by Fritz Lang
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Action, Western
Themes Jesse James, Children's films
Actors Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney, Jackie Cooper, Henry Hull, John Carradine, Donald Meek
Roles Judge
Rating65% 3.2972053.2972053.2972053.2972053.297205
After the death of his outlaw brother, Jesse (played in the earlier film by Tyrone Power), Frank James (Henry Fonda) seeks revenge on his killers, Bob and Charlie Ford (John Carradine and Charles Tannen).
Remember? (1939)
, 1h23
Directed by Norman Z. McLeod
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Robert Taylor, Greer Garson, Lew Ayres, Billie Burke, Reginald Owen, George Barbier
Roles Mr. McIntyre
Rating58% 2.9078152.9078152.9078152.9078152.907815
Following an establishing shot of the New York City skyline, an elevator in a busy office building opens and happy-go-lucky Sky Ames (Lew Ayres) steps out. In a joyful mood, singing to himself, he takes out a ring, puts it on third finger of his left hand and goes to the door marked "Eaton, Eiton, Piper & Holland Advertising Agency". Inside, Miss Wilson (Sara Haden), secretary to his best friend, Jeff Holland (Robert Taylor) tells him that Jeff is in a meeting. Showing her the ring, Sky explains that during the first vacation he took without Jeff, he met "the most wonderful girl in the world".
Wife, Husband and Friend, 1h15
Directed by Gregory Ratoff
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Loretta Young, Warner Baxter, Binnie Barnes, Cesar Romero, J. Edward Bromberg, Eugene Pallette
Roles Major Blair
Rating62% 3.1476053.1476053.1476053.1476053.147605
The opera season has opened in New York City, and building contractor Leonard Borland (Baxter), who comes from a working class background, is coping with the musical ambitions of his wife Doris (Young), who is from a socially prominent family. Despite his misgivings that she has no talent, she is being trained for a career in singing by the voice teacher Hugo (Cesar Romero). Doris prepares for a recital that Leonard supports, hoping that will get singing "out of her system." The performance is witnessed by opera singer Cecil Carver (Barnes), who is attracted to Leonard and believes that Doris lacks sufficient talent to become a pro. Cecil accidentally discovers that Leonard ironically does have a great operatic voice, and offers to train him.