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Irina Rozanova is a Actor Russe born on 22 july 1961 at Penza (Russie)

Irina Rozanova

Irina Rozanova
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Nationality Russie
Birth 22 july 1961 (59 years) at Penza (Russie)

Irina Rozanova (born 22 July 1961) is a Russian actress. She has appeared in more than 80 films and television shows since 1985. In 2008 she was a member of the jury at the 30th Moscow International Film Festival.
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Filmography of Irina Rozanova (8 films)

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Hipsters (2008)
, 2h10
Directed by Valeri Todorovski
Origin Russie
Genres Drama, Musical theatre, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Anton Shagin, Oksana Akinchina, Ekaterina Vilkova, Maksim Matveyev, Oleg Yankovsky, Sergueï Garmach
Roles Polza's mother
Rating71% 3.594323.594323.594323.594323.59432
In 1955, a group of young Muscovite Komsomol (communist youth) students led by Katerina intercepts illegal stilyagi gatherings in Gorky Park. Perceived as "enemies of society", the stilyagi are forced to flee, with many of them getting caught and their clothing, ties or hair cut by the Komsomol for demonstrative purposes. Mels, a twenty-year-old paragon athletic student and member of the Komsomol, is ordered by Katia to chase one of the escapists, another young girl. However, the girl soon tricks him into believing that she broke her ankle, and then abruptly pushes Mels into a pond, at the same time inviting him to "come spend some time with Polly (Russian: Польза, wordplay on "benefit") on the Broadway".
Gloss (2007)
, 1h57
Directed by Andreï Kontchalovski
Origin Russie
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Julia Vysotskaya, Alekseï Serebryakov, Irina Rozanova, Efim Shifrin, Ioulia Sniguir, Fiodor Bondartchouk
Roles Alina
Rating55% 2.7538352.7538352.7538352.7538352.753835
Galia, jeune ouvrière dans une usine de province, rêve de devenir mannequin. Elle quitte, un beau jour, ses parents alcooliques et son petit ami fruste et violent et monte à Moscou. Elle se fait embaucher, au culot, par un grand couturier qui la prend comme petite main, puis lui fait faire des ménages chez un homme qui dirige une agence de jolies filles qu'il marie à des oligarques. Galia, qui ne pense qu'à faire carrière, avance dans ce monde du luxe et de l'argent et parviendra à ses fins.
The Rifleman of the Voroshilov Regiment, 1h39
Directed by Stanislav Govoroukhine
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Themes Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Rape and revenge films
Actors Mikhaïl Oulianov, Alexandre Porokhovchtchikov, Sergueï Garmach, Irina Rozanova, Marat Basharov, Vladislav Galkin
Roles Olga Afonina, Katya's mother
Rating73% 3.69523.69523.69523.69523.6952
In the late 1990s, a World War II veteran, Ivan Afonin, lives with his granddaughter Katya. In a nearby flat, three bored unemployed youth, Vadim Pashutin, Boris Chukhanov and Igor Zvorygin, kill time by designating Wednesdays as a day of sexual gratification. They manage to lure Katya to their flat and rape her. Initially the offenders are arrested, however Vadim's father is a senior figure in the police and uses his influence to have the charges against his son and his friends dropped.
Encore, Once More Encore!, 1h36
Directed by Piotr Todorovski
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Valentin Gaft, Evgueni Mironov, Irina Rozanova, Elena Yakovleva, Stanislav Govoroukhine, Andrey Ilin
Roles Luba Antipova
Rating70% 3.516793.516793.516793.516793.51679
In a distant garrison town, life proceeds at a measured past. The officers drink and debauch, while the soldiers serve. Meanwhile accidentally unleashed human emotions are suffocated by the atmosphere of cruelty and hypocrisy.
Cloud Heaven, 1h19
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Irina Rozanova, Alla Kliouka Schaffer, Lev Borisov
Roles Valya, Fedya's wife
Rating78% 3.9083753.9083753.9083753.9083753.908375
A small provincial town, Sunday, early in the morning. Loitering idleness Kolya tired passers goofy talk. Do not find a friend on the street, he comes to his friend Fedor. Meet him wearily and indifferently. Wanting to attract attention, Kohl said that he was going to leave, ostensibly, to the other - to the Far East. It's his decision is unanimous support, Kolya becomes a local hero, all the neighbors involved in his training camp and wires. Enterprising neighbors Colin buying furniture, dictation Fedor he wrote a letter of resignation.
Intergirl (1989)
, 2h31
Directed by Piotr Todorovski
Origin Russie
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about prostitution
Actors Elena Yakovleva, Zinovi Gerdt, Irina Rozanova, Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė, Lioubov Polichtchouk, Sverre Anker Ousdal
Roles Sima "Gulliver"
Rating69% 3.490283.490283.490283.490283.49028
Tatyana is a beautiful Soviet nurse who is underpaid at her hospital job, so she turns a prostitute catering to international tourists. She becomes well paid in dollars, and helps her mother. Tatyana accepts a marriage in order to escape from the grim Soviet reality. But even being married to a decent man abroad, she still suffers from being labeled as an ex-Soviet prostitute, and her new life is full of new troubles.
The Servant, 2h21
Directed by Vadim Abdrachitov
Genres Drama
Actors Oleg Borisov, Yury Belyayev, Irina Rozanova
Roles Maria
Rating68% 3.447223.447223.447223.447223.44722
Where Is Enohp Located?
Origin Russie
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov, Irina Rozanova, Olga Kabo, Elena Safonova, Inna Oulianova
Roles Valentina
Rating63% 3.1897553.1897553.1897553.1897553.189755
Pavel Golikov, un ingénieur talentueux, travaille dans un institut où tous ses collègues sont exclusivement des femmes. Il est extrêmement timide et inexpérimenté vis-à-vis des femmes et est donc toujours célibataire. Il vit avec ses parents qui rêvent depuis longtemps de petits-enfants et le mettent en rapport, mais sans succès, avec des femmes dans l'espoir d'un mariage.