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Gordon Dines is a Director, Director of Photography and Cinematography British born on 4 june 1911 at London (United-kingdom)

Gordon Dines

Gordon Dines
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Birth name Gordon Percival Dines
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 4 june 1911 at London (United-kingdom)
Death 27 april 1982 (at 70 years) at London (United-kingdom)

Gordon (Percival) Dines (né le 4 juin 1911 à Londres, ville où il est mort le 27 avril 1982) est un directeur de la photographie anglais, membre de la BSC.


Dans les années 1930, après des débuts comme assistant opérateur et cadreur, Gordon Dines devient chef opérateur sur deux films sortis en 1937 et ayant pour vedette George Formby, dont Feather Your Nest de William Beaudine.

Suivent trente-trois autres films britanniques comme directeur de la photographie, notamment The Mysterious Mr Davis de Claude Autant-Lara (1940, avec Alastair Sim), La Mer cruelle de Charles Frend (1953, avec Jack Hawkins et Donald Sinden), Les Indomptables de Colditz de Guy Hamilton (1955, avec John Mills et Lionel Jeffries) et L'Île des réprouvés d'Harry Watt (1959, avec Aldo Ray et Heather Sears).

Quasiment retiré après son avant-dernier film sorti en 1961, il revient toutefois pour une ultime contribution, sur le film musical Bread de Stanley Long (1971).

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Zombies on Broadway, 1h9
Directed by Gordon Douglas, Gordon Dines
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Seafaring films, Monde imaginaire, Transport films, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Comedy horror films, Disaster films
Actors Alan Carney, Bela Lugosi, Wally Brown, Anne Jeffreys, Sheldon Leonard, Frank Jenks
Rating54% 2.708582.708582.708582.708582.70858
The duo of Jerry Miles and Mike Strager are employed as Broadway press agents. Miles and Strager's latest idea is to hire a genuine zombie for the opening of a new nightclub. The boys head to the Caribbean island of San Sebastian where they meet the beautiful cabaret singer Jean la Dance. In exchange for her help, Jean wants passage off the island. Miles and Strager eventually meet up with the zombie expert Professor Renault. Unknown to them, the professor's zombie has captured Jean and brought her to the Professor's secret laboratory, While Miles and Strager investigate the house, Jean awakes to find herself gagged and strapped to a table as the Professor's next test subject. Before he can proceed to give Jean the serum his guard dogs detect intruders. Jean is quickly spirited to a secret dungeon where she is tied up but manages to escape. Strager becomes "zombified" by being under the spell of Renault's secret formula and Miles, la Dance, and Strager return home. When Strager comes out of his trance, the boys must face the wrath of Ace Miller, a nightclub owner, who is more frightening then anything they've seen yet.


The Siege of Pinchgut, 1h40
Directed by Harry Watt
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Aldo Ray, Heather Sears, Neil McCallum, Victor Maddern, Carlo Giustini, Alan Tilvern
Roles Director of Photography
Rating66% 3.3096953.3096953.3096953.3096953.309695
An ambulance drives through Sydney, having been hijacked by escaped convict Matt Kirk and his three accomplices, Matt's brother Johnny, Italian Luke and Bert. The four men manage to avoid detection at Sydney Hospital, and head out through Sydney Harbour in a purchased vessel, intending to go north. However the boat breaks down before they can get through Sydney Heads and the men decide to take refuge in Fort Denison (also known as Pinchgut), unaware it is occupied by caretaker Pat Fulton, his wife and daughter Ann.
These Dangerous Years
Directed by Herbert Wilcox
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Musical, Crime
Themes Military humor in film, Musical films
Actors George Baker, Frankie Vaughan, Dame Thora Hird, Carole Lesley, Jocelyn Lane, Kenneth Cope
Roles Director of Photography
Rating67% 3.374423.374423.374423.374423.37442
Tough gang leader and wannabee rock star Dave Wyman, from the slums of Liverpool, gets the call up for military service. He undergoes basic training, finds the discipline surprisingly suits him, and emerges stronger. When his best friend from training is killed by the camp bully, Dave takes revenge, and eventually ends up marrying his singing partner.
The Maggie
The Maggie (1954)
, 1h32
Directed by Alexander Mackendrick
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure
Actors Paul Douglas, Andrew Keir, James Copeland, Dorothy Alison, Geoffrey Keen, Roddy McMillan
Roles Director of Photography
Rating69% 3.4892453.4892453.4892453.4892453.489245
The Maggie is a typical Clyde puffer, a small, aged cargo boat with a varied, irascible and argumentative crew. MacTaggart (Alex Mackenzie), her rascal of a captain, is in dire need of 300 pounds to renew his licence. In a shipping office by chance, he meets Mr Pusey (Hubert Gregg). Pusey, a proper Englishman complete with bowler hat and umbrella, is trying to arrange for the transportation of some personal furniture for his boss, American Calvin B. Marshall (Paul Douglas), as a present for his wife to furnish their new home. The big company has no ships immediately available, but MacTaggart gets the job when Pusey mistakenly believes that he works for the reputable shipping company and that the more modern vessel docked next to the Maggie is MacTaggart's.
The Cruel Sea, 2h6
Directed by Charles Frend
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, La bataille de l'Atlantique, Political films
Actors Jack Hawkins, Donald Sinden, Denholm Elliott, Virginia McKenna, John Stratton, Stanley Baker
Roles Director of Photography
Rating74% 3.7455853.7455853.7455853.7455853.745585
The film portrays the conditions in which the Battle of the Atlantic was fought between the Royal Navy and Germany's U-boats. It is seen from the viewpoint of the British naval officers and seamen who served in convoy escorts. The film begins with a voice-over by Ericson (Jack Hawkins);
The Gentle Gunman, 1h26
Directed by Basil Dearden
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Films about terrorism, Théâtre, Political films, Films based on plays
Actors John Mills, Dirk Bogarde, Robert Beatty, Elizabeth Sellars, Barbara Mullen, Jack MacGowran
Roles Director of Photography
Rating62% 3.145993.145993.145993.145993.14599
John Mills and Dirk Bogarde, bizarrely, were the actors chosen to play two IRA men under cover in London during World War II. The lads are captured after (Terry) starts questioning the worth of war, a line of thinking never popular with armies. They are sprung from captivity by Connolly (Liam Redmond) and his IRA men. Nice cameo by Jack McGowran.
Pool of London, 1h25
Directed by Basil Dearden
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Bonar Colleano, Earl Cameron, Susan Shaw, Renée Asherson, Moira Lister, Max Adrian
Roles Director of Photography
Rating70% 3.5357853.5357853.5357853.5357853.535785
The story centres on the crew of the merchant ship Dunbar, which docks in the Pool of London. The crew members are given shore leave, and soon become involved in smuggling and petty crime in post-war London. The film is mainly known for portraying the first interracial relationship in a British film.
The Blue Lamp, 1h24
Directed by Basil Dearden, Alexander Mackendrick
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Noir, Crime, Romance
Actors Jack Warner, Jimmy Hanley, Dirk Bogarde, Robert Flemyng, Jack Warner, Bernard Lee
Roles Director of Photography
Rating68% 3.446223.446223.446223.446223.44622
The action mostly takes place in the Paddington area of London, and is set in July 1949, a few years after the end of the Second World War. PC George Dixon (Warner) a long-serving traditional "copper" who is due to retire shortly, takes a new recruit, Andy Mitchell (Hanley), under his aegis, introducing him to the easy-going night beat. Dixon is a classic Ealing "ordinary" hero, but also anachronistic, unprepared and unable to answer the violence of Tom Riley (Bogarde). Called to the scene of a robbery at a local cinema, Dixon finds himself face-to-face with Riley, a desperate youth armed with a revolver. Dixon initially tries to talk Riley into surrendering the weapon, but Riley panics and fires. Dixon is taken to hospital, but dies some hours later. The ending is another Ealing quirk, with ordinary, decent society banding together with professional criminals and dog-track identities to track down and catch the murderer, who tries to hide in the crowd at White City greyhound track in West London. To Andy Mitchell falls the honour of arresting Riley.
Train of Events, 1h28
Directed by Basil Dearden, Charles Crichton, Sidney Cole
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Anthology film
Themes Transport films, Rail transport films, Film se déroulant dans un train
Actors Jack Warner, Peter Finch, Valerie Hobson, Susan Shaw, Miles Malleson, Leslie Phillips
Roles Director of Photography
Rating65% 3.292813.292813.292813.292813.29281
The film opens with a long shot of a Liverpool-bound train waiting to depart from Euston station in London. The train leaves with various characters on board.
Frieda (1947)
, 1h38
Directed by Basil Dearden
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, War
Themes Théâtre, Political films, Films based on plays
Actors David Farrar, Glynis Johns, Mai Zetterling, Flora Robson, Albert Lieven, Barbara Everest
Roles Director of Photography
Rating70% 3.5173853.5173853.5173853.5173853.517385
Frieda (Mai Zetterling) is a German woman who helps English airman Robert (David Farrar) to escape from a German prisoner-of-war camp as the Second World War nears its end. She loves him; he is only grateful to her. In a church between the Russian-German lines however, Robert marries her, so that she may obtain a British passport. Together they eventually arrive in his Oxfordshire home. Frieda meets his family - his mother, his small stepbrother Tony, Judy (Glynis Johns), the attractive widow of Robert's brother, and Aunt Eleanor (Flora Robson), a figure in local politics and vehemently anti-German.
Rome Express, 1h35
Directed by Sidney Gilliat, Walter Forde
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Crime
Themes Transport films, Rail transport films
Actors Conrad Veidt, Muriel Aked, Esther Ralston, Donald Calthrop, Harold Huth, Cedric Hardwicke
Roles Assistant Camera
Rating65% 3.2965653.2965653.2965653.2965653.296565
The film's action takes place almost entirely on the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits train the Rome Express, travelling between Paris and Rome.


The Lady is a Square, 1h40
Directed by Herbert Wilcox
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Musical, Romance
Actors Anna Neagle, Frankie Vaughan, Janette Scott, Anthony Newley, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Kenneth Cope
Roles Cinematography
Rating66% 3.3401453.3401453.3401453.3401453.340145
Mrs Baring, a businesswoman and patron of classical music, has arranged for a celebrated Eastern Bloc musician, Spolenski, to play in a series of concerts in Britain. However, she is aware that she is on the brink of bankruptcy and the Spolenski tour offers a final chance to save her finances.
Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst, 1h53
Directed by Michael Anderson
Origin United-kingdom
Genres War
Themes Political films
Actors Richard Todd, William Hartnell, Akim Tamiroff, Bernard Miles, Donald Houston, Keye Luke
Roles Cinematography
Rating67% 3.3935853.3935853.3935853.3935853.393585
On 19 April 1949, the Royal Navy frigate HMS Amethyst sails up the Yangtze River on her way to Nanking, the Chinese capital, to deliver supplies to the British Embassy. Suddenly, without warning, People's Liberation Army (PLA) shore batteries open fire and after a heavy engagement, Amethyst lies grounded in the mud and badly damaged. Fifty-four of her crew are dead, dying or seriously wounded while others deteriorate from the tropical heat and the lack of essential medicines, including the ships's Captain, who dies of his wounds. An attempt to evacuate the wounded is only partially successful - the officers of the Amethyst become aware that two Petty Officers were captured by the PLA and are being held at a nearby military hospital. After taking stock of their position, the Captain is replaced by Lieutenant Commander John Kerans (Richard Todd), who had been serving as a Naval attaché in nearby Nanking but rushes to the beleaguered ship to take command.