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George Meeker is a Actor American born on 5 march 1904 at New York City (USA)

George Meeker

George Meeker
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Nationality USA
Birth 5 march 1904 at New York City (USA)
Death 19 august 1984 (at 80 years) at Carpinteria (USA)

George Meeker (March 5, 1904 – August 19, 1984) was an American character movie and Broadway actor who became more of a legend off-camera than on. Meeker made several movies such as Crime, Inc. (1945), and Thief in the Dark (1928) and played an uncredited part in All Through the Night (1941).

Meeker has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


George Meeker apparaît au cinéma dans 180 films américains, entre 1928 et 1951, année où il se retire. Un de ses rôles les plus connus est celui de Robespierre, qu'il tient en 1938 dans Marie-Antoinette de W.S. Van Dyke.

Au théâtre, il joue à Broadway dans quatre pièces et une comédie musicale, de 1924 à 1929.

Une étoile lui est dédiée sur le Walk of Fame d'Hollywood Boulevard.

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Filmography of George Meeker (124 films)

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Government Agents vs Phantom Legion
Directed by Fred C. Brannon
Origin USA
Genres Action, Spy, Crime
Themes Spy films
Actors Walter Reed, Dick Curtis, Mary Ellen Kay, George Meeker, John M. Pickard, Arthur Space
Roles Willard
Rating59% 2.956162.956162.956162.956162.95616
Two US government agents, Hal Duncan and Sam Bradley, must prevent agents of a foreign power, led by Regan and Cady, from hijacking trucks and stealing defence materials being transported by truck. They are hired by an interstate trucking
Twilight in the Sierras, 1h7
Directed by William Witney
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Estelita Rodríguez, George Meeker, Edward Keane, House Peters, Jr.
Roles Matt Brunner
Rating64% 3.235543.235543.235543.235543.23554
An ex-outlaw is kidnapped and used for his considerable criminal finesse, despite now being on the straight and narrow. It is up to Roy Rogers to rescue him.
The Invisible Monster
Directed by Fred C. Brannon
Genres Science fiction, Action, Crime
Actors Richard Webb, Aline Towne, Lane Bradford, Stanley Price, George Meeker, John Crawford
Roles "Harry Long"
Rating42% 2.11262.11262.11262.11262.1126
A would-be dictator and scientist, known only as The Phantom Ruler, has developed a formula which, when sprayed on some solid object, renders that object and everything it contains invisible when exposed to rays emitted by a special lamp, also his own invention. Covered from head to toe in formula-treated cloth, he thus moves about unseen, presently with the objective of stealing enough money and formula components to render an entire army of willing followers invisible. Two henchmen assist him, along with several illegal aliens smuggled into the US by him and used to infiltrate, as employees, possible sites for him to later rob while invisible. When he successfully robs a bank vault, an investigator from the bank's insuror teams up with a woman police detective to solve the mystery of the money which to all outside appearances has just vanished. Tracking clues and interrupting other attempts by the Phantom Ruler to commit crimes, the protagonists round up enough evidence that they are not merely dealing with an ordinary crime ring. Eventually they discover the invisibility fluid and lamp, and the Phantom Ruler is killed when he trips over an open high-power electric cable he had laid on the floor of his den to do in the forces of law and order closing in upon him.
One Touch of Venus, 1h22
Directed by William A. Seiter, Gregory La Cava
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Fantastic, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Films based on mythology, Musical films, Films based on plays, Films based on musicals, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology
Actors Robert Walker, Ava Gardner, Eve Arden, Tom Conway, Olga San Juan, Dick Haymes
Roles M. Crust
Rating65% 3.299613.299613.299613.299613.29961
Wealthy department-store mogul Whitfield Savory II buys a statue of Venus for $200,000. He plans to exhibit it in the store.
Superman (1948)

Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet, Thomas Carr
Genres Science fiction, Action, Crime
Themes Films about writers, Films about children, Films about journalists, Superman films, Films about extraterrestrial life, Superhero films, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Kirk Alyn, Noel Neill, Carol Forman, Tommy Bond, Forrest Taylor, George Meeker
Roles Driller
Rating69% 3.4900553.4900553.4900553.4900553.490055
Superman is sent to Earth by his parents just as the planet Krypton blows up and is later raised as Clark Kent by a farm couple. They discover that he has great powers so they send him off to use his powers to help those in need. After his foster parents die, the Man of Steel heads to Metropolis under the bespectacled guise of Kent and joins the staff of the Daily Planet in order to be close to the news. Soon after he is sent out to get the scoop on a new rock that a man has found that he calls Kryptonite and Clark passes out, the director thinks that he died but when he sat up, he was wrong. Then and there Superman discovered that his weakness is Kryptonite. Whenever emergencies happen, he responds in his true identity as Superman. This first serial revolves around the nefarious plot of a villain who calls herself the Spider Lady.
Road to Rio, 1h40
Directed by Norman Z. McLeod, Oscar Rudolph
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Action, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about films, Films about music and musicians, Transport films, Musical films, Road movies, Buddy films
Actors Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Gale Sondergaard, Frank Faylen, Frank Puglia
Roles Sherman Mallory
Rating69% 3.4963753.4963753.4963753.4963753.496375
Scat Sweeney and Hot Lips Barton, two out-of-work musicians, travel the United States trying to find work and stay away from girls. After running from state to state, each time running because of a girl, they try their luck in Louisiana.
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman, 1h43
Directed by Stuart Heisler
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about alcoholism, Medical-themed films, Films about music and musicians, Films about drugs
Actors Susan Hayward, Eddie Albert, Lee Bowman, Marsha Hunt, Carl Esmond, Carleton Young
Roles l'avocat Wolf
Rating63% 3.1977453.1977453.1977453.1977453.197745
In a hospital, Angie Evans (Susan Hayward), her face bandaged, recounts the events that brought her here.
Apache Rose, 1h15
Directed by William Witney
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Olin Howland, George Meeker, Minerva Urecal, LeRoy Mason
Roles Reed Calhoun
Rating61% 3.0544753.0544753.0544753.0544753.054475
Le ranch Vega est riche en pétrole et en minerai. Sa richesse est convoitée par Reed Calhoun qui parvient à faire contacter à Carlos Vega d'énormes dettes de jeu. Quand la soeur de Carlos, qui détient la moitié du ranch, arrive, Calhoun tente de l'assassiner. Roy Rogers trouve un indice qui le conduit au tripot de Calhoun.
Angel on My Shoulder, 1h40
Directed by Archie Mayo
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Romance
Themes Films about religion, Films about angels
Actors Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, Claude Rains, Erskine Sanford, Onslow Stevens, James Flavin
Roles Mr. Bentley (uncredited)
Rating67% 3.3959253.3959253.3959253.3959253.395925
After his release from prison, gangster Eddie Kagle (Paul Muni) is killed by his partner in crime, Smiley Williams (Hardie Albright). Kagle ends up in Hell, where "Nick" (Claude Rains) offers him a chance to escape hell and avenge his own death in exchange for help with a problem. Kagle looks exactly like Judge Frederick Parker, an upright man who is causing Nick distress because he is entirely too honest. Nick fears that Parker may cause him more anxiety in future, as he is running for governor of his state. Nick wants to destroy Parker's reputation and Kagle readily agrees to have his soul transferred into Parker's body.
Just Before Dawn, 1h5
Directed by William Castle
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Warner Baxter, Martin Kosleck, Thomas E. Jackson, Charles Arnt, Mona Barrie, Wilton Graff
Roles Walter Foster (uncredited)
Rating63% 3.194023.194023.194023.194023.19402
Renowned psychiatrist and criminologist Dr. Robert Ordway, the "Crime Doctor" is called on an emergency to a party at his next door neighbor, where a man, Walter Foster, suffers from a diabetic seizure and has collapsed on the floor. Robert administers insulin to the man, using the man's own case, but a short while after the injection is made the man dies.