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Georges Delerue is a Actor, Musical, Sound and Compositor French born on 12 march 1925 at Roubaix (France)

Georges Delerue

Georges Delerue
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Birth name Georges Henri Jean-Baptiste Delerue
Nationality France
Birth 12 march 1925 at Roubaix (France)
Death 20 march 1992 (at 67 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

Georges Delerue (12 March 1925 – 20 March 1992) was a French composer who composed over 350 scores for cinema and television. Delerue won numerous important film music awards, including an Academy Award for A Little Romance (1980), three César Awards (1979, 1980, 1981), two ASCAP Awards (1988, 1990), and one Gemini Award for Sword of Gideon (1987). He was also nominated for four additional Academy Awards for Anne of the Thousand Days (1969), The Day of the Dolphin (1973), Julia (1977), and Agnes of God (1985), four additional César Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and one Genie Award for Black Robe (1991).

The French newspaper Le Figaro named him "the Mozart of cinema." Delerue was the first composer to win three consecutive César Awards for Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (1979), Love on the Run (1980), and The Last Metro (1981). Georges Delerue was named Commander of Arts and Letters, one of France's highest honours.


Georges Delerue was born 12 March 1925 in Roubaix, France to Georges Delerue and Marie Lhoest. He was raised in a musical household; his grandfather lead an amateur chorale group and his mother sang and played piano at family gatherings. By the age of fourteen he was playing clarinet at the local music conservatory. In 1940 he was forced to abandon his studies at the Turgot Institute in order to work at a factory to help support his family. He continued playing clarinet with local bands, eventually transitioning to piano under the instruction of Madame Picavet-Bacquart. He studied Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Grieg, and was particularly inspired by Richard Strauss. Following a long convalescence after being diagnosed with scoliosis, Georges decided to become a composer.

In 1945, following his studies at the Roubaix conservatory, Delerue was accepted into the Conservatoire de Paris, where he studied fugue with Simone Plé-Caussade and composition with Henri Büsser. To help support himself, he took jobs playing at dances, baptisms, marriages, and funerals—even performing jazz in the piano bars near the Paris Opera. In 1947 he received an honorable mention for the Rome Prize, and the following year he won the Second Grand Rome Prize. That year at the Theater Festival of Avignon, Delerue conducted a performance of Scheherazade. In the 1949 Rome Prize competition, he won the First Second Grand Prize, and the First Prize for Composition. He began writing stage music during the late 1940s, including for the Théâtre National Populaire, Comédie-Française and the company of Jean-Louis Barrault. He also became friends with Maurice Jarre and Pierre Boulez.

By the early 1950s Delerue was composing music for short films and writing theatrical music for the Théâtre Babylone and the Opéra Comique. He began collaborating with Boris Vian on a number of projects during this time, including theatrical adaptations of The Snow Knight and The Builders of Empire, an oratorio A Regrettable Incident, and a ballet The Barker. In 1952 he began directing the orchestra of the Club d'Essai for French National Radio and Television, and scored his first television drama Princes du sang. In 1954 he wrote his first compositions for historical spectacles of light and sound, Lisieux and The Liberation of Paris. In 1955 he composed his Concert Symphony for Piano and Orchestra, and on 31 January 1957 his opera The Snow Knight premiered at Nancy and was a popular success. In 1959 he composed his first score for a feature film, Le bel âge.

His career was diverse and he composed frequently for major art house directors, most often François Truffaut (including Jules and Jim), but also for Jean-Luc Godard's film Contempt (Le Mépris), and for Alain Resnais, Louis Malle, and Bernardo Bertolucci, besides working on several Hollywood productions, including Oliver Stone's Platoon and Salvador.

He composed the music for Flemming Flindt's ballet, Enetime (The Lesson), based on Ionesco's play, La Leçon. During his 42 years career he put his talent to the service of nearly 200 feature movies, 125 short ones, 70 TV films and 35 TV serials. The soundtrack for war docudrama by Pierre Schoendoerffer, Diên Biên Phu (1992), was one of the late notable works.

Delerue made cameo appearances in La nuit americaine and Les deux anglaises et le continent.

According to many testimonies he would do and redo some cues to fit the new editing of a sequence without any protestation. He insisted on being allowed to orchestrate and conduct himself in order to polish every detail. Georges Delerue was extraordinarily gifted for melody and at creating surrounding overtones which encapsulated the spirit of the movies on which he collaborated, enhancing them often beyond the expectations of their directors.

Georges Delerue died on 20 March 1992 from a heart attack in Los Angeles at the age of 67, just after recording the last cue for the soundtrack to Rich in Love. He is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California. He left behind his wife, Micheline Gautron, whom he married in 1959, and his daughter Claire.

Best films

Twins (1988)
(Original Music Composer)
Platoon (1987)
Steel Magnolias (1989)
(Original Music Composer)
Beaches (1989)
(Original Music Composer)
Oscar (1967)
(Original Music Composer)
Silkwood (1983)
(Original Music Composer)

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Themes Films about films
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Roles Georges, le compositeur (voix)
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Themes Sculpture
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The Love Game, 1h23
Directed by Robert Bober, Philippe de Broca
Origin France
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Actors Jean-Pierre Cassel, Jean-Louis Maury, Robert Vattier, Claude Cerval, Pierre Repp, Maria Pacôme
Roles Le pianiste
Rating63% 3.188943.188943.188943.188943.18894
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Dandelions by the Roots, 1h35
Directed by Georges Lautner
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Gangster films
Actors Louis de Funès, Michel Serrault, Mireille Darc, Maurice Biraud, Francis Blanche, Venantino Venantini
Roles Musical
Rating57% 2.8960452.8960452.8960452.8960452.896045
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Bosphore (1964)
, 14minutes
Directed by Maurice Pialat
Origin France
Genres Documentary
Actors Pierre Asso
Roles Musical
Rating72% 3.6110653.6110653.6110653.6110653.611065
Évocation de l'histoire du Bosphore à partir de la présentation des sites et monuments.
Golden Horn, 13minutes
Directed by Maurice Pialat
Origin France
Genres Documentary
Actors André Reybaz
Roles Musical
Rating66% 3.3033053.3033053.3033053.3033053.303305
Dans la ville des sultans et des harems, mais aussi de la misère en coulisses, à l'époque durant laquelle les différentes communautés vivaient en bonne entente.
Crime Does Not Pay, 2h38
Directed by Gérard Oury
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Crime
Actors François Périer, Danielle Darrieux, Michèle Morgan, Edwige Feuillère, Rosanna Schiaffino, Gino Cervi
Roles Musical
Rating62% 3.125453.125453.125453.125453.12545
Le Masque : Au XV siècle, apprenant que son amant, le chevalier Giraldi, la trompe, la duchesse vénitienne Dona Lucrezia le fait tuer par des spadassins. Sa rivale, qui n'est autre que sa suivante, la belle Antonella, décide de se venger.


The Apparition, 2h7
Directed by Xavier Giannoli
Origin France
Genres Drama
Themes Films about journalists, Films about religion
Actors Vincent Lindon, Galatéa Bellugi, Anatole Taubman, Elina Löwensohn, Gérard Dessalles, Alicia Hava
Roles Music
Rating62% 3.1445953.1445953.1445953.1445953.144595
Jacques est un grand reporter respecté travaillant pour un grand quotidien régional français. Journaliste talentueux et impartial, il vit reclus au retour d'un reportage en Syrie au cours duquel son photographe et ami a été tué. Il est alors contacté par un membre de la Congrégation pour la doctrine de la foi du Vatican lui demandant d'effectuer une mission particulière : faire partie d'une commission canonique chargée d'enquêter sur plusieurs apparitions de la Vierge Marie dont a été témoin une jeune fille, Anna, dans une petite ville des Alpes françaises. Alors que des milliers de pèlerins viennent se recueillir sur le lieu des apparitions présumées, Jacques rencontre la sensible et dévote Anna, dont la foi est confrontée aux nombreuses sollicitations qu'elle reçoit. Il découvre progressivement les motivations cachées et les pressions à l’œuvre autour d'Anna, et les mystères qui entourent les apparitions. Il est également confronté aux opinions opposées au sein de la commission. Et l'enquête qu'il mène va bouleverser ses croyances.
Americano (2011)
, 1h30
Directed by Mathieu Demy
Origin France
Genres Drama, Action
Actors Mathieu Demy, Salma Hayek, Geraldine Chaplin, Chiara Mastroianni, Carlos Bardem, Jean-Pierre Mocky
Rating51% 2.558212.558212.558212.558212.55821
In Paris, the relationship between Martin (Demy) and Claire (Mastroianni) is at an impasse. His mother's death suddenly calls Martin back to Los Angeles to deal with inheritance formalities, the town where he spent his childhood. In Los Angeles he is helped by a family friend, Linda who takes him to his mother's home and the neighbourhood he grew up in. This return to childhood haunts provokes several buried memories that appear to disturb Martin. After speaking with a neighbour, Martin goes to Tijuana in Mexico, looking for Lola (Hayek), a close friend of his mother's. He tracks her down to the Americano, a club where Lola works as a dancer. However, to find resolution, Martin must face up to his past.
The Gleaners and I: Two Years Later, 1h3
Directed by Agnès Varda
Origin France
Genres Documentary
Actors Agnès Varda
Roles Original Music Composer
Rating70% 3.541983.541983.541983.541983.54198
Ce film est la suite du film Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse et il a été réalisé, comme l'indique son titre, deux ans après. Il s'intéresse à ce que sont devenus les glaneurs et glaneuses rencontrées lors du premier film. Agnès Varda va aussi rencontrer de nouvelles personnes grâce aux lettres d'encouragement reçues pour Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse.
I'm Losing You, 1h21
Directed by Bruce Wagner
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Andrew McCarthy, Rosanna Arquette, Elizabeth Perkins, Buck Henry, Amanda Donohoe, Daniel von Bargen
Rating51% 2.5630352.5630352.5630352.5630352.563035
A melodrama of a wealthy Los Angeles family - and the journey each one begins after a death in the family. The title of the film refers not only to the loss of life and love, but to a phrase used by most Angelenos while talking on cellular phones; I'm Losing You... "I'm Losing You" follows the path of each character after a cataclysmic event: the death of Bertie's young daughter Tiffany, in an "accident". The family comes closer together in the wake of such an event, seeking to recover from a blow that has driven each one to near madness.
Rich in Love, 1h45
Directed by Bruce Beresford
Genres Drama
Actors Albert Finney, Kathryn Erbe, Jill Clayburgh, Kyle MacLachlan, Suzy Amis, Ethan Hawke
Roles Original Music Composer
Rating62% 3.1016553.1016553.1016553.1016553.101655
The Odom family lives in a large, white, Southern house in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, just off Pitt Street, looking out onto Charleston Harbor. Lucille Odom (Erbe) is nearing the end of her last year of high school when her mother, Helen Odom (Clayburgh), leaves the family, breaking all ties. Lucille is left to care for her recently retired father, Warren Odom (Finney).
Dien Bien Phu, 2h11
Directed by Pierre Schoendoerffer
Origin France
Genres Drama, War
Themes French war films, La colonisation française, Politique, La guerre d'Indochine, Political films, Histoire de France
Actors Donald Pleasence, Jean-François Balmer, Patrick Catalifo, Maxime Leroux, Ludmila Mikaël, François Negret
Roles Original Music Composer
Rating62% 3.1002353.1002353.1002353.1002353.100235
The movie follows the chronological events of the battle. Some of them are shown in situ, from the heart of the battle, at Dien Bien Phu, while others are reported by civilians at Hanoi city or by paratroopers at Hanoi's civilian airport.
Man Trouble, 1h36
Directed by Bob Rafelson
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Children's films
Actors Jack Nicholson, Ellen Barkin, Harry Dean Stanton, Beverly D'Angelo, Michael McKean, Saul Rubinek
Roles Original Music Composer
Rating46% 2.3060052.3060052.3060052.3060052.306005
Harry Bliss (Nicholson) runs a guard dog service and is going through counseling with his wife, Adele (Lauren Tom). A serial killer is on the loose in Los Angeles, so when the apartment of classical singer Joan Spruance (Barkin) is ransacked and she starts receiving threatening phone messages, Joan moves into the Hollywood Hills home of her sister, Andy (D'Angelo).