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James Flavin is a Actor American born on 14 may 1906 at Portland (USA)

James Flavin

James Flavin
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Birth name James William Flavin, Jr.
Nationality USA
Birth 14 may 1906 at Portland (USA)
Death 23 april 1976 (at 69 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

James William Flavin, Jr. (May 14, 1906 – April 23, 1976) was an American character actor whose career lasted for nearly half a century.


James Flavin débute au cinéma en 1932, apparaissant dans quatre-cent-trois films américains (généralement dans des petits rôles de caractère, souvent non-crédités), jusqu'en 1971. En particulier, il participe à plusieurs films de John Ford, le premier en 1932 (Tête brûlée), le dernier en 1964 (Les Cheyennes).

À la télévision, il collabore à soixante-dix-sept séries et à trois téléfilms, entre 1950 et 1976.

Au théâtre, il joue à Broadway (New York) en 1969-1970, dans la pièce The Front Page.

De 1932 jusqu'à sa mort en 1976 (d'une maladie de cœur), il est l'époux de Lucile Browne, actrice américaine née en 1907, décédée dix-sept jours après lui.

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Filmography of James Flavin (226 films)

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The Barefoot Executive, 1h36
Directed by Robert Butler
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about animals, Films about television, Films about apes, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Joe Flynn, Wally Cox, Johnny Flynn, Heather North, John Ritter, Harry Morgan
Roles Father O'Leary
Rating58% 2.947452.947452.947452.947452.94745
A satire of network television, the movie follows the adventures of an ambitious mailroom clerk, Steven Post (Russell) at the fictional UBC Network who discovers his girlfriend Jennifer Scott's (Heather North) pet chimpanzee has the supernatural ability to predict which television programs will receive the highest ratings, in which he blows a raspberry to shows that will bomb, or claps his hands in applause to shows that will be hits.
The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, 1h45
Directed by James Neilson, Arthur J. Vitarelli
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Western
Themes Children's films
Actors Roddy McDowall, Suzanne Pleshette, Karl Malden, Harry Guardino, Richard Haydn, Mike Mazurki
Rating63% 3.199163.199163.199163.199163.19916
Griffin est le majordome très propre sur lui d'un habitant de Boston, Jack Flagg. Mais lorsque Flagg décide de déménager pour la Californie lors de la Ruée vers l'or de 1949, Griffin le suit docilement.
Good Times
Good Times (1967)
, 1h31
Directed by William Friedkin
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical, Western
Themes Films about television, Musical films
Actors Sonny Bono, Cher, George Sanders, Norman Alden, Lennie Weinrib, Larry Duran
Roles Detective Lieutenant
Rating45% 2.268192.268192.268192.268192.26819
Sonny and Cher appear as themselves in this spoof of various genres, including mysteries, westerns and spy thrillers. The plot revolves around a film contract offered to Sonny by powerful executive Mr. Mordicus, played by George Sanders, who also plays the antagonist in each of Sonny's ideas for the proposed film, which are played out in a number of skits featuring music and dancing by the star duo.
In Cold Blood, 2h14
Directed by Richard Brooks
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Documentary, Historical, Crime
Themes Prison films, Films about capital punishment
Actors Robert Blake, Scott Wilson, John Forsythe, Paul Stewart, James Flavin, Gerald S. O'Loughlin
Roles Clarence Duntz
Rating78% 3.946973.946973.946973.946973.94697
November 1959. Perry Smith (Robert Blake) and "Dick" Hickock (Scott Wilson) concoct a plan to invade the home of the Clutter family, as Mr. Clutter supposedly keeps a large supply of cash on hand in a safe. While the two criminals feel their plan for the robbery is sound, it quickly unravels, resulting in the murders of Mr. and Mrs. Clutter and their two teenage children. The bodies are discovered the next day, and a police investigation is immediately launched. As the investigation builds, the two wanted men continue to elude law enforcement by heading south and crossing into Mexico; but, after a while, they return to the U.S. and decide to travel to Las Vegas to win some money at gambling. There, they are arrested for violating parole, being in possession of a stolen car, and passing bad checks.
Cheyenne Autumn, 2h34
Directed by John Ford
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Western
Actors Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker, James Stewart, Dolores del Río, Edward G. Robinson, Karl Malden
Roles Ft. Robinson Sergeant of the Guard (uncredited)
Rating66% 3.3486853.3486853.3486853.3486853.348685
In 1878, Chiefs Little Wolf (Ricardo Montalban) and Dull Knife (Gilbert Roland) led over three hundred starved and weary Cheyenne from their reservation in the Oklahoma territory to their traditional home in Wyoming. The US government sees this as an act of rebellion, and the sympathetic Captain Thomas Archer (Richard Widmark) is forced to lead his troops in an attempt to stop the tribe. As the press misrepresents the natives' motives and goals for their trek as malicious, Secretary of the Interior Carl Schurz (Edward G. Robinson) tries to prevent violence from erupting between the army and the natives. Also featured are James Stewart as Wyatt Earp, Dolores del Río as "Spanish Woman" and Carroll Baker as a pacifist Quaker school teacher and Archer's love interest.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, 2h34
Directed by Stanley Kramer, Carey Loftin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Transport films, Films about automobiles, Road movies, Heist films, Chase films, Gangster films, Escroquerie
Actors Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Dorothy Provine, Moe Howard
Roles a crossroads patrolman (scene deleted from general release version)
Rating74% 3.7469753.7469753.7469753.7469753.746975
"Smiler" Grogan (Jimmy Durante), wanted by police in a tuna factory robbery fifteen years ago and on the run from the police, careens his 1957 Ford Victoria off twisting, mountainous State Highway 74 near Palm Springs in Southern California and crashes. Five motorists stop to help him - Melville Crump (Sid Caesar), a dentist, Lennie Pike (Jonathan Winters), a furniture mover, Dingy Bell (Mickey Rooney) and Benjy Benjamin (Buddy Hackett), two friends on their way to Las Vegas, and J. Russell Finch (Milton Berle), who owns Pacific Edible Seaweed Company in Fresno. Just before he dies, Grogan tells the five about $350,000 buried in Santa Rosita State Park near the Mexican border under a mysterious "big W".
The Last Hurrah, 2h1
Directed by John Ford
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Politique, Political films
Actors Spencer Tracy, Jeffrey Hunter, Basil Rathbone, Dianne Foster, Pat O'Brien, Donald Crisp
Roles Police Capt. Michael J. Shanahan (uncredited)
Rating72% 3.6462853.6462853.6462853.6462853.646285
In "a New England city," Frank Skeffington (Spencer Tracy) plans to run for a fifth term. Skeffington rose from poverty in an Irish ghetto to become mayor and former governor, and is skilled at using the power of his office and an enormous political machine of ward heelers to receive support from his Irish Catholic base and other demographics. Rumors of graft and abuse of power are widespread, however, and the Protestant bishop, newspaper publisher Amos Force (John Carradine), banker Norman Cass (Basil Rathbone), and other members of the city's traditional elite the Irish Catholics replaced oppose Skeffington; so does Martin Burke (Donald Crisp), Catholic cardinal, Skeffington's childhood friend. They support the candidacy of Kevin McCluskey (Charles B. Fitzsimons), a young Catholic lawyer and war veteran with no political experience.
Johnny Rocco, 1h24
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Richard Eyer, Stephen McNally, Coleen Gray, Russ Conway, James Flavin, William Bakewell
Roles Mooney
Rating61% 3.084093.084093.084093.084093.08409
Young Johnny Rocco (Richard Eyer) is disturbed after seeing his gangster father Tony (Stephen McNally) involved in a murder. The gang, fearing young Johnny might tip the police, decide to silence both him and his father. Frightened, Johnny seeks help from schoolteacher Miss
Night Passage, 1h30
Directed by James Neilson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Western
Actors James Stewart, Audie Murphy, Dan Duryea, Dianne Foster, Elaine Stewart, Brandon deWilde
Roles Tim Riley
Rating65% 3.2968253.2968253.2968253.2968253.296825
On the way to meet his former boss, railroad tycoon Ben Kimball (Jay C. Flippen), Grant McLaine (Stewart) rescues a young boy, Joey Adams (Brandon deWilde), from Concho (Robert J. Wilke). Ben informs Grant that his payroll has been robbed several times already by a gang led by Whitey Harbin (Dan Duryea) and the Utica Kid (Murphy). If Ben's workers don't get paid soon, they will all leave. Grant accepts the job of taking $10,000 to them by train.
Hold That Hypnotist, 1h1
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action
Actors Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements, David Gorcey, Queenie Smith, Jane Nigh, Robert Foulk
Roles Jake Morgan
Rating54% 2.721152.721152.721152.721152.72115
The Bowery Boys' landlady Mrs. Kelly believes in a theory proposed by Dr. Simon Noble. The theory is that through hypnosis, one can regress into a former life that they supposedly lived centuries ago. The boys believe that Noble is a phony until Sach manages to get himself hypnotized. Evidently Sach once lived as Algy Winkle, an English tax collector in Charleston, South Carolina. Winklemanaged to receive a map from Captain Blackbeard leading to buried treasure.
The Restless Breed, 1h26
Directed by Allan Dwan
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Scott Brady, Anne Bancroft, Myron Daniel Healey, Rhys Williams, Jay C. Flippen, Jim Davis
Roles Secret Service Chief
Rating52% 2.620712.620712.620712.620712.62071
1865: Lawyer Mitch Baker is called into an office of the United States Secret Service to be told that his father was murdered in the border town of Mission, Texas. He was betrayed to Newton by an informer whilst on a mission investigating a group of gunrunners called "Newton's Raiders" supplying the forces of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico with weapons arousing the ire of the United States who wants a Republican Mexico.
Up In Smoke, 1h1
Directed by William Beaudine
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements, David Gorcey, Dick Elliott, Fritz Feld, Byron Foulger
Roles Policeman
Rating57% 2.861672.861672.861672.861672.86167
The Bowery Boys have been collecting money to help a young polio victim in the neighborhood. At Mike Clancy's café, Sach is entrusted with taking the ninety dollars they collected to the bank. Sam, a new customer of Mike's, offers to give Sach a ride to the bank, but takes him instead to a phony bookie joint where, unaware that the operation is not legitimate, he loses all the money to con men Tony and Al. After Duke berates him for losing the cash, Sach tells Blinky that he would give his very soul to get even with the bookies. Seconds after Blinky leaves, Sach receives a visit from the devil, sporting a morning coat and two small horns under his hat. The devil offers Sach a deal: he will provide Sach with the name of a winning horse every day for a week in return for Sach's soul. Although scared, Sach ultimately agrees and, after signing the devil's contract, is provided with his winner of the day.
Wild Is the Wind, 1h54
Directed by George Cukor, Arthur Rosson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about animals, Films about families
Actors Anna Magnani, Anthony Quinn, Anthony Franciosa, Dolores Hart, Joseph Calleia, Franklyn Farnum
Roles Wool Buyer
Rating65% 3.2969853.2969853.2969853.2969853.296985
Gino, quadragénaire d’origine italienne devenu un florissant propriétaire terrien et éleveur de moutons de l’État du Nevada, ne s’est jamais remis de la mort de sa femme Rossana. C’est pour cela qu’il a demandé par correspondance à Gioia, sœur de la défunte, de devenir sa femme sans toutefois l’avoir jamais rencontrée, car celle-ci vit en Italie. Gioia répond par l’affirmative et Gino va en Italie où il l’épouse puis revient avec elle au ranch familial. On comprend qu’il cherche un substitut à sa très regrettée première femme et incite d’ailleurs Gioia à se comporter comme la défunte. Or elle ne ressemble en rien à sa sœur, ni physiquement ni comme une femme discrète et soumise... Elle se confronte fréquemment à Gino malgré l’affection qu’elle éprouve pour lui alors qu’il ne lui témoigne qu’une triviale attention les moments où il ne la confond pas avec la défunte.
Francis in the Haunted House, 1h20
Directed by Charles Lamont
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Mickey Rooney, Paul Frees, David Janssen, Timothy Carey, James Flavin, Paul Cavanagh
Roles Police Chief Martin
Rating57% 2.854912.854912.854912.854912.85491
Francis witnesses a murder and then befriends bumbling reporter David Prescott (Mickey Rooney), who may be next in line. With Francis' help and guidance, Prescott uncovers a mystery involving murder, an inheritance, and a spooky old mansion on the edge of town.
Never Say Goodbye, 1h36
Directed by Douglas Sirk, Jerry Hopper
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Rock Hudson, Cornell Borchers, George Sanders, Ray Collins, Shelley Fabares, David Janssen
Roles Timmy
Rating62% 3.1017253.1017253.1017253.1017253.101725
Dr. Mike Parker must leave California to speak at a conference in New York. A widower, he and daughter Suzy have a deal with each other to never actually say goodbye. She remains behind with Miss Tucker, her governess.