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Herbert Mundin is a Actor British born on 21 august 1898 at St Helens (United-kingdom)

Herbert Mundin

Herbert Mundin
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Birth name Herbert Thomas Mundin
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 21 august 1898 at St Helens (United-kingdom)
Death 5 march 1939 (at 40 years) at Van Nuys (USA)

Herbert Mundin (21 August 1898 – 5 March 1939) was an English character actor. He was frequently typecast in films like The Adventures of Robin Hood as an older cheeky eccentric, a type helped by his jowled features and cheerful disposition. Mundin died from a car crash.


Herbert Mundin rejoint la Royal Navy durant la Première Guerre mondiale.

Il commence sa carrière d'acteur en Angleterre, au début des années 1920, au théâtre. En 1924, puis fin 1925 - début 1926, il se produit également aux États-Unis, à Broadway, dans deux revues.

Après sept films britanniques en 1930-1931 (principalement des courts métrages), il s'installe définitivement aux États-Unis cette dernière année. À Hollywood, il participe à cinquante-et-un films américains, les premiers en 1932, jusqu'en 1939 (année de sa mort brutale, dans un accident de la route). Un des ses rôles les plus connus est celui de Much, dans Les Aventures de Robin des Bois, en 1938, aux côtés d'Errol Flynn.

Best films

Cavalcade (1933)

Usually with

John F. Seitz
John F. Seitz
(6 films)
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Frank Lloyd
(4 films)
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Billy Bevan
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Una O'Connor
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Filmography of Herbert Mundin (44 films)

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The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1h42
Directed by Michael Curtiz, William Keighley
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Swashbuckler, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Political films, Films about royalty
Actors Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains, Patric Knowles, Eugene Pallette
Roles Much
Rating78% 3.947953.947953.947953.947953.94795
In 1191, Richard the Lionheart (Ian Hunter), the King of England, is taken captive by Leopold V, Duke of Austria while returning from the Third Crusade. Richard’s treacherous brother Prince John (Claude Rains) usurps the throne and proceeds to oppress the Saxons, raising taxes supposedly to pay Richard's ransom, but in reality to secure his own position.
Lord Jeff
Lord Jeff (1938)
, 1h25
Directed by Sam Wood
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Films about children
Actors Freddie Bartholomew, Mickey Rooney, Charles Coburn, Herbert Mundin, Terry Kilburn, Gale Sondergaard
Roles Bosun 'Crusty' Jelks
Rating65% 3.2936953.2936953.2936953.2936953.293695
Young "Lord" Geoffrey Braemer (Freddie Bartholomew) is supposedly an English aristocrat. In fact, he is an orphan and willing accomplice to con artists Jim Hampstead (George Zucco) and Doris Clandon (Gale Sondergaard), who took him in when his parents died in a train wreck. He conveniently faints in a jewelry store, distracting the employees and allowing Jim to steal a valuable necklace. However, an astute insurance investigator catches him. He is sent to Russell-Cotes, a mercantile marine school, one of many vocational schools run by Dr. Barnardo's home for orphaned boys, with the warning that if he does not behave himself, he will be transferred to a reformatory.
Invisible Enemy, 1h6
Directed by John H. Auer
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Alan Marshal, Tala Birell, C. Henry Gordon, Herbert Mundin, Gerald Oliver Smith, Ivan F. Simpson
Roles Sergeant Alfred M. Higgs
Rating61% 3.0785253.0785253.0785253.0785253.078525
Angel (1937)
, 1h38
Directed by Ernst Lubitsch
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, Melvyn Douglas, Edward Everett Horton, Ernest Cossart, Laura Hope Crews
Roles Mr. Greenwood
Rating73% 3.6941653.6941653.6941653.6941653.694165
The story describes a love triangle initiated by Lady Maria Barker (Dietrich), the comfortable but neglected wife of Sir Frederich Barker (Marshall), a top-level British diplomat in the pre-World-War-II era. Maria is faced with the possibility of divorce when Frederick learns that she has had an affair, but he realizes that he has not spent enough time with her and cancels his business plans to take her on a much-needed vacation.
Another Dawn, 1h13
Directed by William Dieterle
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure, Romance
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Errol Flynn, Kay Francis, Ian Hunter, Frieda Inescort, Herbert Mundin, G.P. Huntley
Roles Wilkins, Wister's Orderly
Rating61% 3.05213.05213.05213.05213.0521
Colonel John Wister is in charge of a post in the British desert colony of Dickit. While on leave in England he meets and falls in love with the beautiful American Julia Ashton, whose aviator fiance died in a plane accident. Although Julia does not love John, she likes him and agrees to his marriage proposal.
You Can't Beat Love, 1h2
Directed by Christy Cabanne
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Preston Foster, Joan Fontaine, Herbert Mundin, Paul Hurst, Berton Churchill, Frank M. Thomas
Roles Jasper 'Meadows' Hives
Rating61% 3.0544553.0544553.0544553.0544553.054455
This script must be run from the command line
Under Two Flags, 1h52
Directed by Otto Brower, Frank Lloyd
Origin USA
Genres Adventure, Romance
Themes French war films, Children's films
Actors Ronald Colman, Claudette Colbert, Victor McLaglen, Rosalind Russell, Nigel Bruce, Gregory Ratoff
Roles Rake
Rating66% 3.3417153.3417153.3417153.3417153.341715
Victor (Ronald Colman) has taken the blame for his younger brother's crime and joins the French Foreign Legion to escape his past, taking with him his valet, Rake (Herbert Mundin). His commander is the ruthless Major Doyle (Victor McLaglen), who becomes jealous when Cigarette (Claudette Colbert), a cafe singer, sets her sights on Victor. He, however, is more interested in a refined Englishwoman, Lady Venetia (Rosalind Russell), and he eventually dumps Cigarette for her. Then, Doyle sends Victor off on a suicidal mission to get rid of his rival.
Charlie Chan's Secret, 1h12
Directed by Gordon Wiles
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes Children's films
Actors Warner Oland, Henrietta Crosman, Rosina Lawrence, Astrid Allwyn, Charles Quigley, Herbert Mundin
Roles Baxter
Rating70% 3.5453253.5453253.5453253.5453253.545325
Alan Colby, heir to a vast fortune, reappears after a seven-year absence, only to be murdered before he can claim his inheritance. The Lowells have been living off the Colby fortune, and now someone is trying to kill Henrietta Lowell, matriarch of the family. Among the suspects are:
A Message to Garcia, 1h17
Directed by George Marshall
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Romance
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Political films, Children's films
Actors Wallace Beery, Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Alan Hale, Herbert Mundin, Mona Barrie
Roles Henry Piper
Rating61% 3.093733.093733.093733.093733.09373
The film opens with the Maine Incident of 1898 in which an American warship blew-up in Havana harbor, allegedly following sabotage by Spain, triggering the outbreak of the Spanish–American War. President McKinley, wishing to make contact with General Calixto García, the leader of the Cuban revolt against Spain, summons an American army officer Andrew Summers Rowan to the White House and gives him a message which he is to personally deliver into Garcia's hands.
Tarzan Escapes, 1h29
Directed by John Farrow, George B. Seitz, Richard Thorpe, William A. Wellman
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about animals, Films about children, Le thème de l'enfant sauvage, Films about apes, L'enfance marginalisée, Tarzan films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, Benita Hume, Mario Pisu, Dhia Cristiani, Olinto Cristina
Roles Rawlins
Rating65% 3.295943.295943.295943.295943.29594
Jane's two cousins, Eric and Rita, arrive in Africa to tell Jane about a fortune left to her back in their world and to try to convince her to return with them. They are led to Tarzan's escarpment home by Captain Fry (John Buckler), a hunter with an agenda of his own. Jane convinces Tarzan to let her go back with Eric and Rita, promising that their separation will only be temporary. But Captain Fry (unknown to the others) attempts to capture Tarzan to take him back to civilization so he can be put on public display, and actually succeeds in caging Tarzan. Fry's treachery includes making a deal with an unfriendly native tribe to give him food, canoes and protection for the journey back in exchange for his handing over Jane, Eric and Rita for "ju-ju" and taking away the greatest "ju-ju" – Tarzan. Fry's plan goes wrong when the natives capture Tarzan in his cage and all four white people are taken prisoner. Tarzan manages to escape with the help of elephants and Cheeta, and guides what's left of Fry's party through a cave passage filled with treacherous quicksands. Just before they exit the caves to safety, Tarzan forces Fry to go back the way they came as punishment for his betrayal. Fry starts to go back, then seizes a heavy branch to attack Tarzan, but before he can exit the cave he falls into a quicksand bog and is swallowed up. Rita and Eric tell Jane that it is not necessary for her to return with them and that she belongs with Tarzan. The film ends with Tarzan and Jane reunited at their treehouse.
David Copperfield, 2h10
Directed by George Cukor, Leontine Sagan, John Waters
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Adventure, Romance
Actors W. C. Fields, Lionel Barrymore, Freddie Bartholomew, Frank Lawton, Maureen O'Sullivan, Basil Rathbone
Roles Barkis
Rating73% 3.694693.694693.694693.694693.69469
Début du XIX siècle, en Angleterre. David Copperfield vient de perdre sa mère. M. Murdstone, son beau-père, l'envoie chez les Micawber, à Londres. Puis il part chez tante Betsey, une dame un peu loufoque. Le jeune David devient écrivain et se marie.
The Widow from Monte Carlo, 1h
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Dolores del Río, Warren William, Louise Fazenda, Colin Clive, Herbert Mundin, Olin Howland
Roles John Torrent
Rating60% 3.020023.020023.020023.020023.02002
En vacances à Margate, une veuve est victime de chantage par une parvenue, mais elle est aidée par un homme qu'elle aime et qu'elle finit par épouser à la place de son fiancé un peu effacé.