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Hugh Keays-Byrne is a Actor and Director Australien born on 18 may 1947 at Jammu and Kashmir (Inde)

Hugh Keays-Byrne

Hugh Keays-Byrne
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Nationality Australie
Birth 18 may 1947 at Jammu and Kashmir (Inde)
Death 2 december 2020 (at 73 years)

Hugh Keays-Byrne (born 18 May 1947) is a character actor born in Srinagar, India. He moved to Australia in 1973 and is well-known there as a television and film actor. Outside of Australia, he is best known for his role as "Toad" in the 1974 movie Stone, the main antagonist "Toecutter" in the 1979 film Mad Max, the main antagonist "Immortan Joe" in the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road, and "Grunchlk" in the science fiction television series Farscape.


Il est surtout connu pour avoir incarné l'antagoniste principal dans deux épisodes de la saga Mad Max : Toecutter dans l'original et Immortan Joe dans le quatrième opus (Mad Max: Fury Road).

Best films

Mad Max (1979)

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Mad Max: Fury Road, 2h
Directed by George Miller
Origin Australie
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Themes Feminist films, Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Films about terrorism, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Films set in the future, Political films, Road movies, Dystopian films, Chase films, Disaster films
Actors Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nicholas Hoult, Zoë Naelle Kravitz, Adelaide Clemens
Roles Immortan Joe
Rating76% 3.8020953.8020953.8020953.8020953.802095
Following a nuclear holocaust, the world has become a desert wasteland and civilization has collapsed. Max Rockatansky, a survivor, is captured by the War Boys, the army of the tyrannical Immortan Joe, and taken to Joe's Citadel. Designated a universal blood donor, Max is imprisoned and used as a "blood bag" for a sick War Boy called Nux. Meanwhile, Imperator Furiosa, one of Joe's lieutenants, is sent in her armored truck, the "War Rig", to collect gasoline. When she drives off-route, Joe realizes that his five wives—women selected for breeding—are missing. Joe leads his entire army in pursuit of Furiosa, calling on the aid of nearby Gas Town and the Bullet Farm.
Sleeping Beauty, 1h42
Directed by Julia Leigh
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Erotic thriller films
Actors Emily Browning, Rachael Blake, Ewen Leslie, Michael Dorman, Mirrah Foulkes, Hugh Keays-Byrne
Roles Man 3
Rating53% 2.650642.650642.650642.650642.65064
Lucy (Emily Browning) is a university student who holds a number of odd jobs: she volunteers as a test subject at the university medical research lab, works at a coffee shop, and makes photocopies at an office. She also attends a high-class bar, offering herself as a sex partner. Her landlord dislikes her, and she spends her time visiting an aloof man, Birdmann (Ewen Leslie), who is attracted to her. Although she does not return his affection, she appears to be happier when with him than at any other time.
Moby Dick (1998 miniseries), 3h
Directed by Franc Roddam
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about animals, Seafaring films, Transport films, Films about disabilities
Actors Patrick Stewart, Henry Thomas, Ted Levine, Gregory Peck, Bruce Spence, Hugh Keays-Byrne
Roles Mr. Stubb
Rating62% 3.1376853.1376853.1376853.1376853.137685
Produit par Francis Ford Coppola, ce film pour la TV conte l'aventure d'Ismaël, un jeune marin engagé à bord d'un imposant baleinier, le Pequod. Il va vite découvrir que ce voyage n'a rien d'ordinaire car le navire est dirigé par le Capitaine Achab, un homme redoutable obsédé par la quête d'une gigantesque baleine blanche responsable de l'amputation de sa jambe droite...
The Blood of Heroes, 1h30
Directed by David Peoples
Origin Australie
Genres Science fiction, Action, Adventure
Themes Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Sports films, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Rutger Hauer, Joan Chen, Delroy Lindo, Anna Katarina, Vincent D'Onofrio, Hugh Keays-Byrne
Roles Lord Vlle
Rating62% 3.1461153.1461153.1461153.1461153.146115
Produced by Charles Roven and released by Kings Road Entertainment, the film is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where the wars waged in the 20th century have left the world barren and the past forgotten. Most live from hand to mouth in enclaves known as "market-towns" or "dog-towns", scrounging out a bare subsistence harvesting hardy crops, raising dogs as food, and trading in trinkets from the past.
Les Patterson Saves the World, 1h38
Directed by George Trumbull Miller
Genres Comedy
Actors Pamela Stephenson, Barry Humphries, Thaao Penghlis, Joan Rivers, Andrew Clarke, Hugh Keays-Byrne
Roles Inspector Farouk
Rating49% 2.4731152.4731152.4731152.4731152.473115
The uncouth Sir Les Patterson, played by Barry Humphries, teams up with Dame Edna Everage (again played by Barry Humphries) to save the world from a virulent bioterror attack ordered by Colonel Richard Godowni of the Gulf State of Abu Niveah.
For Love Alone, 1h42
Directed by Stephen Wallace
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Sam Neill, Helen Buday, Hugo Weaving, Naomi Watts, Hugh Keays-Byrne, John Polson
Roles Andrew
Rating53% 2.6653452.6653452.6653452.6653452.665345
In the 1930s, Teresa (Buday) is a naive young woman dealing with the oppressive attitudes of society and her father's austere ways. She has a fling with university Latin professor Jonathan Crow (Weaving). It takes her a while to figure out that he will not get serious with her. Teresa then starts dating liberal-minded banker James Quick (Neill). Once she's settled down with Quick, the idealistic Teresa becomes enamored with another intellectual, poet Harry (Williams). Quick encourages the affair, hoping that Teresa will come to realize that there's more to true love than mere sexual impulsivity.
Kangaroo (1986)
, 1h50
Directed by Tim Burstall
Genres Drama
Actors Colin Friels, Judy Davis, John Walton, Julie Nihill, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Peter Hehir
Roles Kangaroo
Rating61% 3.0977053.0977053.0977053.0977053.097705
In 1922, an English writer (Colin Friels) migrates to Australia with his wife (Judy Davis). There he resists joining both a paramilitary group and a socialist group, is caught in a riot, sees a death and loses love and friendship.
Burke & Wills, 2h20
Directed by Graeme Clifford
Genres Drama, Adventure, Historical
Actors Jack Thompson, Nigel Havers, Greta Scacchi, Chris Haywood, Drew Forsythe, Susannah Harker
Roles Ambrose Kyte
Rating62% 3.1405953.1405953.1405953.1405953.140595
Burke and Wills are portrayed as bold but flawed figures. Burke is anxious to return to his sweetheart in Melbourne, and win fame and honor for himself in the 'race' across Australia. Wills is the consummate English gentleman and faithful follower to the end. Impressive Australian desert vistas help to build the dramatic tension as Burke's rash decisions come to a head.
Where the Green Ants Dream, 1h40
Directed by Werner Herzog
Origin German
Genres Drama, Documentary
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Bruce Spence, Wandjuk Marika, Ray Barrett, Norman Kaye, Werner Herzog, Bob Ellis
Roles Mining Executive
Rating69% 3.4968353.4968353.4968353.4968353.496835
Quelque part au cœur de l'Australie, terre ancestrale des Aborigènes, nouvel Eldorado pour l'homme blanc, une compagnie minière anglaise vient de s'implanter en vue d'y exploiter l'uranium. Leurs recherches sont vite interrompues par les aborigènes qui revendiquent pacifiquement cette terre sacrée où rêvent les fourmis vertes.