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Hédi Temessy is a Actor Hongroise born on 6 may 1925 at Budapest (Hongrie)

Hédi Temessy

Hédi Temessy
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Nationality Hongrie
Birth 6 may 1925 at Budapest (Hongrie)
Death 29 may 2001 (at 76 years) at Budapest (Hongrie)

Hédi Temessy (6 May 1925 – 29 May 2001) was a Hungarian actress. Active for over 50 years, she appeared on stage, in films, and on television. Her significant roles include playing Márta in Gergely Csiky's The Grandmother (A nagymama).

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Filmography of Hédi Temessy (14 films)

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Dear Emma, Sweet Böbe, 1h30
Directed by István Szabó
Origin Hongrie
Genres Drama
Actors Johanna ter Steege, Péter Andorai, Ildikó Bánsági, Irma Patkós, Hédi Temessy, Attila Kaszás
Roles Aunt Mária
Rating70% 3.534493.534493.534493.534493.53449
The film shows the political system's changes in Budapest. The Sweet Emma, Dear Böbe shows the losers of the change and their searching of way. After that Russian language had been removed from compulsory subjects of Hungarian schools the two Russian teacher, Emma and Böbe became redundant. The teaching staff also were shaken of insecurity, accusing each other. Emma and Böbe are learning English in the evenings. Emma also sells newspapers and she has an affair with the married school director, who is not too brave to decide. One of the best scenes of the film when Böbe and many naked women - teachers and nurses - are waiting for casting in a film studio. Böbe is acquainted with foreigners and she trades in foreign currencies. Böbe will be arrested and she finally jumps out of the window of the teachers' accommodation.
Damnation (1988)
, 1h56
Directed by Béla Tarr
Origin Hongrie
Genres Drama, Musical, Crime, Romance
Actors György Cserhalmi, Hédi Temessy
Roles Cloakroom Attendant
Rating77% 3.8969753.8969753.8969753.8969753.896975
Damnation tells the story of Karrer (Miklós B. Székely), a depressed man in love with a married torch singer (Vali Kerekes) from a local bar, the Titanik. The singer broke off their affair, because she dreams of becoming famous. Karrer is offered smuggling work by Willarsky (Gyula Pauer), the bartender at the Titanik. Karrer offers the job to the singer's husband, Sebestyén (György Cserhalmi). This gets him out of the way, but things don't go as Karrer plans. Betrayals follow. Karrer despairs.
Autumn Almanac, 2h25
Directed by Béla Tarr
Origin Hongrie
Genres Drama
Actors Hédi Temessy, János Derzsi
Roles Hédi
Rating72% 3.6412353.6412353.6412353.6412353.641235
In a grim, claustrophobic apartment owned by a rich elderly woman, the inhabitants desperately try to relate to each other as they go about their bleak lives revealing their darkest secrets, fears, obsessions and hostilities. They include besides her, her son, her nurse, her nurse's discontented lover, and a new lodger.
The Red Countess, 3h
Directed by András Kovács
Genres Drama
Actors Juli Básti, Ferenc Kállai, Hédi Temessy, Klári Tolnay, András Bálint
Roles Gróf Andrássy Gyuláné
Rating63% 3.1815353.1815353.1815353.1815353.181535
Mephisto (1981)
, 2h24
Directed by István Szabó
Origin German
Genres Drama, War
Themes Films about television, Political films
Actors Klaus Maria Brandauer, Krystyna Janda, Ildikó Bánsági, György Cserhalmi, Péter Andorai, Karin Boyd
Roles Egy nagybankos neje
Rating77% 3.896083.896083.896083.896083.89608
L’ascension vertigineuse d'Hendrik Höfgen, un comédien ambitieux et opportuniste sous la République de Weimar, prêt à sacrifier peu à peu amis, convictions et honneur pour faire carrière. Il obtient le rôle de Méphisto dans la pièce de Goethe, au théâtre national... mais n'est-il pas en réalité plutôt un nouveau Faust, ayant vendu son âme au diable nazi ?
Just Like at Home, 1h50
Directed by Márta Mészáros
Genres Drama
Actors Anna Karina, Jan Nowicki, László Szabó, Hédi Temessy
Roles Klára asszony
Rating74% 3.703773.703773.703773.703773.70377
Football of the Good Old Days, 1h24
Directed by Pál Sándor
Genres Comedy
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors Dezső Garas, Tamás Major, László Márkus, András Kern, Hédi Temessy
Roles Cserépkalapos nõ
Rating67% 3.391943.391943.391943.391943.39194
Dans les années 1920, Ede Minarik sacrifie sa vie personnelle pour son équipe de football qui peut prétendre accéder à la première division.
A Strange Marriage, 1h52
Directed by Márton Keleti
Genres Drama
Actors Miklós Gábor, Hédi Temessy, Sándor Pécsi, Sándor Szabó, Tamás Major, Hilda Gobbi
Roles Mary, daughter of Dõry
Rating70% 3.5326053.5326053.5326053.5326053.532605