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Georgi Mamalev is a Actor born on 5 august 1952

Georgi Mamalev

Georgi Mamalev
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Birth 5 august 1952 (69 years)

Georgi Mamalev (Bulgarian: Георги Мамалев; born 5 August 1952) is a Bulgarian actor.

He is one of the founders of the NLO group alongside Velko Kanev and Pavel Popandov.

He has been performing in the Bulgarian national theatre "Ivan Vazov" since 1977. In 2008, Mamalev participated in the Bulgarian show "Dancing stars".

Mamalev is married and has two sons.

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Usually with

Georgi Rusev
Georgi Rusev
(2 films)
Ivan Andonov
Ivan Andonov
(1 films)
Itzhak Fintzi
Itzhak Fintzi
(1 films)
Stoyan Gadev
Stoyan Gadev
(1 films)
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Filmography of Georgi Mamalev (3 films)

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Adio, Rio
Adio, Rio (1989)
, 1h28
Directed by Ivan Andonov
Genres Drama, Comedy, Horror
Actors Georgi Rusev, Nikola Todev, Georgi Mamalev, Anani Yavashev, Natalia Dontcheva
Roles Professor Popruskov
Rating67% 3.382433.382433.382433.382433.38243
Stoev (Trifonov) is a talented lead architect whose team wins an international competition for a facility to be built in Rio de Janeiro. Per the terms of the agreement, two members of the winning team (and their spouses) are to go to Brazil, expenses paid, to oversee the construction. All along the design stages, Stoev's understanding has been that he would be going together with his loyal and equally gifted assistant architect. However, the company chief secretly decides to change the terms and go instead of the assistant, threatening Stoev to cancel the whole deal if he doesn't comply. Stoev is left with the dilemma to betray a colleague and friend, or to miss the greatest opportunity in his career (and face the wrath of his nagging overambitious wife). When Stoev is about to choose the former, a mysterious dead body appears in his life, forcing him to take a deeper look into himself and society.
King for a Day, 1h27
Genres Comedy
Actors Todor Kolev, Itzhak Fintzi, Stoyan Gadev, Georgi Mamalev
Roles the engineer Kerkelezov (eccentric inventor)
Rating85% 4.285424.285424.285424.285424.28542
A Nameless Band, 1h52
Directed by Lyudmil Kirkov
Genres Comedy
Actors Velko Kanev, Dimitar Manchev, Georgi Rusev, Georgi Mamalev
Roles Gosho
Rating87% 4.3907454.3907454.3907454.3907454.390745
Vanya, Velko, Filip, Pavel and Gosho establish a band with a lead singer, Vanya (who is the girlfriend of Filip). They hope to make it to one of the big seaside resorts during the holiday season, as a part of their road to fame and success. For the trip they need HiFi equipment and good friends, high enough to arrange them a prestigious place to play. The beginning is optimistic but it soon becomes clear that everything comes at its price. The director of the House of Culture, where they normally rehears, can provide them with everything they need, but with two conditions. First he wants them to play songs with political charge, something they have always refused to do, just for the sheer principle; second he forces them to change their talented singer and friend Vanya with his beautiful favorite, Reni, who is a mediocre singer. They arrive at the seaside hotel, where they are supposed to perform, with Reni instead of Vanya. Here they realize that their "protector" is everything but influential and he has cheated them. So, without a place to perform and without even a place to sleep, they decide to chance their fortune, traveling along the seacoast and performing wherever they can. Finally they end up in a small bar at the beach.