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Horace B. Carpenter is a Actor and Writer American born on 31 january 1875 at Grand Rapids (USA)

Horace B. Carpenter

Horace B. Carpenter
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Nationality USA
Birth 31 january 1875 at Grand Rapids (USA)
Death 21 may 1945 (at 70 years) at Hollywood (USA)

Horace B. Carpenter (January 31, 1875 – May 21, 1945) was an American actor, film director and, screenwriter. He appeared in 334 films between 1914 and 1946. He also directed 15 films between 1925 and 1934. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Carpenter died in Hollywood, California from a heart attack.


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Usually with

Yakima Canutt
Yakima Canutt
(13 films)
Joseph Kane
Joseph Kane
(12 films)
Fred Burns
Fred Burns
(14 films)
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Filmography of Horace B. Carpenter (109 films)

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Along Came Jones, 1h30
Directed by Stuart Heisler
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Romance, Western
Actors Gary Cooper, Loretta Young, Dan Duryea, William Demarest, Lane Chandler, Frank Sully
Roles Vieil homme au saloon
Rating64% 3.244693.244693.244693.244693.24469
Easygoing Melody Jones (Gary Cooper) and his friend George Fury (William Demarest) wander into a town. Jones is mistaken for a wanted bandit named Monte Jarrad (Dan Duryea), which causes him no end of trouble. Meanwhile, the real Jarrad is hiding out in the home of his girl, Cherry de Longpre (Loretta Young). At first, she tries to use the newcomer to distract the townsfolk, but as she gets to know Jones, her feelings start to change.
Assignment in Brittany, 1h36
Directed by Jack Conway
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War
Themes Political films
Actors Jean-Pierre Aumont, Susan Peters, Margaret Wycherly, Signe Hasso, Richard Whorf, George Coulouris
Roles Yves
Rating64% 3.2386653.2386653.2386653.2386653.238665
Free French Captain Pierre Matard (Jean-Pierre Aumont) is assigned the task of locating a concealed U-boat pen in occupied France due to his striking resemblance to Bertrand Corlay, a suspected Nazi collaborator being held prisoner by the British.
Man from Music Mountain, 1h11
Directed by Joseph Kane
Origin USA
Genres Musical, Western
Actors Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan, Paul Kelly, Ruth Terry, Ann Gillis, Roy Barcroft
Roles Audience Member (uncredited)
Rating64% 3.249443.249443.249443.249443.24944
Whispering Footsteps, 54minutes
Directed by Howard Bretherton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Noir, Crime
Actors John Hubbard, Charles Halton, Cy Kendall, Juanita Quigley, Mary Gordon, Rita Quigley
Roles Loan Customer
Rating57% 2.8674552.8674552.8674552.8674552.867455
A bank clerk's life becomes a nightmare because he fits the description of a maniac killer.
The Great Man's Lady, 1h30
Directed by William A. Wellman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance, Western
Actors Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, Brian Donlevy, K. T. Stevens, Thurston Hall, Lloyd Corrigan
Roles Man in Saloon
Rating66% 3.345873.345873.345873.345873.34587
A statue is being dedicated to the late founder of Hoyt City, and reporters from around the country have gathered, speculating that "the old lady's going to talk." When the anticipated "old lady" does not appear at the event, they rush to her home. She is centenarian Hannah Sempler (Barbara Stanwyck), who lives in an old mansion among the skyscrapers of Hoyt City. As she confronts the press who have barged in, a photographer says, "Hold it, Mrs. Hoyt!" She replies that her name is Hanna Sempler, and refuses to answer their questions as to whether she and Hoyt had been married, which as another reporter says, would make him a bigamist. The intruders leave, having learned nothing to prove or disprove the many rumors, but Hannah is persuaded to tell her story to a young female biographer who lags behind. She reminisces about her experiences with Ethan Hoyt (Joel McCrea) in the American West.
Billy the Kid Trapped, 59minutes
Directed by Sam Newfield
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Anne Jeffreys, Glenn Strange, Walter McGrail, Ted Adams
Roles Barfly
Rating55% 2.777012.777012.777012.777012.77701
Imprisoned and sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit, Billy, Fuzzy and Jeff break out of jail. The three escapees discover that there are three impersonators who dress as them committing the crimes. On their mission to clear their names and bring the three impersonators to justice, the trio discovers the town of Mesa Verde where outlaws are given sanctuary in exchange for paying for legal protection.
In Old California, 1h28
Directed by William C. McGann
Origin USA
Genres Action, Romance, Western
Actors John Wayne, Binnie Barnes, Albert Dekker, Edgar Kennedy, Helen Parrish, Patsy Kelly
Roles Townsman
Rating63% 3.1935753.1935753.1935753.1935753.193575
À la fin des années 1840, Tom Craig, un pharmacien originaire de Boston, décide de tenter sa chance en Californie. Il est confronté à Britt Dawson, qui veut l'empêcher de s'installer à Sacramento, mais il reçoit l'aide de la propre fiancée de Dawson, la chanteuse Lacey Miller. Après qu'un filon est découvert dans la région, la ville se vide. Mais le camp des mineurs est frappé par la typhoïde, Tom organise le transport des médicaments nécessaires. Dawson va tenter de voler le chargement.
Overland Mail
Directed by John Rawlins, Ford Beebe
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Lon Chaney, Jr., Noah Beery, Jr, Noah Beery Sr., Helen Parrish, Bob Baker, Tom Chatterton
Roles Post Defender
Rating65% 3.297793.297793.297793.297793.29779
Two investigators for a stagecoach company are assigned to discover why the company's stages keep being ambushed. They find that the culprits are Bandits disguised as Indians, and they set out to find out who is behind the plot...
Bad Man of Deadwood, 1h1
Directed by Joseph Kane
Origin USA
Genres Action, Western
Actors Roy Rogers, George "Gabby" Hayes, Carol Adams, Monte Blue, Henry Brandon, Herbert Rawlinson
Roles Medicine Show Spectator
Rating59% 2.9633952.9633952.9633952.9633952.963395
The town of Deadwood and its businesses are controlled by Ripper and his gang of thugs. Roy and Gabby enter the town to set up a show business but are run over by Ripper and his gang. When the going gets too tough Roy and Gabby fight back to bring the gang to the law with evidence.
Go West, Young Lady, 1h10
Directed by Frank R. Strayer
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Western
Actors Glenn Ford, Penny Singleton, Ann Miller, Charles Ruggles, Allen Jenkins, Jed Prouty
Roles Barfly
Rating64% 3.244113.244113.244113.244113.24411
The town of Headstone eagerly awaits the arrival of their new sheriff, hoping that he will vanquish the dreaded outlaw, Killer Pete, who has murdered the last four sheriffs. Meanwhile, on the stage bound for Headstone, Tex Miller, the new sheriff, is making small talk with fellow passenger and former seminary student Belinda "Bill" Pendergast when the stage is attacked by a band of Indians. Taking aim at the Indians, Bill shoots them off their horses and then calmly explains to the astonished Tex that her father always wanted a son and taught her to handle a gun.