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George Raft is a Actor American born on 26 september 1895 at New York City (USA)

George Raft

George Raft
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Birth name George Ranft
Nationality USA
Birth 26 september 1895 at New York City (USA)
Death 24 november 1980 (at 85 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

George Raft (born George Ranft; September 26, 1901 – November 24, 1980) was an American film actor and dancer identified with portrayals of gangsters in crime melodramas of the 1930s and 1940s. A stylish leading man in dozens of movies, today Raft is mostly known for his gangster roles in the original Scarface (1932), Each Dawn I Die (1939), and Billy Wilder's 1959 comedy Some Like it Hot, as a dancer in Bolero (1934), and a truck driver in They Drive by Night (1940).


Raft married Grayce Mulrooney, several years his senior, in 1923, long before his stardom. The pair separated soon thereafter, but the devoutly Catholic Mulrooney refused to grant a divorce, and Raft remained married to her, and continued to support her, until her death in 1970. A romantic figure in Hollywood, Raft had love affairs with Betty Grable, Marlene Dietrich, and Mae West. He stated publicly that he wanted to marry Norma Shearer, with whom he had a long romance, but his wife's refusal to allow a divorce eventually caused Shearer to end the affair.

When James Cagney became president of the Screen Actors Guild in 1942 for a two-year term, he took a role in the Guild's fight against the Mafia, which had taken an active interest in the movie industry. Cagney's wife, Billie, once received a phone call telling her that Cagney was dead. Cagney alleged that, having failed to scare him and the Guild off, they sent a hit man to kill him by dropping a heavy light onto his head. On hearing about the rumor of the hit, George Raft made a call, and the hit was supposedly cancelled.

In 1967, Raft was denied entry into the UK (where he had been installed as Casino Director at a casino known as the "Colony Club") due to his underworld associations.

Best films

Some Like It Hot (1959)
The Upper Hand (1966)

Usually with

Mack Gray
Mack Gray
(12 films)
Roy Del Ruth
Roy Del Ruth
(5 films)
Al Hill
Al Hill
(7 films)
Joe Gray
Joe Gray
(6 films)
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis
(2 films)
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The Man with Bogart's Face, 1h46
Directed by Robert Day
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy
Actors Franco Nero, Victor Buono, Yvonne De Carlo, Herbert Lom, Olivia Hussey, Mike Mazurki
Roles Petey Cane
Rating63% 3.197813.197813.197813.197813.19781
A man calling himself Sam Marlowe (Robert Sacchi) has his face altered to resemble that of his idol, Humphrey Bogart, and then opens a detective agency. At first he and his secretary Duchess (Misty Rowe) have meager business, but things pick up after a shooting puts Sam's picture in the paper. Some ruthless people, who are coincidentally also similar to characters in Bogart films (and played by Victor Buono, Herbert Lom, and Michelle Phillips), are after a priceless set of stones called the Eyes of Alexander (from a statue of Alexander the Great), and Marlowe and Duchess are caught in the middle of it all.
The Man With Bogart's Face
Directed by Robert Day
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Noir, Crime
Actors Victor Buono, Franco Nero, Yvonne De Carlo, Herbert Lom, Mike Mazurki, Olivia Hussey
Roles Petey Cane
Rating63% 3.197813.197813.197813.197813.19781
Un passionné de cinéma (Robert Sacchi ) se fait refaire le visage pour ressembler à Humphrey Bogart et ouvre un cabinet de détective privé sous le pseudonyme de Sam Marlow.
Sextette (1978)
, 1h31
Directed by Ken Hughes
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Théâtre, Musical films, Films based on plays
Actors Mae West, Dom DeLuise, Timothy Dalton, Tony Curtis, Ringo Starr, George Hamilton
Roles George Raft
Rating32% 1.6174851.6174851.6174851.6174851.617485
The legendary American movie star and sex symbol Marlo Manners (Mae West) is in London, England, where she has just married for the sixth time. She and her new husband, Sir Michael Barrington (Timothy Dalton), then depart for a honeymoon suite at a posh and exclusive hotel that has been reserved for them by her manager, Dan Turner (Dom DeLuise).
Hammersmith Is Out, 1h48
Directed by Peter Ustinov
Origin USA
Genres Comedy-drama
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about psychiatry, Films set in psychiatric hospitals
Actors Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Peter Ustinov, Beau Bridges, George Raft, Leon Ames
Roles Guido Scartucci
Rating60% 3.004143.004143.004143.004143.00414
Billy Breedlove (Beau Bridges) is an orderly at a Texas psychiatric hospital. He simultaneously falls under the spell of two people: a blonde waitress at a local diner named Jimmie Jean Jackson (Elizabeth Taylor) and an allegedly sociopathic hospital patient named Hammersmith (Richard Burton), who is restrained in a straitjacket within a locked cell.
Skidoo (1968)
, 1h37
Directed by Otto Preminger
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Jackie Gleason, Carol Channing, Frankie Avalon, Fred Clark, Michael Constantine, Frank Gorshin
Roles Captain Garbaldo
Rating49% 2.4567052.4567052.4567052.4567052.456705
As a cartoon character dressed in prison stripes (and holding a peace-logo flower which turns into a tiny parasol and then a helicopter blade) executes a few dance steps to the music of Nilsson's Skidoo theme, the words "Otto Preminger" appear below him. Additional words "presents SKIDOO starring" can also be seen as the camera pulls back to reveal that this image is on a TV screen, while Carol Channing's voice is heard exclaiming, "No, Harry, not that. No, I don't wanna see that", with the channel suddenly switching to show a US Senate hearing conducted by Senator Hummel, portrayed by Peter Lawford, who asks a series of organized crime figures various questions to which they invariably reply, "I refuse to answer on the grounds it may tend to incriminate me." Every few seconds, the channel showing the hearing switches to another channel which is screening Preminger's black-and-white 1965 feature, In Harm's Way, or still other channels which have one spurious commercial after another. The initial ad depicts an attractive blonde declaring, "now you too can be beautiful and sexually desirable like me instead of being that fat, disgusting, foul-breathed, slimy, wallowing sow that you are," the second has another intensely smiling blonde stating that "maybe we blondes do have more fun" and the third ad depicts a drunken slob swilling beer and belching, interspersed with an image of a pig with beer foam around its snout, while an unseen announcer exclaims "feel big, drink pig.
Casino Royale, 2h11
Directed by Robert Parrish, John Huston, Ken Hughes, Val Guest, Richard Talmadge
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure, Spy
Themes Films about children, Spy films, Politique, Films about terrorism, Political films
Actors David Niven, Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, Orson Welles, Woody Allen, William Holden
Roles Himself
Rating52% 2.602722.602722.602722.602722.60272
The story of Casino Royale is told in an episodic format. Val Guest oversaw the assembly of the sections, although he turned down the credit of "co-ordinating director".
The Upper Hand, 1h40
Directed by Denys de La Patellière
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Jean Gabin, Gert Fröbe, George Raft, Mireille Darc, Claude Brasseur, Philippe Clair
Roles Charles Binnaggio
Rating61% 3.0535953.0535953.0535953.0535953.053595
Paulo les Diams, son ami Walter, Jack de Londres et un Munichois pratiquent allègrement le trafic d'or. Un jour une bande rivale, celle de Mario, les attaque. Les correspondants de Londres et de Munich disparaissent. Paulo est sauvé par un faux journaliste mais vrai policier américain, qui se trouve promu garde du corps du gangster. Lorsque le dernier associé est mitraillé à mort, Paulo se fâche. À ce moment un délégué du syndicat propose une transaction. Paulo s'incline, prépare sa vengeance mais est coiffé au poteau par celui qu'il ne soupçonnait pas.
For Those Who Think Young, 1h36
Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors James Darren, Pamela Tiffin, Paul Lynde, Tina Louise, Bob Denver, Robert Middleton
Rating53% 2.670222.670222.670222.670222.67022
Rich kid and party animal Gardner Pruitt III (James Darren), known as “Ding” to his friends, is on the prowl for a new conquest in the form of teenager Sandy Palmer (Pamela Tiffin). In the meantime, Ding’s influential grandfather, B.S. Cronin (Robert Middleton) wants to curtail the romance and shut down a popular local college teen hangout.
The Patsy
The Patsy (1964)
, 1h41
Directed by Jerry Lewis
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes L'adolescence, Films about education, Films about children, Films about the labor movement, Films about school violence, Harcèlement au travail
Actors Jerry Lewis, Everett Sloane, Phil Harris, Keenan Wynn, Peter Lorre, John Carradine
Roles Lui-même
Rating62% 3.149723.149723.149723.149723.14972
A famous comedian perishes in a plane crash. Members of his management team, worried that they will be jobless, decide to find someone to take his place as their "meal ticket". Stanley Belt (Jerry Lewis) is a bellboy at their hotel and they decide he will become their next star.
Hollywood Without Make-Up
Directed by Ken Murray
Origin USA
Genres Documentary
Themes Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry, Documentary films about cities
Actors Kirk Douglas, Ken Murray, Cary Grant, June Allyson, George K. Arthur, Eddie Albert
Rating72% 3.6244753.6244753.6244753.6244753.624475
The film consists of archive footage of famous Hollywood stars, mostly home movies showing the stars as themselves instead of playing a role in front of the camera.
The Ladies Man, 1h35
Directed by Jerry Lewis
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Jerry Lewis, Helen Traubel, Kathleen Freeman, Buddy Lester, George Raft, Marty Ingels
Roles Himself
Rating65% 3.250123.250123.250123.250123.25012
Herbert H. Heebert (Jerry Lewis) is a young man who loses his girlfriend, swears off romance, and then takes a job at a genteel, women-only boarding house, run by Helen Wellenmellen (Helen Traubel). Although most of the women treat him like a servant, Fay (Pat Stanley) helps him with his fear of women.